Cousin Becky Part 4

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Several months after Becky and Tonya stopped coming to clean I got a call at 3am and it was Becky telling me she had a new baby boy 7#s 4 oz. blonde hair and that all was well so I congratulated her and asked her how hubby was doing and she said he was ok as long as others didn’t know he wasn’t the father and of coarse that suited me just fine and then 3 days later at 4:30am I got a call from Tonya telling me she had a new baby boy 7#s 7 oz. Blonde hair and all was well except her hubby couldn’t figure where the blonde hair came from since both of them and all there families had dark hair I congratulated her and told her I hoped those babies didn’t both have hazel eyes too and she said she didn’t know about Becky’s boy but hers had hazel eyes, later that day I called to see how Becky was doing since she got home and she said fine and I asked her what color the baby’s eyes were and she said hazel. A few days later she called and asked if I could run out for a while and see the baby that just her and the baby were there alone so I told her I would be there in a few minutes, when I got there and went in there they were Becky holding her baby and Tonya holding hers, I said I thought you were alone and she said she was when she called then she called Tonya to come too. I went closer to take a good look and they could pass for twins they asked if I wanted to hold my boys and I said no not till they get bigger and that I better go. Tonya put her boy in his carrier and came over to me and pulled her tee shirt and bra off and said see mine are as big as Becky’s now I said I can’t tell because Becky has her shirt and bra on and that changed in a heart beat and this time Tonya was right hers were as big this time and magnificent just waiting to be milked and I asked if they were nursing the babies and they both said no they weren’t so eased over to Tonya and sucked her dry while Becky gave me a super blow job then I switched and sucked Becky dry while Tonya gave me another super blow job. I told them to take their jeans and panties off I needed to inspect them to see how they looked and they did but Becky said she was too sore to have sex and Tonya said she was too and I told Tonya to bend over the arm of the couch and she said she was afraid she was to sore and I told her I would quit if it hurt and she told me to quit, I asked Becky if she had any Vaseline and she got me some I coted my dick and eased up to Tonya put some in her bung hole and she said not there that was virgin territory and I gave one hard thrust and said now it isn’t she squealed and said boy that hurt but feels so good now fuck me hard and fast and I did she exploded three times before I unloaded my load in her ass she was panting like a dog when she finally said she loved that more than a regular fucking. I caught my breath and looked to see where Becky had gone and she was bent over the other arm of the couch waiting on her turn but I was spent and told her but Tonya leaned down and sucked me back to attention and I went over and coated Becky’s ass and started to insert my dick and found her a lot tighter than Tonya was so I told her to relax and I took two fingers and worked her hole over and then tried again and finally got in and started to give her a good hard fucking when I looked up and there stood both husbands smiling from ear to ear, they said they had known all along and loved watching so after I started breathing again I continued till Becky had three orgasms and I finally unloaded a full load and laid back on the couch, the men said they wished they had got there sooner and missed the show then Tonya came over and started giving me another blow job and while she was sucking away I told Becky to come to me and I ate her pussy till I exploded and so did she then I switched and ate Tonya’s pussy so the guys could watch and when I was done I looked and both guys were jerking off and as I was getting ready to leave Tonya said wait
because need someone to fuck me, I said I thought you said you were too sore and she said I need fucked and now and I told her hubby to do her and he said he had already shot his load and could never get it up again for hours so I told Becky’s husband to fuck Tonya and Becky said no way and I told her she wasn’t being a good friend so she said ok and he mounted up and fucked her for about thirty seconds and lost his load so I still had to finish the job on Tonya and when I was done Becky said fuck me too and I was wore out and looked and Tonya’s hubby was hard again and so I told him to fuck Becky and he did. When I was leaving they all told me to come back anytime.

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