I fucked my girlfriend's mother

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I went straight into the house as usual, expecting my fiance Melissa to be home. Her mother Jessica said ‘hello’ from the lounge though. Jessica said that Mellissa whould notbe home until 10 O’clockand that I may as well wait as it was 7 O’clock already. I entered the lounge and sat on the couch. Jessica, just home from work was wearing black heels and tan pantyhose and did look quite sexy right now. She kicked off her heels to show she was wearing sheer pantyhose. Jessica got up and went to the bathroom. I took the opportunity to smell her shoes while she was gone. She had just removed them so they werewarm and smelt beautiful. I could feel my cock hardening s I sniffed her shoes. I returned them as I heard her returning. Jessica said “do you want to massage my tired feet?” I was sonsurprised by this Jessica then said “Donald, I saw you sniffing my shoes through the door frame” I said yes please. Jessica sat beside me and put her feet in my lap. I began to masssage her warm pantyhose feet, this giving me an immediate erection, asI could smell her feet as I massaged them. “she touched my bulge and said “get it out and I’ll put my feet on it” I did not need asking twice,I undid my belt and fly and freed my erect cock, Jessica put her feet around my cock and began to massage it. I noticed the wine glass and bottle onthe side table. Jessica did seem quite drunk. I said “Office Party today?” and she said “Yes,I never expected to be giving you a footjob today though and giggled. I reached over and put my hand up her skirt. I began to massage her pussy through her tights which she showed no objection to. Then I pulled her tights and panties down to her knees. Her pussy was trimmed and I was soon tongueing her clitoris as she moaned. I could not stop myself thinking ‘I am going to fuck my girfriends’s mother’ I lifted her feet to my shoulders and put the head of my cock to her pussy.”Fuck me hard Donald” she said. I pushed my hard cock into her pussy in one huge thrust, she said “aargh” and “don’t cum in me Donald,I am unprotectted. After a short time fucking Jessicca as I kissed her pantyhose toes I felt myself coming, but I did continue as the cum went into her. I pulled out an put dripping cock to her mouth. Jessica licked my cock clean an swallowed my sperm. My cock still shooting sperm into her throat. “did you come inside me Donald?” she said.”yes, I came inside you Jessica” I said. She said “I hope I don’t get pregnant then” she joked. I dressed, and Jessica went to0 the bathroom returning in her dressing gown. She held out her worn tights to me “do you want these, they are covered in you’re cum anyway?” I Took them gladly for sniffing later. I could still not get my head around the fact that I had just fucked my girlfriend’s mother.

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