uncontrolable desires

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My name is rico, I havent been in Philli that long, just a little over a year. During this time I have met many of my cousins. We have really gotten close, where we would always be together, now we work at the same place. I have always admired my cousin da da, she is so amazingly sexy, I have grown to want her so bad. I yearn for her sexy juicy lips. Her curves to be in my hands. I want to be inside her so bad it hurts. I have masturbated to her on my mind so many times.
After a while of this i finally decided to try to get her. As we were comming home from work in her car I asked her to stop by my house and watch this new movie I got, since my parents weren’t home and her parents trusted us together. She was wearing these tight sexy black jeans that showed her ass off since she had a thong on. I wanted her near so bad. She came over to the bed and started to get coftable since we were watching the movie in my room. I sat next to her and while the movie was rolling, we started to talk. I started to tease her about her boyfriend and what they do together. She said they havent done anything. SO i said”well that means i have first dibs.” She pushed me away as if she didn’t like what i said. I said how bout i give u your first experience and tried to kiss her on the neck. She squirmed and moved aside. SO i went ahead and tried to at playful and tickle her. While doing this she got on top of me and i acted like i couldn’t get away. THen i started to pull her in and kiss her, about now she was kinda wasted from drinking with me. I kissed and sucked on her sexy lipa so hard. I kissed her neck more and lower i went. I unbottoned her shirt revealig a sexy see throuh braw, with plump B cups. I ripped them off proceeded to suck on her purple nipples. Oh god i have wanted this for so long i said. She had an optimistic smile o her face. My meat was getting so hard, she could feel it under her now. She reached down and pulled it out from under my pants. ” Oh god” i said as she started to masturbate me, I told her to suck it she was reluctant to but eventually started licking it. AHHHhh. She pushed me deeper and deeper inside her throat. Her head never stopped bobbing, her muffled moans were driving me crazy, I came so hard in her mouth, the cum dripping down her chin unto her breast.
She looked at me so needingly, and god knows I was willing, so i pushed her back her legs spread as if on instinct. I lowered my head started licking around her clit, her lips, her pussy moving with every toungue stroke. I sucked on her clit real hard making her buddy shake violently and cumming instantly.
Her hands on the back of my head pulling my hair off.
Then I climbed on her and put one leg over my right shoulder, she was pulling me closer and closer saying” do it, do it please, fuck me.” I inserted my nw 8 1/2 and 4 inches wide dick into her slowly. First the tip which made her moan hard, her breathing getting heavy, then i started to go for longer and deeper strokes, she started begging saying” harder, harder”, tears started rolling down her left eye. For half an hour I took out my sexual tensions on her and her moans and begging to never stop only satisfied me more.
we heard something downstairs and stopped and just laid holding each other, after a while quietly dressing again. She slipped out the back door with no one seeing her.
A couple days after she called and wanted to know when my parents weren’t gonna be home again cause she needed more, and thought of some things we missed out on……. for more just email me (hazelanx@yahoo.com)

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  1. big jim

    Don’t you have spell check on your computor? Your spelling is atrocious(really bad),the story wasn’t much either.

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