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Craig and Courtney left from their house and headed to the airport, they got there and got on their plane to the Caribbean’s, on the plane Craig and Courtney both got a little frisky, so they excused themselves to the airline restroom, as soon as they got inside Craig could not take his hands off Courtney he rubbed her breast through the thin material of her cloths, Craig had told Courtney not to ware any undergarments, so nither on of them had any on, Courtney had worn a long skirt, and Craig ran his hands up her butter smooth legs avoiding her dripping pussy. he lifted her on to the edge of the small sink, he ran his tongue, through her soaked pussy lips, making her moan, he did not want her to be to loud so he gave her his finger and she took it into her mouth, and sucked on his finger, Craig enjoyed the feeling of his finger being sucked, but he paid attention to Courtney’s love spot, he used his tongue like a pen and spelled out the alphabet on her pussy, A B C D E F G he continued the last letter Z, Courtney was extra wet her own juices mixed with Craig’s spit, they didn’t have a lot of time so Craig took his penis, and rubbed it up and down Courtney’s pussy, making her say ” Craig please put that dick in momma’s wet pussy”, Craig for filling her wishes slid his dick into her pussy slowly, when he was all the way in he started to take long slow strokes that progressed into short quick strokes this had Courtney wanting to scream so she bit softly into Craig’s shoulder and moaned into it. She was about to cum she told Craig “uumm don’t stop I’m fin-n-nna cum, Oh yeah I’m Cumming I’m Cumming” she came all on his dick, and he continued to fuck her as she came, then he came in her, they both situated each other, then returned to their seats, they could smell the heat from the restroom, they looked at each other and smiled. they reached their destination and rented them a car, Craig drove to the hotel, he had blind folded Courtney, he didn’t have to do anything cause their luggage was waiting for them in their room, Craig took her by the hand and lead her to the elevator, they arrived to their room Craig opened the door and lead her in, he then took the blind fold off and said happy anniversary it was June 25th it was their 10 year anniversary, Courtney, turned around and planted the most passionate kissed they had ever experienced, she took the blind fold and placed it on Craig and lead him to the bedroom, there she set him on the bed full clothed and all and told him not to move or take off the blind, she then went to her suit case and pulled out some lingerie that didn’t cover up too much she slip this on and walked over to Craig and told him to help her out of what she had on but don’t take off the blind, she did this so that Craig could feel over her whole body which Craig did he started at her feet which were bare so he trailed up her thighs running his hands ever so lightly, he got to her panties and slowly traced I Love You on them before he slowly began to take them off, he got them to the ankle and Courtney stepped out of them, he then again ran his hands back up her legs to her waist then up her waist to her breast he massaged her tits through the soft silk, and this made Courtney moan ” um you know just what to do to me” Craig said back “and you know what to do to me” He felt that her nipples were not covered by the bra so he took his fingers and placed them on her nipple so that he would know were to go then he took her left breast into his mouth while massaging the right with his left hand, Her nipple was standing, and he flicked his tongue over it, and sucked a little harder, he then went to the right tit and began to suck on that nipple when he was done. Courtney made him stand up, she left the blind fold on and began to remove his cloths, Craig’s penis was pushing to be released from his pants, Courtney undid his pants and slid them down his legs and Craig stepped out of them she then trailed her fingers up his legs to his penis then passed it to his chest where she went under his shirt and slipped it over his head, she rubbed his body up and down, she told him to keep his arms to his side, and he obeyed, she went to his dick and took it into her mouth she licked the length of his cock, then she tried something she had never done before she took his penis into her mouth and relaxed her throat, as she attempted to deep throat him, This was too much for Craig, he moaned ” baby I’m gonna I’m I’m Cumming” his cum shot down her throat and she could feel the warm sperm trail down into her stomach. She swallowed all of his cum, then stood up and removed the blind fold Craig took her into his arms and kissed her passionately, he laid her on the bed and kissed all over her body they got into a 69 position and he lapped away at her pussy as she sucked him again, Craig picked up a book that he had, had be put into the room It was a Karma Sutra book, he told Courtney to pick any positions she wanted to try she picked out three the first was a position were Craig set cross-legged and she slid her pussy on his dick then set cross-legged on him and he lifted her up and down on his dick and she liked this position she said ” Umm we are going to have to do this again, I can feel your dick hit places its never been able to”, they then again changed to one of the positions she picked out, she put her legs behind her and raised up on her shoulders and Craig stood over her and slid his dick into her open pussy, he rode her, and she enjoyed it he was moaning “Umm Courtney you have that killer pussy, u make me want you more and more” he tried to stick his dick in farther and farther with each stroke, this had them both in ecstasy, Courtney moaned that she was about to cum so Craig wanting to cum with her took his dick out and they got into the third position were she was facing Craig and he was facing her. he wrapped his arms around her and began to fuck her madly he wanted her to cum and he wanted to cum with her they stayed in this position for five minutes before she was Cumming and so was he, they stayed in this position and kissed. Craig whispered to Courtney “happy anniversary, I love you” and she whispered back” I love you” He continued to hold her in his arms, She told him I like this position cause I get to hold you and you get to hold me. Craig penis harden again and they continued to fuck in this position. Day came and they both woke in each other’s arms, as for the rest of the vacation, that you will have to imagine on your own.

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