Cherry Hill Chapter 2

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Neci Meyers, lifted her large floppy hat from her head and wiped her sweaty brow, though it was still pretty early for the sun to be beating down on someone and making them sweat. Neci had been working since the sun first started to peak above the horizon, casting its warm rays over her little house on Kumquat Lane. She arched her back and stretched her muscles, lifting her arms over her head.

Her knees were imbedded in the cool dirt and her gardening gloves were caked with filth, while piles of weeds here and there were scattered over her vegetable patch. Plopping her hat back
on her head, she continued to pick weeds and harvest her green beans at the same time.

Neci enjoyed living her quiet life, in her house
in the peaceful town of Cherry Hill. She had her
own flower bed, veggie patch and even her own
fruit trees. Nothing could be better for Neci. The residents of her lovely neighborhood enjoyed her dinner parties, and though she didn’t mind being the one at the party without a mate,
she did enjoy watching everyone eat and enjoy
her home grown, and home flavored dishes.

She heard a sound coming from the front garden, standing up she stepped over her basket of goodies and walked down the row of beans to her left and corn on the cob to her right. Before she made it out of the row, she spotted a worm on a stalk of corn. “Damn critter, I don’t need you eating my corn.” Pinching the offensive critter off the corn, she flicked it away. Her eyes checked out the cob, “This looks like it’s ready to harvest.”

Plucking the corn from it’s stalk, she headed
towards the gate that separated her garden from her front garden. Neci watched the Allan
brothers jog past. The eldest Bryce, looked like he was barely breaking a sweat, where the younger looked as if he was doing all he could to
keep up with his older brother. Neci felt a
tingle in her groin as she watched their firm arse muscles move with each lift and fall. She licked her lips imaging their thick cocks, buried inside her pussy.

Then, Neci noticed the group of women following the men. Their breasts were bouncing and she saw their occasional pointing of fingers, toward the men in front of them. Neci moaned as she remembered how it had been when she had a fresh pussy in front of her face. Her tongue would sweep down and lick the sweet hole, then suck the tasty nectar from the
pussy that was laid open for her.

Neci could feel the slick wetness of her pussy, as she thought about her past lovers, but none of
them compared to her new lovers. That thought Neci back to the present, and another moan escaped her mouth. Looking down she blushed,
hoping the joggers hadn’t seen her, and what she was doing with the corn on the cob.

She quickly removed the corn from her crotch, and slipped over to her back porch. Sitting down, on her whicker chair, she ran the corn once more over her shorts. Pushing harder with the vegetable. Neci bit her lip, and quickly undid her shorts, and pushed them down to her knees, lifting her arse just enough to ease her quest, then she slipped her fingers inside. Her pussy was so wet, she heard the slick juices
covering her fingers. Neci groaned as she
removed her hand, and removed the leaves from the corn. She ran her hands over the soft, silky strands of yellow satin that was on the cob.

Imagining it to be the curls of a lover’s pussy, she ran her tongue over the thin strips, then took the corn and deep throated it. She pushed the golden rod into her mouth, taking it deep, and rubbing her clit at the same time with her finger. Her tongue lapped at the corn, her mouth fucking it, soon she was thrashing and moaning.

Moving the corn from her mouth, she switched places with her fingers. She sucked her juice clean and quickly inserted the rod, that was both soft and hard, into her sloppy vagina. Neci
loved corn, loved the ridges of each row that the corn was lined up in. Her body enjoyed the tip when it would be soft and could tickle the walls of her pussy.

What Neci liked the most about corn was the variety of sizes she could have. She could fuck her pussy with either a small cob of golden cock or she could ram it hard with the Indian corn she
raised, she love that kind, it was so hard and the colors reminded her of her black lovers.

Ramming the tool deeper into her hot pussy, Neci pinched and pulled at her perk nipples, through her shirt. Thrusting her natural cock into her pussy, she pushed her shirt up and toyed
once more with her lush breasts. The hairs of her pussy were slicked with the wet juice that the corn kept devouring to her body. Strands of the corn’s hair, mixed with her pubic ones, making her pussy feel as if a lover’s curls caressed her.

She felt the orgasm building up inside her, she forced the vegetable deeper, letting it hit the bone in her pelvis, “Ohhh fuck yes,” she called out as she fucked herself faster and harder. Neci felt the first wave of cum rush through her body, as her legs went straight out in front of her, and stiffened. Her breath came in gasps as she forced her hands to push the yellow cock, completely inside her hole, only leaving the
small end of the stalk to hold on to.

“OHHH… FUCKING… MAKE ME CUM… OHHHH FUCK YESSS!!!!.” Neci screamed out as the cum soaked her corn on the cob, her pussy walls, lips and her fingers that were holding the rod deep into her pussy. She shivered as she slowly began to work the tool in and out, finally finishing the clutching
of its kernels.

Neci took her veggie and smiled at the cum soaked member, the sun made each kernel
glisten like her daisies after a morning rain. Her hand carried the corn to her lips, her tongue began its own tasty treat, as it began to clean the corn off. She ran her muscle from the base of the
cob, all the way to the tip. She stroked each row of kernels, till she was satisfied that she had cleaned the cum from each one.

