Sex with Hunter Part 2

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Sex with Hunter: Part 2 Enjoy.
After I heard him get out, I knew what I wanted to do. I got dressed and went downstairs. He was sitting on the couch watching a movie.
“Whatcha watching?” I asked.
“Nothing.” He said. He standed up, turned off the T.V and walked out of the room. “Im tired. Im going to bed.”
Ok. This is fine. My plan will work. I waited about 30 minutes untill I walked in his room crying.
“What the fu..” He mumbled as he sat up. “What happend Aubrey?”
“I had a bad dream. Do you think I could sleep with you tonight?” I said through my fake tears.
“Sure. I guess.” He said.
“Okay.” I jumped in his bed. All I was wearing was a T-shirt, and undies. No bra.
He scooted as far away as possible. I kept scooting near him untill I was very close to him. “Hunter….”
I whispered “Huh?” He mumbled. “Can you rub my back real quick?” I said. “Why?” “It hurnts!”
He sat up and turned on his lamp. I sat up too. I turned my back to him so he could rub it.

“Hold on. Let me take off my shirt.” I said.
“Wait, what?!” He exclaimed. Too late. I took of my shirt, exposing my perky C cups. His eyes widened in amazment, and wonder. “Ok, you can rub my back now.” I said. He started rubbing. I turned around, making him stop.
“You want to touch my tits, don’t you?” I said “You can if you want to. Your my cousin. It’s okay.”
I saw his hands tremble. Thats when I notcied the buldge in his pants.
“Touch them Hunter. Caress them. Kiss them, do whatever.” He was too scared to touch them. I grabbed his hand and placed it on my tits. “Go on Hunter, feel them.”
His young virgin hands explored my tits. He bent his head down, and nibbled on my nipples. I moaned slightly. I placed my hand on his leg, and slid it up to the buldge. His face turned red. He stopped nibbling, and bent his head back up.
“This is so wrong.. Were family.. We can’t do this.. It’s taboo!” He said. “Shh Hunter. It’s okay.” I kissed him. I could tell it was his first kiss.
I ever so slightly moved my tongue in his mouth. He excepted it.
He got up, and layed me down.
To be Continued…

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