Wild Train Ride

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On a blistering hot summer day in central China, Walter Stallion sat aboard an old empty train moving west. He was dressed as a poor traveler, wearing a tight white tanktop over his powerful athletic muscles and very loose light tan khaki pants.

In the non-air-conditioned cabin, the heat was sweltering. Stallion was about to drift asleep, dreaming of being surrounded by several hot sexy naked Chinese women when the train stopped at a routine stop.

A Chinese woman dressed in a long white dress stepped inside, almost out of breath. She sat down in the seat across from Stallion, soaked partially in sweat. Lifting her arms over her head, she reached back and tied her long black hair back in a pony tail. While she did so, Stallion admired her upper body. The dress was wet from sweat and it was obvious that she didn’t wear a bra underneath the white dress that had become almost see-through from the sweat. The extreme heat had made her nipples hard and Stallion stared at her large pillowy tits with dark nipples through the dress.

While she dabbed the glistening sweat from her cleavage with a tissue, she caught Stallion staring and a smile formed on her mouth as she looked away, trying not to realize that she had noticed. Then she reached in her handbag to pull out a bottle of cold water. She opened the bottle and looked back with her sparkling black eyes at Stallion. He was still staring, this time making eye contact, perhaps a little smile.

Suddenly, her bottle of water slipped out of her hand, splashing water over her breasts and tumbling down to the floor of the train. “Oh, shit!” she shrieked.

Quickly, Stallion jumped to the rescue, bending over and snatching up her bottle. As he stood to give her the bottle, the Chinese woman’s eyes widened when she saw the bulge in his pants. Stallion had forgotten that he had gotten hard watching her. His thick cock was stiff in his pants, and his light tan khakis with no boxers made his shaft and thick cock head very visible.

Stallion looked down to see his hard cock and then back at her breasts, now more visible than before because of the water spill. They both laughed at the situation together and then began flirting. Stallion stayed standing, she sitting. Stallion learned that her name was Min.

As they talked and laughed and flirted, Min kept pulling playfully at Stallion’s waistband. At one point, his pants slipped open after one of her tugs and his cock head popped out to surprise her. She giggled again and commented on his big size and how much she had wanted to ride a cock so big but never had the chance.

The conductor walked through the car past them and saw what was going on. She was a woman, Stallion noticed and chose to keep walking, choosing to ignore it.

After that, Stallion and Min decided it was time to slip into the sleeping car for a while. Once inside the small sleeping car, Stallion ripped off her dress, her tits flopping out and her sexy black bush wet with sweat. Stallion also peeled off his sweaty clothes and together their slimy sweaty bodies met.

Min was a wild girl, kissing him with a very wet mouth and taking his cock in her hand, using the sweat like grease and greasing his long cock shaft up and down. Stallion’s hand went for her cunt lips and found them very wet and slimy, ready to be fucked. Then they tumbled to the small bed and their sweaty bodies slipped all over each other. Somehow Min slipped into a 69 position and took Stallion’s fat cock head in her mouth and sucked his sweaty dick while Stallion buried his tongue between her legs and licked and sucked, licked and sucked while he held her small ass cheeks.

Min screamed a muffled scream with Stallion’s cock in her mouth and Stallion’s tongue in her cunt, fucking her with his hot wet tongue, in and out, deep and smooth, she loved it… Min’s cute little ass squirmed as Stallion tongue-fucked her and she came and had an orgasm and screamed again, her sweaty tits shaking all over his lower stomach. She couldn’t take it any more and lifted her mouth up over his cock, screaming for more. “Yes! Oh, Yes!!! Ohhhhh!!” Stallion really knew how to pleasure a woman’s pussy with his tongue and Min was leaning hers back onto Stallion’s face, begging for more. As she came one last time on his face, Min slid her slimy body up to his cock. “Gimme this cock!” she screamed. “I’m gonna fucking ride you like you never…” With those words, she lifted herself up, facing away from him, her ass towards his face, as she lowered her cunt down onto his cock. “Ahhhhhh!” she screamed with an open mouth. It was big and hard and thick and slid in deep into her wet pussy. Stallion moaned, too, feeling his cock enter her wet tightness.

Min was right – she rode Stallion hard, taking his cock into her and sliding up and down on its shaft like she was bucking a bronco. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” she kept screaming with every thrust onto his cock. “Uh! Uh! Uh! It’s so fucking big!! Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!!”

Min and Stallion fucked for hours with sweaty bodies. Finally, they collapsed onto each other. The last sound they heard before they fell asleep was the sound of the female conductor wiping the window to see inside the sleeping car. She had been watching the whole time, with her hand down her pants…

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