Looking satisfied she deep throated the object one last time, stroking it with her tongue and sucking the cum juice from the tip. Neci shuddered, removed it from her mouth, and slipped her shirt back down, and pulled her shorts up from around her ankles. Placing a kiss
against the vegetable, she stood up and gathered her basket of veggies, “I’ll take care of the rest of you later,” she winked at the unpicked beans and weeds.

Her face was glowing as she thought of the tasty
corn on the cob she would enjoy with her dinner later that night. The melted butter oozing off her hot cock, only excited her more, and when Neci entered her kitchen and saw the almost ripened bananas, she almost came again.


Zosima had just woke up for the day. She was
getting used to sleeping in now that classes had
ended for the summer, but she needed to find a
job; her parents were getting tired of footing the bill for college and rent, not to mention all the partying that went on in the house. The thought of work put a snarl in Zosima’s lip, but she’d need something to do after college anyway, and she really wasn’t learning much from fucking all her teachers to raise her grades. It did expose her to hidden talents that the once-innocent girl could have never guessed about when she was in school, but that’s been 5 years ago.

Zosima got a look at herself in the mirror. Her tired eyes focused slowly on the t-shirt she was wearing, the black fabric so thin in places that her pale skin was a white shadow. The shirt ended, her thin legs extending down to her knobby knees and then out of site to her feet.

Following her gaze back up the mirror, she saw
the gentle swell of her breast, wishing automatically that they were bigger, like her
friend and roommate’s tits. Both Holly and
the new girl Voletta had a bigger rack than she did, but Zosima took comfort in the fact that she sported a very comfortable, firm, perky nippled B-cup; it wouldn’t be much longer and her
roommates’ tits would both start to sag. She
noted with delight that her nipples were tenting the small swell of her breasts, and she got lost for a second in the feel of the top she was wearing against her sensitive skin; the cotton worn down so far it almost felt like silk against her skin. She tore her mind back to the present and continued her gaze up her slender neck to
her face.

Freckles splashed across her cheeks and nose, and she hated those the most. Zosima still counted herself lucky to not have had acne like most of the girls in her class, but these Goddamn freckles! No matter how serious she was trying
to look, they made her look like she was 10 years too young to do anything. The short, curly mop of tangled strawberry red hair brought another curl to her lip. It was a bitch to take care of, a bitch to keep in place, and uncooperative in all the worst ways that hair can be.

Her eyes were a chocolate brown, standing in stark contrast to her pale skin and light red hair.
They drew people in, almost hypnotizing them, and that was just fine by her; they got her almost every piece of pussy and every hard cock she wanted. Between that and the amazing shape she stayed in from fucking every piece of tail she
could wrap her thighs or tongue around, she was overall impressed with herself.

There was still the ritual, though, everyday, check the mirror. Zosima heard herself sigh and she
shifted her eyes back down her body again,
getting a firm boost of reassurance.

“It’s gonna be a good day,” she said to herself, looking back at her face and smiling. “It’s gonna be a…. What the fuck?” she started to repeat, her own thoughts breaking her pep talk. Her eyes had caught something on the other side of her
curtains; some thing didn’t look right. She swore she saw the neighbor on her porch wanking herself off. Zosima shook her head and forced herself to focus on the image.

Just through the gap in the curtains, she saw Neci in the “privacy” of her own porch, fucking herself furiously, her face contorted by moans and screams as her hands flew at her pussy, her naked chest exposed. Zosima was almost hypnotized by the dancing tits, wobbling in wild circles as her dildo fucked in
and out of her pussy furiously.

Zosima’s own hand slid around her thigh
subconsciously, lifting the hem of her favorite T-shirt, softly teasing her flesh as her finger tips raked and tickled to her own super heating pussy. She felt her liquid wet her finger tips and turn her thighs sticky; her eyes glued to her masturbating neighbor.

The brunette was working herself over faster and faster, her left hand pinching and pulling her nipples, her right was wanking a dildo in and out of her sloppy pussy. She could see the yellow cock stretching what Zosima could make out of her
pink pussy, and she could see it glistening with Neci’s pussy juice. The sounds of her own
sloppy pussy drooling on the three fingers she
was pumping in and out of her craven pussy filled the room. She felt her body start to shake, the heady aroma of her creaming pussy filled her nose and overpowered her senses. Her eyes were still locked on her neighbor’s steaming pussy and that yellow rod she was plunging deep in her pussy. A voice inside her mind begged Zosima to open the window, to hear the sounds and filth being uttered and screamed from her neighbor, but she didn’t want her hands to leave her body, she didn’t want to stop molesting her body in the same way Neci was.

She was on the verge, Zosima felt the orgasm start to build to its height; her toes started to curl and her brain started to go numb with the electricity coursing through her pussy. The neighbor finished first, pulling her fuck stick from her pussy, the hole not closing right away, the blackness in the center of the glistening pink drawing Zosima in deeper. Her mind barely registered as she saw Neci lift the dildo to her mouth and watched her deep throat her own juices off the object.

