Cherry Hill Chapter 3

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Giles Krest awoke to first the feeling, then the sound, of a pair of lips racing on his rigid cock, giving him a sloppy blow job. He didn’t need to open his eyes to know the tongue begging cum from his balls was his foreign exchange daughter, Axelia. Axelia was the hottest little brunette, and she was above and beyond the best little cock-sucker they’d hosted in the last decade. The sensations rocking Giles’s brain were validation of that, and he hesitated only for a moment before running his fingers
through her auburn curls, letting her head bob up and down on his impressive cock on her
own accord.

“Morgen, Papa,” she said, pausing for a breath of air before attacking his cock with renewed energy.

“Oh fuck yes it is. Hell, it’s even a good morning!” Giles half-moaned. Absently, his hand explored the empty half of the bed, happily finding his wife gone. His lust fogged vision focused on the alarm clock, seeing that it read just past noon.

“Oh shit!” he said, trying to gently lift Axelia’s head from his dick and move at the same time. She would have none of it and sucked harder, her hands grabbing firmly onto his hips.

“Uh uh,” she moaned, the sensations sending
Giles’s libido into overdrive. She slid her
mouth quickly and noisily up his thick shaft, and after a whole year of living with the Krests, she finally got enough practice in to let Giles’s thick cock start sliding down her throat. Giles’s mind was on fire and every nerve in his body was raw. His hands in Axelia’s hair started moving her head for her, and his hips began to rock his cock between her full lips.

“Oh baby,” Giles whispered. “Oh Axelia, are you ready for daddy’s cum?” he moaned. Axelia’s
humming, enthusiastic response was all it took
to finally send Giles over the edge. He almost felt the nerves on fire; Axelia’s moan vibrating his dick, his balls practically humming with her voice, the sensation as it rocketed up Giles’s
back, his muscles contracting, his back arching, his cock pushing further into her mouth. By the time the feeling hit his lust-crazed mind, he felt like he was floating in the bed, and the orgasm
that erupted was a volcano, each spurt of his hot jizz was a blinding inferno in Giles’s mind, each one sending him higher and higher.

Axelia never stopped sucking on her foreign
exchange father’s dick. The more he came, the
more she moaned, the more she moaned, the
harder he fucked her face. Axelia could feel her own juices boil as Giles’s sperm filled her
mouth and slid down her throat, spraying against her tongue or her tonsils, or even straight down into her belly.

“Oh fuck, Axelia! Oh my fucking God!” Giles
moaned, thrashing on the bed as his cock kept
spraying his cum down the brunette’s velvet
throat. She could only smile and feel her pussy
leak her cum down her thighs and feel it run
over her pink slit, soaking her clit and catching drops in her furry pussy.

Giles finally came down enough to let his fingers relax. Axelia bobbed up and down on Giles’s sensitive dick, giggling with it trapped in her lips as he shuddered and twitched from the feelings still coursing through his body.

“Why did you want me to stop, Papa?” she asked, pushing herself up so she could look Giles in the eyes. She fluttered her own eyes innocently, her honey-brown irises almost glowing.

“I was supposed to meet Sherwood at the country club two hours ago!” Giles said, Axelia still pinning his legs to the bed. He smiled at the little bit of his cum leaking from the corner of her mouth, Axelia apparently unaware of the cum dribbling down her chin.

“Mama said something like that,” Axelia said, her hand going to Giles’s rapidly wilting cock and stroking it firmly from base to tip. A small drop of cum squeezed to the top and Axelia quickly licked it from his head, noticing that she’d been dribbling at the same time. Her tongue snaked out and licked the line of jizz up; Axelia took her time and flicked the tip of her tongue so Giles
could see it. She felt his dick throb in her hand
and she giggled again.

“Then why the fuck did she…” Giles started, his
lips pursing tightly. Axelia sucked his cock head back into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it, making Giles’s whole body shudder at the sudden feeling. “Hey now, I gotta get going
here. I’m gonna be in for it as it is.”

“Looks like you’ll be paying for the beer,” Axelia joked, rolling over, her perky tits wobbling back and forth quickly before settling back in their
normal position. Giles sat up and his hand shot down to her slit, two of his fingers diving
between her lips and getting soaked in her juice.

“Looks like you’ll have to have one of your sisters lick you clean; you’re a sloppy mess down here, kitten,” Giles said, running his fingers up to her lips and watching them disappear as she sucked them deep into her mouth, her tongue
going nuts and her mouth sucking her own cum from his thick fingers.

“No time for that, Papa. We’re going to the shopping centre this afternoon,” Axelia said a moment after Giles
withdrew his fingers from her mouth. “Joann and Nu have an appointment with the salon and Mayako and I want to go shopping for make up before we have to go back home.”

“Get it while it’s cheap. Good thinking, baby,”
Giles said kindly. He kissed the forehead of his naked foreign exchange student daughter, giving
her body a good look up and down, moaning his
approval and he went into the bathroom,
intending to shower. Instead, he got a good look at Mayako, spread eagle on the large sink top, shaving her short black fur from her pussy.

“Morning, Angel,” he said softly, wanting to not startle her when she had a blade dangerously close to her tight pussy. Her head snapped up and
her dark brown eyes smiled as they met his.

“Hello, Papa,” she said, returning to shaving her pussy.

“Almost done there, May?” Giles said, looking at the rapidly disappearing hair and shaving cream. She nodded and took the final swipe with the razor. She looked around for the flannel
she had been using, but Giles’s hand was faster.

“Let me,” he said, wiping and kneeling at the same time. “Better angle,” he murmured, the rag wiping the last of the stray shaving cream from her pussy lips right before his tongue licked slowly along the ridge. Mayako almost growled as she moaned, her hands going to Giles’s head and pushing his lips tighter against her pussy.

