Another night with Jessica

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I arrived at my girfriends house knowing that only her mother Jessica would be in as she was working late. I walked into the kitcken to see Jessica washing the dishes. she was wearing a shortish red skirt. So I put my hand up her skirt to squeeze her bottom. “Jessica you arenot wering any panties” “see I expected you” she said putting her had to my penis. “shall I just fuck you whilst you wash up then” I said “as long as you fuck me Don, I don’t mind” she said.

“upstairs” I said. And we both headed for the bedroom. We both lolled on the bed and I quickly pulled down my pants as my cock was hard and ready to fuck Jessica. I opened her legs and put my penis into her and began to rhtymically fuck Jessica., “I know I shouldn’t ask” she said “but am I as good a fuck as my daughter?” “Different” I said “Mellissa’s blow jobs aren’t a patch on yours” “Hmmm” she said as she was being fucked hard. I came inside her and onto her belly. “save some for Melissa” she joked. “As you may need to fuck her later” And I did fuck Melissa later too.

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