Cherry Hill Chapter 5

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“So tell me, Matt, why is it that you came to see me?” Pastor O’Malley asked kindly.

“Well Pastor, I just get the feeling, that there aren’t any good people left in our neighborhood. You know, everyone’s like sleeping around and
prostituting for fun and profit, and I think the whole neighborhood is going to Hell,” Matt replied, his hands fidgeting so much he was
almost wringing them.

Pastor raised an eyebrow and Matt’s skin instantly flushed.

“Well, everyone except for you and your wife, Pastor,” Matt quickly corrected. “I’m pretty sure the Allen boys have yet to be tainted by the
sin that has become our community, but I can’t be sure.”

“Well, Mr. Adams, how does that make you feel?” Pastor asked quickly. Matt noticed his face was
a little flushed and he seemed to be sweating a little, even in the air-conditioned church office.

“Are you okay, Pastor?” Matt asked obvious concern in his voice. “If you’re unable to make today’s service, I’m sure I could deliver a Sermon… Matt offered with a smile.

“No, no, I’ll be coming around by the time we gather for worship, but thank you for the offer, Matt.”

Matt smiled broadly and nodded.”I guess the whole situation makes me feel uncomfortable. I mean, if I know what’s going on around the
neighborhood, how much does everyone else know? As an outsider, I obviously have a clearer
perspective and I’m not looking through lust-tinted glasses at everything, but do husbands and
wives know how unfaithful their partners are? Does the sacrament of marriage mean nothing to these people?” Matt asked, excitement and anger raising in his voice.

Pastor smiled gently and waved Matt down before he got too excited and stood up. “Matt, I
assure you, these problems will work themselves out,” Pastor said. He paused to clear his throat, taking a sip from a glass of water on his desk before continuing. Matt looked at him, highly concerned. Again, Pastor quelled his concerns
with a gentle smile and a small shake of his head. “It’s nothing, Matt, I’ve just been a little under
the table…. I mean, whether… Lately. I do appreciate your concern, though,” Pastor said, clearing his throat again.

“Pastor, I don’t want these problems to work themselves out, I want to be able to intervene and solve them before the moral wrongness drives our once-fair community into some sex raged town. “Matt could feel his rant, growing again. Pastor quieted him down again with a gentle face and a subtle wave.

“Matt, as I said, these problems have a way, of working themselves out. I appreciate your concern, but trust me, as far as my counseling
goes for our little community, extra-marital affairs take a back seat to other issues in the home. I will, however, be on the look out for any activities that our Lord would look down upon and seek to council the offenders,” Pastor said warmly, with a hint of sternness in his voice.

“I’m glad you think that’s the best course, Pastor,” Matt said with a smile. “I do think that I would like to take a more proactive approach
to this problem, however. If you ever think you need assistance in talking some sense into any of
our straying neighbors, please, Pastor, come to me first,” Matt continued. Pastor flushed heavily and Matt could see sweat breaking out across his brow again. He shifted in his seat and leaned a little heavier on his desk than he’d been

“Matt, you will be the first I come to if I need help in discussing this situation with any of our neighbors,” Pastor said, clearing his throat again. He quickly smiled at Matt to subdue any thoughts of concern on the young man’s face.
“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a little preparation to do before today’s call to worship.”

“Oh, of course, Pastor I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t the only one, seeing the problem in our
neighborhood,” Matt said smiling and standing. Pastor scooted forward in his chair a little bit and extended his hand to Matt. The
35-year old virgin took it and shook it vigorously.

“No, Matt, I’ve been aware of the issue for sometime now, I was just waiting for the right time to address it,” Pastor confirmed with a smile. Matt looked as if he was going to say something, but he shut his mouth and nodded. He walked out the door, shutting it behind him
and Pastor leaned back in his chair, sighing heavily. His hands fell to his lap after rubbing his eyes, his fingers tangling in the silken blonde
strands covering his lap.

“Mmm, that was close,” Pastor moaned out, his eyes closing and his breath deepening.

“I was hoping to make you cum,” Alpha’s voice rang up, muffled by the Pastor’s cock.

