Meenal And Sonali

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Meenal Verma had a friend.
Her name was Sonali Miland.

The girls loved each other,
every day and even better.

Meenal was short and curvy.
Sonali was taller and lovely.

Meenal’s hair, jet black and bountiful.
Sonali wore it, groomed and beautiful.

Meenal’s voice, sweet and musical.
For her, Sonali was always lustful.

A room and a bed they shared.
The intimacy they never spared.

Hugging tight and kissing each other,
They made out, lying there together.

Meenal held Sonali, pulling her atop with glee.
Sonali removed her bra, setting her tits free.

She moved down, kissed her lips, and sucked each tit.
Meenal moaned and said, “Yes, love them and my slit.”

Sonali released each nipple and kissed Meenal’s belly.
Her middle was supple like some sweet or some jelly.

Sonali moved down and removed Meenal’s panties.
Meenal heard her say, “Now I shall eat your patties.”

Sonali’s mouth went right into her receptive cunt.
She used her tongue that was pink, wet and blunt.

She sucked Meenal’s clit and drove her crazy.
Meenal cried and grabbed her hair in frenzy.

She bucked her hips into Sonali’s mouth.
Sonali ate her cunt, staying at the south.

Meenal squealed in lust and her body convulsed.
Sonali’s pussy quivered and around she turned.

Meenal grabbed her hips and her mouth met,
with the cunt above, so open and already wet.

They ate each other, doing a sixty-nine.
The sex was hot, marvelous, and fine.

They sucked each other and at last, they screamed.
Their cunts shook violently and the juices released.

After cumming, Sonali lay into the arms of her friend,
who sucked her nipples, and their lips met in a blend.

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  1. Lucky_Lesbian

    I loved reading this poem It was short yet crispy and brimmed with erotic mood

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