“You treat me so good, Papa,” she cooed, feeling his tongue part her light brown nether lips and separate them to expose her pink core.
He relished in her taste, still decidedly pussy, but still Japanese pussy. He paused for a moment, Mayako looking down at him in puzzlement for just long enough to see that he was nowhere near done lavishing her pussy. He nibbled her
clit, sucked her pink flesh, and fucked her hard and deep with his long tongue. It didn’t take much of her taste or her moans to return the iron to Giles’s 10 inch cock, and it didn’t take much of his tongue to drive her over the edge.

Mayako’s thick cum rolled out of her pussy and onto Giles’s waiting tongue and cheek, coating him in her honey. Every lick of her clit made her pussy clench and her muscles tighten, issuing forth another shot of her tangy cum. Giles let
her down slow, listening to her mumble things in fast Japanese; he was sure most of it was obscenity, but that only made it sexier.

When May couldn’t hold herself up any more,
Giles carried her over to the bed and set her
down next to Axelia. Axelia looked her Japanese sister over and started softly stroking her hair and breasts as she came back down, micro
orgasms still making her twitch. With only a
wink to Axelia, Giles hopped in the shower and got himself cleaned up to go to the club and meet Sherwood. He dressed, splashed on his after shave, and grabbed an apple from the kitchen before
heading out.

All four of his daughters were down there, all not appropriately dressed for the shopping centre, but he didn’t have time to shout at them now. Axelia was wearing
overalls and a red satin bra. Giles didn’t need
to double check if she was wearing panties; the overalls weren’t buttoned up the side at all and if she moved right, he was sure he could see her brown pussy hair. Mayako was wearing a tight blue
sun dress, and he was sure that her little tits
were bra less and in the year she’d stayed with
the Krests, the only time she shaved was when she was going to go pantiles in public. As for his two twin daughters, Nu and Joann, he knew for a
fact they weren’t wearing panties under their leather mini skirts; they were blatantly flashing their bald pussy’s, a sight that made his dick twitch. He didn’t even see what they were
wearing for tops, his eyes glued to their tan,
shaved, twin pussy’s. A flood of memories of
those two fucking both him and their step-mother three months after they turned 18 got his dick from twitching to full blast, and Giles
nearly ran into the door instead of opening it.

He sighed deeply, hearing the girls chatter just as the door shut and he got in the car, hoping to still catch Sherwood Reese at the country club.


“Adena!” Saraid Williams shouted for her twin sister. “We’re running late, and Lascelles is gonna
shoot us if we’re late!” She waited at the bottom of the stairs, her long fingers grasping the banister, “Fuck,” she muttered. Stomping her foot she shouted, “Jheez, Adena, get the fu…” She stopped in mid sentence as the blonde and blue
eyed image of herself rounded the corner, and started coming down the steps. “It’s about fucking time.”

Adena flipped her hair, and tossed her sister a
smile, “Hey, good things come to those who wait.”

Saraid rolled her eyes, “Please, let’s just get
going, I have a lot to do this evening.” She
grabbed her bag and headed towards the door. “Are you driving or am I?”

“You can,” Adena answered, as she too grabbed her bag. “What time is it anyway?”

The door opened, and Sariad answered, “Almost 3:00! We have to be at Lascelles’s in just 15 minutes!” She felt her sisters hand on her arm, and recognized the look in her eyes. “Adena we
don’t have time for that.”

Adena smirked, and pulled the door closed,
leaving the world outside, and the two sisters inside. “You know how Lascelle hates it when we aren’t ready for him.” She pushed her sister against the door, and ran her hands down her
side, “You know he’ll be pissed off.”

“He’ll be more pissed if we cum, before we get
there,” Saraid whimpered, all ready knowing she was going to give up. Her bag fell to the floor, and her keys clanged down beside it. “Fuck Adena, I love it when you do that.”

“Do what?” her sister asked as she licked her
twins neck.

“That,” she swallowed her moan. Her hands
moving into the long, tresses of Adena’s hair. “Oh fuck I want to fuck you so bad right now.”

Adena pushed up Saraid’s skirt, and slid her fingers over her pussy. “Oh, Saraid your a bad girl, you haven’t shaved this morning.”

Saraid whimpered and felt her juices begin to
gather along the walls of her pussy. Her lip started to tremble, as she moaned, “I know sis, I meant to but I just ran out of time.” She pushed her pussy against Adena’s hand.

“You understand you’ll have to be punished,”
Adena dug a finger between the lips of her sister’s pussy. Her own bald pussy was all ready slick with moisture.

“I know, but we don’t have time.”

“Are you telling me no?” Adena growled and bit Sariad’s neck. “Are you saying no to me, whore?” She sucked on her tan skin, harder and pushed her finger in deeper, scratching her twins pussy and scooping the liquid up with her finger. She pulled the finger out, and rammed it into
Saraid’s mouth. “Suck your fucking juice off my fingers, Bitch! You made me dirty.” Adena’s pussy throbbed as she felt Sariad’s tongue work the nectar from her sticky, wet fingers.

Saraid sucked on the slick juices of her sister’s hand, and savored the flavor of her own arousal. When she had cleaned her sis, she looked into her blue eyes, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to question you or tell you no.”

Adena pulled away, and pointed to the playroom. “Let’s go,” she ordered. Her eyes followed Saraid’s arse, as they walked towards the back room. The playroom was the master bedroom that was downstairs. The sisters had decided to
not use it for either one of their bedrooms,
because they had wanted to hold some of Lascelles’s photo and movie shots in that room. The lighting was better and the spacing was huge.

Saraid felt her belly tighten in anticipation, as she opened the playroom door. “What should my punishment be?”

Adena slid up beside her, and pushed her hands up under her blouse. “Your gonna eat my bald pussy, then fuck me with that hard cock you like sucking so much, when your done. I’m going to eat you, and fuck you. But,” Adena slid her hands
out and pushed her sister to the wall of the
room. “Your not gonna cum, hear me Bitch?”

