Samantha Parker's Story

Chapter Fouteen

Burt Hilbish thought the Planning Commission meeting would never end. Finally at 11:00 PM, he abruptly broke into a debate between two of the more vocal commission members. Burt said, “Look, it’s getting late. We’ll continue this discussion the next time.” Burt was usually more patient and he knew very well what was wrong. It was Samantha. He had been obsessed since the first time he saw her. Now he was practically creaming in his shorts, as he thought about getting home to her. Burt was a very practical man and he sternly admonished himself. Damn it! You’re acting like a horny teenager instead of a mature adult. That’s not good. Not good at all. You better get a grip on yourself.

Burt got into his car and began searching through the glove compartment. It was almost six months since he’d quit smoking. Now his nerves were so jangled, he just had to have one! Then he thought, Samantha again! That’s what’s got you so worked up. Burt thought, thank God! He found one lone cigarette in a crumpled pack. He lit up, took a long drag and tried to relax. Then a tap on the car’s side window almost made him jump out of his skin. Burt looked around and saw Allison Chambers standing by the car.

Allison was the high school nurse and recording secretary for the Planning Commission. Burt was familiar with her vital statistics. She was in her late thirties and recently divorced. She had a great body, especially nice legs. She was a very sharp dresser and probably very available. Burt heard talk that Allison had done more than a little running around on her former husband; hence the divorce. Burt couldn’t imagine what Allison could possibly want, but he motioned for her to go around to the passenger side and get in. As Allison slid into the passenger seat, her short skirt rode up, revealing a goodly expanse of very shapely thigh. Even in the dim parking lot lighting, Burt got a very good look and he definitely liked what he saw.

Allison said, “My God, I thought that meeting would never end!” Then glancing at the cigarette dangling from Burt’s lips she said, “Get rid of that thing; think what kind of example you’re setting for Anna.”

Burt thought if Allison only knew what kind of example he’d been setting for a few years now; she wouldn’t be too concerned about the cigarette. But then, if the rumors were true, maybe she’d want to get in on the action. As this thought crossed his mind, Burt almost laughed out loud. But he managed to maintain a neutral expression. He opened the door and tossed the cigarette out. Then he asked calmly, “What can I do for you Allison?”

Burt thought the look Allison gave him was almost calculating. She started in a seductive tone, “Well actually….” Then her voice trailed off and she said, “I was wondering about Anna. Is she feeling any better?”

Burt was puzzled. He asked, “What makes you think there’s something wrong? She hasn’t mentioned anything to me.” Then Burt recalled that Anna had seemed a little distracted during the evening, but he hadn’t connected it with any physical problem.

Allison said, “Maybe she didn’t want to mention it to you. She might be embarrassed. I didn’t think of that. Don’t worry, it’s nothing serious. It’s just a little female problem. You know…cramps. It’s that time of the month. It seems that young girls like Anna are more affected. I gave her a pass to go home early this afternoon.”

The look of concern and worry that crossed Burt’s face, surprised Allison and she began to hastily reassure him, “It’s a perfectly normal condition. There’s nothing to be concerned about.”

Allison’s words weren’t even registering with Burt. Things were beginning to add up. That’s why Anna seemed so distant and distracted at dinner. She must have got home while he and Samantha were in the bedroom. Damn the luck! Of all the times for Anna to come home early! Well it figured. Now there’d be hell to pay. Damn Samantha! She was making his life too complicated. Burt decided that he would have to defer his plans for tonight. He needed to figure a way to straighten this mess out first. But there was a problem. Burt was really hot for sex. He’d been thinking about it all evening. Then he looked at Allison and thought just maybe there was an easy solution for his immediate concern. The rest could wait till later.

Samantha stood before the mirror in the bathroom brushing out her long dark hair. Her gaze drifted down to the significant swell of her breasts beneath the thin silky material of her nightgown. The outline of her prominent nipples was clearly visible. Samantha didn’t need to look to know that the little pink gown was draped provocatively over the ample curve of her butt. It was just like Tracy said, “That’s what men like.” Samantha thought, but do they care about the person inside this body? Samantha knew Bill Boyer didn’t. She knew Tracy’s twisted cousin Ted didn’t. She wasn’t sure about Dave Weston or Tom Gray. But she seriously doubted that either one had ever spared one thought of a non-sexual nature for her. What about Burt Hilbish? He’d seemed concerned about her. He’d helped her by giving her a job and a place to stay. But was she really anything more to him than a nice pair of tits and a sexy ass? Samantha thought, what about me…Samantha… the person? What about my feelings? I want to be needed and loved for myself. For the person I am.

Samantha was beginning to conclude that this body and its frequent raging desires was a curse on her life. It even interfered with the comfort she could have found in the companionship of her own sex. Most girls were jealous of her. This wasn’t being egotistic on Samantha’s part. It was just a simple fact. Samantha thought, I’m not some predator, out to get every man I see. Why can’t they understand that?

Then the little voice started again, “Look at your track record Samantha! Didn’t you start by seducing your own dad? Didn’t you screw Dave Weston? Do you remember that night Samantha? Dave came over to talk about your dad with you, but you didn’t want to talk, did you? You were crawling all over him, almost as soon as he hit the door. Tom Gray tried to tell you about your mom’s concerns and five minutes later, you were begging him to fuck you in the ass. What are you doing right now? Getting yourself all dolled up for Burt. Yeah, Anna’s going to love you for that! Oh poor Samantha! Nobody loves her! You screw over everyone you meet, if not physically, then figuratively. Face it Samantha! You’re a slut. Tracy knew it, that’s what really pissed you off; not that she made you let Ted give you that exam. Hell, you liked that! You can’t lie to me. I’m like Tracy, I know you too well and you can’t stand that. You liked what Bill Boyer did too, didn’t you? Weren’t you thinking about it and cuming all over the shower? Guys like Ted and Bill Boyer are just your style. They’re just the type you need. Your problem is, you don’t want to admit it; so you steal away men who are attracted to normal women. But you’re not normal Samantha. No, you’re not normal at all.”

Samantha’s hands were trembling and she put the comb down. She picked up the little bottle of perfume. It was just some cheap K Mart stuff, but it was the last thing her dad had given her before he left. Samantha dabbed a little on each wrist and then she started to cry.

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