Cherry Hill Chapter 1

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The subtle breeze of the early summer morning
brought the scent of freshly mowed grass through the screened windows of the O’Connor home. The sound of birds chirping in the early morning
light mingled softly with the sounds of the
neighborhood awakening from its contented slumber.

The front door of the small white house opened and a man stepped through the door, bending to pick up the morning paper from the front step. His robe parted slightly, clinging desperately to his waist by the loose knot in the middle. With the paper in hand, he smiled, looked up and down Cherry Lane and disappeared back into his home, shutting the door on the neighborhood.

“Anything good in the paper?” a pleasant
question begged as it drifted through the
summer scented air of the house.

“Nothing that I see yet, sweetie,” O’Connor’s
voice answered back loudly, but happily. He
looked through the headlines and saw that most of the news was depressing, and almost all of it was either city news or world news, but nothing that really affected their quiet little suburb. He softly padded through the house, winding through the rooms until he reached the kitchen. He stopped in the door way, looking over the top of the paper and took in the sight before him.

She was standing at the sink, rinsing something
off; the perfect woman, the goddess. She wore a
robe similar to his own in all respects except
size: her petite but exceptionally curvy frame would have looked like she was trying to swim in her husband’s robe. It was tied tighter, her long blonde hair hanging limply to her lower back, flowing straight down into her nicely rounded arse. Her head turned, and she giggled, her visible blue eyes drinking in the image of her husband, her eyes devouring his body, not even seeing the robe, but remembering the tantalizing flesh under it. A delicious shiver ran through her body, the tingle staying in her
flesh and tickling her brain, instantly re-warming her pussy, bringing it back to the heat it had radiating from it not 2 hours before.

“And what do you think you’re staring at, Miki O’Connor?” the goddess said, her rounded cheeks swaying teasingly under the tight fabric imprisoning them.

“I think I’m staring at the best piece of arse in all of Cherry Hill, Juliana O’Connor,” Miki said back, folding the paper slowly. He felt his cock rise under his robe; he could feel the remains of their last love- making session still clinging to him. The musk of his wife’s renewed arousal began mingling with the smell of the fresh mowed grass from the warming outside air.

“Is that all you want to do is stare at it?” Juliana said, turning slowly. Her hand had trapped the loose end of her belt and the knot pulled loose as her
body turned, allowing her soft, creamy flesh to be exposed to the open air of their kitchen.

Miki couldn’t help but lick his lips as his lusting eyes were lured up and down the vixen’s skin. He noted with delight that she had trimmed her blonde bush while she showered, which meant two things: she shaved her shapely legs, which turned Miki on greatly, and she was ready to have her pussy sucked and licked to multi-orgasmic bliss. Miki’s dick grew harder, rising through the slit in the front of his robe,
unhindered by underwear of any kind.

Juliana’s lips parted and her tongue snaked out and wet her lips of her own accord. Her robe split farther as she pushed herself away from the sink, exposing the bountiful valley of flesh between her firm tits, only her erect nipples kept the robe
from opening fully. Her eyes wanted to stay
focused on his hazel gems, but she couldn’t help but let them drift down to his rapidly engorging member, her pussy getting well beyond damp at the thought of his impressive tool being buried to the hilt in her anxiously awaiting box for their second round of the morning.

Her eyes were glued to his cock, watching the 9-inches of pussy pleasing tool swing with his steps as he approached. The paper hit the table and the
loose knot of his belt untied itself; those actions not even a blip on Juliana’s radar as she felt the distance close between her pussy and his rod, needing to be filled again. Her pulse was racing, carrying an electric fog of lust, her body reacting already to being stuffed and rammed by her husband’s cock.

Miki watched the chest of his wife start to heave, he watched her become absorbed in her
need. She moved like she was in a trance, her
hands moving just enough to push her robe completely off, exposing her entire body to him except for her feet which had been covered in a puddle of fabric. Drops of her honey were already forming on her engorged lips, and
Miki felt his tongue snake out and wet his
flesh, discovering that his mouth was watering in time with her creaming pussy.

“No, staring at it isn’t the only thing I want to do,” Miki said, his voice almost hoarse with lust.
His eyes left her pussy, traveling up her toned
belly, up to her freckle splashed chest, looking at each small, pink nipple in turn, then
raking his eyes up her neck to her perfectly
formed lips and to her lust-hazed blue eyes.
Miki saw those eyes weaken, their resolve
melt away, and a hot, liquid lust over power the last of his wife’s senses.

Without a word or rehearsal, the couple moved as one. Juliana pushed herself up on the counter top, squirming delightfully, feeling a bolt of electric
need shooting to her clit as her bare skin hit the cold metal of the sink’s edge. Miki knelt in front of her, his knees hitting the soft carpet of the floor mat as his eyes traveled back down his wife’s body to her open, waiting pussy.

