Sloppy Seconds

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Sloppy Seconds

“So Mom, what’s your date like ,” said Isabela. She was a hot 16 year old junior, a sexy Latin girl with deep brown eyes and an incredible body. She had pink pouting lips that looked as if they were always craving for a nice fat cock or plump pussy to suck on.
“He’s really nice, so be nice to this one. I might want to keep him around for a while, ” replied her mother. The mother’s name was Katherine, and she was obviously not Latin. A tan blonde bombshell, she had a nice full chest which showed quite obviously through the skimpy black dress she had on. She black stiletto pumps on making her look even taller and sexier. “Now go downstairs. I want you to answer the door when Dan gets here. ”
“Fine. ” Isabela said and went back downstairs to wait. She looked just as stunning as her mom in a sexy low-cut red dress that just barely covered her tight round ass. She sat down on the couch and thought about what her mom’s newest boyfriend would be like. She had slept with her mom’s last two boyfriends, but they hadn’t been big enough for her liking. Little did she know that the new guy would supply her cravings fully.
After about 10 minutes, the doorbell rang. Isabela got up and answered it. She was amazed by the man she saw standing in front of her. Dan was a large hot-looking young black man. He was very handsome and couldn’t have been more than 25, about 4 years behind her mother. She could tell just by the size of his hands that she was going to like this boyfriend a lot better.
“Come on in. Mom’s not quite ready yet. Do you want to sit down? ” she asked nicely.
“No thanks, ” Dan said “but could I use your bathroom?”
“Sure, it’s right down the hall, ” she said thinking about how he would look standing there with his cock out.
Dan walked down the hall to the bathroom and closed the door. He quickly peed and then carefully wiped the head of his penis to avoid any unpleasant tastes for his date. Just then he looked up and saw Isabela standing there. He quickly apologized and started to pull up his pants. Isabela crossed over and took his hand to keep him from confining it again inside his pants. She knelt down and reached inside his pants before he could protest. She pulled out the largest dick she had ever seen. He was already 9 inches and only half hard. She immediately licked straight up the shaft to the head causing Dan’s prick to get harden to a full 10 ½ inches. She gave him one of her expert blow jobs, using her hands where she couldn’t reach with her mouth. He came once in her mouth and the reached under her dress to return the favor.
Dan felt the pure tight flesh of the sweet 16 year old’s pussy and couldn’t help himself. He sat down on the toilet and then lifted her already swollen drooling pussy onto his once again rock hard cock. It took a lot for Isabela to be able to stretch enough to fit the big black man’s humongous cock into her tight little cunt. Soon after he lifted her up slowly for the first few strokes, she started riding Dan like a pro. She had already removed both her and Dan’s clothes, so when Katherine came downstairs she was a little shocked to see her daughter bouncing up and down on her date’s fat swollen pecker. She watched for a minute and then Dan and Isabela both climaxed leaving cum overflowing out of Isabela’s small little twat and back over Dan’s now flaccid dick. Finally Isabela looked up and saw Katherine standing in the doorway.
“You little whore. He was my date. I wanted the first fuck. You’ll pay, you stupid slut. I’ll teach you to leave me with sloppy seconds, ” she yelled.
She grabbed Dan by the pecker and Isabela by the tit and pulled them up the stairs to the master bedroom. There she locked the door and pushed Dan on the bed. He was so shocked that he couldn’t even move as he watched Katherine tie Isabela to a chair at the end of the bed. She left her daughter naked and the turned back to Dan. She quickly climbed onto the huge bed and straddled his face.
“Now you’re gonna be me fuck doll for the rest of the night, or I might just have to tell the cops how you fucked my 16 year old daughter. ” Katherine looked over at her daughter and said, “Don’t worry baby, mommy will untie you after she fucks this big stud. ” Turning back to Dan, she pushed her cunt to his mouth. He slowly started licking her hot slit through her tight black panties. Soon he got tired of the dress and panties she was wearing and ripped them off of her hot body. He teased her nipples and her clit with his tounge and stuck it into her drooling pussy. Isabela sat at the end of the bed and fingered herself until they finished. Then, Katherine went over and untied Isabela. They kissed each other deeply causing Dan’s pecker to turn to steel. Katherine kissed all down her daughter’s body and massaged her tits continuously. She then made Isabela spread her legs and the slut began licking her daughter’s wet cunt. She teased Iasabela’s clit unmercifully until the girl came all over the whore’s face. Then they turned back to Dan. Isabela went forward to tie the black stud to the bed. Then she also sat on his face to get her pussy eaten by the hot young stud before her. Katherine mounted his rock hard cock and slowly started riding him while he ate out her daughter. After about 4 minutes all 3 of them were moaning with pleasure. Katherine was the first to cum setting off a chain reaction with her daughter and Dan.
“Would you like to see my mommy fuck me? ” Isabela asked Dan.
“God…..yes, ” he answered hardly believing his luck.
Katherine went over to one of her drawers and brought out a black leather strap-on. Isabela fastened it onto her and then went and got one of the largest dildos Dan had ever seen. It was at least as long as he was and maybe a little wider. Katherine had her daughter snap it in place and the go down on it for a minute or so. It felt so good rubbing up against Katherine’s throbbing clit that she just had to fuck someone. She ordered her daughter to go sit in the chair she had been tied to earlier. Isabela quickly listened and sat down spreading her legs wide for Dan to see her waiting slot just dripping with anticipation. Katherine went over and pulled Isabela’s legs up on her shoulders. Then, she drove the 11 inch spike into her daughter’s small little cunt causing a mind blowing orgasm for Isabela. She continued fucking her daughter straight through the first oragasm leading up to three more cunt crashing climaxes. Dam was in heaven by the time they finished.
Then, Katherine unlatched the strap-on and hooked it to her daughter. She went over to Dan and quickly jerked him off to lubricate him. Then she sat her ass onto his wet hard on. She got it the whole way up her ass and called her daughter over. She bounced up and down causing Dan to give her a sever ass fucking while her daughter used the giant dildo in her cunt. They all had another amazing orgasm and collapsed on top of the amazed young black man.
“You bitches must be trying to kill me or something, ” said Dan.
They just smiled and each other and answered, “but what a way to go.”
Dan still enjoys his visits to the house, and he is now moving in. Unfortunately, Katherine and Isabela are still fighting over who gets the first fuck.

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