Sex With Boy Friend Contd

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First of all thanks everybody for giving so much response am feeling very happy to continue.

when my juice came out completely i was almost fell down. The he hold me and took me to bed

and toly to lick his rod. i was first so uncomfortable but when i kissed the juice of him

came on my lips and tasted little salt and it was so so so so so nice taste. i like it very

much and without my knowledge i had taken full of his penis in my mouth. he was moving

inside and out of my mouth till my throat. for my surprise i noticed he also did not shave

and hairs was there. i asked him why. he told he has shaved and it is grown again.

he hold he wants to fuck me like anything. i accepted and he put his fingers in my pussy and

it was paining little bit. and later i relaxed. he moved his fingers very fast and i was

about cum again. i told him and he went to my pussy and swollowed my whole cum.

i was still partly satisfied. and told him to fuck me. he then inserted his penis and slowly

and i was like aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. shouting then he kissed my lips and stopped the sound.

he moved slowly up and down i was full in heaven and cant resist i wanted to shout i wanted

to scream loud woooooooooowwwwwwww. i was so happy i moved myself up and down……..

without my knowledge……. and he came fully in my pussy….. i immdtly got up and took his

penis in my mouth… and drank little bit of that…… it was much more tastier than the

pre cum……

but for my bad luck and his bad luck…. his girl friend came inside the room.. we both

shocked and seeing her and she told don’t be shocked am been seeing this long back, we were

more shocked.

Later she smiled and said…………………..

This story i will continue in my next submission…..

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