Juliana put her feet in the wells of the sink, pushing off the edge, holding herself open and up, needing her husband’s tongue in her pussy and his lips on her clit. She felt the sunshine on her back as it streamed through the open windows and somewhere in her brain a suppressed alarm told her all of the blinds were open in the kitchen and dining room and anyone could see. Her pussy almost came from that thought alone and she shivered just before she felt her husband’s hot breath caress her hot, pink flesh like a long lost lover. Fireworks exploded in her brain, her vision narrowed and vertigo overtook her senses. She knew only she felt like she was falling and that her pussy was being eaten like no other; an orgasmic flight that left her needing more.

Miki slowly licked along the sides of her lips,
careful to only let his tongue touch her sensitive lips teasingly. Each time he rounded her clit, his lips went to her soft pink flesh and gave it a gentle kiss, sucking the cool air of the kitchen into his mouth, causing a gasp from his wife. He rounded down to her pussy and eagerly lapped the cream from her drooling pussy, the tip of his tongue wiggling against her flesh, making her thighs quiver in time with his movements. With a long slow lick, Mikki’s tongue worked back up her pussy, finding the small bud of her clit
poking out of its hood. His lips locked around it and he sucked on it, batting furiously at the
sensitive nub, feeling her body buck and rock on the sink, trying to maintain contact.

Juliana started panting, moaning and screaming. Her mind was lost, her body erupting, her mouth
working on its own accord. The open windows let the entire neighborhood know what was going on as she started screaming profanity in her bliss. The effect was not lost on their upstairs guest, either, Juliana’s screaming waking her up from her slumber.

Miki kept eating her pussy, sucking on her clit harder, licking with rapid strokes down her open flower, drinking the juice that was oozing from the blonde-framed pussy before his eyes. He stuck his tongue out rigid and started fucking his wife’s pussy, his nose bumping her clit every time his lips met hers.

“Oh fuck yes! Eat my pussy, baby!” Juliana’s screams echoed through the small kitchen. “Fuck me with
your tongue! Oh shit, yes! Get ready…. Oh God!” she continued in an almost continuous stream. Miki licked up the pace, licking, sucking, and fucking her pussy with everything he had. His
lips locked around her clit and he bit it softly, his tongue caressing and lavishing it in strokes and swirls before he slid two fingers into her gaping
box, beating them with furious speed against her G-spot, her pussy juice splashing off his fingers.

Neither were aware that their house guest had crept down stairs and was standing by the front door, watching them. Her hand was in her panties, frantically fingering her own pussy. She heard her pussy start to splash with juice, the sound mixing with her
friend’s wet sounds as they echoed out of the
kitchen. She had to lean against the front door
for support, her orgasm rapidly rising inside her chest and flowing out with her heat to her
nipples and slowly to her pussy.

“Fuck yes!” screamed Juliana when Miki’s fingers hit her second most sensitive spot as his tongue assaulted her first. “Fuck it!” she panted, her voice getting hoarse, her mouth gone dry. Her
pussy started to convulse and Miki knew she was close. He slowed down a little bit, his fingers softly strumming inside her, one and then the other, against her sensitive flesh. Juliana caught her breath and opened her eyes for the first time since situating herself in the sink, her hazed vision missing their masturbating house guest in the back ground and focusing on her husband’s face buried at the junction of her own parted thighs.

His eyes were locked onto hers and a devilish
grin twisted his face. His tongue leapt into action as his fingers renewed their assault on her pussy with enhanced pressure. Her eyes clamped shut and
her head rocked back, a long scream leaving her
throat, her chest heaving, her breath coming in ragged gasps, each one ending in a scream as she exhaled. Miki’s face was coated in her honey as it oozed from Juliana’s pussy, every time her pussy
clenched around his fingers, a small squirt came out, running down his chin to his chest, glossing his cheeks with her cum.

Their observer came, too. Her screams were
silenced by her mouth clamping shut, her juice
coating the crotch of her underwear, her own juices running down her thighs and
splashing into her splayed fingers as she watched her best friend get eaten out by her hunky husband. She wished it was her pussy getting eaten, wished she could feel what Juliana was feeling, and she wished it was Juliana doing it to her.
Her body shook again as she pictured returning the favor to her blonde friend, snaking her tongue up that pussy, tasting what her husband had just tasted and suddenly becoming very jealous of Juliana and envious of Miki.

She had enough sense to realize, even mid
orgasm as she struggled to keep her feet under
her, that the couple in the kitchen were parting and Miki started to help his new bride off the counter. With shaking legs that felt like they were filled with jelly, she crept back up the stairs, needing to feel something in her pussy other than her fingers.


Sasha Meckenzie Wilcox woke up with the morning sun streaming through her living room window. Her hand came up and rubbed at her sleep filled eyes, then moved to her temples where she massaged those as well. She tried to recall what had woke her up, when she heard a voice from her left, “Hey babe, see you’re up.”

Turning her head, she tried to focus on the blurry image before her. The man stood about 6’4″ and had a toothbrush hanging from his mouth. “Is
that mine?” she asked.

