My girlfriend's sexy mother

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I was often at my girlfiends mothers house, just doing odd jobs etc. and of course fucking her mother at every opportunity. This particular afternoon I was alone with Jessica, My girlfiend Melissa’s mother.

Jessica was wearing a short black dress, grey sheer stockings and patent black heels as she met me at the door. Obviously a ‘come fuck me’ outfit. I pulled Jessica close and felt her ass as I walked in. “are you going to fuck you’re mother in law tonight Donald” she asked. “Yes” I said already lifting her skirt at feeling her pussy slit with my middle finger. I directed her to the lounge couch, Jessica sat down and took off her heels. Ilfted her foot to my face and began to kiss her sheer nyloned toes.

Jessica removed her panties, I opened her legs and put my face to her pussy. I then removed my jeans and underpants and released my erect cock. I pushed my cock into Jessica and began to fuck her hard. Her legs were now on my shoulders and I sniffed and sucked her toes as I fucked her. “I am going to fill you with my cum, you are my fuck toy now Jessica, you and you’re daughter” I shot streams of cum into Jessica as I said this. Jessica lay backand relaxed aftewards. I hope I don’t need to fuck Melissa tonight I thought.


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