In her daughter's bedroom

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Kathy in the daughter of a woman that I work with, so I a sort of uncle to Kathy as I have known her since she was small. Kathy was having problems with her pc so I said I’d call round and have a go at fixing it.

Only kathy and her mother werein when I arrived, they said they needed to pot outto the shops quickly and would leave me with the pc if that was ok. I agreed with this and was shown to Kathy’s bedroom. “Sorry, It’s a bit untidy” Kathy said.I said “No problem”

Kathy and her mother then said “bye” and left for the shops. I quickly solved the PC problem. I looked around the room as Kathy’s clothes were strewn around everywhere. I spotted a few pairs of her worn pantyhose onthe floor and could not resist picking one up to sniff.

I chose a tan pair and put the foot to my nose. This smelt wonderful of her feet and perfume. I also found a pair of worn panties. White G-string type ones. I smelt the gusset of the panties and could smell Kathy’s young pussy.

I lay on Kathy’s bed and took out my erect cock. I began to jack myself off as I sniffed at her Pantyhose, panties and heels. I quickly reached a climax and came heavily over kathy’s pantyhose. I got myself dressed, tucking her panties and a couple of pairs of pantyhose into my pockets. I would jack off over these many times.

When they returned i was sitting in the lounge. I said I had fixed the PC prob,I said my goodbyes and left. I couldn’t wait to sniff Kathy’s pantyhose again.

Till next time…

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