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Cousin Janet and I grew up as children together. Although I am five years older than she, we lived only several houses apart and spent many of our growing up years playing together and exploring the neighborhood areas as children will do. We have remained close through the years even though life and career choices have sent us in different directions.

We now live some 5 hours apart from each other and I rarely get to the small town where she lives and where we grew up together as kids. Janet was married to her high school sweetheart, and as in every Love Each Other Forever Story, thought just that; the marriage would last till the end of time. This is not always the course however, and after three short years the marriage ended and Janet became somewhat of a recluse. This was five years ago and even though she has got over the feelings of rejection and loss, she still has that strong fear of men in general, and the stronger fear of being hurt in love.

We haven’t seen each other in person for several years but work in a town about an hour drive from where she lives provided me the welcome opportunity to lay over for a short visit. I had called ahead asking if she was up for a weekend visit and I was surprised when she became so excited when I asked her. She insisted that I stay the weekend with her and use the time to talk old times and catch up on new news.

I arrived at her house on Friday evening and after enjoying a great meal she prepared, we settled on her back porch in a comfy lounge glider and began chatting about every thing under the sun. After the first bottle of wine was gone and the cool night air gave a relaxing feeling to us both, she began telling me about guys she had dated over the past few years, and how they were after one thing only, take her to bed as soon as they entered the front door.

Janet is a beautiful woman and was even as a child. Petite build with dark flowing, shoulder length hair, deep blue eyes, silken smooth skin, a killer ass and firm rounded boobs that I have seen only in my vivid imagination. As the second bottle of wine began it’s journey to empty, she began talking about she has not had sex in the past 4 years, and that men in general, except for me, were total assholes.

As she continued to talk aided by the wine, I noticed small tears welling up in her eyes and gently I placed my arm around her and drew her near. She placed her head on my shoulder and I could hear the soft sobbing that often accompanies shear feelings of loneliness and regret. I told her that I would always be there for her and that she could contact me anytime these feelings overwhelmed her.

She gently raised her head, I lowered mine, and we kissed. A soft cousin kiss that quickly turned into lips tightly pressing against each other, and my hand moving to caress her long ebony hair. We broke from this long awaited kiss, or that I had longed for over these many years, and she sat up with an embarrassed look on her face.

“I didn’t mean to do that Rob,” she said apologetically.

“I didn’t either Janet, but I got to say I enjoyed it.”

She raised her head up looking in my eyes and said, “Although I want to go to bed with you, we both know we can’t.”

“I know Janet, but I have wanted to make love to you for years.”

“I have wanted to do you as well Rob, but we need to slow down. I don’t know if I can do this right yet.”

“What would I need to do Janet, I want you.”

“You are going to be here all weekend, let’s just take it easy for now, OK?, she says in a sheepish voice.

“OK you win, we will take it easy Janet.”

“I know you are horney as hell and I am sorry, but I can do something about that Rob.”

She reaches over, starts unzipping my pants, reaches into my boxer shorts and pops my hard, wet cock from the confines of the material.

She began a slow movement up and down on my rigid cock that was already wet from the anticipation of it all. Her strokes get faster as he reaches with her other hand and unbuttons the blouse that is holding the most beautiful tits I have ever seen. I can’t take my eyes away from them and as her speed increases on my throbbing cock, I feel the explosion about to come. She tightens her grip and at that time I blow a load of cum that makes me think my nuts will never work again.

As quick as it started, it ended. Her hand was gone, she was buttoning her blouse, and my wet dick was beginning to shrink at a rapid rate.


“Yeah Janet.”

“I really love watching a cock explode like that, and this is going to be a weekend we both will never forget.”

Johnny George

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