She hated this punishment the most. She’d be on the edge of orgasm until she got to Lascelles’s and then she’d cum, but it would fucking itch deep inside until she did. Adena must have known what
she was thinking because she quickly looked into her eyes. The twins often knew what the other was doing or thinking, and when they were in the
same room together it was uncanny how connected they were.

“You slut! Your all ready thinking of coming for his cock aren’t you?” Adena smacked her sisters face, just enough to see the lust in Saraid’s eyes
light up. “You whore, obviously that isn’t a good punishment for you. I don’t like sucking hairy pussy’s, you know that! Your not allowed to cum till the party on Friday night!”

Saraid’s mouth dropped, “Adena!”

“Shut up!” she shouted. Adena took Saraid’s
arms, and cuffed each one to the fur lined
cuffs that were attached to the wall. Then she bent down and spread her sisters legs and cuffed those as well. “So for the next week, you’ll not be
cumming, sis, or I’ll make your punishment last longer.”

Adena turned and walked to the storage cabinet that they had placed in the room, when they had first decided they needed one room for all their
toys. She pulled out the pen knife and flipped it open. Saraid glared at her sisters hand, and almost told her she wasn’t into it today; the safety word, Bright, was on the edge of her tongue. But wanting her sisters mouth on her hot pussy was worth the £100 blouse that Adena was now cutting off her torso.

As the knife worked the shirt into tattered strips, Adena’s nipples got harder with each newly exposed patch of flesh. She finally had cut enough of the shirt up, that it fell in tattered pieces to the floor. She wedged the cold metal between Saraid’s heaving chest and the £40 Victoria Secret bra, hit the floor. Adena licked each nipple that covered the expensive boob job that both twins had. She sucked on the right, then the left. She slid the edge of the knife down Saraid’s body, and came to her skirt. Adena fingered the expensive material, she knew she could slide the skirt down, and save the £75 number, but she figured what the fuck, they’d make more.

Saraid groaned a mixture of anger and sexual hunger, as she watched the torn pile of money grow. “Shit,” she muttered.

“What was that slut?” her sister asked, as she
took the knife and ran it over her sister’s belly. She took the knife away, and stepped up to her sister. Her tongue dived in, and she sucked on it. Adena’s mouth, pushed onto Saraid’s and she stroked her twins muscle with hard flicks.

Saraid slid her tongue with Adena’s and then
whimpered as she pulled away. The knife
glistened in Adena’s grasp. She watched her sister leave the room, and she waited. Saraid had wanted punishment earlier this morning when they had time, that was why she hadn’t shaved, but fuck, the punishment was severe this time.

The party wasn’t till Friday, and she had made plans for her pussy this week. Not being allowed to cum till the party was going to push her over the edge. Saraid looked at her sister when she came back into the room. A can of whipped cream and the knife were resting in Adena’s palms.

“I fucking hate, hairy pussy’s,” Adena muttered. She went down on her knees and covered Saraid’s pussy with the frosting. She then spread it evenly, and dipped the cream into her sisters pussy. The warm hole, absorbed the cool, sugary foam and it started to melt. Adena looked up, “Stay still.”

Saraid nodded and watched her sister bring the pen knife up, once more. She closed her eyes as the cold blade began to scrape the frosting from her pussy. The slick cream was soon mingling with the juices that were escaping from deep within her.

Adena took her time, working the knife against the pussy that was begging to be fucked. She slowly glided the sharp blade, until the cream was gone and the hairs removed. Adena wiped the cream and any stray hairs from her sisters pussy, then put her mouth against it. She licked the cream that was sliding out of the sweet hole. She dug
her tongue into the folds of the delectable pussy, and began to flick her sisters clit with her tongue.

The sounds of the cuffs echoed in the room,
as Saraid pulled on her chains. She pushed her hips forward, as best she could. Biting her
lip, she felt the strokes of her sisters tongue
work her pussy. Each slide of Adena’s mouth,
brought heat to her loins, and she shivered
against her sister’s face.

Adena brought up her hands and spread her
sister’s pussy. Then pushed her tongue up and down the slit, before thrusting it into the dark hole. She fucked her sister with her tongue, pushing in and out, then driving a finger in while she bit her clit. The walls of Saraid’s pussy were
soft, and fleshy, hot and slippery. Adena pushed a second finger in, and lapped at the swollen clit, smelling the pussy of her sibling. She pulled the heated liquid out and cleaned her fingers before sliding them back in again. Pushing deeper and
harder each time. She knew from the moans she was hearing that Saraid was on the edge. “Don’t fucking cum on me bitch!” Adena shouted to her. She dived back into her sister’s pussy and sucked harder. Then felt her own pussy wanting to erupt, so she pulled away from Saraid’s.

Saraid’s face was burning hot, her skin was on fire. She squeezed the muscles of her pussy, and tried to concentrate on anything, but the feeling of electricity that was running through her. With a glazed stare over her eyes, she looked at Adena, “Oh fuck this is bad.”

Adena smirked. Then pinched her sister’s tits. “Mmm, yes, and I bet you want a taste don’t you?”

Her head bobbed up and down, and Adena leaned in, and let her slave lick her face clean. “Good girl, sister.” She pressed her body against Saraid’s and looked at her. “I’ve changed my mind, I don’t want you to eat me out this time.” Her hands traveled up to Saraid’s, still locked in the cuffs on each side of her.

Adena pushed her pussy against her twin’s, and started to slide over it. Her fingers tangled in the
fingers of her sisters, as she thrust hard against
her sister’s hot pussy. The smells of the two
women mingled together, and the juices were oozing between them. “Don’t cum,” Adena reminded her sister as she released the pin from one of the cuff’s. “Finger fuck me, whore.”

Saraid wasted no time in doing as she was told. She slammed her hand down between her twin’s pussy and began to drive it into her faster and faster. The walls were steaming, and she pushed and screwed each side of her pussy. Adena sucked on Saraid’s neck, and bit down on her skin. “Oh fuck baby yes,” she moaned into her ear. “Make me cum, babe.” Adena bumped and gyrated against Saraid’s hand.

