Me And My Virgin Cousin

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I remember like it was yesterday. I was 18 she was 19. My first time. Me and my super hot cousin were at my grandma’s for the holidays. We had gotten along pretty well over the years. Our grandma has a lot of medical problems. So it turns out while we were over she had a heart attack. Of course everyone headed to the hospital, exept for me and my cousin. It was late so we headed to bed and since there was only one bedroom in the little house we slept on the same bed. As I lay down ready to sleep I heard my cousin crying. I asked her, “Are you ok?”. She responded, “I’m just so scared what if something bad happend?” “I’m sure they’re fine. They would have been back by now,” I said. She wouldn’t stop crying so I said, “What do you want me to do for you?” She hesitated before saying, “There is one thing you can do for me. You can have sex with me.” “What!” I said in shock. “I’m a virgin and I’ve been trying to lose my virginity for a long time. I just didn’t know who to ask you seem like a person that would do it. Please, will you do it?” I’m shocked once again. How could my super hot cousin be a virgin? Of course I want to fuck her, but shes my cousin! But I’m a guy and my dick is rock hard so I said, “Yeah, sure, if you promise you won’t tell anyone.” She looked at me in surprise like she thought I wouldn’t do it. “Thank-you so much! I promise I won’t tell,” She said. So she starts to kiss me as I slowly undress her. She has firm breasts. Then she starts to undress me. She begins with my shirt and slowly makes her way down to my now bulging pants. So she sees my cock and she smiles to herself. For a 13 year old I think I had a pretty good size, a 7 incher. I know she was thinking the same thing. She gives me a blowjob and wow can she suck. I know shes a virgin but still, wow. I start to take off her panties and I see the best pussy in the world. And to think I’ll be the first one to fuck her. Sucking her pussy felt heavenly she moaned as I went deeper. Finally I put my cock in her. It felt so good, her pussy is so tight. I pumped as hard as I could. She was really enjoying it. Then come her pussy juices, so delicious! I pumped for about 45 minutes until I cummed for the fisrt time. It was a white, hot, sticky substance that filled her mouth. I think for the first time for both of us it was pretty good. Now I’m 16 and shes 19 and we still do it at least once a week. Of course, in a private place. She still enjoys my cock, now 8 inches, and I still enjoy her heavenly pussy. Best of all, we get along better than ever.

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