Zosima’s mind had a moment of clarity. The world paused for a second around her, moving in such slow motion she could see everything in amazing
detail. Her neighbor’s brown furred pussy in
mid-twitch, the pink lips still wide open and
shining with her women juice, her tongue starting to reach out for the dildo; all in perfect clarity. Neci’s tiny pink nipples were at full attention, her light tan skin was glistening with sweat from working in the garden in the early morning heat and from the thorough fucking she just gave herself. The dildo, glistening and dripping with Neci’s cum was in perfect view; the long, thick cock, covered in rows and rows of tiny bumps.

Before Zosima’s brain had time to register, her world caught back up to her and her pussy
exploded, taking her mind with it. Her plunging fingers hit her G-spot, her mind reeled, her pussy spasmed, her juices ran down into her hand,
down her thighs, and dripped onto the carpet. She was vaguely aware that she was moaning loudly as she collapsed under her shaking knees and quaking thighs.

Her body was still twitching as she came back to reality, her muscles still humming and her pussy still singing in orgasmic bliss. She leaned back,
placing her sweat drenched back against the cool wall. Her mind puzzled through what she had seen.

“Was she fucking herself with a cob of sweet corn?” Zosima heard her voice ask. She replayed the scene in her head, instantly re-warming her eager
pussy. Sure enough, she even saw the kernels
teasing and stretching Neci’s overworked pussy as it disappeared row by row into her. Zosima’s own pussy twitched in want and need.

“Goddamn,” she said to herself, trying to catch
her breath. “I need to take up gardening.”


Totty Reese stared out the window as the
beautiful joggers rounded the corner, she made out the Allan boys, and waved to them from her kitchen window. Then she saw Storm, Lane and Sasha pause. She watched young Storm wave goodbye, and jog back around the corner and
across the street back onto Kumquat Lane.

“I really should get my bum out there and jog
with them,” Totty mumbled to herself, she
watched the perfect bodies, move past her home on Melon Lane, knowing that Lane would be heading into her house at the end of the block soon.

“Your arse is perfect, as is the rest of you,” the
deep voice of her husband came up behind her. His fingers slid over her thighs. “Do you have appointments today?”

Totty turned around and pressed her 48 DD tits into her husband’s chest. “Yes, I have three
facials scheduled, and thanks for making me feel good baby.” She kissed his lips, and stroked her tongue along his, tasting the remains of his morning
coffee. “What do you have planned today?”

“Golf!” He told her, “I’m going to head over there and drive a few balls into the ponds, just for the hell of it.”

She laughed, grabbed her bag and headed to
the shopping centre to start her Saturday morning shift at the beauty shop. Totty hoped her day would go
by quickly, actually she wanted her whole weekend to fly by quickly. Her monthly dental appointment was scheduled for first thing Monday morning and she really wanted to be in that chair being drilled. Shivers coarsed through her veins as she thought of the hygienist fucking her sloppy pussy. Totty drove out of the
neighborhood and headed towards the city.

It wasn’t long before her husband Sherwood had left the house. He pulled out and headed to the country club. His mind thought of the Ladies Club that was meeting this morning, he hadn’t met the newest member, didn’t even know her name, but her golden hair that rested on her head, made him wonder if her pussy was just as golden.

He puttered along, enjoying the feel of the wind whipping at his salt and pepper grey hair. Running his fingers through it, he looked in his rear view mirror, “Not bad for 53,” he told his reflection. He imaged his wife’s features, and felt his cock stir. “She looks good for 45 also,” he told himself. Her arse was perfect, firm and soft. He loved pressing into it with his hard cock. Her tittie’s were more then most men could handle, but the way they wrapped around his shaft, was
pure heaven.

Soon he found himself, parking his car, and
heading into the club bar. “You golfing today?”

Sherwood looked at the manager of the club, “Nah… Think I’ll just have something at the bar.”

“Well their gonna start the Ladies Club meeting
soon. So if I were you, I’d get my drink and head to the meeting room.” The manager turned and walked away, leaving Sherwood to his own decisions. He went into the bar, and scanned the room. The little juicy peach was sitting there, fifteen minutes early. His cock ached with the idea of having the blond slut’s pussy buried against his face.

He ordered his scotch and lime and headed
towards the girl. “Hi, mind if I share this place with you?” The girl looked up at him, “You look familiar, have we met?”

She looked at him like he’d grown a horn from
his head, “Mr. Reese! I’m Engelberta Krest, I live down on Kumquat Lane.”

Sherwood smiled, “Oh, goodness me, how are you Engelberta? My you sure have grown,” his eyes devoured the young woman, taking in her long exposed legs, and her beautiful gold curls. “I haven’t seen you all year, what have you been up to?”

“College, thank God its over!” She laughed, “So
here to play golf, or here to play?”

He looked at her questionably, “Play?”

Engelberta looked at him, raised her eyebrow, “Mr. Reese,” she leaned over the table, her elbows rested on it, pushing her breasts together. “I’m
eighteen, and I’m not an idiot, I know what
happens here at the club, so are you here for golf or some other play?”

Sherwood shifted in his seat, “Well, I was coming to play with the newest member of the Ladies Club, but I believe that is you, so I’ll have to find another form of play this morning.”