He shrugged his shoulders, walked over and spit the foamy, mint paste into an empty beer can. “Figured I ate your pussy, so what the fuck, I could use your toothbrush too.”

Sasha rolled her eyes and yawned. She pushed herself up, threw her legs over the side of her cream colored leather couch and headed to the bar. “Want a drink?”

“Nah, I’m good. Do they always do that in the
morning?” Sasha barely registered that he had
said anything as she grabbed her Jack Daniels and poured herself some breakfast.

“Who and do what?” She looked to where he was pointing and downed the shot of Jack Daniels she had poured. Sasha barely noticed the burn as it slid down her throat and hit her belly, spreading the
fiery warmth throughout her system. “Every fuckin’ morning it seems,” as she walked over to him. “Newlyweds.”

“Oh, that explains it.” He wiped his mouth on the back of his hand, then onto his boxers. “That’ll stop after a couple of years. Fuck, me and the misses rarely fuck at all now a days.”

Sasha sighed, “Shit,” she thought to herself.
“Married… Good one Sasha.” She looked out the window, the Jack Daniels helping her to focus on the morning. Little Mrs. O’Conner was once more pressed up against her kitchen window, the curtains open, as well as the window itself. Sounds of “fuck me,” filling the Cherry Hill neighborhood. “He’s probably eating her out.” Sasha had noticed the newlyweds moving in and not long afterwards they had a house guest. She had met her once while she was out jogging one
morning. “I think they like having everyone
knowing their screwing, they do it often enough.”

She moved around the room gathering the man’s clothes, then thrusting them into his stomach, “Grab yourself something on your way out, and keep the toothbrush.” She grabbed a pair of panties and a T-shirt from the chair, slipped
them on and headed to the bathroom.

Sitting on the stool, she thought of last night and who the guy in the next room was. She had to have been pretty wasted to bring him back to her place. His long, black, greasy hair was not the usual guy she enjoyed, she liked the more clean-cut men. This one reminded her of an old bum from the streets, with her luck he probably was. She finished weeing, got up washed her hands and threw some cold water on her face. Heading
to the kitchen, she saw her house guest, cooking breakfast.

“What the fuck?” she muttered.

He looked up, “Figured you’d need something to eat to go with that shot you had this morning.”

“My Jack Daniels? Shit, I’ve been drinking that stuff since Grandad introduced it to me when I was 17.” She grabbed some juice from the fridge and
downed it from the carton, before grabbing a couple of plates from the cabinets.

“Well, a bit early in the morning for me.”

Sasha shrugged her shoulders, and dug into the eggs and sausage that were swimming in grease, “Well this is a heart attack waiting to happen, but it’s cool, thanks.”

The two strangers ate their morning breakfast, and before long he was sitting beside her, rubbing her thigh up and down. Sasha really wasn’t in the mood to fuck, but he had made her
breakfast. Her eyes racked over his body,
deciding that had to be the only reason she had
brought him back to her place, she willingly
opened her thighs for him.

She closed her eyes as she felt the first dip of his thick fingers slide inside her panties.
Pushing her chair back from the table she opened her legs wider and leaned back. He slid his finger in deeper, screwing the hole and bringing slick moisture from deep within her pussy. “God, baby girl you’ve got one of the nicest pussies I’ve ever been in.” He drove into her deeper and scraped the sides of her fleshy walls with his nails, bringing a hiss from her lips.

He stood up and moved his finger from her pussy, and pulled her up to him. His lips captured her’s with his teeth, pulling on them, he moved his hand up her shirt. “Good thing I didn’t get dressed, huh?”

Sasha bit back the, “I wish you had,” and nodded her head. Stepping back from him, she lifted her shirt and pulled it off, exposing her bronzed
breasts and hard nipples. Sasha prided herself on her toned body, free of tan lines, and every patch tanned to perfection.

“Sweet,” he whispered out, as his eyes took in the round, globes of her flesh and flicked each nipple with his thumb. Sasha moaned, then moved her hands to his boxers, and pulled them from him, his cock bouncing free.

She smirked and raised a brow to him, “That
explains it.”

“Huh?” the man asked as he kneaded her firm

“Nothing,” she answered back, finally realizing why he was in her home: the 10 inch cock was the only answer she needed. Grasping it in her hand,
she now didn’t mind giving up some sex for
morning breakfast.

He pulled her panties down and they both
stepped out of the garments. Grabbing
her arse he lifted Sasha to his hips, where she
settled around him. Her long legs wrapped around his waste and she felt his cock hitting her pussy. He carried her into the living room, then sat down on the edge of the sofa.

His fingers dug into her hips as he lifted her onto his cock and slid her onto it. Sasha felt the 10 inches filling up her slick hole and shuddered as the tip hit her deep and solid. “Oh fuck yes!”

“Remember now, babe?”

