The Mistress And The Wife

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This is the story of two lesbians, who love each other for life.
One of them is the mistress and the other is her graceful wife.

The mistress is tall and muscular. She sports a short blonde mane.
Her eyes are blue, her forehead is broad, and Octavia is her name.

Her skin is pale, her cheekbones strong, and dimpled is her chin.
Her tits are smaller, her hips are narrow, and her waist is so thin.

Her butt is tight, her legs are straight, and her feet are so dainty.
She is ambitious and caring, and she loves to dominate a beauty.

The wife is an Italian, with olive skin, and she has voluptuous curves.
Her figure is so mouthwatering, and Octavia loves her as she serves.

Her black hair cascade in ringlets and her beauty is not for a while.
Her face is alluring, her eyes are deep brown, and coy is her smile.

She is a lady before all, a darling in the room, and so perfect a dame.
With the epitome of femininity and servitude, and Bella is her name.

Octavia suggests her how to dress, and Bella obeys her with joy.
She grooms herself before going to bed, feeling happy and shy.

When it comes to make love, Octavia leads Bella to her bed.
They kiss each other and lie together until they feel well fed.

Octavia kisses her mouth, licks her neck, and mounts atop her.
She resolves to make out with the hottie who lies under her.

Bella closes her eyes as Octavia licks her chest with perfection.
She sighs, and moans, and chants for the feeling of satisfaction.

Octavia takes each nipple, sucking it with love and passion.
Bella fingers through her hair, and encourages that action.

Octavia loves her tits. She kisses them all over and in circles.
She flicks her tongue on them, and Bella convulses for tickles.

Octavia moves atop Bella, kissing down her midriff and navel.
She licks her body down to the crotch, and licks it with level.

Bella opens her own thighs, and lets Octavia eat her cunt.
Octavia loves to use her tongue that’s so pink and so blunt.

Bella’s juices ooze out as Octavia goes up, sucking her clit.
Bella reaches down, touching herself and pulling each tit.

Octavia shakes her head as Bella moans for the ultimate session.
She strains her torso, quivers in lust, and so grows her sensation.

Octavia licks her pussy clean and moves atop her until their lips sweep.
Bella takes Octavia’s lips, tasting her own juice but the two don’t sleep.

Octavia takes a strap-on, dons the harness, and touches Bella’s pussy with her cock.
Bella’s cunt receives the glans. The shaft moves in and out, and Octavia’s hips do rock.

Octavia’s shoves grow mightier for each push, and she kisses Bella’s lips.
Without stopping the sensual play, she moves down and sucks her nips.

Their bodies perspire, their nerves tingle, and together they groan.
Their juices gush out, shaking their bodies, and together they moan.

After the heat, they lie together and get warm in a mutual embrace.
Feeling happy, they kiss each other and have another go with grace.

This is the story of two lesbians, who love each other for life.
One of them is the mistress and the other is her graceful wife.

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