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Hi friends, its hot lover Male from Delhi again with a new experience of fucking for all u readers. Those who are reading me for first time I am a 28 yr old nice looking guy working in an top IT MNC. This is a real incident and I am writing this especially for the husbands who love to watch their wives fucked by another man, with a nice big cock and terrific amount of sexual experience and far more important, the confidentiality. Yes that’s why they choose me. Now I will be writing about how I make the couple happy and fulfilled their fantasy. It is regarding email from a couple from Delhi as they informed their interest to make friendship and contact with similar minded guy like me. I responded to it in their email address and gave them my phone No to contact me. I received the phone from the husband and he said that he wishes to meet me. So we decided to meet at Lajpat Nagar Market in evening and I gave him my vehicle number to recognize me. However skipping the details, we met and he had brought his wife with him too. He introduced themselves as Rajat and Sheela (Name Changed). The wife was beautiful and damn sexy looking. She had medium built, height about 5’2″ and was fair. Her boobs were about 36 and ass 40, no narrow waist. Her eyes were very beautiful; almond shaped and full of expressions.

After chatting for some time about politics and each interests and fantasies. Very soon they both started sharing their hidden fantasy of seeing his wife getting hard core oral sex with some other guy or male. They then invited me to their home nearby and I agreed to their invitation. It was 8.00 PM and we started with the cold drinks and small sexual talk, they both were eager to show me their blue films CD collection and I really enjoyed seeing their collection. Sheela was wearing a yellow sari and matching blouse and looked sexy. Rajat sat next to me and Sheela sat in the middle facing me on the sofa and was sipping some Coca cola. We chatted and I patted the Sheela on her thighs while cutting joke. Rajat looked at me and winked. I got the message and green signal too. Till now we did not talk about sex and now I had the chance to seduce her. I kept my hand on her thigh and looked at her. She was looking at her husband and he must have signaled her something because she kept her hand on mine and pressed it. Ohhhh the touch showed all the passion burning inside her and I put my other hand over hers and squeezed in reply.

I was hot now and my cock throbbed in my pants. I pushed my hand through her sari and caught her left boob. She gasped and moaned ohhhh! Rajat cane and took off her paloo from her chest showing me the two hungry boobs trying to jump out from her blouse. “Dekho meri bibi ke boobs kitne bade hai. Unko jorse dabao. Apne haath me lelo .Oh dekho mai inko nange karta hu”. And he removed his wife’s blouse and the wife fished out my cock from my pant by opening the zip and looked at it curiously. My cock stood 7 inch proud and throbbed for touch. Rajat and Sheela both came near me and touched my cock. He caught it at the base and asked his wife to lick the nice cock head. “Come Sheela chato ye lund ko kitna mast hai, kitna bada hai!” I felt Sheela’s tongue on my cock head, moving all over it and making circles, depositing her saliva as her tongue traveled. It felt wonderful. I was pressing those two beautiful melons of his wife in front of him. Sheela’s boobs were conical in shape and did not sag a bit. They were hard and fleshy. The aureoles were big and the nipples were tiny and hard. I could catch each in my hand easily. As I pressed the boobs and Sheela gasped and increased her tongue action on my cock. I felt Rajat holding my cock at the base tightly, making it throb with blood. I continued to fondle the boobs and then lowering my mouth caught the nipple in my lips and then tried to put the entire breast in my mouth as if I was going to swallow it. Then I did the same with the other boob.

We all were excited. I requested them to come to our bedroom if they like and they agreed .we all went to our master bedroom. Then Rajat told “let us become fully naked and enjoy the night”. And after becoming naked himself, he made his wife fully nude and made her lay on her back and asked me to lie above her in 69 position. My mouth was near his wife’s cunt and for the first time I saw the swollen pussy of his wife. The pussy had nice thin layer of pussy hair over the entire surface. Unlike the other cunts it was more swollen and stood out from its position. I parted the pussy hair and saw the pink hole which was wet now. The labia were swollen, triangular and tick too. I could see the red tipped clitoris begin to come out of its hood waiting for touch. Her cunt was real nice and I felt like eating it. I darted my tongue out and licked the entire slit, moving my tongue all along the fleshy labia. Rajat was watching this and said, “ohh chooso! Meri bibi ki choot chooso! Dekho kaise gand hila rahi hai! Ohh Sheela Deepak ka lund munha ke aander le lo! Aur usko chodo! Oh bada majja aa raha hai meri bibi ko lund chooste dekh kar. Ohh Sali kaisee choodasi hoo gayee hai!” Rajat was enjoying the real show now.

Now I had my tongue in her magic hole of Sheela and was fucking her with it. By this time she had swallowed my 5 inches of cock and was sucking on it, moving her head as if she was fucking it. Then I felt hands on my scrotum and they were Rajat’s He was telling his wife to fondle my balls and roll them in her palm and showing her himself! His wife while sucking my cock now fondled my balls too! It felt wonderful friends! Now Rajat had put his hands on the boobs of his wife and was massaging them. I felt his wife suck my balls in her mouth first one then the second. She rolled them in her mouth and oohh it felt wonderful. Now Rajat lay besides his wife and was watching her each action intently and massaging his cock in his hand. I was now feeling the mouth of his wife again on my cock while her fingers rubbed my ass hole. She had managed to push her finger in my ass hole and was moving it all around, touching the sensitive sphincter. My cock jumped in her mouth with this new feeling and my tongue searched for her clit and found it swollen. “Sali ka choot chato Deepak Bahut khujala rahi hai! Ohh usko tumhara lund chooste dekh mai to maast ho gaya! Le Sali Deepak ka pura lund muha me le! Pura 7 inch! Ohh dekho kaise maast ho gayee hai mota lund chooste chooste!”

