Spanks A Lot I Needed That

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Erin at 21 years old had been acting up at home, she was drinking and partying and having sex with lots of boys and her parents had had enough. They told her she had to go live with her mother’s first cousin and his wife.

She did not want to go, but they said if she didn’t she could kiss her trust fund good-bye. She knew that they had the power to take it away from her so she did not want that to be taken away from her, so she grudgingly went.

She took the plane there and when they landed she was pissed it was some jerkwater town, “Shittt! I hope I can get through this hell.” she thought.

She saw her mother’s cousin, well he was her cousin too, he was a paunchy guy he had a crew cut and he had a few teeth missing. “I am going to kill my mother!” Erin thought to herself.

“Hi how are you doing?” Cousin Bert asked.

“Oh just dandy.” Erin sarcastically said.

“Hey I hope you aren’t being fresh, the wife and I don’t stand for that!”

Erin embarassedly said, “No I’m sorry it was a long flight.”

“I understand.” Burt said and he carried her bags to the car.

They drove for what seemed like endless boring miles. They finaly arrived at the house, it was a very small one level home. The place looked run down, quite a change from her lavish home.

Bert took her in and introduced her to his wife, Lynn. Lynn smiled and hugged Erin and rubbed and squeezed her ass, even though it felt good Erin was pissed at her rudeness.

“Here’s your room young lady.” Lynn said.

“Where is the door and where are the curtains?” Erin asked.

“Oh you are being punished and we were warned that you like to go out without permission and you smoke and do other things you shouldn’t do in your room back home, so you don’t get to have a door and curtains.”

“Well how am I supposed to change?”

Lynn smiled and said, “There’s the bathroom or you can change in your room, there’s no one around here for miles and don’t worry you don’t have anything that Bert and I haven’t already seen.” Burt laughed pervertedly and leered at Erin looking her up and down, she felt like he could see through her clothes.

Erin eventually got used to living with Bert and Lynn, everything was going well until Erin made the stupid choice to get high on some cough medicine she found, it was a huge bottle and she was quickly buzzed.

“Lynn! Where’s that cough medicine? I feel a tickle coming on!” Bert yelled.

“It should be right here, in the cabinet, next to the laxatives. Hey where did it go? Dammit I bought a huge bottle of it! Erin come here!” Lynn called.

Erin stumbled in, her eyes droopy, and red syrup was smeared around the corners of her mouth. “What the hell? Did you drink all of that!” Lynn bellowed.

“I jush drank shome not mush.” Erin garbled.

“Bert! Bert!! Get in here!” Lynn screamed as Erin held her hands over her ears.

“What’s the matter?” Bart inquired.

Lynn said, “Erin drank the couch syrup and she’s high on it.”

Bart rubbed his hands together hornily and said, “Punishment time!”

Lynn smiled and agreed. “Get in the den right now Erin!”

Erin stumbled in dizzy as hell. They both came in and Bert started removing his belt, he also unzipped his pants. Erin thought she was hallucinating.

“Take off all of your clothes!” Lynn yelled at Erin.

“Hell no!” Erin replied.

“You better remove them or Bert and I will!”

“Heh heh heh yeshh right!” Erin said as she swayed unsteadily on her feet, she was feeling horny even though she was uncomfortable.

“Bert you hold her while I strip her.” Bert grinned and held Erin around her waist. Lynn yanked her shorts completely down to her ankles, Erin was wiggling but Bert held her still, after her bare ass was exposed Bert pressed up tight against her his cock was half hard already and working its way to ramrod status and it was pressed on her cheek through his trousers.

Lynn smiled atthe sight of her neatky trimmed pussy and then she went for her tee-shirt, but Erin scratched at her. “Ohhh no you don’t! Bert spank her now!” Bert’s dick got very stiff hearing that, he loved spanking women’s asses, he even had in the past paid prostitutes to spank their asses, so he was super charged up that he was not only getting to spank a bare woman’s ass for free, but it was going to be a very pretty ass as well that he was going to spank.

“Over the knee or from the waist?” he asked Lynn. Lynn thought it over and she wanted to watch so she told him over the knee, his hard dick in his underwear was jutting out of his open zipper, Lynn saw that and smiled.

Bert pulled Erin, with her ankles tangled up in her shorts and panties, over to the ottoman and he sat down and brought her over his knee, her bare ass was so round and firm skinned and pale white. Lynn pulled a chair up and sat in it and watched as Bert spanked that bare ass, those cheeks trembled slightly with each slap. Lynn was getting excited watching and Bert was hard as a rock and practically drooling. Erin’s pussy was a moving back and forth on Bert’s knees as she tried to avoid his slaps. He would grab tight on her hip, hold her still and do a series of hard short slaps. That skin on skin smacking sound was making all three of them very horny. Over and over he spanked her ass until it was cherry red. Bert held her down with his hand tight on her lower back, Erin’s pussy started getting wetter and wetter, the heat from the spanking dissapated and spread right to her pussy. Lynn saw that wetness glistening in the slit and she felt it.