His surprise was obvious, to Engelberta Krest, when she boldly stroked his rod, “I like to play, Sherwood, and I’m very good at it,” she ran her tongue over her pearly whites. The dentist had given her a discounted price on her cleaning last night, and the Hygienist had helped clean her pussy as well.

“Engelberta, how much do you like to play?” Sherwood felt his cock stiff and hard, inside his shorts. He looked at her young tits, his fingers now begging to squeeze and kneed their flesh. Opening his
legs he urged her onward, “So where would you like to play?”

Engelberta smiled and grabbed her bag. “I’ll tell you what Sherwood, I’m going to fuck you on the 18th hole.” Standing up she, brought her hands from his cock, and walked ahead of him.

Sherwood got one of the club carts, and he and
Engelberta headed for the 18th hole. The club wasn’t to busy yet, most of the husbands showed up after the Ladies Club dispersed. If a husband was around or even near the place, he was usually appointed some task for the next upcoming charity function.

As they headed out Engelberta worked open the fly of Sherwood’s cock. “Slow down babe,” she said.

“Call me daddy,” he groaned.

“Mmmmm…. Is that what you want?” Engelberta slipped her hands down his cock.

He looked at the blonde, his cock hovering just a breath from her lips, “Yes, Engelberta, I want you to call me daddy.”

Engelberta put on a pouty expression, “Okay, Daddy, do you want me to suck your penis?” Engelberta said
the term in a young innocent voice.

“Ohhh, yes sweetheart suck on Daddy’s dick,”
Sherwood felt her young mouth move over his cock, and he felt the golf cart slow considerably. He looked around and drove it into the woods. Cutting the motor he leaned his arm back and watched her fuck his cock.

Her tongue ran over the head of his cock, tasting
the skin. “Ohhh yesss Engelberta sweets, fuck Daddy’s big hard cock.” His hips lifted to her mouth, and he moaned when her tongue circled the head.

“Daddy,”she whimpered its so big, “I’m scared,” she looked up to him, tears in her eyes.

“Fuck she’s good,” Sherwood thought, “Fuck it babe, make Daddy happy. Go on, it will make me feel good.” He watched as she sucked on the tip of his cock then took the whole cock in deep. He was groaning in pleasure, his hands tangled in her hair. He pulled her head off his cock, “Oh baby girl, you forgot something.”

Engelberta looked at him, for a brief moment, lost her little act. Then her mind grasped the forgotten
thing, and her face became the innocent girl that had his cock resting on her lips. Her fingers stroked his balls, “Daddy, can I…” She hesitated, forcing her face to flush. “Ohhh Daddy can I suck on these too?” her tongue slid over the spheres
in his sac. “You have to baby girl, fuck my balls
to. Suck Daddy, his cum will want to rest in your
mouth, can you take your Daddy’s juice.”

Tossing her blonde curls back, she looked at Sherwood, “Ohhhh Daddy, I’m so thirsty, I will drink you, I love you Daddy.” Engelberta sucked in his balls taking each one and toying with it before
popping it back out. Her mouth came back and sucked on his cock, she bobbed her head faster and faster, fucking his cock deep and hard.

“Ohhhh yesss, FUCK DADDY’S COCK!!” he pushed her mouth to the base of his cock, “TAKE IT ALL!! DADDY’S GONNA CUM..!!!” Sherwood’s voice rocked against the trees as his cum shot into the young woman’s mouth, she
licked and stroked his cock, milking his seed. He shuddered as she emptied his cock.

Soon he was giving small grunts of releases, until she licked him, clean.

“I think I need to check something.” Sherwood pushed his hand up to the pussy, “Ohhh dear, Engelberta, honey, your pussy is wet.”

She grinned, and spread her legs wider, as she now had settled herself on the seat of the golf cart. “Ohhh, and I probably smell bad, too, don’t I?”

Sherwood took his fingers from her pussy, and ran them under his nose, then licked the pussy juices, “You smell and taste like heaven.”

“Ohhh, can I taste?” Engelberta’s eyes were hungry with lust. She sucked the cum from his fingers, as she moaned his name, “Daddy, I’m getting

Taking her hand, Sherwood led Engelberta to the back
of the cart, he grabbed her waist and plopped her on the back of the cart. He spread her legs, “I’ll clean you sweetie, let Daddy wash you.”His tongue slid over the silky hair, that was trimmed nice and pretty. He licked the juices of her pussy, blew hot air into her hole.

Sherwood tasted her pussy, loving its unique flavor, “Nothing like blonde pussy,” he told her before his mouth and teeth pushed and drank her fluids from her body.

“OHHH FUCK ME DADDY… OOHHHHH GODDDD” Engelberta screamed as she finally came, hard for Mr. Reese. Sherwood drove into her, biting her clit and pulling the lips of her pussy. He fucked her till she came two more times. “Fucking Wow!” Engelberta sighed.

“Mmm… I hope to play with you more,” Sherwood smiled.

Engelberta scooted off his cart, and bounced herself back to her seat. “Oh yes, I’d like that. She wiped his cum from her chin, and licked her palm clean. The two returned to the club, just as the brunch was finishing.