“You were adding to the debauchery of our good
neighborhood, leading us down the path of a modern life of sin,” Pastor said sternly. Alpha couldn’t help but laugh.

“And here you are, a Pastor, getting a blow job from a neighbor, in church, before service, with your wife not 50 feet away, thinking you’re preparing for your sermon,” Alpha laughed, pushing Pastor O’Malley out from his desk. She
stood up and straightened her pink sun dress, crossing her arms under her breasts.

“And to think, here you are, blowing your Pastor in the church, knowing his wife could come in any second,” Pastor said, running his hand up the left thigh of the girl before him. His thumb snaked under the hem of her short dress and felt her juices on her inner thighs for a split second before he felt the heat of her blonde pussy. He continued up and his fingers found her naked
pussy, hot, wet, and waiting for his touch. She leaned back against his desk, purring, as he lifted the front of her dress to her waist. He leaned
forward and licked down her exposed pussy, tasting her juices for the first time.

“Oh fuck yes,” Alpha moaned softly. Pastor stood up and turned her around, pushing her against
his desk. Her arse arched out towards him and she rubbed her swollen pussy against his erect dick
as it slid between her arse cheeks.

“Only bad girls don’t wear panties to church,” Pastor said, giving her arse a sharp spank.

“Oooooh, Pastor, you’re right. I’m a bad girl,” Alpha said, her mind surprised at the sudden rush of heat to her pussy after she was spanked.

“And what do we do to bad girls?” Pastor said, rubbing his dick against her slit, gathering her juices on its head. Another smack landed firmly
on her arse. Alpha wiggled her opening pussy against the Pastor’s cock and she whimpered a little.

“We punish them,” she said quietly. Pastor’s hands came down in a quick flurry of blows on her arse, Alpha jumping at each one, and the
pleasurable pain sparked a driving desire in her pussy.

“That’s right, Alpha, we punish bad girls,” Pastor said, grabbing his dick and pushing it against the tight pucker of her arse. He slid in slowly, letting her take in his girth. He was surprised at the little resistance he met and delighted at the tight heat around his throbbing shaft.

“Oh fuck yes, punish me, Pastor, I’m a bad girl,” Alpha moaned, feeling her cum starting to run
down her thighs. Pastor slid out of her back door and then slammed forward, his balls slapping against her pussy and the desk shaking under them.

“Oh, you will be. You’ll be punished until I cum, you little whore. You’ll get fucked and then you’ll have to sit next to your mother all service, at the front of the church with my cum leaking out of your arse,” Pastor said, slapping both cheeks.
Alpha’s back arched and her sphincter tightened, almost making Pastor cum right there.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” Alpha moaned over and over, she grabbed onto the front of the desk for support and pushed back against her Pastor’s invading cock.

“Oh fuck is right, Alpha,” Pastor said, slamming his dick in her arse as fast and as hard as he could.
“What do you think your mother would say if she could catch you now?” Pastor grunted. He could
feel the cum starting to boil in his balls and he knew that in a few more strokes, he’d be pumping his seed up her tight arse.

“Fuck me, Pastor ” squealed Alpha. “Fuck me hard, fuck me now I don’t fucking care what my slut mother would say She’d probably be leaking
cum from the pool boy, the mail man, my father, and anything else she can wrap her loose pussy around. I want your cum in my arse, Pastor, fill my slut arse up Oh fuck I’ll fucking tell my mother that you’re fucking her only daughter, coming in
every hole you can. Oh fuck, Oh FUCK YES ” Alpha hissed and screamed. Pastor’s hand went to cover her mouth before her voice escalated too loud, but he was too caught in the moment.

He felt his dick exploding in her arse. He felt her pussy coming against his balls and her arse trying
to squeeze his dick into oblivion as it pumped his adulterous spunk deep in her bowels. His knees shook and he almost collapsed on top of her as his whole body twitched and convulsed. He felt the little blonde fuck toy under him shaking with
her own orgasm, her breath hot and ragged against his hand.

They barely started to recover from their main orgasms and were being shaken by smaller little ones as they both heard a knock on Pastor’s office door.


