The Foot Worshiper

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The Foot Worshiper

I grew up a pretty athletic kind of girl, always playing a sport, always wearing sporty clothes. I even got into College on a sport scholarship. College was a real eye opener for me.
My roommate Mary in my freshman year was a real girly girl, always dressing very fashionable and sexy. I loved it. She was a very social girl and went to parties all the time. One night she was getting ready to go to a party and she invited me to come along. ‘I have nothing to wear” I said to her. “Well that’s not a problem” she answered, “You can borrow some clothes from me.” As she sifted though her wardrobe, she passed me a little black dress and a pair of red heels.
She herself had chosen a tight top that exposed her mid riff, a tight pair of jeans, and some tall black leather heels. As she sat on the edge of her bed, I watched as she slowly pulled a pair of skin colored pantyhose over her feet and up her legs. I watched her intensely, as the see through hose wrapped her lower body and held her tightly. I was somehow turned on by this and couldn’t keep my eyes off of her.
She looked over at me and caught me watching her, unaware that I was liking it, she thought that I was wondering why she had the hose on so she explained to me that it was much better than going bare foot and that socks would just look bad. She then reached into her dresser drawer and threw a pair over to me. “Here, try it.” She told me. I picked them up from the pile that they has landed in on the floor and pulled them over my feet and up my legs slowly just as she had.
Once we were both dressed and ready, we took off to the party.
The party was a lot of fun, Mary had a lot of friends and she introduced me to them all. We stayed there for a long time and drank like College girls and got really silly. But the real fun happened when we got back to our room.
The walk back had hurt my feet as I was not use to being in heels. When we walked through the door the first thing I did was kick them off and flop down on the bed. I began to wiggle my toes as they dangled off of the bed, trying to work out the kinks. Mary came over to me and took my foot into her hand.
“This helps.” she said as she began to massage my foot.
Her soft hands felt incredible on my aching feet and as she rubbed them I let my body go limp and enjoyed it. She lied herself on the bed beside me, her feet ay my head and my feet at hers, as she continued to rub.
I could smell the leather from her shoes on her feet. The smell was so strong. I had to get closer to them. I turned sideways and grabbed her feet in my hands, returning the favor and rubbing them for her. My fingers slide up and down the arch of her foot, up to her pretty little toes and in between them and then back down to her heel.
The more I rubbed her feet, the more I could smell them, they were amazing and it was getting me really wet.
“Wow, you are very good at this.” She said to me “I feel so good right now, almost orgasmic” she told me.
Just hearing the word “Orgasmic” sent waves to my brain and within seconds I found myself sucking on her toes as she lay there and moaned softly to my tongue on her feet. I sucked on her toes until I was so wet that I had to do something about it. Mary followed my lead and began to lick my feet. Dancing her tongue in between my toes and then sliding it up and down my soles.
It felt amazing and without even realizing it I had slide my hand down into my soaking wet pussy and I was rubbing gently at my clit. I wasn’t sure if Mary had noticed me masturbating and I didn’t care either. It felt so fucking good. I continued to paw away at my wet pussy until I came all over my fingers with my toes in Mary’s mouth and the smell of her hot sweaty feet by my nose.
We must have fallen asleep drunk some time after I came, because the next thing I knew I was waking up with Mary’s half naked body lying beside me, her at still at my feet.
I wasn’t sure if Mary had even remembered what had happened the night before, after all she had drank a lot, but if she did she never ever mentioned it and neither did I.
After that night I realized that I had a fetish for feet, especially feet in pantyhose. I wore them all the time, loving how they felt hugging my body.
I graduated college and went on to get a very good job. I worked in an office and was thrilled about that. It meant I got to dress up and wear hosiery every day. Some people dressed a little more casual, but I loved wearing my pantyhose and stockings with my heels and loved to show them off in short skirts all day long.
One day I was in the photocopy room and in walked Troy. He was a funny guy, always kidding around and laughing. No one ever really took him seriously, but we all loved having him around. He was an awesome guy, but you just knew when you saw him he was going to say something silly and try to make you laugh. So I was very shocked when he walked into the photocopy room and had a very serious look on his face.
“What’s wrong with you?” I asked him
“Nothing, why?”
“Well because you walked in here without a smile or a joke. That is not like you.”
“Just not having a good day I guess.”
“Awww. Do you need a hug?” I smiled at him and asked in an attempt to cheer him up a bit.
“Yeah” he said, “A hug might help, it definitely can’t hurt.”
I reached out and hugged him gently. His arms felt really good around me. I felt my body involuntarily sink into his and then I felt his hands slide down my back slowly until they were resting just above my ass.
I loved the way it felt but my better judgment made me pull away from him. After all he was a co-worker and we were on office time. But that I think was also exciting me. He grabbed my hands as I pulled away and pulled me back into him. This time he didn’t hug me, he kissed me. I kissed him back briefly and then said to him,
“What are we doing? We can get into big trouble if we get caught.”
He picked me up by the waist and sat me up on the counter, ignoring my comment. He ran his hands up and down my leg, feeling my silky smooth stockings as he leaned in and kissed my neck. Goosebumps formed all over my body and I could feel the heat in between my legs. He then turned and walked out of the room, leaving me there completely turned on and wanting him badly!
I kept horny for the remainder of the day. Feeling the heat and smelling my pussy was driving me crazy. I couldn’t wait to go home and make myself cum. I packed up my brief case, turned off my computer and raced for my car in the parking lot.
