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I am always horny. Terribly so. I masturbate daily, sometimes more than once. It was July and my husband went out of the country for 8 days. This was a good time to live out one of my fantasies. The fantasy of spending a couple days with nothing to do but fuck as many men and times as possible.

I took the train to Manhattan. I made arrangements for Eric to meet me at the diner. We had breakfast and talked. I slipped my shoe off of my foot and worked it into his lap and stroked his cock. Eric was a 40 year old light skinned black man. I felt him harden under my touch. I asked him if it felt good. We finished and got the check. I am sure at this point the thought I was just a tease. As the waiter took the money I asked where the ladies room was. As I made my way from the table I asked Eric to follow me downstairs. Once in the ladies room I opened my blouse and exposed my breasts, my hand went under my skirt and I fingered my pussy, “Do not say a word, just show me your cock” was all I said and he dropped his pants. His cock was not huge but bigger than average. He was about 8 inches long but thick. He stood there and stroked his cock. I felt my pussy begin to throb and he asked me to show him it. I lifted my skirt to show a perfectly shaved pussy with puffy pink lips and a drenched slit.

Slowly I turned and bent over the sink. I did not have to say a word. He pushed into me deep and hard as far as possible and a moan escaped my throat. We watched each other in the mirror as he moved in and out. I moaned and closed my eyes. He pulled a nipple and covered my mouth. His pace quickened and he started to slam into me. O felt my own cum leak out of me as he fucked me. He whispered how “tight my cunt was” and how he wanted “to tie me and fuck me for hours” That is when I felt my own orgasm build. I started to shake as I squirted cum all over his thick black cock. He watched my face and felt his own cum start to boil. He rammed his cock deep into me and then pulled his cock out of me and came in the sink. His cum squirted all over the bowl and I thought that I would have drown if he filled me with it.

He pushed me back over the sink and bent down and sunk his tongue into my sopping wet pussy. He sucked my lips and nibbled my clit. I came on his face and he sucked me clean. I was out of breath as I watched this big strong man wash his face and dick and then finger my pussy as he sucked on my nipples. “Baby, next time I am taking you to a bed and a room where you can ride my cock for hours”. When we walked out into the dining room it was obvious that the people there heard us having sex and watched as we walked to the door. Eric thanked the staff for the wonderful breakfast.

We parted with a promise to call and I headed for the hotel. I needed to check in and plan my next adventure.

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