Dressing Room Seduction

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After the holidays were always a favorite time of the year for Karen. She enjoyed the sales at her favorite fashion shops. Karen considered herself to be a big beautiful woman; long reddish brown hair, DDD breasts that were nothing more than natural, size 22, round voluptuous ass, 5’10. She knew if she kept up with fashion that she would be stunning in every way possible.

She decided that she was going to make a day out of it and go shopping. Her shopping adventures at one of her favorite stores were always exciting. She was hoping that Tessa, one of the clerks was working. Tessa was 5’7, had long black hair, and C breasts that were perky. Karen noticed that Tessa had a tongue piercing and all she could think of was how it would feel if she was licking her clit with it. She needed to stop because she was getting extremely turned on and she had not even left the house.

As she left the house Tessa was all she could think about. The drive to the mall was long and the thoughts that were running through her mind put her into a sense of erotica. Her strong desires were making her sticky with sweet juices. Her fantasy would be for Tessa to suck every drop out of her. Oh she needed to calm down and focus on driving because that is the last thing she needed was to get into an accident. She was able to get through traffic and was just minutes from seeing her gothic princess. Walking through the mall gave her time to get herself together.

As she rounded the corner she saw the purple glow of the store sign. Karen noticed that she had the worst case of butterflies. She stopped at the front entrance and saw her luscious beauty. She knew she couldn’t stand there all day. One foot in front of the other and she was in the store. She told herself that she would act natural and proceed to shop for clothes and accessories. Karen was looking at the new styles of jeans when she was approached by a sales clerk.

“Hi, I am Tessa! Is there anything you need help with today?” She said.

“Hi Tessa, I’m Karen! I am just looking at these new jeans that you got in.” She answered.

“Yeah we received this style in just before Christmas. You should try some on, I think they would look awesome on you.” Tessa explained.

“Ah I guess I could try a pair on.” She responded.

“Okay what size are you?” Tessa asked.

“I am a size 22.” Karen answered.

“I found your size and we have the most gorgeous pink, lace shirt that would look astounding.” Tessa told her.

“Okay that would be fine. Pink is my favorite color.” She replied flirtatiously.

Tessa smiled and winked at Karen. This made Karen get weak in the knees. As she walked back to the dressing room she kept thinking of how she was going to ask if Tessa wanted to go out sometime. She was waiting by the room until Tessa came back there to give her the sexy pink shirt.

“Karen, I found your size in the shirt I was telling you about.” She said.

“Thank you Tessa.” She responded.

“You are most welcome, gorgeous.” Tessa replied.

Karen was a bit taken back by this comment. She was wondering if her ears heard Tessa correctly. This shopping experience was going to possibly get freaky and it was going to take place right there in the room where women get undressed. Karen took off her clothes so that she could try on the new clothes and see how they fit her curvy figure. When she put on the pants she was shocked at how sexy they made her feel and as she put the shirt on all she could think about was how erotic it felt against her body.

She opened up the door and called for Tessa. She wanted to get her opinion of what she thought.

“Tessa, please be honest and let me know what you think of this outfit?” Karen asked.

“Karen you look smashing.” Tessa replied.

“Well if you say so then I will take it.” she replied

“Karen, do you want me to help you?” Tessa asked.

“Sure!” Karen enthusiastically answered.

Tessa followed Karen back into the dressing room. Karen went to lift up her shirt and a sudden sense of shock shot up and down her body. Tessa reached from behind and cupped Karen’s breast. She massaged her breasts and kissed her shoulders. Karen could feel Tessa’s nipples pressed up against her back. Karen wanted to fall to floor due to her legs giving away with weakness. Tessa sensed that Karen was falling under her spell and knew that this would be the perfect opportunity to weave her into her little sex web.

Tessa continued to take control of Karen and just when she got Karen’s nipples hard enough she removed her hands. She seductively moved her fingers to the back of Karen’s pants. With one hand she ran her hand over her ass cheek and found her way to her crease. She slipped her finger into her ass and caressed her tight stink. Karen was in a complete state of ecstasy. Tessa was invading her ass and she was hoping that she would insert her finger right up into her hole. Her wish came true because as soon as the thought crossed her mind, Tessa shoved her finger right up Karen’s asshole. Karen couldn’t help but notice how good it felt. She was becoming more and more wet between her legs. If Tessa was going to be fingering her ass then she would pleasure her pussy. She slipped her hand down the front of her pants and placed two of her fingers up her love tunnel. Instantly, they fell into a simultaneous groove.

As Tessa fingered Karen’s ass she had to get some action of her own. She took her other hand and put it down the front of her pants. Her clit was pulsating and needed to be massaged immediately. She pinched her pearl between her fingers and then rubbed it vigorously. She let out a soft moan as she proceeded to enter her darkness. The tightness of Karen’s ass wrapped around Tessa’s finger sent her nectar spurting down her other finger and into her panties. She couldn’t control herself anymore, as her sweetness squirted from her pussy she let out a significant sigh.

Karen was still fingering her flower as she heard Tessa moan. All she wanted to do was lick the sweet juice off of Tessa. She stopped Tessa from fingering her stink and turned to face her. She took her muff into her hand and advanced her fingers into her bun and moistened her hand with her sugary cream. Tessa kissed Karen with alluring passion. She then laid Karen down on the seat in the room. Her pants were removed and her legs were spread far apart. Her lotus flower was in full bloom. Tessa buried her face like a bee collecting it’s honey. Karen could feel herself starting to boil. Tessa was forcefully lapping up all of the pollen that was being released. Karen held back as much as she could and when she could not resist anymore she expelled her sugary, almond juice all over Tessa’s face.

The girls talked for a few moments and Tessa knew she had to get back to work. She was overcome with sadness as being with Karen was so comforting. She wanted to get to know her more. Karen sensed that there was something bothering her and she had the perfect solution for the both of them.

“Listen Tessa I see that you are sad that are naughty dress up session is over, but I have the perfect idea and this way it can hold us over until we see each other again.” She said.

“What do you have in mind, Karen?” Tessa asked.

“Instead of me wearing my panties and you wearing yours, why don’t we wear each others and this way I can smell your panties and you can have mine in return?” She explained.

“That is a good idea and I came in these panties. I just want yours because your sweetness is succulent and I can lick your panties. It will hold me over until I can tongue fuck that beautiful, muff of yours again.” She naughtily replied.

“I never thought of that and I can’t wait until we can get together again. I have always considered you as my gothic beauty.” Karen told her.

Tessa smiled at Karen and they gave each other a kiss. Their clothes were collected and Karen had already decided that she was buying the outfit. When she saw Tessa again she would wear the same outfit. From this point on, her shopping rendezvous to the mall would never be the same; especially to the store with the bright, purple sign.

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