“Oh wet! You got wet from Cousin Bert spanking your bare ass? Okay that top and bra is coming off and you are going to stand in the corner! Get up and take off the rest of your clothes!” Erin removed her shirt and bra, she was aware that her nipples were sticking out and hard. She went to remove her shorts around her ankles, “No you leave those there, you waddle over to that corner by the door!”

Erin did as she was told, her red perfect ass cheeks shook slightly from her uneven gait since those shorts were so tangled that they were like ankle cuffs. She almost tripped a few times causing her to flash her pussy at Bert and Lynn, they both enjoyed that sexual view.

Erin stood in the corner, her curvy figure and red ass displayed for Bert and Lynn. Lynn got a timer and turned it to 15 minutes she put it on the table by Erin and told her she could leave the corner when it rang. Erin stood there while Lynn and Bert admired her sexy nude body. They kept saying things like, “What a nice bright red ass you have Erin!” and “Next time the belt will be used.” and “No clothes on you for two days.”

Erin was humiliated yet aroused.The 15 minutes was up and Erin was allowed out of the corner.

“Honey my throat still feels scratchy can you go get me the cough medicine?” Bert asked Lynn.

“OK, but you make sure Erin behaves.”
Bert again rubbed his hands together and said he would make sure of that.

Lynn left for the hour drive there into town. Bert told Erin to sit on the couch and take off the shorts. She sat and had to spread her legs to get them untangled and off. Bert stood in front of her watching her pussy he did not even hide that fact his eyes were riveted to that slit of sex. He just watched and watched smiling lustfully, his dick was protruding through his open zipper it was covered in his underwear, but it was protruding through the open zipper area. After she finally got the shorts off and she only had on her white sneakers, Bert told her to get into her room.

“Run!” he yelled, she did and her boobs and ass were jiggling. He rubbed and squeezed his cock watching that display.

Erin went in her room and put on her nightgown. Bert came in and saw that and erupted in anger. He tore it off, literally tearing t
he material, “We told you no clothes for two days! Dammit can you understand English? Maybe you’ll understand this!” and he bent her over the bed and holding her down with one ha
nd with the other he unbuttoned that top button of his pants and pulled his pants and underwear down, he sidled up to her and told her to stay still, he just humped her over and over letting her get used to his skin and weight, then he pulled away and he took his fat horny dick and ran it all over her thighs and pussy and ass just all over, Erin felt its hardness and wet tip, then he just pushed it deep in her pussy, he moved it all the way in and laid on top of her and had his stomach on her ass.”I’m going to fuck your pussy good! he said and he fucked her hard he thrust all the way in and all the way out, a few times he rammed into her ass, but quickly retreated and got back to the pussy fucking. She was at first scared, then Erin felt very turned on his, she felt how adament his dick was to pummel her pussy. He pulled out his full dick and very quickly flipped her over.his dick was slick from her pussy juices and stiff as hell, sticking out so hard and so hungry for her, he told her to hold her legs apart by holding under her knees and spreading them out wide, she did and then he just screwed her pussy, but it was a very slow fuck, she felt every inch of him, he after a short time started pumping hard again and pressed tight on her, he grinded her pussy and came. He told her to get up and get back in the corner in the den. She did.

He came out and told her to turn around she did and he took a vibrator and used it on her clit, he caused her to have multiple orgasms by her third consecutive orgasm she squirted out his cum and her juices. He saw it on the rug and he got a paper towel and told her to clean it up, she started to and he said, “Turn around I want to watch your ass and pussy wiggle while you clean it.”

Erin was so turned on that she pushed her ass up high in the air and got on her elbows and rubbed the rug making sure she shook her ass for him and made sure he could easily see her pussy.

That was too much for him, he pulled his pants down again and dipped into her pussy, it was very very tight in there and steaming hot, he humped and fucked her and he came very fast.

He pulled out and away and told her she better not tell Lynn about his fucking her, that that was their secret.

Lynn came back and saw Bert and asked where Erin was. “In bed, she went to sleep.”

The next two days Erin was nude and occassionally spanked, but only Lynn spanked her, though those spanks were sensual and involved pushing her far over Lynn’s bare knees and spanking her pussy both with Lynn’s fingers and a tiny leather whip with a lot of dangling strips of leather. Erin orgasmed many many times from those spanks. For those two days Erin’s pussy was never dry.

Bert would sneak in some quick fucks when Lynn went out to the gardens to weed and when she slept. He would eagerly wait for Lynn to snore and then he’ld slowly get out of bed, hold tight onto his horny hard dick and get into bed with Erin and give her a good hard fuck.

Erin spent the rest of the summer there and got fucked and disciplined often and found that being bad does have its rewards.

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