Chandra Pt. 5: Being Joe. Back to Work

My name is Chandra. I am a space traveler. I trade bodies with humans to experience their lives first hand.

I am now Joe. One reason he interested me was that he has a beautiful body for a man of 45 years: 6′-3″, 200 lbs., jet-black hair (naturally), and piercing green eyes. Another reason he interested me was his family. He had a son in college, a daughter in high school, and a beautiful wife. I could see that exploration possibilities would be plentiful.

So, I met Joe, took him for a walk on the wild side, and then switched bodies with him. The cool part about trading bodies is that we both retain earthly memories of the other’s life. I know Joe’s favorite food (salmon) and favorite television show (Seinfeld). He knows my routine and my life. When we switch again, I will not only remember the experiences I have had since we switched, but also the new memories he makes in his “new” situation.

I woke up rested and ready to experience more of Joe’s life. After a night of the best sex she had ever had, Maria greeted me with a warm embrace and the glow of a woman who had been thoroughly “satisfied”. I ate breakfast and headed to work.

Traffic was slow, as usual. As I was stuck in traffic, my mind wandered to Joe’s memories. His secretary Monica was a shapely woman in her mid-twenties. I was getting very hot just thinking about her as I slowly inched through traffic to Joe’s work. Joe was a mid-level manager at a company that makes notebook binders. After I had arrived, I parked and entered the building.

When I got to my office, Monica greeted me warmly at the door. She was dressed plainly, though her attire still hinted at an amazing body. She was about 5′-7, 130 lbs, with large bright blue eyes that lit up her face. Her mouth was larger than most, but it complimented the rest of her face. As she said hello, my pants bulged as I thought about those full lips wrapped around my cock. She had cleavage that started at her shoulders, about a 36C cup size. Her ass was beautifully rounded and toned. Her long, thick blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders. It appeared to Joe that she didn’t have much of a social life, and was very reserved in public.
As I began to read her mind, I sensed that she had some very wild fantasies, and that she was very attracted to Joe. I set about Joe’s work as I thought about what we might do. After a series of meetings, I decided on what to do just before lunch.

“Monica, would you join me for lunch?” I asked over the intercom.
“That would be nice,” she answered. As we left for lunch, I lightly touched her on the shoulder with a vision of what I had in mind.

Deciding to try someplace different, we drove around looking for a place to eat. After a few minutes we found an Italian restaurant and parked. I noticed a glint in Monica’s eyes as we entered the restaurant.

We ordered and talked a bit about work. Our food arrived and we started to eat. Monica had ordered spaghetti. I was getting hotter by the minute just watching her eat. Instead of cutting it up in smaller pieces, our eyes met as she put the long strands of spaghetti in her mouth, slowly sucking them in. As I watched, imagining that mouth engulfing my cock, she sensed what effect her eating was having on me. She dipped her finger in the alfredo sauce on her plate and slowly cleaned it off with her mouth, moving it slowly in and out.

When we finally finished eating, I excused myself to the restroom before returning to my car. I started to unzip my pants to relieve myself when I heard a voice, “Joe, do you need some help with that?” Monica said, and she reached around me to unzip my pants. As I turned around, our mouths met and our tongues met. After I paused to come up for air, she went down on her knees and freed my cock from my boxers. It started to get hard, and soon Monica’s tongue had teased my cock to its rock-hard 10-inch length.

She moved up and down the shaft, massaging it with her tongue, and sucking it with her mouth. I moaned in pleasure as she continued her work. Our eyes were locked on each other, and I could see her years of sexual tension being released. Soon she was sucking the head of my cock while her tongue teased it. Working to swallow more and more as she sucked it in and out, in and out. She soon had my entire 10-inch cock down her throat. I reacted by grabbing her head and pumping her face hard. “Mmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm,” she would groan with each stroke. I didn’t last long.

“I’m cuummmminng, I’m Cumming,” I shouted as my spunk erupted from my cock. I quickly withdrew my cock enough so that Monica would get a good taste. After a few spurts, I withdrew completely and sprayed her face with cum.

“Ohhh, Ohhh, Ahhhhh, Ahhhhhh, I’m Cumming, ” shouted Monica, and her juices soaked her panties. This got me hard again almost immediately. I picked her up off the floor, pinned her against the wall, licked the cum off her face and fed it to her with my tongue. Then I pulled down her skirt while she removed her blouse. Lifting her up against the wall with my arms cradling her legs against her chest, I ripped off her panties and entered her all at once. “Oh, god, oh god,’she breathed. “Fuck me now.” Soon I was flattening her against the wall with each pump. Each time she shuddered with pleasure. When she unhooked her bra from the front, I leaned her head against the wall and sucked her nipples, which were hard and sticking out about an inch. As I moved away from the wall slightly to devour her wonderful breasts, I lightly bit one nipple, then the other. She came again right there, arching her back with her head against the wall.

We were starting to draw a crowd in the restroom. With each new face, Monica got hornier and hornier. She came again and again, her body totally captured by the pleasure flooding her senses.

“Fuck me harder, fuck me, fuck me. Fuck me you bastard!” she kept screaming. I held her tight against the wall again, pulling out nearly all the way, then slamming into her and grinding her pussy into me. The whole restroom was full of men; most of them were jacking off to our show. We were totally caught up in the smell, the sweat, the excitement and the exhilaration. Soon it was too much for both of us.

“Ohh, godd, I’m cumming again! Oh, Oh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” She grabbed me tight as I blasted my load into her and we rode out our orgasms together.

After she had licked me clean, we dressed and returned to work. The rest of the day went quickly. I replayed every minute in my mind whenever I saw her that day. Needless to say, I didn’t get much done the rest of the day. I left the vision with her to see what would happen. I stayed late to “work” with Monica some more, then left for home.

When I got home, Maria was waiting for me, dressed in her neglisie. The kids aren’t home, so I thought we could have a little “appetizer” before dinner. She led me to the bedroom. As we undressed, I could see how much she wanted me. I decided that I would start the process of changing places with her.

As we kissed, I put the vision of merging with me in her head. Soon, she was on top of me, riding wildly toward her orgasm. As we both came close to the top, I could feel her soul touching mine. Her eyes were wide open and fixed upon mine. For a moment while we climaxed, it was as if we were one. She passed out for a few minutes, and then awoke. “That was amazing. I have never felt this close to you,” she said. “I feel the same way,” I said, with a wry grin. We went downstairs to eat dinner. I guess this “appetizer” is supposed to make you hungrier.

It did. More fun tomorrow.

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