Wet and Wild at Poolside

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by Walter Stallion

Walter Stallion stood at the diving board completely naked facing the pool. He stepped up to the edge of the board and stretched his arms over his head, his ab muscles flexing toughly to make a washboard look over his stomach.

Keiko watched him from her poolside lawn chair. She was hotly attracted to his athletic physique. Muscles covered his shoulders and chest down his stomach to the thick long cock that hung low like a fat sausage in front of heavy balls. She licked her lips. Oh, she wanted to suck them. Behind her flat-brimmed white hat and large framed sunglasses, she tried to pretend not to be staring so obviously.

Stallion looked over at her and caught her staring. He smiled and squinted in the sun. Beneath the white hat and sunglasses, Keiko had a sexy body. She was Japanese, a contact that Stallion had in this part of southern Japan. But he was also hotly attracted to her. She had a cute round Asian face with very full lips that beckoned a kiss. Her breasts were her most prominent feature, large, round vanilla pillows of jello. The bikini top that she wore only covered the center of her tits and the outer portion protruded out like thick clouds. Below her breasts was a soft white stomach, possibly burning in the sun. Stallion could feel her heat from the board.

He looked down and saw that his long cock was moving to the up position, so he had to act fast, springing up into the air, his cock and balls flopping up with his jump, he dove into the warm heated water.

Keiko watched him as he swam powerful laps across the pool, his tight ass sticking up slightly out of the water. As she watched his rippling shoulder muscles carry him across the pool, she put her hand on her lower stomach. No, she shouldn’t, she thought. But she didn’t care. His swimming made her so hot. Her hand slipped below her bikini bottom and began playing with her pussy.

When Stallion stopped at the end of the pool and looked back at her, Keiko had already pulled her hand up back to her stomach. But her pussy was crying out for more.

She stood from her chair, dropped her hat and glasses on the chair and walked up to the edge of the pool. Looking at Stallion, and Stallion looking back at her, she reached back and undid her bikini top. As she pulled it off, her massive breasts shook just a bit as her big pink hard nipples appeared. Then she bent over, sliding her bikini bottom to the ground and kicking it away. As she stood there for a moment, Stallion’s cock got so hard in the pool. He watched her black pussy and her whole body.

“Get in here,” Stallion playfully commanded.

Then she jumped in with a big splash. As soon as she shook her head from the water, Stallion was there right in front of her. Stallion grabbed her hand under the water and they drifted together to the shallow end, so the water was only up to their chests.

Stallion looked into her sparkling eyes with one eye on her full lips. Then they crushed together in a moment of passion. They kissed with wet tongues as Keiko’s puffy breasts smoothed up against Stallion’s rock hard chest and Stallion’s huge long rod slid against Keiko’s stomach underwater.

Keiko reached for his cock and found the shaft with one hand, jerking it up and down in the water as they kissed. Stallion’s cock was so big, pointing up and touching the underside of Keiko’s breasts with its cock head.

“I want this cock,” Keiko breathed heavily between kisses, jerking the shaft up and down underwater.

“You can have it,” Stallion breathed back between slobbering her mouth with his tongue. He reached down underwater and grabbed her sexy ass cheeks, lifting her up easily so that her pussy was right over his cock head. As the thick cock head slid into her cunt lips, she wrapped her arms around Stallion’s neck and crushed her tits to his face, biting her lip. She let out a high-pitched cry as if hurt badly, but Stallion knew she was okay when she said, “Don’t stop! Deeper!!”

Stallion took one of her big pink nipples into his mouth and sucked and licked her tit while she slid lower onto his shaft. Keiko’s high-pitched cry continued, this time louder and sounding more painful, as she reached down and slid his dick into her cunt deeper. Her grip on his neck also got tighter as he fucked her deeper. Finally, she was satisfied and let up, then slid back down.
It slid in easier the more they did it and Stallion continued to fuck her in the water as Keiko rode his huge pole like a cowgirl. “Ahh! Ohh! Uhhh!” Keiko screamed as they fucked in the water, splashing all around them.

They fucked and splashed and fucked for a while before Stallion was about to cum. But then Stallion pulled her off of him.

“Let’s do something different,” he breathed heavily as he guided her to the pool’s edge and turned her around. Keiko got the idea and gripped the pool’s edge, leaning her round ass cheeks away from the pool wall.

Stallion reached under the water, between her legs, to find the right spot, while he held her curvy hip with the other hand. Then with his left hand, he guided his long shaft into her pussy from behind. “Ohhhh!” Keiko whined as the thick shaft entered her. She spread her legs wide in the water as Stallion fucked her doggy style. As his cock shaft slid in and out of her wet pussy,
making waves in the water, his hands felt her sexy curvy ass cheeks as he pulled her hips into his cock in rhythm with the fucking.

Keiko clung to the pool’s edge as Stallion fucked her doggy, sliding his long, thick, rock-hard shaft in and out of her pussy. Her teeth clenched together as she whined and sometimes screamed with every thrust. She whipped her wet straight black hair around as she felt every thrust and fuck in her pussy.


It was well over two hours later when they had both cum and climaxed together, having tried several other different fuck positions in the pool.

Stallion lay out in the sun on one of the poolside lawn chairs, his cock finally had it, flopped over his thigh like a sack. He stroked Keiko’s black hair as she curled her naked body on top of him, resting her head on his strong chest.

“Do you think your boyfriend would mind us borrowing his private pool?” Stallion asked her.

“He’ll be at work for another few hours,” she said. “Wanna go take a shower?”

Stallion raised his eyebrows.

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