Working the clit, Saraid twisted and pulled at
the swollen clit, her body shivering and wanting to cum so badly it hurt. “Can I come? Please?”

Adena moaned, “Cum? You want to cum baby
girl?” She sucked harder, then moved her mouth away from her sister’s neck. “No slut, next time don’t show up with a hairy pussy.” She bit Saraid’s neck, and came all over her sister’s hand, and pulled her hand from her pussy when she did. Adena pushed her pussy against Saraid’s
letting Sariad feel the hot juices cover her now bald pussy.

Saraid shivered, and bit her tongue, concentrating on holding back the juices that begged to be released. She knew that this punishment was bad, and she wouldn’t wish this on anyone. A whole fucking week, a whole fucking week! The thought kept running through her mind as Adena’s hot juices slid over Saraid’s

As the high of the orgasm eased out of Adena, she moved her tongue back to the clit of her sister, cleaned it and the cum soaked pussy. She looked up into Saraid’s lust filled eyes.

“If you make it a week, baby girl. You can fuck
me anyway you want.”

Saraid moaned, “Deal.” Then when she was
released, she slid to the ground, and breathed
until her body came somewhat back to normal. “Fuck we’re so late.”

Adena smiled, “Yes, but we’ll make it up to him.” She left the room, then came back and handed Saraid some new clothes. “At least I’ll get to enjoy it.” Leaving the room, and heading outside she laughed as she heard, “I’ll make it a week, and then you’ll be real sorry!”

Saraid got herself dressed, and fought the
temptation to fuck herself, before she headed to the car. Giving herself a mental shake, she slid into the seat next to her sister, and looked at the time. “Fuck, 4:00. How the hell do we explain, being an hour late?”

Adena looked at her, “We smell like sex, babe; no explanation needed.”


The Krest twins and their foreign exchange
sisters hit out on the road, giggling and laughing the entire way to the shopping centre. Nu was driving, and she was the only one not continuously flashing her tits or pussy to the fellow drivers on the
road. They made it to the shopping centre after a half hour of driving, all four of their pussies creaming and
ready for some action.

“We should play a game today,” Joann said as they pulled into the first parking space they found.

“What should we do, Joann?” Nu asked, putting the car in gear but leaving it running. She adjusted the car vent to blow the cold air from the air conditioner across her bald pussy, spreading her legs to expose her glistening pussy.

“How about Hide and Seek?” Axelia suggested, her accent making Nu and Joann shiver; they could never get enough of her talking. When she had been assigned to Nu by the college, she made her just sit there and say sweet nothings in German as she ate the
blonde’s pussy. “We haven’t got to play it for a few months now, and poor Mayako wasn’t with us,” she continued to suggest.

Nu and Joann looked at each other and nodded, a devilish grin twisting on their faces.

“All right,” Nu said, breaking the momentary silence. “Joann will go in first and scope out a good
target, and the rest of the three of us will go to the food court and wait 5 minutes. We’ll meet in the changing rooms and then we’ll start to play,” Nu said, the plan forming in her eyes. All four pairs of eyes in the car started to twinkle crazily with lust.

The girls did as the plan stated. Joann went into the Debenhams’s at the end of the centre and she spotted a target to play with; a Mexican looking woman in her late 30’s working the cosmetics counter. She looked more bored than any of the other workers or customers in the store, and Joann couldn’t help but notice that she was checking out every male customer to walk by her counter, and Joann also
happily noticed that she was giving each of the
tight female arses to walk by a good stare, too.

The other girls had fun in the food court. They
didn’t get anything to eat or drink, but all of
them were flashing strangers that walked by, Mayako being the bravest and sitting with her legs spread so wide someone would have to be blind to not follow that thin little leg to the
junction of her crotch and see her pink pussy, wide open and dripping already, her sun dress
bunched up around her waist.

All three girls had a good laugh at the old women who were shaking their heads at the scene and the men getting slapped by their wives for staring blatantly. They broke away from their fun and swayed into the Debenham’s, meeting their sister in the back changing rooms, trying to stay as inconspicuous as the three of them could.

“Who are we playing with?” Nu asked after
arriving at the fitting rooms.

“There,” Joann pointed to the cosmetics counter, just close enough to being in view that they could all crane their necks to see, but far enough that they could stay out of sight. Nu looked on and her eyes got big.

“You stupid cunt!” she hissed. “That’s Madrona from across the block! She’s hot and everything, and I love ethnic pussy,” she said, looking their foreign
exchange sisters up and down, seeing their eyes
glaze over at the thought of her experienced tongue parting their pussy lips. “But if we get caught…”

“She’ll what, call Mum and Dad? Shit, you know our parents. Dad would fuck her six ways from Sunday while Mum took care of her hubby and probably Maryvonne and Armando, too. Worse thing she’ll do is have us thrown out of the shopping centre,” Joann
said, interrupting her sister as quietly as she
could. “Besides,” she said, sliding her index finger up her twin’s leg and finding her dripping pussy. “It’s not like she’ll resist,” she continued, pulling her cum covered finger from her sister’s pussy
and holding it out between Mayako and Axelia. They both licked the juice from her finger, their tongues and lips dancing along Joann’s flesh. “No one ever resists.”

“So what’s the plan?” Axelia asked, licking the taste of her Japanese sister’s lips from her own. Mayako smiled, her eyes twinkling devilishly
and the duo known as the Krest Cunts and their German sister listened intently to their Japanese sister’s plan. After a few moments of whispering,
they broke away, tittering, each moving to take position around the store.

