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Where to begin is really kind of hard. I have 3 cousins the oldest one is 1 year younger than i am. I am 21 now and when we first discovered each others bodies we were around 7 and 8. I used to stay the weekends over his house and we would take baths together and at that time we would just touch each other nothing really sexual just curiosity. I dont think it was until i was 11 and he was 10 when we started going down on each other, still i dont think it was sexual just the fun and excitement of doing it. One day i was over his house his parents gone and it was just me and the 3 boys (cousins) me and lonny (10 yr old) went to his room and started messing around, i was on my knees and he was laying on the bed when the younger brother walks in. Its a year that separates us on down i was 11 lonny 10 rodney 9 and then roy 8. So anyways on my knees with my cousins dick in my mouth and in comes rodney and he quick covers up and we just sit there and he just comes in doesnt say a word and gets his jacket and leaves. So that was all we did that day not knowing what to think. I ended up staying the night as i always did and i slept with lonny and we ended up touching each other and we hear a noise and rodney was wide awake watching us so we figured that since he hasnt said anything from the first time he wouldnt say anything at all so we continue just touching he sucked for awhile and then i sucked him and then we went to bed. It wasnt till i was 14 when i started to cum, grow hair now it was starting to get more sexual with me and my cousin he would suck me till i came in his mouth and i would suck him until he would have a dry orgasm since he couldnt cum yet. It was at that time when rodney came to my house and my parents were gone it was just me and him he was 12 at this time. We lived near by so he walked over i was in the shower and he comes in, as im getting out he is at the door just staring. I covered up with the towel and he asked me when will he get hair and when will white stuff come out of him. He asked if he could look at it a little longer, i figured why not. I take the towel off and he gets on his knees like a littel boy that just got a new toy. He picks up the dick and looks at it pulls back the skin (i was uncut, we all were) i gave a quick shudder and he laughed. At this point i was rock hard and he asked if he could do what his brother did to me. I said sure, he put it in his mouth and sort of gagged pulled it out and gave it a lick and then stopped, at this point i was so fuckin horny i asked if i could see his? he stood up and i got on my knees and undid his belt and his pants he was hard already and i started to suck him at this point i hear a car drive into the garage, it was my mom i pulled up his pants and threw him out of the bathroom i get dressed and come out. This is all for now i have plenty more to say! Im 21 now and occasionally i get with my cousin(s)! Email me if you want to hear more.

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