“Fuck yes,” she muttered as she began to lift and fall on the hard rod that was driving into her. Sasha bit on her tongue as she rode the hard cock. Her pussy was pulsing with each thrust of his cock. She’d squeeze his shaft as she eased herself down and felt the base becoming soaked with her slick juices.

He told her to ride him harder, then he captured her left nipple in between his teeth and pulled on the tight bud. Sasha gasped and slammed down on his cock even harder feeling the slap of his
balls hit her. She continued to ride him, bringing his stiff tool out of her pussy till she felt the tip, then she pounced herself once more taking him deep.

Her fingers dug into his shoulders, as one of his
hands slid around her waist and stole some
sweet moisture from her pussy. Sasha trembled as she felt her sex juices touch her nipples, then he
went down and gathered more, never losing the motion of their fucking. Soon she was sucking the juices of her pussy from her fingers. When she felt his finger dig into her arse hole, her head went back and she began to push and prod his cock and his finger deeper into her holes.

Soon she felt the knowing sign of a pending orgasm and she clenched her jaw as he slammed her hard against his cock. Sasha shuddered as she felt her cum leave her and wash over his cock. The teeth that were devouring her nipples,
made more shocks of lust rake her, and more
liquid heat flowed from her pussy. “Oh fuck yes!” she screamed out as he pushed his finger deep into the hole and grounded his cock against her pelvis.

Sasha felt his cum shoot from his rod and bury
itself deep inside her. She rode him hard,
squeezing and milking his rod dry. He pushed
her down and lifted her again, making sure she
took it all from him, not missing any part of his
fluid. Moaning against him, her nipples sore
from his teeth, she looked down at him. She closed her eyes on the dandruff filled grease and rode his cock till all the shivers of her orgasm was squeezed from her.

He sucked softer on her tit now, and she opened
her eyes once more, this time looking on his
mouth suckling her. She felt his final shudder,
then put a finger to her nipple and popped it
from his sucking lips. Her eyes met his, “That was cool,” she said and slid from his limp cock.

“Yes it was,” he agreed, then stood up. Looking
down at her, “Your a good women, babe.” She lifted a brow, and moved back to the bar, enjoyed another shot, and nodded to the door. “If you don’t mind, I’m gonna shower and hit the streets for a jog. Show yourself out deal?”

“Deal. It was nice meeting you, perhaps we’ll do this again?”

Sasha shrugged, “Never know.”

She watched him move around, gather his things from the living room and the kitchen. Sasha headed to the bathroom and started the shower when she heard the front door close. Climbing in she let the hot water cover her skin as she worked the soap into a thick lather and cleansed her body of the smell of sex, sweat and booze. She wondered if she’d see the Allan boys out
jogging this morning, she hoped so. She liked
watching their arses move while she jogged
behind them.

Sasha finished up her shower, and walked through her house, letting the air dry her skin. Pulling a pair of track suit bottoms, sports bra and a T-shirt
from her draws she got dressed. Tossing on shoes and socks, she headed out the door and started her morning jog down Cherry Lane. It wasn’t before long she passed the O’Conners and waved at the woman that had invaded the
newlyweds, then she continued past the Allan’s her thoughts returning to the men of the house.

They were all fine looking gentleman, and the sister wasn’t to bad looking either. She continued her jog down the street and decided to do a few more stretching exercises at the corner. Sasha felt the alcohol start to sweat out of her system
as she headed back around the block, hoping to catch site of a possible new fuck.

Sherlock shut the door behind him and looked
over the neighborhood of Cherry Hill; it had
taken him a long time to find Storm, now he just needed to wait and observe. He didn’t want to interrupt her life if she was happy; all he ever wanted was her to be happy.

Putting his hands in his pocket he got into his
pickup truck and headed back to his place in the next town.


The number of people out jogging this morning was crazy. The whole neighborhood seemed to spontaneously take an extreme interest in their health and, running was the way they all decided to stay in shape. Storm and Lane were no exceptions.

The two girls lived on different sides of the
block, but they had hit it off marvelously, Storm bringing Lane out of her shell. The two had been good friends since they moved to the neighborhood, and they made a good couple; They both worked at the local School, and they shared lunch with each other, it was only natural that they become friends, especially since they lived 4 houses apart. They had no more left Lane’s house this morning when they heard the symphony of sex coming from her neighbor’s house across the back garden.

“They’re really going at it, this morning, aren’t
they!” laughed Lane. She’d adapted quickly to the neighbors and how much vocal—and visible—sex they had with each other. Storm blushed a bright red, looking like an obscene Christmas ornament with her platinum blonde hair shining in the early morning sun and her skin blushing a
deep crimson.

“I’ll say,” Storm mumbled, not willing to admit that some of the blush was passion and desire, her loins heating and her pussy dampening. It made
her think of her hunky Sherlock and the massive tool he used to sport and all the various positions they’d tried before he died. The heat was replaced with jealousy and sadness and the blush faded.