Mayako wandered slowly over to the trouser section, observing Madrona out of the corner of her eye. She noticed Madrona’s eyes glued to the arse of everyone who walked by, including her cute little bottom. She waited for a minute, pretending to browse,
and Axelia came up and started bending to look
through racks and shelves near Mayako. Madrona didn’t even see her disappear into the rack that Mayako turned to look through. Mayako nodded, and Nu started walking around the aisle, and Joann started walking closer to the cosmetics counter, being careful to keep out of sight of Madrona.

The trap was sprung. A man walking through the section was the final piece and the girls reacted like clock work. Madrona’s eyes went to the man, taking in his arse-hugging combat trousers and button up shirt, looking like a business executive on his day off. While Madrona’s eyes were glued to the arse on
display, he crossed in front of Mayako, and she turned to face the cosmetics counter, her sun dress hitched up around her waist, showing off her bald little pussy, her lips displayed and glistening in the store lights, nestled between the gap of her thighs. She carried on looking at blouses as if nothing were wrong. Madrona’s eyes seemed to pause and hang for a second, her brain seeming to not register what she saw, and before she could get a second glance, Nu walked in
front of her, blocking her view. Madrona’s eyes involuntarily followed the Krest girl’s perfect arse as she walked past, Axelia’s hand snatching out to
Mayako’s dress and pulling it back down while the Japanese girl continued to look at blouses.

By the time Madrona’s eyes darted back to Mayako, nothing was out of place or out of the ordinary. Her eyes wandered back to the blonde’s mini-skirt arse, catching a fleeting glimpse of it as she walked around a column, swearing that she had the skirt bunched up higher, flashing all of her twin globes as she walked out of sight.

Madrona shook her head, mumbling curses to herself in Spanish. She moved around the cosmetics counter, trying to get a look at the blonde, hoping to see that she was still walking and see how many tricks her mind was playing on her. Much to her dismay, she didn’t even see the girl
walking down the aisle. Madrona left the counter in puzzlement, walking around the column, looking for the blonde. Mayako tried to not laugh as she watched Nu stay on the other side of the column and then dart into the underwear, hiding in the racks.

Madrona sighed heavily and went back to the
counter. Joann saw her coming and moved into a position where she would be just in the
perfect vision of the confused cosmetics
attendant and bent over, blatantly showing her arse under her short skirt and flashing her bald, wet pussy to the woman. Madrona saw it, but took it as another sign of her growing weakness and
increasing need for sex. In the second between
her first look and her second, curious look, Joann had moved back into the racks of clothing and was out of sight.

Madrona, her chest heaving, her nipples burning, her face flushed, turned back and tried to focus on
work. She had almost forgotten about Mayako
completely until she looked up with a heavy sigh and saw the Japanese girl there, her sun dress bunched up around her waist and a hand sticking out from the blouse rack, massaging her freshly
cut pussy. Madrona stared, transfixed, her heart pounding in her ears as she watched the mystery hand’s thumb work the Japanese girls’ clit in slow circles, occasionally speeding up to flick the sensitive bud. There was at least two fingers buried in her exposed pussy, working deep inside her, and judging from hand working, those
fingers were twitching and stroking her tight
pussy with everything that they had.

Madrona’s own pussy started to boil. The heat from before when she thought she had been imagining the naked girls was nothing compared to the inferno that grew in her belly. She could almost
hear her pussy get wetter, and she could
definitely smell it. She felt her tongue snake out and lick her lips only to realize that her mouth had gone dry. The haze of lust and need that was rapidly fogging her brain told her that the best thing she could do right now was to go in the back and masturbate until she couldn’t even walk. She didn’t care about the consequences right now. She saw the young oriental woman having her pussy mauled by that hand, Madrona watched her shake and try to stay standing. She
could hear the juices sloshing around the
invading fingers and she could see the hand grow wetter by the second with the girl’s cum.

Madrona was about to leave when she felt two hands on her, one on each side of her waist. They were small, feminine hands, but her warning signals went up and her heart skipped a beat.

“It looks good, doesn’t it,” a voice said, the hot
breath that carried it tickled her neck just behind her right ear and made her whole body shiver. She felt her pussy clamp down and a rush of her fresh cum shot out. The hand on Madrona’s right hip
softly caressed the skin under her top, moving the material sensuously with it as the hand ventured along her pelvic ridge and
threatened to head further down.

“Makes you wish you were getting the same
thing, doesn’t it,” the first voice said again, but mysteriously on her left. It was the same non-questioning tone that made her realize whoever was behind her knew what she needed. The same hot breath caressed the left side of her neck, the
sensation rippling through her body on an
electric wave making her clit tingle without even having anything touch it. The hand on Madrona’s left hip ventured around like the one on her right,
but after tickling and teasing across her side, it moved up, its thumb stroking tantalizingly
across the underside of her left breast, sending
aftershocks of pleasure through her body.

“It makes you want to cum, doesn’t it,” the voice said again, Madrona’s head swimming. This time the voice was whispering in both ears, the breath colliding with her flesh like a freight train and
she thought she was going to loose the strength in her legs, but she managed to stand. Madrona could only nod at that point, especially with one hand openly massaging her tit and the other moving to softly stroke the mound of her under-used pussy.

“Let us help you with that,” the voices said in
unison again. Madrona’s knees quivered and she started to climax there on the spot. Nu could
feel Madrona’s pussy quivering in her trousers, and she could feel the heat radiate out as her cum started
soaking the crotch of the trousers. Her body
collapsed, but the hands of the still unseen girls held her up and leaned her against the counter. They kept mauling her flesh through her clothes, her whole body twitching with her orgasm. Nu and Joann decided to set her down, and they did,
noting that her eyes were shut tight and she was whispering things in Spanish as pleasure rocked her body.

The Krest twins put her to rest gently on the
floor, each bolting a different way from the
cosmetics counter, still unseen by Madrona. Mayako and Axelia straightened themselves and they left the racks of blouses. The girls were out of the store, looking back quickly through the racks of clothing, seeing that Madrona still wasn’t standing,
they all laughed and poured out into the shopping centre in a
sexually heated flood. Nu heard her phone
beep in her bag and she looked at it.

