Vacation Pt. 2

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It was Valentines Day, and Craig had purchased something for his wife, Courtney something she had always wanted. He played it cool like today wasn’t the day it was being valentine and all. Courtney came behind him at breakfast, she wrapped her arms around his neck as he set, and whispered ” Happy Valentines, I love you”, Craig said back with a smile “today is Valentine, I didn’t even know, I love you honey and happy Valentines”. Courtney looked at him and said you know today is valentine and I got you
these smell goods, for dinner tonight. She had bought him Polo Blue and Calvin Kleins Crave. Later that evening, they got dressed for dinner and left for their reserved dinner, Courtney getting very curious tried to coax Craig into tell her what he had gotten her, but Craig played dumb saying ” I didn’t get you any thing cause I forgot today was valentines.” they ate dinner, and afterwards Craig helped Courtney into the car and got into the driver’s side. Courtney laid her head back and closed her eyes, starting to believe that Craig had really forgotten about Valentines, as they rode Courtney started to notice that it was taking them a little to long to get home she asked “where are we going?” Craig just looked at her and gave her a very seductive smile and said ” just wait you will see.” They pulled up to a dock and Craig helped Courtney out of the car and lead her in the dark down the peer to a yacht which was light up and beautiful it was white with a lavender trim around it. He told Courtney happy valentines, this boat is yours. Courtney was so happy she throw her arms around him and gave him a good kiss, Craig said lets get on board, I’ve already took days off for both of us, and there’s food and cloths already on board. They boarded and Courtney looked around It was just how she wanted it. she looked all over except for the bedroom, she took Craig by the hand and lead him to the bedroom it was pretty big the bed was covered in lavender silk sheets with a lot of teddy bears. Courtney pushed Craig’s suit jacket to the floor. they began removing each other’s tops, then their bottoms. when they were both naked. Courtney laid Craig on the bed between the bears. and licked her lips and said “Tell me what it is you want me to do” Craig said ” I want you to first give me a kiss right here” he pointed at his lips which she kissed, he then pointed to his left nipple which she kissed then his right, she kissed it, he then said trail your tongue down the middle of my chest and stop just before my pubic hairs, she took her tongue and licked a trail from his throat to his pubic hairs. He said now slowly go down my legs. she put her tongue back in her mouth to keep it from getting dry and then licked her way down his leg to his ankle then back up and to the other leg licking her way down to the other ankle. Craig said “now come back up to my dick, but don’t take it into your mouth, I want you to lick it like it was tootsie roll pop, trying to see how many licks it takes to get to the center.” Courtney traced her tongue up and down Craig’s shaft as he had asked, Craig moaned ” oh god, that feels good” Courtney continued to lick at Craig’s dick, then she took the head into her mouth then took it back out, she then again lick down his penis, to his balls, she took his right ball into her mouth and gently suck on it. this felt good to Craig, she then took the left one into her mouth and sucked on it. then she took them both into her mouth and ran her tongue around his balls. Craig had never felt such pleasure he moaned out “oh that feels wo-won-wonderful, I love you” Courtney let his balls fall out of her mouth, she then took the length of his cock into her mouth and slowly went up then quickie back down, she did this changing from fast to slow. Craig came in her mouth and she swallowed all of his cum and licked what remained on his dick off. Craig pulled her on top of him and into his arms he kissed her, then turned her onto her back and slowly kissed down her body he came to her breast, he first took as much of her tit into his mouth and sucked on her soft skin, he twirled his tongue around her nipple then he flicked her nipple with the tip of his tongue. while he did this his left hand was busy rubbing up and down her body, he rubbed her thighs, her other breast, and her face, before running his hand behind her and squeezing her ass. He took her other breast into his mouth and did the same to it as he had done to the first. He then reach into one of the draws next to the bed and pulled out some massage oil, he put some into his hands and rubbed it onto her silky smooth skin he rubbed it into her breast her stomach and her arms, the oil caused his hands to smoothly run up and down her upper body, after massaging her body he moved down to her legs he applied the oil and massaged up and down her legs coming within inches of her burning cunt, for tease he ran a finger across her lips causing her body to shiver, he looked at her and smiled, he liked making her hot for him, he kissed her inner thigh then rubbed the oil to her feet he massaged the oil into the heel of her foot the up the length until he got to the toes he ran his fingers in between each toe massaging them gently, he then made his way back up, to her drenched pussy, he said ” you don’t need oil right there, Do you want me to lick your pussy clean, do you want me to stick my tongue between your pussy lips, then slide it into your pussy hole?” she moaned “oh please honey slide that tongue of yours all around my pussy, make me cum honey” Craig took his thumb and index finger and spread her pussy lips he lick up one side and down the other, he then licked her inner lips taking them into his mouth and sucking lightly, Courtney was breathing deeply moaning ” oh oh umm unmm ummmmm” Craig continued to lick at her lips he then licked down to her pussy and slid his tongue inside, Courtney tightened her pussy walls around his tongue, and Craig began to move his tongue in circles in her pussy, he slid his tongue out and replaced it with his finger, he then slid another in then another, he had three fingers sliding in and out of her dripping pussy, he sealed his mouth around her large clit and gently sucked and flicked it, his three fingers and his actions on her clit brought her to a orgasm. He moved up her body, and when his dick got to her pussy it easily slid in but he still took it slowly heightening the pleasure for Courtney, He slid his dick in and held it there telling Courtney that he loved her very much, and that he wanted her to have his child, she moaned that she would and he slid his dick all the way out then quickly back in then he settled into a nice rhythm going quickly in then slowly out, He moaned ” I’m gonna cum deep in your pussy” he jammed his dick as far into her as he could, when his hot spunk shot deep into her, her pleasure peaked and she came with him, they lay there in each others arms until Courtney fell asleep. Craig got up and started the yhat and sailed off into the darkness, the next morning Courtney awoke with Craig right there by her side, she decided to surprise him with a breakfast so she went into the kitchen and made them breakfast in the nude. Craig woke to the smell of food they then went out to the stern Courtney looked around were are we, and when did we get here, Craig said I brought us out here, nobody’s around for miles, Courtney looked at him and smiled, the look on her face had Craig’s dick rising they set their breakfast down and Craig walked over to Courtney and kissed her on the breast, she giggled and said ” oh I like that we are all the way out here and nobody can see us, It makes me kind of horny, to be able to fuck right outdoors, and from the look of it you are turned on too” Craig said “any time I see you I’m horny” he pulled her into his arms and ran his hands down her back to her big beautiful butt and squeezed on it, there bodies felt good being together, Craig slowly turn Courtney around and held her slightly over the rail of the boat and slid his penis into her now soaked cunt, he fucked her fast and hard, t
made Courtney cum quickly, but Craig just continued to fuck her, making her cum multiple times before he himself was spent, after their quickie they ate breakfast off of each other, Craig put some of his oatmeal on Courtney’s belly and ate it off. he then put the remaining on her pussy the warm oatmeal felt good then he licked it off of there making her have a small orgasm, she then in turn put some on his belly and licked it off then she placed some on his cock and licked it off. they continued to play with each other until they were back in the bed fucking like wild.
the end

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