Cousin Becky the final Chapter

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I find myself wondering how I could have done what I have but there is no turning back now, when I was hurt a while back and had to have help doing everything my cousin Becky was one of the ones hired to take care of me and at the time her husband was the only one that had more than played with her massive 38DD tits or stuck a finger in her pussy or maybe jerked she had someone off . I had two broken wrists and a broken ankle. On Becky’s first day I had a raging hard on and conned her into jacking me off to relieve me but it took forever and I then the next day I talked her into a blow job the third day when I asked her to relieve me she stripped everything but her bra and nearly fucked my brains out then she brought her best friend Tonya with her and we fucked and sucked nearly all day then later I talked them into making love to each other while I watched. I managed to knock them both up and after they had their babies and I was healed we were all three in Becky’s house catching up on time missed I had just finished fucking Tonya in the ass and had Becky bent over the arm of the sofa fucking her in the ass when both their husbands caught us and had been watching for a while and enjoying it, before we were done Tonya’s hubby had fucked Becky and Becky’s husband had fucked Tonya and I had sucked them both dry Becky’s 38DD s and Tonya’s 36 D s lord what a time. Then a couple weeks later Becky’s hubby came to me and asked me to get someone else and let him watch while two of us fucked her and I did, actually a neighbor and his wife showed up too and we all fucked her and the neighbors wife too and got some of Becky’s super blow jobs and she loved it, now a couple weeks later Becky stopped by and we had a nice fuck and suck session and she told me she wanted to be gang banged and ask if I would help her with that and I told her gladly and asked how many she thought she wanted and she said 5 maybe 6 and I told her ok if she was sure and she said she was so I told her to rest up and I would call her when I got a group together. I thought about it and couple days later I was playing softball with my buddies and asked if any of them were up to a gang bang because I had a friend that wanted to be gang banged by 6 and I needed 5 beside myself and of coarse the first question was how ugly is she, I laughed and said she was a knockout they all laughed but I finally talked the other infielders to helping the 3 outfielders were telling the others she had to be a dog to have to ask a friend to get help to fuck her and said you guys will really be sorry but I had all I needed anyway. One of the guys that was willing asked how she was built and I told them she was a natural blonde 5-2 120#s with 38DDs that were real and my best buddy said that sounds like your cousin Becky and I smiled and said it was then they all wanted in so I told them they all could come but the infield was first and the others only if she wanted and they agreed. So that night I called Becky and told her we were on for Saturday evening and if she was up for it to bring Tonya too and she said ok. Saturday evening Becky and Tonya showed up early so we went out by the pool and were waiting when here comes my neighbor and asked what was up and since he had fucked Becky the last time he asked if he could stay and I told him it was up to Becky and she said it was fine to go get his wife Jill and he did now we had 3 beautiful ladies and when the others got there we ended up with ten men and 5 beautiful ladies because 2 of my team brought their wives, both of which I had more than one wet dream about. Becky stood up and stripped to her birthday suit and said who’s first and I told her the deal is she gets her pick and she gets to fuck all the guys she wants first since it was her party, she walked over to me and said lets do it and we did I was going at it kinda easy because she had a long night ahead of her when Tonya snuck up behind me put her tongue in my asshole and I unloaded hard and fast but when I did Becky had her first orgasm of the day, I got up and Becky pointed to the neighbor and he was mounted and hammering away while Tonya sucked me back into readiness so I mounted her and began to go at it pretty good when the neighbor downloaded into Becky after only a couple minutes then Becky said Pitcher first then catcher then we’ll run the bases so I’m hammering away on Tonya and the Pitcher lasted about 2 minutes, the catcher maybe 3 minutes, first base maybe 4, I thought this is going to be a disaster but the second baseman lasted about 10 and as he finished Becky I unloaded in Tonya. Before I could get out of the way the pitcher was fucking away in Tonya and Jill was licking my balls and soon I was fucking Jill man she is so tight I love doing her, by the time I filled her tight cunt Becky was in center field and Tonya was on 3rd base and I was taking a break but not for long Becky was now in left field and I thought I should have rounded up a second string when the left fielder finished I eased over and asked Lucy the picthers wife if she wanted in and she said she did so I laid her down and started really hammering her and this time I lasted at least 10 minutes and rolled off Tonya was finishing the outfield and Jill was in left field just then Becky got up and took my dick and soon had me hard and getting a blow job, I saw Tonya washing her pussy and figured she was done but she walked over and set down on my chest and I spread her lips and went to work and in a couple minutes she squealed and rolled off then Jill replaced Tonya and I did the same for her till she flooded my face and about the same time Suzy the catchers wife who was a tiny little thing eased down on my manhood and squealed in pain, man was she tight but in a few strokes she was riding me like a bull rider and in short order I filled her tight little pussy. Becky soon was licking my balls again and I told her I figured it was hopeless but she kept up till I was fairly hard and she said fuck me in the ass please so I did but only lasted a few minutes then I rolled her over and started sucking her right boob which was my favorite soon the pitcher was sucking her left boob so I rolled out of the way and they all lined up to play with and suck those super mounds, she was in heaven I set on a bench and Jill came over and started sucking my dick and I told her I was sure it was hopeless this time but in a couple minutes I was hard and she climbed up and lowered herself onto me and was squirming up and down and almost crying she said no one wants to suck my tiny boobs and I told her I loved her boobs but I had been busy and that her 34B boobs weren’t tiny they were beautiful so I went to work on them while she bounced away till we both climaxed together. I asked her what happened to her husband and she said he went home 2 hours ago to take a nap. I leaned back with Jill still on my lap and fell asleep and when I woke up 3 hours later everyone was gone except Jill still on my lap and Becky and Tonya asleep in each others arms. I woke Jill and told her it was midnight and she should probably go home but she got up and said I’m not leaving you alone with those two, they might rape you then she really giggled and besides you haven’t fucked my ass yet and when she said that I was ready because that is the tightest place I have ever been so as I started trying to enter her she squealed which woke Becky and Tonya I finally got in and hammered her till I filled her tight ass full and when I was done I looked and Becky and Tonya were in a 69 position eating each other with Tonya on top when I saw that I was at full attention again so I eased over straddled them and eased in Tonya’s pussy right past Becky’s tongue, what a feeling, every stroke Becky would lick my balls, I sure didn’t last long this time. I rolled over and went back to sleep when I woke up the girls were all cuddled together with Jill between Becky and Tonya with Becky’s left hand and Tonya’s right hand in Jill’s crotch sound asleep, I got my phone and took a few pictures of them like that. My what a picture these 3 beautiful l
ies make, eat your heart out Playboy.

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