“Joann, we just got a message from Lascelle. He’s got a special project for us,” she said, licking her lips.
Joann’s pussy twitched. She was well acquainted with the special projects of Lascelle Kincade and
was looking forward to reaping the rewards.

“Let’s go,” Joann said. The foursome changed course immediately and ran back out to the car, forgetting all about their appointment with
Totty at the salon.


Lascelle Kincade sat behind the monitors of his little “in home” shop. He watched the screens flash from one scene to the next. As he did he noticed the time, and he began counting the minutes that the girls were late. So far the Williams girls were 45 minutes late, 3:15 had been a long time ago in his book, and it was now 4:00. The other girls were on their way over. He hadn’t been planning on using them all, but he figured, if the Williams girls weren’t going to show up on time, he’d have to combine two films into one.

He leaned in closer, and kept his hand on his rigid cock. Lascelle had pulled his cock out from his shorts earlier, and he was still stroking the hard cock hours later. He never did cum by himself.
He kept his cock hard, and on the edge of
cumming when he had movies to make, it made them hotter for him. If he was hard, he could imagine all sorts of naughtiness to film. Right now though he didn’t need his imagination the view of the Gonzalez home was enough to keep his straining cock on over-drive.

The picture was as clear as a cable channel
running images into your living room. The
colored monitor showed Armando slamming his sister Maryvonne’s pussy from behind, while Maryvonne ate
out the pussy of some girl. Lascelle watched the image and then put his headphones on. He stroked his cock, to the
sounds and sights of what he considered Mozart and Picasso. Music and a beautiful picture to gaze upon.

Armando had his cock buried so deep inside, the monitors now set to freeze on the couple. He had all of the cameras that were hidden in the
Gonzalez son’s bedroom on, and he was recording it all. This would make him some nice money online, as well as down at Babette’s porn shop. Maryvonne’s mouth worked the pussy
underneath her lips, and Lascelle pushed the zoom button on his laptop. He watched the glistening, salvia, and juicy pussy come into focus, and he licked his lips over the idea of sucking on the red haired pussy that Maryvonne was enjoying.

He loved pussy. Bald, trimmed, hairy, Lascelle didn’t care. To run his tongue over a pussy, fuck he’d cum faster then a speeding bullet. His fingers flew over the keyboard leaving his cock hard and straight waiting for attention. He changed camera angles, zoomed in some, and zoomed out others. He watched the cum shoot from the red haired pussy, and he almost came. Lascelle was going to have to find out which
girl this was, he loved fucking squirters. Pussy cum all over his face, was to die for.

Moving one of the camera’s with a series of keystrokes he took in the red head’s face. Cut
and pasted her features, then saved them. He’d have Officer Crimson run him a check, and toss him this movie concerning the little cum slut, for his services. Lascelle leaned back and went back to hand fucking his cock. Soon he heard the William’s girls coming into the apartment. “About time, ladies,” he shouted toward them.

They knocked on the door, knowing full well he wasn’t letting them in. “Go get ready, and use the leashes and collars today.” He rolled his eyes, as he heard Saraid’ “What the fuck, I thought you
wanted the college scene today?”

“Just do what I tell you, I know what I’m doing.”
He liked Saraid’s pussy, but her whiny attitude
annoyed the hell out of him, now Adena, fuck she could get him to cum just by crooking her finger the right way. He adored Adena, and he was one of the few that new how to tell the twins apart. He left his cock hanging out as he shut the monitors and speakers off, but left everything
else recording.

Opening and closing the door of his little shop,
he saw the four other players enter the
apartment. “Hey,” he nodded his head to them. They each ran their tongues over their lips, and Lascelle chuckled as he heard, “Nice,” fall from their mouths in unison.

“Thanks ladies.”

“What’s the plan Lascelle? We weren’t even supposed to be here until 7:00.” Nu Krest asked.

Lascelle grinned, “The Williams were late so I need to shoot two films, but combine them into one shot. So I figured one film will do it, and then you all can go about your merry way.” He nodded to the other spare bedroom. “The clothes are in there go get dressed and I’ll get Adena and Saraid set up.”

“Great,” Nu’s twin sister Joann said, her voice showing a lot of enthusiasm. Axelia, Joann, Nu, and
Mayako headed back to the indicated room, each one becoming more wet then before. The room smelled of sex, by the time the four girls finally managed to get dressed. Axelia had taken a few licks of Joann’s pussy before helping her to zip up the tight black mini skirt. Her tongue
had trailed down the long boot, and lapped at her leather encased foot. Axelia rose and
sucked her sister’s tits before hooking the corset that lifted Joann’s boobs up, but did nothing to cover them.

Joann in turned helped her sister’s to become more aroused when she worked on the strap on cock, pausing long enough to run the cock into her sister’s pussy before taking it out and strapping it onto her sister’s body. She licked the juice covered cock, and buckled the straps of her the red stilettos that Lascelle had left for them to wear.
Joann licked the ankles that were mirror images of her own before coming up and weaving her tongue around Nu’s neck. She sucked on her sister’s soft skin, as she guided the front clasp of the red leather bra in and locked the perfect tits
in place for all to admire. The rosy hard nipples were exposed to her and everyone else’s
roaming eye.

Mayako fingered the riding crop and ran the tip up and down Axelia’s pussy. The end became more wet, and continued to slide it over and between the pussy lips. She hated having to stop, but she
did. Placing a long, deep kiss on the German pussy, she stood up and picked out her clothing for the event. The 3-piece suit was navy blue and it
hugged her skin well. She put on the skimpy,
sheer blouse, then the jacket. She buttoned the
center blouse then grabbed the skirt. Axelia saw a piece of paper flutter down to the floor, as Mayako lifted the skirt. “Hold up, babe,” she said.

