My Cousin

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My family finally arrived. It was our annual family visit to my cousin’s house. Her name is Allie. She is pretty with gorgeous black hair and brown eyes and huge,breasts. I was always jealous of her body but now I was grown. My breasts were huge as well.

That night Allie’s parents and my parents went for some beer and wouldn’t be coming back ’till 3 a.m. Her younger sister would be sleeping over at a friend’s house. It was just me and her. We were on the internet and watching some porn and cybering online. She is 15 years old and I am 14. My hairless pussy started getting wet. The lesbian girls on the internet sites wre turning me on. Allie and me were both virgins.

I went to the bathroom and told her I would be taking a shower. As I was in the bathroom I decided to take a shower later because I wanted to check my mail first. I was about to enter my cousin’s room but I heard some moaning. I sneaked a peek in the room and saw Allie fucking a pillow. She was whimpering probably ’cause it felt so good. I was turned on, real bad. I knocked on the door and I heard some rustling and then she opened the door.

I told her I would take my shower later. I don’t know how the next thing happened but while we were surfing the internet I absent-mindedly starting rubbing my pussy. She looked at me with this weird look but then helped me give myself pleasure. Next thing I knew we were on hre bed squeezing each other’s breasts and humping each other’s pussy. We rubbed each other’s brestas together. She went to the kitchen and got whipped cream. She squirted it all over my body. SHe licked it all off. She told me to flip over. After that, she told me to get on my fours.She got on my back and told me to give her a piggy back ride. I did and she start thrusting her pussy and rubbing it on my back.She put her pussy on my ass and rubbed it hard while she grabbed my left boob with one hand and rubbed my pussy with the other. So picture this:

Allie’s pussy on my ass while she’s rubbing her pussy on my ass and her hands touching me all over my body.

WE went into the shower and she took her new shower scrub and rubbed it on my pussy.

I moaned and groaned.

Now I started to eat her pussy and she started to yell that she was cumming. Her cumt tasted so delicious. We dried herself and she dried me too.

Exhausted, we laid on her bed. I told her that was the best. Then she look at me with an evil grin. She blinfolded me and tied me to her bedposts with her jump ropes. She unblindfolded me. Then she said, “I’m gona give you the best bitch”

She stuck a small vibrator in me and I satrted moaning because I was cumming. I told her to turn it off but she wouldn’t. I couldn’t take it anymore. She finally took it out. She licked all my cum.
Then I asked her to take the ropes off me but she didn’t.

She said I’m not done with you slut. It was 10 p.m. now. She got on the phone and called her Barbara. Barbara arrived and I saw Allie start to undress her and it turned me on. They both looked at me with mischeivous grins.

Then Allie rubbed her pussy on my breats and spilled cum onto my boob. Barbara was licking my pussy. God it felt good. They were all over me.

“Yeah baby lick me fuck me . . . harder” I yelled

They then sucked on my nipples and then Barbara frnech kissed me and passionately touched me everywhere. Allie pushed Barbara away and started to work her magic. Then, Barbara and allie started fighting over me

It was my ultimate fantasy. These naked, huge-breasted girls fighting. Yeah!

After a couple hours Barbara went home and Allie and me laid on the bed. We got dressed and started to make out again. I wanted her again.Even with out clothes on she got on me and rubbed her legs on my pussy. I grabbed her ass and pushed her more towards me and she grabbed my ass to.

I can’t wait till next year’s reunion.

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    well lets see… ur a guy…. and u cant tell a story worth a shit?

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    hmmmmm my pussy got wet….too good…u bitch

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