Cousin Becky Part 3

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Almost a month later when Becky arrived Tonya was with her again but I wasn’t feeling very well and I told them so and they said they would try to make me feel better and asked what I thought might help the most and I told them maybe a duel striptease might do it and they readily agreed and turned on some music and started to dance around and I told them I thought it would be better if they undressed each other and Tonya smiled but Becky protested but Tonya reached out and pulled Becky’s tee shirt over her head and reached down and unbuttoned Becky’s jeans and slid them to the floor and Becky stepped out of them and then pulled Tonya’s shirt off and then her jeans then Tonya stepped behind Becky and released her bra then slid her panties off and Becky then did the same for Tonya. Then Becky asked if I was feeling better and I agreed that I was a little better but still needed a little more of a show and she asked if I wanted them to dance but I told her I needed a drink of water first and when she went to get it I asked Tonya if they had ever pleasured each other and she said no but she had asked to but Becky said it was disgusting, when Becky came back I told them I would love to see them play with each others boobs, Tonya smiled and reached out and cupped her hand under Becky’s right boob and leaned down and licked a circle around Becky’s nipple which is massive then started sucking lightly on it and as she did Becky’s eyes closed and she started breathing very heavy after a few seconds Tonya turned her loose and looked up and Becky gave her a kiss that lasted for a long time then started licking and sucking Tonya’s boobs, I saw Tonya reach down and slide a finger in Becky’s pussy but Becky stopped her and Tonya dropped to her knees and grabbed Becky’s hips and took her tongue to Becky’s pussy this time and she didn’t resist she just started cooing and moaning lightly and within a minute or so she exploded and shuttered and fell back against my bed. After she caught her breath Tonya told her it was her turn and Becky dove right in and in a couple minutes Tonya was purring and soon exploded. Then I asked if they had forgot me and Becky climbed up and mounted me and Tonya smothered me with her beautiful boobs and then her wonderful pussy and once again I was in heaven. Tomorrow I am supposed to get my casts off so I can really have even more pleasure with these two sexy ladies.

My casts are off and a week has gone by to strengthen my wrists so I invited Becky and Tonya to come for a visit since I no longer had in home health care, Monday evening after work Becky came to visit and I asked her where Tonya was and she said she didn’t invite her because she didn’t want to share now that I was healed so I took Becky upstairs to my bedroom where she never been since my hospital bed was down stairs she started to remove her scrubs and I stopped her and told her that was my job now that I could use my hands and she stopped and smiled and nodded yes so I removed her top and untied the string to remove her pants and dropped them to the floor and then slid her panties down around her ankles then removed her bra then picked her up in my arms and planted a kiss on her while I was holding her I realized that this was the first time I had kissed her and knew then what I had been missing, my what a kisser, then I laid her on the bed and started at her toes and licked my way to that perfect pussy, I spread her lips and really went to work with my tongue till she exploded then I moved on up to those 38DDs I fondled licked and sucked them for a long time then gave her another deep kiss then got up and was standing there admiring her beautiful body when she asked why I wasn’t going to fuck her, I couldn’t believe she said that because I had never heard her say anything like that but I told her I was but I wanted her to get up and get on the floor on her hands and knees because my ankle was bothering me and I was going to do it doggy style and she said she had never been fucked doggy style and I assured her she would love it so she did as I ask and I slid into her very slow and eased in and out slowly at first and progressively got faster and faster and harder and harder and she soon had an orgasm but I kept pounding away till she had another and just as she was having her third orgasm I filled her full and we both collapsed on the floor and about that time the phone rang and it was Becky’s husband wanting to know if she was still there and I almost had a heart attack and just handed her the phone, she talked to him a minute then told him to wait a second and then ask me out loud if I was almost done with her and I told her yes so she told him she would be home soon and as she hung the phone up my mind was swirling but she said she had told him she was going to clean my house for me once a week at least for a while and then she asked if that was ok and I assured her it was and we headed for the shower where we gave each other a good scrubbing which included a mouth scrubbing on my penis as she was leaving I asked if she was going to bring Tonya next week and she smiled that beautiful and said Tonya was going to clean for me on Thursday’s if I wanted her too and they would probably need to come together once a month to do a major cleaning. As she was leaving she gave me a long deep kiss and said I love you and wish you wouldn’t fuck Tonya any more, boy was I shocked and I asked her if she was going to have sex with her hubby and she said he didn’t like sex and they hadn’t had sex since her daughter was born because hubby didn’t want more kids and didn’t want her on birth control and I about shit since we had unprotected sex every time except the first time.

Thursday now and Tonya arrives to clean and after we had done a complete cleaning while we were taking a shower I asked Tonya if she was on birth control and she said no because they had been trying to get her pregnant for a five years and now she finally was and she was so happy since she and Becky were supposed to have their babies within a few days of each other and the kids could grow up together!

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