Aria’s Birthday Surprise Pt 2

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In the few hours that my brothers were gone my mouth had gone dry and I came many many times. I was now sure that if I wanted this to end, I would have to run the next time I was free of restraints.
I heard the door to the basement open and then a single set of footsteps coming down the stairs. Before I could count to twenty someone was removing first the vibrator from my pussy, which was soaking, and then the fingers started to remove the butt plug, but quickly pushed it back in. Next thing I knew a warm wash cloth was cleaning my brothers and my own juiced off my pussy and ass. The butt plug was then turned on and the mans cock, which was only slightly smaller and less intrusive than my brothers slipped into my pussy. He went slow at first, but after realizing how loose i was the person shoved in, hard.
The man pounded in and out of me, going in harder and deeper each time. His speed increased until I screamed through the gag. He smacked me across the face.
“Shut up Aria!” He growled, and to my horror I recognized the voice as being my fathers.
My father pulled out of my pussy and shoved his dick down my throat. When I gagged he groaned and shoved in deeper. He continued this for what was about fifteen minutes before pulling out and removing the gag. He put the head of his cock back in my mouth and came.
“Swallow it all. Spilling one drop will get you punished.” He told me and pulled back out. I swallowed what I could, but a couple drops ran out the side of my mouth.
I heard water running and a few moments later the butt plug was turned off and yanked out of my ass. I bit down to keep from screaming. then I was released from the restraints, my hands were released first, then the blindfold was taken off, and finally my feet were let go. As soon as he had released my feet I jumped up and tried to run to the stairs. I was tackled, and my hands were tied with rope behind my hand. I was kicking out as my father picked me up. He half-dropped me in an ice cold bath. My pussy and my ass both tightened back up instantly.
After he had thoroughly washed me my father dried me off, put my hair in pigtails and released my bonds, only to force me to my hands and knees, legs spread a little, on top of a low table and tied me down to it. He put a collar around my neck and a cord hanging from the ceiling was hooked to it, holding my head up. The spider gag was put back into my mouth, but this time a cloth was shoved in to keep me quiet.
My father showed me his once again hard dick as he put a 2″ long and very thin plastic tube around the base of his dick, which he covered in lube.
“Time for your first lesson. Obey me and all those who want to use you!” He growled. He stepped behind me. I felt his hands run over my bare ass and spread my cheeks apart. I began pulling at my restraints and screamed through the cloth and gag as he forced his entire dick, and the plastic tube like thing, all the way in. I sighed in relief when he pulled out, until I realized that the plastic thing was still in the entrance to my ass. And was holding wide open.

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