Lesbian Fetish

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Amanda, Emily, Shelly, and Angel were checked into the same dormroom for college. The broke college ran out of room. So one day while Amanda and Emily went shopping Angel and Shelly were at the dorm watching a porno.
“Oh my God I am getting so fucking turned on by this,” Angel said.
Shelly responded, “Look at how he tongues her. He has one crazy snake tongue.”
Suddenly Angel looked into Shelly’s face and said, “Have you ever tried with another woman?”
“No, and I never want to.”
Angel was lesbian so she started stroking Shelly’s leg. “Are you sure.”
Suddenly Shelly’s panties and she went into a state of erotic. She purred.
“Somebody likes that.”
Shelly grabbed Angel’s hand and made her stroke her panties. Angel jerked away and said, “Tell the truth. Do you like trying with women?”
Shelly screamed, “Oh yes now stroke my clit and make me cum all over you.”
Angel stripped out of her thong and and began taking off Shelly’s panties. Her vagina was very wet and by her face she was itching for pleasure. Instead Angel harassed her. “What do you want me to do?”
“You know what!”
“I want you to stroke my clit and make me cum all over you!”
Angel stuck two fingers into her vagina and started licking her clit.
Shelly moaned, “Oh please faster, faster.”
Angel began fucking her harder and harder-
Then the door opened.
“AAAAAH!! WHAT THE FUCK?!” Amanda and Emily were back.
Shelly started blabbering away,”Oh I’m so sorry I couldn’t help myself she is so seducing.
“No why didn’t you guys wait for us?” Emily asked.
Then it started.
Angel continued pleasuring Shelly slowly licking from her neck down to her feet. Then Shelly forced Angel’s face into her clit and begged for her to do it fast.
“My turn,” Shelly said after five minutes.
Shelly seized Angel’s legs and started licking her delicious toes and slowly licked up to her vagina. She started fingering and licking.
Amanda put on stockings and she grouped up with Emily. Emily and Amanda started tonguing and licking until Amanda licked all the way down to her clit and pleasured her. She had an orgasm and Amanda licked every juice up.
Angel was licking Shelly’s polished toes and Shelly was fingering Emily while Emily was tonguing and fingering Amanda. The quartet finished out smelling of sex and cum.

Damn writing this story gave me a crazy boner that I’m about to watch a porno.

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