After using the oak trees in Lane’s front garden as support for stretching, the girls were ready to go. They no more than made it 10 feet before the
O’Connors stopped their morning romp. Both girls kept jogging right along. They made it to the corner when something caught
Lane’s eye in the house on the corner.

“Hey, look over there,” she said, stopping in her place. Storm looked and scanned the property of their neighbors’s place. She knew it belonged to
Cinnabar Kaiser, yet another person in the
neighborhood; she was naked entirely too much, either inside or
outside, but she was always friendly and she had the most amazing stories of her life.

“The garden’s mowed already?” Storm said
innocently, missing the scene unfolding 50 feet
away through parted curtains and double panned glass.

“No, silly!” hissed Lane. “Through the window!
Looks like the Bakker boy’s working the bush
after mowing the garden!” she said excitedly, the flush returning to her face. Storm’s face was a
mask of confusion until her eyes saw what her
friend was talking about. Her innocent, sparkling blue gems instantly went wide and were welded to the scene before her.

The Bakker boy, Davey, was in Cinnabar’s house, naked as a jaybird, lying on a pool table, his knees over the edge, his hands holding onto the rails to his side. The redhead who lived in the house was bouncing away on him, squatting and
thrusting as fast and as hard as she could, pounding herself down onto his rigid pole.

Storm felt herself getting wet immediately; memories of Sherlock’s thick cock stretching and pounding her once delicate pussy sparked and mingled with the images she saw before her. She could almost feel the cock of her former lover splitting her pink inner core, stretching her pussy deeper and wider than most should be able to go.

The couple inside slowed down, Cinnabar
squatting over the college boy with only the tip of his impressive tool still wedged in her
dripping pussy. Both girls outside could see the sunlight glisten off his cock, coated thickly in Cinnabar’s cum. She was saying something to him, they couldn’t see because of the glare off the window from the
rising sun and by the shadow inside. She turned toward’s the window and hopped off her stud, smiling the whole time. She brushed her thick curly crimson locks away from her face, letting
them fall in a silken rain over the back of her head and she swayed to the window, her bright red bush glinting with the cum that was matting it down. She ducked down, still smiling,
staring at her two observers and winking before shutting the curtains.

“Well that was…” Lane said, breathlessly. Her
body had more than reacted to the scene and she was having difficulty hiding her arousal, her nipples tenting the sports bra she was wearing and the smell of her creaming pussy was mingling very lightly with the smell of Cinnabar’s freshly mowed garden. She tried hard to hide her secret from her friend, from the whole neighborhood, which was especially difficult in her tight running shorts, but she’d managed before, she’d manage this time.

Storm was visibly shaken, and she came out of the sexual induced trance first. “Hey, lets keep going,” she said quietly and started off down the
road. Her mind wasn’t on running, though,
and she ran off the edge of the curb into the postman.

“Morning, miss,” he said, tipping his hat. Storm took in his muscular frame and bright eyes and smiled.

“Morning, Phillip,” she said meekly, her cheeks
burning with embarrassment. Lane caught up to them and kept jogging. Phillip smiled at the pair and Storm caught up with her friend. The two
jogged in silence, both of their minds consumed by their neighbors’ sexual inhibitions and their
openness in sharing their practices with the
neighborhood. It wasn’t until they rounded Melon Lane and headed down Cherry Lane that
they ran into one of the newest editions to the
block, Sasha Wilcox, as she started jogging from her house.

“Morning Sasha,” Storm said, trying to break the
pictures flashing through her mind.

“Moaning is more like it,” she said smirking. The other two girls rolled their eyes. “I can’t believe they’ve been going at it like that every night and day,” Sasha continued, her eyes glazing and her pussy dampening just thinking about looking in the window two weeks ago and seeing the blonde’s pussy getting plowed by Miki’s ample cock, Juliana screaming herself breathless, and she swore she saw their little brunette house guest watching and masterbating in the shadows. Sasha couldn’t help but want to be any of the three people in the house, and even still, she went out to the bar and picked up the first guy
she could wrap her legs around and fucked him
stupid in the car park, reveling and cumming
at the sensation and the memory of her neighbors.

Storm and Lane stopped and looked at their temporarily glossy-eyed neighbor and watched her space off. Lane noticed her nipples starting to perk through her sports bra and Storm worried that she might faint.

“Hey, you okay? Earth to Sasha, come back to us, Sasha,” Storm said, laughing. Sasha shook herself back to reality and shrugged. The three girls giggled and started jogging down the road.

They didn’t get 10 steps before they saw the Allen brothers come out of their house for their
morning jog. All three girls marveled at the sight before them; the Allen Boys. Bryce Allen,
built like a brick shit house and barely an ounce of fat on him. He was the most gorgeous
specimen of man to grace the school while Storm and Lane worked there. All the female teachers and staff wanted to be wrapped around that piece of meat and thanks to his years of playing sports, everyone of them had a pretty good idea of what he was packing in those sport shorts. He went around topless as much as possible and the rippling muscles of his chest and back were a bronze that would make a Greek warrior
jealous. His boyish charm was betrayed by his rugged good looks and his wolfish, predatory eyes. Once he set his sights on a woman, he was going to get her.

