Experimenting With My Cousin

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One great summer night, i was 18, my cousin was 19, i was visiting my cousin for a few days and we were sharing the bed. The room where my uncle and aunt slept was away, so we could have privacy. We turned the channel to music and we were just sitting there, talking about this and that. One after another, the ever-changing subject stuck to sexual stuff. We were both getting really horny, and after like, half an hour of my cock getting squashed inside my pants, i shyly put my hand on her ass, awaiting the reaction. She smiled, i shyly smiled too. She approached me and we started kissing heavily. After a long kiss, we began rubbing each-other’s soft spots with our knees (snogging it’s called, i think). I was touching her everywhere. She didn’t have big boobs, but she was the cutest girl i ever seen. After i pulled her shirt up a bit, i began sucking on her nipples. She was slightly rubbing my cock in my pants. We were continuously kissing. After 3 hours of doing this, i pulled her really close to me and rubbed her pussy really hard with my knee, until she had an orgasm. To return the favor, she let me touch her anywhere and kiss her while masturbating, and it wasn’t long until i came. The next morning, we were acting natural, like nothing happened. That night, we were doing that again, but my aunt forgot something in our room, and when she came to get it, we didn’t know she was there and kept doing our job. She slowly called my uncle, and, after he came, i opened my eyes and saw them. We were sure we were in great big trouble, but they told us that we were gonna be safe as long as we let them join in. We obviously did. I began sucking my aunt’s nipples and touch my cousin, while my uncle was touching both of them. After 30 minutes, my uncle came on my cousin’s face, and, to make up for that, i gave both my aunt and cousin an orgasm, and then finished mine. After that, we didn’t talk about it at all.

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