I got in my car and was about to pull out of my spot when I saw Troy. He was walking in my direction, so I made it look like I was adjusting things and hoped he would stop at my car. Just as I hoped, he did stop. I rolled down my window and he leaned in,
“Where are you headed to?” he asked.
“Home.” I replied
“Do you have things to do?” he then asked.
“Do you want to do something with me?” he said.
“Sure, what did you have in mind?”
“Just follow me” He answered
He got into his car and drove off. He drove carefully so that I could follow him. We drove around for about 20 minutes and then pulled into the parking lot of a nearby motel. He got out of his car again and walked over to me. I rolled down my window, my heart pounding in my chest and hardly able to speak as I was filled with anticipation.
“Wait here, I will be right back.” He smiled and said.
I could see the look of horniness on his face as I am sure he could also see in mine. Only minutes had gone by and Troy returned waiving the key he had in his hand at me. Of course I knew what this meant and got out of my car and followed him to room 21.
He opened the door to the room and as soon as I stepped in and shut it behind me he grabbed me and threw me up against the wall. We kissed passionately as our hands caressed each other’s bodies. Troy reached around my back and lifted me up, holding me against the wall as I wrapped my legs around his waist.
He started to suck on my neck and I could hear his breath in my ear. I leaned back as he continued to lick his way down my neck to my shoulders. He was pulling at my blouse with his teeth and without any hesitation I ripped my blouse open for him to access my perky round tits. His lips surrounding my nipples felt incredible and they were fully erect within seconds.
As I rested pinned up against the wall I could feel Troy’s cock busting in his pants. I was dying to see what he felt like. I lowered my legs and he released my thighs so that I was now standing. I took him by the hand and led him over to the bed. We stood at the edge of the bed and kissed a while longer.
I could feel myself filled with desire for him. I pushed him down onto the bed his legs hanging off the edge. I stood over him, with one leg on either side of him. I reached down and unzipped his pants, pulled them and his boxers down to the floor around his ankles. His cock was rock hard and sprung out tightly up against his stomach. I reached down and gripped his shaft firmly into my hand, slowly sliding it up and down.
As I continued to jerk him, he reached his hands down and began to run them up and down my silky smooth legs. His finger tips tickling up my thighs. As he reached the top of my stockings, he slid his finger inside, rubbing it in between the sheer material and my warm leg.
He grabbed me by both my thighs and pulled me forward. I landed on the bed over top of him. My warm pussy pressing down onto his firm cock. Only the thin layer of my lace panties between us. He reached up and cupped my breasts, kneading them in his strong hands as I gyrated my hips and rubbed my crotch all over his.
I felt a rush of heat over my body and instantly reach down and pulled my panties over to the side. Then I grabbed his cock and placed it up against my pussy. I pressed down and took him in slowly, first I felt the tip of his cock part my lips and then I felt every inch of his shaft fill me.
I sat straight up and looked down at him as I fucked him, my tits bounced joyously for him to watch. He reached up and grabbed them, holding them in place as I slid my slippery pussy up and down his shaft, slamming down on him and slapping his balls off of my ass.
I leaned forward over him and he grabbed my waist, flipping me over onto my back and pounding his cock into me HARD. I gasped as my body jolted forward with the force of his thrusts. My body began to quiver with delight and shake with orgasmic pleasure. Just as I was about to cover his cock with my hot juices, he pulled out and crouched down, placing his mouth over my cunt and slithered his tongue smoothly in and out of my soaking hole. He continued to rub his fingers around my pussy as he licked down to my inner thighs and further down my leg. I could feel the heat through my stockings as he worked his way down. He then took off my heel and began to rub my feet, holding them up to his face as he smelt and licked my pretty little toes one by one and then up and down my sole.
He grabbed my legs and pushed them back, my knees pressed back against my ears and my and pussy tilted up ward for him to penetrate deeply. As he once again entered my welcoming pussy, I reached down and grabbed the trim of my right stocking and yanked it off with one swift motion; I tore it off myself and held it over his face. With each hot and heavy breath that Troy took he could smell the aroma of my hot sweaty leather clad feet. Arousing him to a whole new height.
“Ohhh FUCK yea! Holy God baby that’s it, yess just like that!! I screamed out.
As he tore into me, the bed jumped away from the wall with the power of his thrusts. I began to pant as he brought me to a full orgasm, my cum gushing out all over his glorious cock.
When I was done and lying there practically life less, exhausted from one of the greatest fucks ever, Troy slid my stocking over his cock and began to stroke it as I watched. Slowly I crawled up on all 4’s in front of him. I surrounded my lips around his tight balls and flicked them with my tongue as he continued to stroke his cock.
Slowly my mouth moved up his shaft, licking up and back down the underside. My teeth pulled the stocking off. I wrapped my hand in it and caressed his balls with it as I sealed my lips around the tip of his cock and took him in deep in my mouth.
“Ughhh, Ughh ,Aghhh!”
Troy moaned out as he rocked his hips back and forth. Pumping his dick into my warm wet mouth. I opened up the back of my throat as he plummeted deep. Hot streams of his sticky cum shooting down my throat. His hand gripped the back of my head as he dumped the last of his load and I swallowed it up.
He flopped down on the bed beside me. We both laid there in sheer ecstasy. Eventually we got up and went our separate ways home.
I still wear stockings and pantyhose to work every day. Troy and I still get together once in a while. I think the fetish that we share will always be special to us both. And every once in a while I slip him a pair to take home for himself!

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