Rajat encouraged her in his excitement and I too sucked her entire clit in my mouth. She jumped and moaned over my cock and took it deep in her throat and sucked hard. I thought I would come but I had to fuck his wife in her cunt more than anything and he wanted my big cock to enter her pussy and watch it stretch her and fuck her. But I had to push my fingers in the ass of Sheela as she was doing the same to me. So I wetted my fingers from her cunt and put one in her ass hole. Oh it was so tight! I felt her swallow my finger and then push it out. Oh she was enjoying this! I pushed it further and found the ring of muscles controlling her canal. The inside of her ass was knotty, hot and delicate. She moaned again and now her ass moved in excitement. “Ohhh Deepak Chodo muze! I can’t wait now! Ohh put that big cock of yours in my cunt oohh dalo jaldi se! Aur dikhao mere husband ko uske bibi kaisee chudati hai! Sala meri choot me doosronka lund ghusadna chahata hai! Le dekh teri bibi kaisee chudati hai! Oohh Chodo! Chodo! Jaldi se!”

Saying so Sheela took my cock out of her mouth and lay on her back, spreading her legs wide. Rajat too got up and was waiting to see my cock going into the cunt of his wife. I put my cock head on the opening and pushed my ass forward, making my cock go into the tight cunt. Sheela’s cunt was wet and slippery due to the foreplay we had and I did not have any problem in pushing my entire cock in her cunt. Rajat looked with sparkles in his eyes as my entire cock disappeared in his wife’s pussy. “Ohh Deepak sees how your cock stretched the poor cunt of Sheela. Fuck her!
Chodo sali ko! Ohh my wif
e taking your cock in her cunt before her husband! Ohh fuck her! I want to see her happy with your cock. Ffuucckkk hherrr!” With that I started to thrust my cock in and out of the tight cunt her. Sheela was moving her ass in circular motion to rub her entire cunt on my cock and moaning loudly. I could feel my cock touching her inner depths and her cunt muscles gripping my cock. Oohh what a cunt! As I fucked my cock into her I could feel her vagina getting more wet and making my cock feel better. Ohhh fuckkk! So nice! I caught her two swaying boobs in my hands and kneaded them hard, fucking her fast.

“Ohh mere balls dabao Deepak! Jorse! Meri choot phad dalo! Chodo muze! Mera pati kaise dekh raha hai! Dekho tumhari bibi dusroo ka lund lete hue! Dekho! Oohh mmmaastt laag raha hai ri! Sala mota lund meri choot me dalkar dekho kaise chod raha hai! Oohhhh yyeesss ffuucckk mmeee! Chodoo! Aahhh aaiiii!” Sheela was delirious with the pleasure my cock was giving to her, and her hubby watching her get laid by my big cock. I felt her cunt muscles alternately contract and relax and her cunt spraying cunt juice on my cock as she came. “Oohhh I am ccooommiinngg!” And with this she became still and thrust her cunt on my ass. Ohh I never saw a lady come so strong. Her husband watched her come and kissed her on the lips joining in the throes of passion of his wife. “Ohhh come Deepak! Let her feel your hot come in her pussy! Ohhh see how she enjoyed! Come in her cunt! Come! And I could not control my self and came deep in her cunt. Her cunt muscles relaxed to welcome my hot sperm in the depths of her pussy. Oohhh what a coming! I lay on top of Sheela and kissed her for the satisfaction she gave me. My cock started to go limp and came out of her cunt allowing the thick globs of sperm to come out of her cunt. Rajat went to his wife’s cunt and rubbed my come all over it smiling happily and kissing and licking his wife’s just fucked cunt.

In that he also licked away my come out of his wife’s pussy. While he was doing this, he took out his cock and thrust it in her cunt. Feeling her husband’s cock inside, Sheela immediately started to move her ass to fuck him. “Ohh yes now I can fuck you! Ohh her cunt is so slippery with the come! Ohh god yesss I love to fuck you with all the come inside! Ohhh yyeessss! And he fucked her very fast and hastily. I wondered and watching this. Rajat fucked his wife in front of me. Ohh and I felt Sheela’s mouth on my cock again and she was sucking it while her hubby was fucking her! “Ohh see her! Dekho sali dusra lund choos rahi hai aur mai uskee choot maar raha hu! Ohh I want her to be fucked by many cocks! Oohhh yes suck that cock! Chooso! Sheela! Ohh yeesss I aamm ccommiinngg! His body went limp and he came in his wife’s cunt and lay on her gasping for breath. Sheela too came with shivering of her body and she was shaking all over as she came. My cock was still buried in her mouth! I felt her mouth tighten and even her teeth scrap my cock as she came. Then Sheela took away my cock from her mouth and caressed her husband very lovingly, kissing him lightly all over and thanking him for all this.

I saw what real love was! This was the love, which I could see now! The total understanding between the husband and wife! Yes it was great! I felt it and saw it too. The wife, who was just fucked by another man, before her husband, caressing him so affectionately after he came. We rested for some time and then we had our dinner. In the night I fucked Sheela twice, once in the cunt and then in the ass. Every time during my fucking her husband Rajat used to get erection and could fuck his wife and that was sufficient for her to achieve most intense orgasms I rarely saw. Comments and suggestions are welcome from viewers. All the husbands especially from Delhi who really wish to see their wives getting fucked or hard oral pleasure or want me to be a silent or neutral observer of your intimate acts please feel free to write. I will try to fulfil ur most hidden dirty fantasies. All are welcome. Confidentiality assured and expected too. Please insure you are clean and disease free. Write to me on hotlovermale@gmail.com.

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