A Cousin Surprise Part 1

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For months I’ve been trying to decide what to do for my hubby’s 35th birthday. I have tried and tried to come up with something authentic but the budget was tight. Speaking of tight so was I. My hubby and I love each other very much but are very busy. He is a building engineer and me an attorney…it’s difficult to find time to be intimate or kinky. I have daytime fantasies about being fucked by my husband and others but never have the nerve to bring it to his attention. I always fantasize about being in our bed being loved by my husband and licked by another woman…and watching another woman suck him while I play with my clit….but that was all in my mind. I had no idea what he even thought about that type of stuff.
I have been thinking about asking him about a possible threesome or something to spice up our marriage but was always to afraid. I wasn’t sure if he would be up for it but decided not to give him a choice! So I called my cousin Tera. Now technically she is not my cousin…she is more a close friend of the family that was born the same year as me and we grew up together as family. She is sexy as hell and we have played around in the past. Sometimes I lock myself in the bathroom with a toy and remembered our playtime from our teenage years. She had skin the color of buttermilk, tits so tiny that u had to focus on the nipples; she was my height about 5’2 with cold black hair and a virgin just like me. Our moms always went off on girl trips to Vegas and the beach while we were left at home for days at a time in the summer to fend for ourselves.
There is only so much 17 year old girls can do when they spend all their time together. I remember our 1st time playing around. We decided to go through her Tera’s mom room to see what she hid in her draw. We found porn magazines and movies. Of course we didn’t know what we were looking at but it made both of us feel some type of way. We watched the movie sitting so far apart on the bed we may as well have been in separate rooms. Once the movie ended neither of us spoke and it was weird for the rest of the day. During my shower that night I fingered myself for the first time and couldn’t stop thinking about how the women in the movie licked each others tits and pussys. Late that night we layed in the bunk beds in her room. She was on the bottom and me on the top. We started to talk about the magazines and how funny it is that her mom would have it and then she said it… “You wanna come lay with me?” I responded by climbing down the little ladder and getting into bed with her. Soon as I got in bed with her she started to pinch my pussy through my little frilly panties….she had no idea what to touch but we were both aroused. I lifted her little night shirt and licked and sucked her nipples…she moaned with pleasure. Then she said lets rub…she climbed on top of me. And asked “panties up or down” I had no idea which was better but the women in the movies didn’t have any panties on. So I responded in an almost whisper “Panties down” That night we rocked on each other and licked each other young tits until we fell to sleep. Our entire summer vacation was filled with nights and eventually days like that. As we got older 18 and 19 yrs old…we learned more about pleasing each other and I begin an expert at licking her virgin pussy and she mine. We licked each other daily during the summer and in the shower and layed together at night. Using each others nipples as a pacifier to fall asleep. It was great until my mom decided to move out of state. And just like that Tera was gone. I never had another sexual encounter with a female.
Me and Tera kept in touch but never spoke about those years or the summers we spent exploring each other. Now here we are years later and I am soaking wet from remembering those times and wishing I could lick her again…or feel her rocking on top of my soaking wet mound. So I decided to call her and invite her to our bed. The phone rang and my pussy throbbed to hear her voice. She answered “Hi Kim!! OMG!!! What’s going on?? I asked her if she could fly out to visit for a few days and told her I would take some vacation time. She decided to come on a few days later. I talked it over with Hubby and told him we would all “hang out” for his birthday. Little did he know that I literally meant hang out.
I was solo nervous the day she arrived she sent me a text saying she would go straight to the hotel to clean up and then come over. Tera had also made a good life for herself as a stay at home ex wife. I laughed to myself as I thought about how she met and married an Atlanta Football player and divorced 5 years later due to his infidelities. That little mistake cost him half his estate and then some. Tera would never have to work again. With hubby at work and me off for seven days I decided to go straight to the hotel to surprise her.
I arrived at the hotel and opened the door to a screaming Tera and hugs. I’m not sure how long it had been since we last saw each other in person but she looked like the 20 million she was worth. She invited me into her suite and asked for the updates on my life and what the party plans were. I told her that she was the plan. And she looked puzzled. I laughed out loud and told her about the void in my marriage. She looked at me like she had so many years ago and I knew that she wanted me like I wanted her. I was sure her buttermilk colored pussy was throbbing cause mine was but I decided not to make the first move because it had been a long time and What if I was wrong? I talked openly with my cousin and told her I needed to spice up my sex life and I needed her help. She looked again surprised and I explained “Tera I want to have a threesome with you and Blake” She looked uncomfy for a bit and then said well how do u know he will like it? How do u know we still have the chemistry from before? I moved closer to her and told her it’s only one way to find out. I got up and went to the bar and poured us both a glass of Vodka straight on the rocks. We both needed to relax and ready ourselves for what I was sure would come next. We both downed 2 or 3 more drinks and then sat talking for a bit. Before I knew it Tera approached the chair where I was sitting and lifted my skirt up. She was on her knees and I could tell she was tipsy. She pushed my black lace tongs to the side and licked my clit. She licked me and my juices flowed onto her tongue, she pulled me to the floor by my thick caramel colored legs and I shuddered. She licked me from head to toe and I returned the favor. We pleasured each other all over the room…licking, sucking, and rubbing each others pussys. For a second it was summertime of our teenage years and it was lovely. In that moment I knew that the my hubby’s birthday surprise would be just fine…I couldn’t wait to feel my husband large cock inside of me while Tera licked every part of me and him…I couldn’t wait for the Cousin Surprise!!!

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