His brother was Braxton Allen. Physically, he was much less imposing than his brother. Intellectually, he was a giant. His speech was flawless, and he always had the right word for the right time. The boy’s smile and wit could bring the sun out on the blackest of days, but he was always ostracized in uni by his classmates for being a neek. Lane couldn’t help but feel sorry for him, and she wished there was something she could do for him, but he was a student.

Was a student. Lane pictured taking her time with him now that uni was done. But then,
he’d never want someone like her, someone so, different. She had heard that his first, and only time, was so fast that no girl wanted to be known as the Minute Man’s girl, so Braxton hadn’t got any more pussy after his cherry was

Storm sighed heavily at the sight of the two boys. She’d heard the rumors that Braxton’s sausage made his brother’s look like a cock-tail sausage in
comparison. She’d seen him moping around the
halls and getting picked on by the other students, especially since his older brother graduated. She couldn’t help feel sorry for the boy; he wasn’t bad looking, he just wasn’t Bryce. Maybe another
place, and another time she’d have thought
about showing the boy the ropes in the bed
room, but she couldn’t push Sherlock out of her mind, and God willing, she never would. She was still in love with him, but the sight of the poor virgin and the toned athlete in front of her still stoked the fires in her belly.

Sasha just wanted both of them. At the same
time, if she could help it. Bryce was her perfect man; tall, tanned, and fucking huge. She didn’t know about the brother,but
word had it he had only been laid once, she was
more than up to the challenge of fucking him too. Her pussy was starting to waken back up after the shower she had right before she left the house, and between her lust and the liquor, she was feeling loose enough to do something about
it today. The guy from the bar might have had it where it counted, but it was like getting rammed with a summer sausage. She wanted a tool like he had to be able to take its time with her; maybe she’d finally out-scream the tart next door.

All three girls chased after the men in front of them, their wishing minds only further
encouraged by the heating of their pussies.


Plates clattered and cabinets slammed shut,
“Davey!” Alpha shouted at the top of her lungs.

“He’s not here,” her mother Kate told her. “He had to mow the Kaiser place.”

“Ahhh, ok.” Alpha said, her voice dripping with
sarcasm. “I just bet I know what kind of lawn
he’s mowing too,” she thought to herself.

Her brother was such the cum slut, Alpha knew all about his little mowing service on the side, but he knew about her extra curricular activities also. She grabbed her bag and headed out the door, only pausing long enough to turn down the offer for a nice healthy breakfast.

Kate tossed a couple of eggs in a bowl, along with green peppers, onions, a few mushrooms and milk. She felt a pair of warm
hands come around her waist and pull her close
against an aroused cock. “Hey love,” the
whispered words of her husband hit her ear,
bring the hairs on the back of her neck to stand up.

“Morning,” she turned her head back, kissed his lips and pulled out of his embrace. “Your omelet and bacon will be done in a moment.”

“Great, I’ll grab the paper, feed Jack and enjoy it when your ready.” Dunham Bakker headed out the door, and the family dog followed right behind

Kate continued working around the kitchen, then spotted the pool boy Teague coming up the sidewalk. She hurried out the backdoor, just as he rounded the corner of her garden. Kate groaned when she saw him wave over to Dunham, rolling her eyes she hid behind the high fence that separated the back garden from the front.

Dunham was standing outside his back facing Teague, as he opened up the newspaper and scanned the front pages. Teague walked across the garden, and
quickly found himself pulled behind the fencing.

“Hey peaches, what’s up?” he said to Mrs.

She silenced him, with her mouth as her tongue pushed deep inside his warm mouth. Teague’s eyebrows rose, but soon he was pushing her against the fence and fucking her mouth with his hot tongue. Groping her breasts, he pinched and
kneaded each nipple. “Fuck Kate, you want me to screw you with your husband home?” Teague was surprised, usually the woman wouldn’t touch him outside, but he figured what the fuck, why not.

Kate pulled away, and sucked on his neck for a
moment before responding, “No you idiot, I saw you and was just surprised, what are you doing here?”

“I told you babe, I needed to come over early today, because I had to add a new person to the route, but I’d be back on the usual schedule later.” His hand slid up under her skirt, where he ran his fingers between her pussy lips, “Mmm.. I could suck your juices while your husband ate
breakfast, that would be nice, wouldn’t it?” Teague drove his finger deeper between the lips, then into the slick, hot pussy that Mrs. Bakker was always willing to spread for him.

She moaned against his neck, while she clasped
his fingers tight within her pussy walls. Suddenly she heard a shout from inside the house. Seperating herself from Teague’s welcoming touch, she pushed her skirt down, licked his juice covered fingers. Kate knew no one had seen her, she had Dunham build this high fence just for that reason alone, so she could fuck her pool boy in the water, when she was alone. “Damn, I
love working from home,” she thought as she shut the patio door behind her.