“I’ll see you again?” Sherwood asked, a knowing smile soon turned to surprise when he heard, “Mr. Reese that was a sample,” before he could ask, she handed him a gold foil trimmed business card. Engelberta waved and blew him a kiss

Sherwood’s eyebrows rose as he read the card; Delightful Darlings for your Dinner Dates. Emerald Eyes, Escort Service.” Sherwood tucked the card in his wallet. He’d be calling Engelberta Krest again, and perhaps he’d find some play toys for his wife.


Alpha Bakker rolled over and saw her alarm
clock. She saw that it was set to go off in 5
minutes, but she really didn’t want to be out of
bed at 9 am, so she turned it off and rolled over; summer break had just started, and goddamn it, she wanted to enjoy it. The soft hum of the conditioned air being piped into her room lulled her back to sleep, her nipples hard from the cold air caressing her naked body, leaving her pussy
delightfully wet. A smile crossed her face and she slid back into slumber land.

At noon, she finally woke up, got up out of bed and wandered down stairs. It hit her that she was completely naked, but she didn’t care; her father would be at work and her brother would be out mowing lawns and fucking the neighbors
senseless. She bounced down stairs, enjoying the feeling of her breasts bobbing lightly with each step and she made her way into the kitchen, finding her mother smoking a cigarette, bathrobe open, her naked, hot body still sweating from the fucking the pool boy gave her.

“How’s Teague this morning?” Alpha said, digging through the fridge, taking a little extra time to feel the cool air caress her nipples.

“Alpha Antionette Bakker!” Kate shouted in surprise. Had she been careless enough to let her daughter watch her get fucked six ways from Sunday by the pool boy again? The thoughts raced through
Kate’s mind at hundred miles a minute, as
well as the sickening feeling she always got when she thought she’d been caught.

“What? I didn’t see you this time,” Alpha said,
standing up and pouring a glass of milk, facing her mother across the kitchen.

“Then…” Her mother slipped out. Alpha looked up from her milk and stared at her mother as if she was an idiot.

“Mum, there’s cum in your hair. A lot of it. You reek of sex,” Alpha said before gulping her milk down. A small bit of it escaped the corner of her mouth and quickly ran down her chin, dripping down to her perky left tit. Kate’s eyes couldn’t help but follow the drop as it gathered under her nipple and threatened to drip. Her pussy stirred back to life and flooded with moisture, threatening to drip as well. Kate cleared her throat and tried to run her fingers through her hair as subtlety as possible. She combed them through a few times, finding nothing.

“Caught cha,” Alpha chimed. She put her dirty glass in the dishwasher, bending over and giving her
mother a good, long look at her tender pink
pussy, the little bit of blonde fuzz she hadn’t
shaved looking golden in the light streaming
through the window.

Kate cleared her throat loudly and she felt her
cheeks burning.

“So, you’ve finished college, now,” she said, looking for a rapid conversation switch.

“Yup,” Alpha said, stepping to her mother’s side. She saw her mother’s jealous eyes rounding over her youthful tits and stiff nipples. She blushed
a little, but still presented herself to her mother, trying to see what her over-sexed parent would do.

“So are you going to go get a job?” Kate said, looking her almost 19 year old in the eyes. She was trying to not make it look forced.

“Why? I got the church thing. What do I need money for?” Alpha said, almost confused. Kate shook her head and sighed loudly.

“That reminds me, didn’t you have an
appointment at Pastor O’Malley’s this afternoon to talk about that job? Sign some papers or something?”

“Oh shit!” Alpha said, her head snapping around to look at the clock. It just rolled over to 12:05 as she looked at it.

“I was supposed to meet him for lunch at the
Parish!” Alpha said, flying out of the room and back up stairs.

“Alpha Antionette! Don’t speed! One more ticket and you’ll loose your license!” Kate yelled up the stairs. The statement barely registered with her
daughter who was busily pulling clothes on. She wasn’t up stairs for 2 minutes before she ran back down again, a pair of pink trousers on and a loose tank top that showed off way to much for a meeting with Pastor O’Malley. She was a blur in her mother’s
eyes, but Kate still caught that she wasn’t
wearing panties or a bra.

“Alpha, be home for…” Kate started, standing up and craning her neck towards the door. Her voice was cut off by the slamming of the front door. “… Dinner,” Kate continued, her voice weak.

Alpha didn’t even hear her mother. She jumped
in the Jaguar and was out of the garage and down the street, barely aware that her speedometer was registering at 30 over the legal limit. She
wove through residential streets to the back way to the main road, taking alley ways and deserted used roads, trying to avoid the police. A quick look
in her rearview mirror when she was almost
ready to turn back to the main road and hit the by-pass told her she didn’t try hard enough.
Flashing lights filled her mirror and she swore, slowing down in the alley way.

“Goddamnit, I can’t get another ticket,” she said to herself, rolling her trousers down in front and pulling them down in the back, showing off the crests of her hips and whispering dirty promises of what lie just another quarter-inch down. She also pulled the neck of her tank top open a little
further, exposing more than a fair amount of
cleavage. Her hands went to her tits and she
massaged her nipples to life, letting a little moan escape as the tented fabric covered them. Alpha completed the image by making sure her seat belt was off, giving a perfect shot of her tits down the top of her shirt. She no more than finished squirming than the officer walked over
to her car. He tapped on the window and Alpha pushed the button to roll the window down.