Axelia got on her knees and picked up the paper. “It says, don’t mess with the skirt.” She shrugged her shoulders and handed the paper to Mayako.
While Axelia was down on her knees, her hands
soon rested on Mayako’s hips, and her face was losing itself in her slick pussy juices. Axelia stroked her lover’s pussy, with relaxed movements and
slow pressure. She coaxed more of the heated sin from her body, and drank at it. Slurping noises filled her ears.

Mayako pulled Axelia away from her pussy, and pushed the final outfit into Axelia’s hand. She winked as Axelia wiped the juice from her chin, then licked the back of her hand. Axelia turned and pushed her arms into the white uniform blouse, buttoning the pearl buttons, until just below her twin peeks. She grabbed the two strips of ribbon, and put her hair in pigtails. The she bent over and slipped her feet into the pleated, mini-skirt. It was then that Mayako returned the favor and aroused her little Japanese body even
further. Mayako ran her fingers up over Axelia’s arse, and separated the cheeks before sliding her
tongue down the crack. She licked the entrance
of the puckered hole, and slowly inserted her
finger, while she licked, the entire time. Sending
beads of salvia down a journey into the dark
place where her finger fucked.

She stopped when she heard the Williams sisters in the other room. “Time to go,” Mayako grinned. She looked at the two Masters, Joann and
Nu. Both looked good enough to eat and she
looked forward to doing that later. Her eyes then took in the school girl look of Axelia and her own appearance as a college professor. To add to the effect she grabbed a pair of stage glasses, and scooped her hair into a bun. “Now don’t I look all strict and stern?” she
asked the others. They giggled and stepped out
into the other room.

Lascelle walked out of his little shop room, at the same time, once more a hard cock, waiting to be satisfied sometime tonight. He had enjoyed the filming of the Krests Cunts as well as the extra little number that Adena and Saraid had put on. He cocked his eye at Saraid, remember how her sister had told her to remember not to cum until the block party on Friday. Lascelle smiled, “This is going to be fun.” He loved Sabraid’s pussy, but
making the whiny female on the edge of
climaxing and then telling her no, for the next six days would be heaven. He’d have to make sure he spent some one on one time with her arse, and
pussy this week.

“Ready ladies?” Lascelle asked, being sure to remind them of the safety word before he set to work telling them what to do.

“Axelia, you and Mayako are the typical college professor and the student. I want Mayako sitting at the desk,” Lascelle nodded his head, towards the large oak computer desk. “Axelia would
go underneath, make sure you leave enough
room for the camera to see that beautiful tongue work that slit.” Turning toward Adena he looked at the collar around her neck, and the leash in her palm. She also wore a strap on cock and a necktie, otherwise she was completely nude. “I
need you to play the professors, lover.”

Adena grinned, and blew him a kiss. She headed over to the other woman, and noticed where all the camera’s were and how the best picture would be displayed, and where the best angles
were. She spent a lot of her free time at Lascelle’s and she was learning the ropes quiet nicely.

“Nu. I need you to have Saraid be your Bitch in
Heat. She wants to be fucked so bad and she wants to cum so bad, and you and Joann, need to make her cum. I don’t want you to stop unless she cums or she says the safety word, kite. Okay.” Saraid
groaned, and ached to tell them her punishment, but she didn’t dare, that was a long standing rule
with Adena and Saraid, they didn’t tell the
punishments, because it was cheating if someone knew and either eased up on you or increased things in order to try and get you to break your promise. Saraid hadn’t a clue that Lascelle had heard her and her twin Adena discussing her punishment. Taking a deep breath, she got on
her hands and knees, and waited for her two
Master’s to begin.

Adena looked over at Lascelle and displayed a set of pearly whites. She was one of the few that knew he had every room in the entire apartment building wired for picture and sound. Some suspected, but no one knew he could hear and see it all. Adena however had known, and she had
made it a point to stress repeating to Saraid not
to cum, the whole time knowing Lascelle could
hear her.

“As they say in Hollywood. Lights! Camera! Action!” Lascelle growled out as he sat behind a complex arrangement of electronic equipment
and began recording every square inch of tits, pussy’s, and arses he could. Lights adjusted by remote, cameras zoomed in by the touch of a single keystroke, bodies were heard slapping and
grinding, as cum filled the room. But not once
did the little cum slut slave Saraid cum, crying out the word “bright,” just as his molestation of the women ended. Lascelle was quite impressed
with Saraid’s willpower, but made a promise to himself to fuck her brains out this week, and try to make her cum.

He told Saraid he’d bring Adena home later. She waved goodbye, and left with the other girls. Saraid headed home, and the Krest girls, and their overseas sisters headed for more seedy adventures. Lascelle turned to Adena, and had her remove the strap on. His cock ached for her and he looked at her welcoming pussy. “Hungry baby?” he asked.


“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned,” Alpha’s sexy little voice said, just before the sloppy sounds of her mouth taking Pastor
O’Malley’s impressive cock echoed through his
office. She started humming as her blonde hair started moving in waves with the timing of her bobbing head, and the Pastor couldn’t help but moan out loud.

“You are forgiven child, for being late. Again,”
Pastor O’Malley’s deep voice boomed through
his small office. He looked down at the Bakker girl, his trousers around his ankles, her petite frame
kneeling on the floor between his chair and the desk. She moaned in response, sending wake
after wake of pleasure through his body,
radiating from his cock and extremely blue balls.

“Careful, Alpha, it’s been a week since I’ve gotten any attention, and you’ll end up with a mouthful of cum,” he warned, his voice sounding firm, yet ready to explode. Alpha released her pastor’s cock from her lips with a loud, slobbery pop and she started wanking his spit-coated cock off as fast as she could.

“Maybe that’s what I want,” she said, her eyes burning with lust. She had no more than slid his dick back down her throat than there was a knock on the door. Their eyes met in a panic and she scooted quickly under the desk, and he pushed his chair back with her, his hard dick slamming into the cold underside of the center drawer.