Teague stroked his hard cock, then went to work
servicing the pool, instead of the sexy 38 year old wife or her daughter. He whistled while he thought of how wet and hot Mrs. Bakker was now, and how nice it would have been to fuck her against the fence.

Kate entered the kitchen, billowing smoke was rapidly filling the room, “Shit!” she muttered as she moved the hot pan from the stove top. Dunham was busy running around opening windows, and swearing, “What the fuck were you doing?” he asked.

She spun around, “I had to use the bathroom.”

“Oh, well next time turn the damn stove off!”

The burnt bacon found its home in the bin, as
the smoke finally started to clear. “Forget
breakfast, babe, I’ll grab something from the cafe across from the off office.” He kissed her goodbye, grabbed his briefcase and headed out.

Kate rushed after him, “Dunham, do you still have that upcoming business trip to Vegas coming up?”

“Yea, I have to leave Monday, but I’ll be back
around Friday night I hope. The deal should only take a couple of days to sort out, then we’re hoping if all goes well, we’ll wine and dine the men with a nice night in the city.” He waved goodbye, patted the dog on the head, and watched the Allan boys jog by his house, followed by three of the hottest ladies in the area. His cock stirred as he watched their tits bounce up and down.

The women waved, and he returned their
waves, before climbing into his car and
heading into the city. Thoughts of his little
blonde secretary all ready filling his head.

Kate cleared the house of smoke, then went back to the front door, locked it, noted the time and smiled. Dunham had to work till 6:00, due to an
unexpected surprise, so his Saturday morning
was stolen from him. Davey had five gardens
scheduled for this beautiful morning. Her
daughter Alpha was on her way to Mina’s
place, and she had a great fuck in her back garden. She loved unexpected surprises.

Slipping her skirt off her hips and down her legs, Kate made her way to the patio doors. She
pulled her blouse off and exposed her breasts to the morning sunshine. Opening the patio doors, she pulled a chair over, sat down and waited for Teague to notice her.

She watched her lover, move around the pool
his, shirt long gone and his bronzed skin was all
ready glistening with the sweat that was pouring off his body. Her fingers moved over her nipples and down to her soaked pussy. Running a finger between the lips, she watched the rippling
muscles of the 28 year old, blonde.

Spreading her legs further, she dipped two
fingers into her pussy and began to stroke the
inner walls. Caressing the hot, mushy flesh, and then scrapping the sides with her nails. She
moaned, shifted in her seat and pushed her
fingers in deeper. Her eyes looked up, saw Teague’s hazel ones locked on her pussy. Moving her hand faster, her sweet honey glistened in the sunlight.

Smiling, she saw the net Teague had been using drop to the ground and his firm body move closer to her. His hands worked the button of his shorts, then the zipper. He closed the patio door, pulled
the curtain closed and reached her side, as his
cock sprung free. It bobbed in front of her as she ran her tongue over her lips. He pulled her head to his erect cock. “Suck it Kate,” he growled.

Kate continued to rub and fuck her pussy, as she took her free hand, grasped his shaft and
inserted it into her mouth. Her tongue stroked the tip of his cock, while her fingers mashed into her sloppy pussy. The sounds of her wetness filled her ears and she continued to push and suck the
dick of her lover deeper into her mouth. He pushed her head further onto his cock, telling her to suck it all, and not to leave anything behind.

Looking up at him, she moved her head up and
down on his cock, her hand twisting the shaft,
while her other one screwed her pussy. She
moved her tongue over the swollen muscle,
sucking and tasting the bitter fluid that was
seeping out. Her musky odor from the pulsating
pussy filled her nostrils and she moaned louder.
Teague continued to thrust his hips up to her mouth and push her head deeper.

Soon the little stay-at-home sex columnist was
deep throating the pool boy, feeling the blood
rushing through his extended vein, as she felt the walls of her pussy covered in her thick pussy juices. She worked his cock in a frenzy fuck, as she pulled her fingers from her pussy and began
to pull and pinch her clit, soon she was feeling the signs of her pending orgasm, and she drove the fingers in deeper.

His cock hit the back of her throat and she felt
his hot seed soak her cheeks, teeth and tongue. Kate hated cum, the taste sickened her, but she knew she had to swallow, she took all he
offered. “That’s right, slut. Suck it and drink it, you know you want my cock and that’s the only way I’ll fill your pussy with it. Take it all, baby girl.”

Kate stroked an milked the seed from his cock, taking the cum and feeling her own finally
give over, as his orders that she swallow him,
brought the crashing orgasm to the surface. She moaned loud as she continued to drive her
fingers into her hot hole. Soon the cum from his cock was resting deep in her belly and her fingers
were soaked with the juices of her pussy.

She took her hand and offered it to Teague, and more nectar slipped out as she watched him clean her fingers. “How long we got Kate?” he asked his fingers still in her hair, his cock resting just under her chin.