“Is there a problem officer?” Alpha said in her perky voice. She smiled big and pushed her breasts together with her arms then letting them bounce a little, her emerald eyes sparkling right above her white pearls. She absorbed the spanish
officer before her, taking in his tall, muscular frame and neat hair cut. She could almost get lost in the black eyes, that shined back at her like black diamonds.

“Well, as a matter of fact there is, miss” the
officer said with a spanish accent. Alpha
shivered in her seat and she felt her pussy heat up.

“Oooh, officer, I love your accent! she piped. Her tongue licked out slowly between her lips and then along the open ridge before sliding slowly back into her mouth.

“Now, I clocked you back there at…” the officer tried to start.

“Is it true what they say about Spain?” Alpha
purred, biting her lower lip.

“Miss?” the officer said, his breathing visibly
quickening and his skin flushing.

“That everything is,” she paused licking her lips again, “bigger?”

The officer cleared his throat and was noticeably uncomfortable. Alpha blatantly stared at the
officer’s crotch and let out an approving moan,
her lips curving into a devilish smile.

“Miss….” The officer started, clearing his
throat. Alpha giggled.

“You don’t have to call me that,” she said, still
giggling. “My name is Alpha, ” she said, spreading her legs,
stretching the thin pink material tight across the bulge of her pussy. “You can call me anything you want,” Alpha finished, trailing her finger up the
officer’s thigh. Her finger nail grated against the officer’s rapidly hardening cock and he cleared his throat again, making Alpha giggle once more.

“Careful officer,” Alpha paused and looked at the man’s name badge quickly. “Crimson. You
wouldn’t want me to catch what you’ve got. I
might need something to,” she paused and
looked at the officers’s now blatantly bulging dick, “clear my throat,” she purred.

“Miss, if you don’t calm down, I’m afraid I’ll
have to take you…” Crimson started, trying to regain control of the situation.

“Please?” Alpha said innocently. “You can take me anyway you want to,” she said her voice gone from its perky innocence to a sultry tone. “You can even handcuff me,” she said winking. She noticed the officer’s impressive cock twitch
noticeably against his thigh. “I’ll be good, I
promise,” she said, her eyes glittering with
apparent lust. No matter how much Alpha
needed to get the Pastor’s meeting, if she got a speeding ticket, she’d have her license expended. Then she wouldn’t be able to work at all.

“Miss, I’m going to have to ask you to step out
of your vehicle,” Officer Crimson said, a broad smile on his face, with the devil griming behind his eyes. He could near smell this little blonde’s pussy, and he could almost feel it wrapped around his 7 and a half inches of spanish heat.

“Oh? Was I bad, Officer Crimson?” Alpha said,
opening her door slowly, swinging one leg out, massaging her pussy with one hand, her other hand playing with her left nipple, pulling the top almost low enough to show the pink of her areola against her tan tit-flesh.

“Yes, Alpha. Please go to the patrol car,” Crimson said with the authority returning to his voice. Alpha swung her hips, knowing she was showing off the top of her arse, making it perfectly evident to the officer watching her that she was not wearing panties.

“Hands flat out against the car and spread your
legs, miss,” Crimson said, with more authority.

“Yes, sir,” Alpha said perkily. She was starting to enjoy where this was going, and her pussy was responding. She felt her breath take off on its own and her heart beating so fast in her chest. She felt the officer’s hands run up her legs, the tips raking roughly over the soft cotton of trousers. She shivered as he reached
her inner thighs, one hand caressing, slapping, and again caressing her tight arse, the other running one finger at a time through her steamy
pussy. She didn’t realize until then how swampy her pussy had become and how much all of this was turning her on.

“And what have we here, miss?” Crimson said, fondling her pussy through the thin cotton trousers. She couldn’t help but whimper and moan under his rough touch.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Officer,” she said coyly, trying to speak without gasping while the officer fondled her from behind. She turned to face him, smiling.

“Eyes forward!” Crimson half-shouted. Alpha shot her head around. “Put your hands behind your back, Miss. We’ll get to the bottom of this soon enough,” he said forcefully, pushing the
fabric covering her shapely arse down, slowly exposing her pussy to the open air. Alpha gasped
involuntarily at the sensation, the cool air
caressing her pussy and bringing her dream back to mind, the Pastor in front of her, slowly stroking his cock…

“I said hands behind your back,” Crimson said, the play gone from his voice. She felt the tip of something cold and thick smack against her arse and she quickly reasoned that it was the officer’s baton.

“Oooh, sorry, officer,” she said. She was
rewarded with another solid whack across her
arse. Her arms went back to the small of her back and she felt the cold steel of hand cuffs slap down on each wrist. She also felt the baton probing her anxious little pussy, rubbing along her slit, getting coated in her juice.

