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My Uncle

I was staying at my grandmother’s house with her and my uncle for the week. It was late on the first night, probably around 2:30 am, and I couldn’t sleep. I could hear my uncle’s TV on in the attic. I decided to head upstairs and join him for a while. I felt comfortable with him because we were only 3 years apart and he was more like a cousin to me.
As I crept up the stairs trying to be as quite as possible not to wake my grandmother, I could hear my uncle sigh with a feeling of boredom. When he saw me he smiled and motioned me to sit next to him. We both knew that we had feelings for each other that were more than Uncle to Niece but neither of us had ever acted on them. I sat next to him as he flipped channels trying to make conversation but getting nowhere.
I scooted over a little closer hopping he would make some kind of a move. After 15 minutes of getting nowhere I knew I had to make the first move if anything was going to happen (which I wanted so badly). I put my head on his shoulder and rested my hand on his thigh near his cock. He immediately pleased me by putting his arm around me and reaching down and moving my hand on top of his quickly hardening dick, which I could feel and see very well through his tight boxer-briefs.
He looked down at me and lifted my chin and started deeply kissing me, probing his tough in and out of my mouth while massaging mine. Caught in the passion I didn’t notice that he was removing my shirt until he broke the kiss to pull it over my head. He started to massage my 36-D breasts through my white see through bra while telling me between kisses that I had chosen some nice lingerie as he peaked down my shorts at my G-string.
Pulling his shirt off he slide me on my back until I was lying flat on my back. Moving down he caressed my body with his lips as he untied my sweat shorts and pulled them off revealing my white G-string. Sitting up I impatiently pulled off his boxer-briefs and through them across the room. I kneeled on the floor while he sat up on the couch. I stuck his now fully hard cock in my mouth as I played with the head with my toung. He made a soft moan as I kept putting more and more of his cock in my mouth. Looking up at him I sucked harder and harder moving my mouth up and down his 9-inch cock bringing him to the brink of an orgasm. As I nibbled up and down his shaft I played with his head using my toung. Sucking my hardest and shoving his cock quickly down my throat He let out a long, loud, high pitched moan as he cummed deep in my througt. Loving the taste of his hot cum in my mouth I made sure to drink every last drop.
He pulled me up on to the couch while stroking his cock determined to make it hard again. He laid me down and pulled off my G-string to gain better access to my very wet pussy. Spreading apart my legs on the couch he pulled apart my lips to get a better view and commented on how wet I was. Looking at him in the eyes I said, “You made it that way so why don’t you fix it!” He eagerly agreed and stuck one finger in me feeling around and then pulled it out to taste my pussy juices. “Very sweet, just the way I like it,” he said.
I could feel his hard cock against my thigh as he leaned over me and started to unhook my bra and teased my by nibbling my erect nipples while trying to get me hotter and wetter.
I figured it was now or never. “I have to tell you… I am still a virgin.” He looked at me in astonishment and asked, “How have you waited 19 years and not had sex by now? Hell, with a body like yours I’m surprised you aren’t having it often!” I replied with a sensual voice stating, “I’ve been waiting for you.” As my Uncle looked at me deeply I kept thinking of how great it was going to feel as he broke through my virginity and fucked me that night.
He stuck one finger in me, then two and three. I felt my muscles tighten as he fingered me to the climax of an orgasm and then pulled his fingers out. He told me it would hurt a little at first but not bad. I was becoming nervous but decided to trust him. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down my lips and around my hole. He slowly led his cock into my hole as he pushed it gently in.
All I felt in my body was a tingle of pleasure that went up my spine and through my whole body. He stopped for a moment and then rammed his cock in me as I felt a sharp pain for a brief moment, then I closed my eyes and moaned out of pleasure. He started to pull his cock out and then push it in again. As he rammed his cock in and out of my hole picking up speed with each motion as we both moaned in pleasure as we neared an orgasms.
He pushed in harder as I watched his nine incher disappear into me with every stroke. I wrapped my legs around his waist as I pulled him in more. I started to moan louder and louder as his balls smacked against my ass with every stroke. He said, “I’m going to cum inside you! Deep inside of you.” I assured him that I would love him to and that I was about to cum also as I let out a very loud moan. I told him to ride me harder because I couldn’t take it any more. 3 thrusts later I cummed all over him as he thrusted once more and I felt his hot fluid fill me.
We lay there limp in each other’s arms with his some what limp cock still buried deep in me as he played with my still erect nipples assuring me we would have many more nights like this to come.

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