“Yes?” Pastor O’Malley’s voice cracked. The door opened slightly and a small face peeked in,
framed in long raven hair. Her green eyes were dancing in the pale light of the room, locked on the Pastor’s face.

“Oh Mitchel, good, you are here!” she said and sat down in the chair across from his heavy oak desk. Alpha immediately recognized the voice of Emanuela, the Pastor’s wife and very carefully moved under the desk so she could lick the head of his dick. Pastor jumped straight out of his chair when she did that, and Alpha was rewarded with a swift kick in her inner thigh. “Are you okay?” his wife asked, concern clouding her face.

“Yes, yes. I just had a itch but now its gone now. What can I do for you, Manny?” He asked, glancing fondly over at his wife. His eyes traveled down her body to her luscious tits, their little nipples standing out proudly
through the blue top she had on. Her pregnant belly was starting to stretch the top, and it was probably past comfortable for her, but she hadn’t said anything yet. She was
wearing a loose pleated skirt that ended well
past her knees; her still-amazing legs weren’t covered by stockings. Mitchel did note that she had painted her toe-nails, the crimson gloss shining through the open end of her shoes.

“Well, I wanted to go shopping,” she said, rolling her eyes. “Nothing I have really fits anymore, you
know.” Mitchel nodded.

“OH!” he shouted as Alpha sucked his cock down until its head lodged in her throat. His right hand tensed as he tried to remain composed. He felt her start to bob, not totally understanding how she was doing that in the space she had, but
completely turned on that the blonde was sucking him off in his office, in the church, in front of his wife. “Oh yes,” he said, trying to cover. “I had some things to finish here for the service tomorrow, anyway. Planning on
going with anyone? I know you hate going to the shopping alone,” Pastor continued, trying to keep his composure. That only seemed to encourage Alpha who started massaging his balls as well as sucking his shaft.

“Well, I thought you might be here late. I was talking with those nice Andersons down the street. Mily and her daughters actually suggested I could go with them if I wanted to,” Manny said, trying to figure out what was going on with her
husband. He was twitching a little and seemed awfully nervous about something.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Mitchel said, trying like hell to not moan. He was extremely relieved when he felt Alpha’s hot mouth leave his throbbing cock for a
moment and he took a deep breath. “Yes, you
should go and enjoy the evening with them. Maybe you could talk them into coming to
church tomorrow?” Pastor continued, hoping to see more of the three black women than their Sunday dresses.

“Well, I’m sure we’ll have a good time,” Manny said, looking like she was going to get up and leave. Mitchel had never been so relieved to see his wife go in all his life. He felt the brush of Alpha’s
top against his leg; it took him a second to
realize that she had taken it off and set it beside his chair. He tried and tried to make no sign, but he was sure he was blushing like a mad man.

“Oh, one more thing,” Manny said, standing from her chair. Pastor smiled at her, feeling another push of material go past his leg and looking down to see the pink trousers of the now-naked Alpha next to his chair. His cock was almost thumping against the bottom of the desk, but it remained free for only a moment as Alpha
sucked it silently back down her throat, her
hands wanking him off furiously and playing with his hairy balls. Mitchel clamped his mouth shut and grinded his teeth to keep from moaning in adulterous pleasure.

“Yes sweetie?” Pastor said, his voice cracking

“The Bakker girl, did she come yet?” Manny asked plainly.

“Excuse me? Oh right, the meeting. No, she was late, hasn’t cum yet,” Mitchel said, trying to not lie to his wife further about that matter. His heart was pounding like a jack in the box in his chest and his breath was coming to him in quick gasps, but he tried hard to maintain his composure.

Mitchel and Alpha both felt the orgasm start. His heavy balls started to tighten up, his shaft
started throbbing, getting thicker and longer in her mouth, and finally, with one final throb, his dick swelled up to its full length and girth and
shot after shot of his hot spunk shot into Alpha’s waiting, wanting mouth. She didn’t swallow hardly any of it, letting the Pastor’s cum dribble
down her chin, dripping off and splashing nearly-silently on her tits. She never stopped wanking him off, her hand slowed down, however, and she slowly milked the remaining cum from his

“Well, I hope you two have a good meeting,” Manny said with a smile and left the room, looking completely oblivious to the fact that her husband just pumped half a pint of cum into the mouth of
their blonde neighbor.

“Oh, you are in so much trouble!” Pastor hissed.
He kicked his chair out from his desk and he looked at the little blonde, his cum practically white-washing the lower half of her face and the
dribbles onto her tits were pooling and running down her body. There was almost a complete stream from her lips to her pussy, a single small line running down her chin to her belly button and down to within inches of her slit.

“I am?” Alpha said innocently. She crawled out on all fours to the Pastor’s chair and licked his rapidly wilting dick.

“You bet your sweet arse!” Pastor said, not faking his anger. “She almost caught us!”

“But I only wanted to make you happy,” she
pouted. She stood up in front of Pastor and took
a step back toward his desk, leaning against it.

“If by happy you mean divorced. Is that what you wanted out of this meeting?” Pastor said,
some iron starting to return to his dick. The meat between his legs twitching back to life did not escape Alpha’s eye.

“Actually, I wanted to talk about the job.
Is there anyway we can turn it into a full thing?” Alpha asked demurely, turning around and putting her hands on his desk. She spread her legs, exposing her tight pink hole and her pink,
glistening pussy, still with the remains of
Officer Crimson’s cum swimming in her depths. The blonde pussy was close enough to Pastor’s face that he could have stuck his tongue out and licked it, and that tight little arse begged to be
fucked, but he had a better idea.

“First,” Pastor said standing up. He kicked his chair further back, slamming it into the filing cabinet in his office. “First we need to punish you for making me cum in front of my wife,” Pastor said, grabbing a ruler off his desk and rolling up his sleeves. Alpha only moaned in response and anticipation.

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