“Just where were you going dressed like this,
slut?” Officer Crimson demanded. He softly
slapped the baton against her pussy, making sure to catch her delicate clit. She jumped and yelped, but her back arched and she purred, spreading her legs further.

“I was going to see my priest,” Alpha moaned,
arching her arse towards the officer behind her, her top barely concealing her tits as it rose higher
against the car.

“Well, we can’t have you going to a priest,”
Officer Crimson paused for a second, letting Alpha feel the tip of his cock running up and down her pussy, the fleshy heat making her body tingle after the cold foreignness of the baton. “With something to confess,” he said, sliding into her cum slicked pussy.

“Oooh, Officer,” Alpha moaned excitedly. “This is a lot more fun than getting a ticket!” Crimson laughed and pulled on the chain of her hand cuffs, pushing himself deeper into her tight little pussy.

“I’ll say,” Crimson said, panting already. The
exchange had left him horny as fuck, and he
knew he wouldn’t last long in this short blonde’s tight pussy. She squeezed his cock hard every time
he pulled out and barely let up every time he pushed in, her cum rolling out with his glistening cock.

“Officer, you’re not going to cum in me, are you?” Alpha said, rolling her hips in a belly dance against
Crimson’s cock as it buried back inside her.
Crimson jerked her up to a standing position,
lifting her off the ground by his cock, her tip toes barely scratching the gravel.

“You’re Goddamn right I’m going to,” Crimson
hissed. She felt his body twitch, his muscles
convulse, and his cock throb thicker in her pussy. The feeling was such a mixture of pain and pleasure for her that she couldn’t even scream, her mouth opened and her body trying to hunch over, but nothing came out of her mouth and she was powerless to move in Crimson’s arms. Her
orgasm from the sudden move left her body twitching and her senses reeling. She was barely aware of the heavy, thick throb of the cock buried in her womb as it poured Officer Crimson’s cum deep into her belly.

It took everything that Crimson had to not fall
over. He forced his knees to support him as he flooded the white pussy with his spunk. His body rocked and tried to collapse as he twitched, his powerful abs almost bending him in half, but he remained standing up by force of will.

Alpha felt her feet hit the ground and she fell
forward against the car, her burning nipples sending jolts through her body, almost electrifying her being as she was washed over by micro orgasms. She felt the Officer’s thick cock pull out, heard the squishing pop, and felt the mixture of their cum roll out of her pussy, splattering on the ground between her feet and rolling down her thighs.

“You’re free to go, Miss,” Officer Crimson said, wiping his cock off on her trousers. “I wouldn’t get caught speeding again, though.”

“With a punishment like this,” Alpha said half-under her breath as she felt the handcuffs come off her wrists. “I think I may just develop a lead

Crimson quietly laughed, his deep filled voice echoing off the fences and buildings framing the alley way. He got back in his car, Alpha pulled up her trousers, feeling the cum cement the fabric to her abused skin, and wandered back to the Jag. The engine roared to life and she looked at the clock.

“Fucking great. 12:30. Now I am going to get it from Pastor,” she grumbled, putting the car into gear and feeling her pussy heat up even hotter, her
mind racing at the thought of Pastor punishing her.


Totty pulled into the shopping centre car park, and drove through until she found the perfect place to park her car. She headed into the shopping centre, smiled at the security guards over by the Starbucks, and quickly settled in just as her first customer showed up.

Shopping centre music played in the background, as the
elderly lady sat down in the chair and relaxed.
Totty could smell the minty scented perfume and she tried not to vomit over the reeking fumes. She applied the cleanser then allowed the woman to wash it off. Once her face was cleaned Totty smeared the mask over the customer’s features, grabbed some freshly sliced cucumbers and placed them on the woman’s eyes. “Now, I’ll be sitting here and when the timer goes off, in ten minutes, we’ll wash all that gunk off your face.”

She looked over and noticed a young woman
standing just inside the entrance of the beauty
shop. “Can I help you?” Totty asked, her eyes
raking over the redhead.

“I had an appointment to get my nails done, but I don’t see the girl that made my appointment for me here.” the young redheaded beauty looked around her eyes resting on Totty.

“Well she called in sick, but I can do them for you if you’d like. It won’t take me to long to finish up this customer,” she offered a chair to the woman
in front of the table. Totty moved the various manicure tools to the side and watched as the pretty redhead sat down. “I’m Totty,” she said extending her hand. “I haven’t seen you here before.”

“I’m Cinnabar Kaiser. This is my first appointment here.” Cinnabar smiled at the woman, letting her eyes travel over her face then dip down to her
neck. She felt a flutter in her stomach as she
continued to follow the woman’s partially
opened blouse. The cleavage was magnificent, and Cinnabar felt her pussy begin to throb.

Totty would’ve have to have been blind, to not
see the woman across from her, practically
fucking her tits with her eyes. Her pussy started leaking almost instantly. She took Cinnabar’s hands in her’s and slowly began to massage each finger. “We’ll get your hands all relaxed then your fingertips can sit in this gel.” She nodded her head towards the blue chemical, not wanting
to break contact with Cinnabar’s hands.

“Do you like what you see… Here at the centre?” Totty asked.

