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Hi, This is Rachna (Name changed), i am very big fan of KE i am
reading this site stories for a very long time means many years. i
wanted to furnish my own story when i read all the stories from you
guys. i was waiting for long time for this opportunity.

First i tell about me. my age is 22 i am 5.5, 38-30-36. very very sexy
body with milky white body. every boys wants to have sex with me but i
am a girl like did not find anybody so much attractive. but not now.

Here is my story which happened just 2 days back when i was out of
station to my relative marriage function. i was in love with one of
the guy from the time i was in school. i met that guy in the marriage
function and i was very very happy. the next day i met him i came to
know that he is already having one girl friend in native only. i was
very much disappointed. so i was sadly sitting in my room in my aunt
house. i suddenly heard a girl sount laughing and a guy sound. i
peeped from the gap of door and noticed its my boy friend with one
girl. i was shocked seeing that he was kissing her my tears rolled
out. but wanted to see wat happens next.

suddenly somebody called her and she left. he was waiting there for 5
min. she did not come. suddently he started rubbing his penis and
removed his penis out and started to play with his rod. i saw that for
the first time in my life. suddenly i moved back and touched the stool
and sound came. he turned back and came inside the room and saw me. i
smiled. by the time i was so much wanted him to fuck me. he was also
in full mood. and started to come near me. i told don’t come. he not
listen. he came and hold my sholder and started kissing me. i
cooperated with him. he squeezed my breast and started pressing hard
it was paining but very good feeling. he touched my pussy and started
rubbing. i was full wet my underware was full wet with my juice. he
took my hand kept on his penis. it was so hard like iron rod and very
very hot. i removed his zip and kept hand inside his underware and
started feeling his penis. it was hot and something was wet like mine.
i started to rub same like he did to me and i told i really love him
but he told if i let him fuck he will live her and love me. i was very
happy and told i am fully yours you can do anything to me. he then
came below and removed my pant and underware and started licking my
pussy i did not shave he sperated my haris and put his tounge inside
my pussy……. and i was shouting aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh superb please continue haaaaaa haaaaaaaa….. then
something came out from my pussy and i was almost fainted…….

i will continue this story. only after i know anybody liked it. please
post your commens to

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