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I had been babysitting with my girlfriend Melissa before. This night though Mellissa said “I want you to fuck me tonight Don” I knew she had played around and given me blowjobs before, I knew she had never been fucked before though. I said “Melissa I would love to fuck you as I know you’re on the pill”

Mellissa started by undoing my fly and removing my cock, she then began to kiss and tease the head with her tongue. This quickly mad my cock hard. I took off Mellissa top at began to suck her nipples. I then took aff her skirt and undid her panties leaving her in white stockings and suspenders. I sat her down and began to tongue her pussy. I put my tongue right into her vagina and played with her clitoris. I then put my hard cock to her tight vagina and forced it inside Melissa. I had her legs on my shoulders as I kissed and sniffed her stockinged feet as I fucked Melissa for the first time. I came hard into her pussy shooting hot sperm into my girlfriend as Melissa orgasmed too. This was the first of many babysitting fucks with Melissa.

How can I possibly continue to fuck Melissa and her mother too?

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