“Hours…” She smiled. Standing up, she took his hand and led him upstairs. The two lovers
fucked all morning and Kate drank more cum then she really cared for.


Miki took a second shower, washing his wife’s pussy juice from his cheeks and chest hair. The memory of the morning caught his mind wandering and his cock rising. He wished it was his wife’s pussy he was sliding in and out of instead of his soap-filled hand. His eyes closed and he could almost smell the sweet honey oozing from her waiting pussy, her musk so strong he could almost taste it in the air. His hand slid effortlessly and quickly along his raging cock, his mind filling with phantom images of his wife on her knees, whispering as she licked the tip of his cock, teasing him with
the tip of her tongue, begging him to cum with her breath.

Slowly the vision of his thin, blue eyed, blonde-
haired wife changed into the face of their guest, first the eyes changing over from a glazed sapphire to sparkling, devilish emeralds. The hair morphed slowly, changing length and then color, changing from its honey blonde into the dark brown, streaked with burgundy. Her lips
engulfed his meat and slowly sank until her nose was wiggling against Miki’s thick patch of pubic hair. He could feel her throat contracting around his dick and her nails dig into his arse cheeks as she tried to inhale even more of his rampant cock. She slowly pushed herself off, letting the thick rim of his head pop noisily out of her lips, her eyes still devilish and sparkling,
never leaving Miki’s. Without warning, she
plunged her lips down his shaft, the motion
shooting through him like an electric chain saw.

Her lips retreated and attacked down Miki’s
cock, her lips flattening the engorged veins. She
started humming a tune that Miki couldn’t have placed just then if there had been a gun to his head, but the sensations were vibrating his balls, sending his mind into a building orgasmic bliss that was leaving his head feeling detached
and his body filled with an electric fog.

The only sound in Miki’s ears were Abira’s lips and mouth sloppily working his meat and the sound of the shower, but he could barely hear either over the thundering heartbeat in his ears.
He felt only that wicked tongue licking her best
friend’s husband’s dick, trying to coax his milky
seed from his balls, and she was doing a great job. Miki felt her fingers start to slowly play with his sack as her mouth picked up
speed, her nose slamming into his pubes and his dick popping out of her mouth so fast that he
almost passed out from the sensation.

“Almost done?” she said, her voice a sultry silk over the sound of their passion and the roaring of Miki’s pulse in his ears. He heard a
pounding on the door.

“Shit! It’s Juliana!” Miki hissed, his head jerking to look at the door through the semi-transparent shower curtain. The excitement of what was going on mingled with the danger of having his
wife kill both of them. His head flew back to
Abira’s face, only to see his own hand stroking his rock hard cock, covered in soapy lather. Miki let loose a sigh of relief, only to hear the pounding on the door again.

“I said are you almost done in there?” Abira’s
voice called through the oak panel door. Miki noticed that the water had long since gone cold, and his fantasy must have lasted a lot longer than he thought.

“Yeah, hold on,” Miki called back. He noted
with some dismay that his dick woulnd’t go
down. It was still hard from the dreamy cock
sucking he just received, and the thought that the object of desire was right outside the door wasn’t helping his situation; if anything, it made him harder.

Miki climbed out of the shower and toweled off, trying to wrap the towel around his waist enough to bring his throbbing dick down, but instead it only accentuated it, casting a long shadow along the rigid pole of flesh. Miki
opened the door and Abira was standing right outside, still wearing her panties and T-shirt.

“Jesus, fucking Christ, took you long enough. What the hell were you doing in there, wanking….” Abira
said playfully. Her
words stopped as her eyes traveled down his
body and saw the thick root sticking out from his crotch. It throbbed when her eyes hit it. Abira let loose a small, quieted moan and her eyes snapped back to Miki’s. Both were blushing profusely.

“I gotta get…” Miki started, motioning toward his bedroom.

“Yeah, I should really let…” Abira said, her eyes drifting to that magnificent cock again. The two passed in silence. Miki finished getting ready for work, and didn’t see Abira for the rest of the morning.

Abira had hidden in her room, her pussy boiling
from watching her friends fuck this morning and then the thought of Miki stroking that big piece of meat in the shower. She was walking around in her room, getting herself ready for the day as well, her fingers idly stroking her own pussy, feeling her excitement drip down her legs, and she wondered.

“Could he have been thinking about me?” Abira said, half out loud. “Is that why he was so red when he came out of there? Is that why he didn’t go limp? He wanted me to…” Abira continued
softly, but her concentration was broken by the stunning beauty of the neighbor’s daughter
sunbathing in their back garden, her naked skin glowing with suntan oil, her brunette hair tied back, and her bald pussy showing clearly between her parted thighs. Abira’s mouth went dry and she focused on the vision, not caring about Miki’s cock, Juliana’s pussy, or anything except her own fingers sending electric racing from her own clit to her rapidly spinning mind.

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