Cinnabar heard the underlying question, and ran her leg over the other woman’s foot. “Yes, Totty, I think I like this centre a lot.” Her brows lifted, while she ran her tongue over her lips.

As she massaged Cinnabar’s fingers, then slowly moved them up her hand. “How long does the old girl have?” Cinnabar asked.

Totty looked at the timer. “About 6 minutes, but she can go longer. She comes in her gets the facial, we get to the mask, and she falls asleep in the damn chair.” She rolled her eyes, “but fuck, she tips well and I don’t have much going on today.”

“Totty,” Cinnabar’s foot slipped from her sandals and slid up Totty’s calf then up to
her thigh. “I tip well too, if I’m a satisfied
customer.” Cinnabar’s pussy was soaking her skirt, and the chair she was sitting on. She had long given up wearing panties. Once she realized how much fucking in public, made her orgasm, she wore the easiest accessible clothes she could.

Spreading her legs wider, Totty reached over the table and inserted her finger into Cinnabar’s mouth. “I would love to see how big a tip you’d be willing to give me.”

“Then you better stop wasting my time, because your tip is slowly dripping away.”

Totty scooted her chair back, and moved under
the table. She had always meant to thank the owner of the place for installing the long runners around the tables. Totty promised that today she would show her thanks, before she left. When she settled under the table, her pussy got even more wet when she saw the red bush of fur
spread open before her.

Cinnabar’s pussy was sloppy and she could feel the warm breath of the woman touching her thighs. “Come on, slut, you need to earn your money. I’m not a satisfied customer.” She felt fingernails on the inside of each leg, as the woman spread them
out further.

The pussy was a welcoming target to Totty’s mouth. It begged her to lick and suck it clean. She pushed her face between Cinnabar’s legs.
Running her tongue over the red curls, she tasted the juices that seemed to flow free. She flicked the clit, several times, before diving in and biting
the slender piece of flesh. She could feel the
textured pussy and pushed her face deeper, letting her chin stir the wet lips of the customer’s pussy.

“Oh fuck yes, baby!” Cinnabar moaned out, then turned to look at the old lady snoring. She pushed her pussy further down in the chair, and started to tease her own nipples. Her wet lips were being lavished by the employee, and Cinnabar emptied more juices from her slick
walls. One of her hands reached under the table
and she forced the woman’s face deeper into her pussy.

Totty ran her tongue between the wet folds of the woman’s pussy, sucking on the fluids that kept running in a steady stream. Using her fingers she separated the engorged folds, and began to thrust her tongue inside the hot hole of the woman’s pussy. “Mmmm… Baby you taste so fucking good,” Totty whispered, before diving her mouth back to the waiting curls.

Cinnabar clamped her muscles around the tongue that was fucking her. She heard a sound come from beside her. Looking over to the old woman, Cinnabar raised the skirt of the table and let the
old girl see what was happening. The old
woman’s eyes grew wide, and her fingers began to rub her pussy.

The mouth working on the red haired pussy was soon fighting for space with Totty’s long finger. She fucked the rosy pussy with hard drives. Her brightly painted fingernail scrapped the wall of
Cinnabar’s pussy, and brought forth another oozing stream of juice.

Totty slid her tongue in and out, sucking and
tasting Cinnabar’s sweet honey. She moaned and blew hot air into the hole of the customer’s body. Faster finger fucked the warm pussy, and harder she sucked the skin that was sloppy and smelly
beneath her nose. Breathing hard, she heard the moan and growl coming from Cinnabars’s mouth.

“Cum for me baby… Cum… I want it, I need it,” Totty pushed two more fingers into the hot soaked pussy, and pushed all three of them faster and harder. Fucking her pussy with the driving force of a drill. She tasted the cum that gushed out of the red haired, pussy
soaked woman.

The cum ran like a rushing river from Cinnabar’s body. She soaked Totty’s face, as she watched the old woman, dip her fingers into her skirt. It wasn’t long before the old woman was thrashing
on the reclined chair. Her face contorted as she finger fucked herself, the green mask on her skin cracking.

Cinnabar turned back and thrust her hips,
and the woman’s head back into her pussy. “Clean me up, whore,” she told Totty.

Totty looked up into Cinnabars’s eyes, then once more devoured the sweet pussy before her. She licked the woman’s thighs, then the hairs of the red pussy. Her own pussy was on fire, and she
ached for release, her chin glistened in what little light escaped under the table.

“Good girl,” Cinnabar purred, then had Totty rise up.

When Totty moved back to her seat, she saw the
old woman bring a cum covered finger from her
skirt, and lick it off. Totty’s eyes widened and she smiled. “I think you need your mask

The old woman smiled, her green facial cream
hard, and cracking further. Cinnabar laughed left a wad of notes on the table and walked out of the
beauty shop. Her pussy cleaned and willing to
unload another load of cum, when the
opportunity presented itself.

Totty helped the old woman wash the cleanser off, then finished the application of the softening lotion, and a light dusting of powder.

She smiled and waved goodbye, as the little old lady left. The smile on her face bigger then one she’d had ever seen on the old bag. Totty
cleaned up the facial supplies, and got ready to service the next customer that was scheduled for a facial.

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