Lyn Krest was walking past Pastor Seff O’Malley’s office when she heard the voice of Alpha Bakker crying out her orgasmic release. She blushed profusely, waited a moment then knocked on the door. After a long wait she knocked again, and heard the muttered, “Come in.” She chuckled to herself, and opened the door.

The room reeked of sex, and she looked over to Alpha and saw the heated flush of her face, and
noticed that it matched Pastor O’Malley’s also. She raised an eyebrow and headed over to the
supply closet, the two figures watching her. Opening the door she pulled out a can of air-freshener and sprayed the room.

She cocked her eye-brow at Alpha, and put the can away. “Go sit with your mum, slut, and be at my place later tonight, so you don’t get into any more trouble.” Lyn watched the young woman bob her head yes, and walk out of the room. Then she turned her eyes to Pastor Seff, she felt the familiar tingle of having his cock buried inside her, and she raked her eyes over his. “I guess the pregnant wife doesn’t have a clue your poking the various holes of the parish innocents.”

He smirked and pulled her into his arms, “I only try to spread the good word around, as often as I can.” Seff ran his hands down her hips, and then up her skirt, and played with her thong. “How do I keep your mouth shut about Alpha Bakker?” Seff knew he’d not get into any
trouble with Lyn, she’d keep her mouth shut, because he knew she was running a prostitution ring, and he was one of her best clients when he needed to be out of town. She would always manage to find the best selection of pussy for him to fuck, and he always paid well.

She looked into his eyes, and told him, “Double the payment for that little virgin girl you wanted when you head out of town next month, and
we’ll be even.”

“Found one did you?”

“Yep, and you’ll love her, she’s willing to please, and just as eager as your Miss Alpha.” Lyn grabbed his cock, and then rubbed it quickly,
before heading out of his office. She left him with thoughts of slamming his cock into a tight virgin pussy, and her own pussy wet and slippery from the thoughts of Alpha Bakker licking her pussy later that night.

Lyn made her way back to the church and found a seat with her family. She scooted into the isle and sat down next to her husband, Giles. Glancing down the long isle, she noticed her live-in sister Tulip sitting beside her husband, and Axelia, the German exchange student, beside her. She felt her husband’s hand curl over her fingers and she smiled up at him.

The isle behind them, were making enough noises, that she glanced back and gave her eldest son Archer, and his sister Esme a stern look. Her eyes notice that Archer’s hand was on his sister’s thigh, and she assumed he’d been tickling her again. She cautioned him to be quiet then smiled at Nu and Joann, sitting next to them, remembering how much they were a joy to raise as little twins. Dressing them up in the same outfits, was always a pleasure to her. She turned back around and noticed her husband was now leaning over to talk to the group in front of them.

Lyn could barely make out the conversation that he was having with Griffin her middle son, and Mayako, her Japanese exchange student. Whatever the discussion was it was something that her husband was not happy about. She also noticed that Griffin and Mayako were both flushed. She rolled her eyes, and shook her head, wondering if she was going to have to cover the, “We don’t have sex in church” rules with her incest craving family.

Her husband, Giles, settled back in his seat and they turned their heads to listen to the choir begin the start of the service. She began to listen to the music, and watched the singers performing, however before long she got bored, and her mind began to wander. Soon her eyes joined in the wandering and she looked over to see, Holly Grimms and Zosima Thomas roommates, Holly was having her pussy plowed by Hadley Hughes

As she watched she soon realized it wasn’t Hadley’s hand that was the only thing up Holly’s dress, but once they noticed her watching, he pulled his hand out and showed her the 12 inch dildo that he was ramming inside her.

Lyn felt her pussy contract as she watched Hadley’s movements cause Holly’s dress to bunch up in the front. He was facing the front of
the church, as was Holly and she was doing a good job of keeping her expression serious, though every once in a while she did watch
Holly’s eyes close, and her chest rise and fall faster.

Soon Lyn was feeling herself reacting to the fucking that was occurring across from her, and
she knew she would be cuming soon. She grabbed her husband’s hand and pushed it under her dress, forgetting the rules of no sex in
church. He looked at her, then saw what caused her to lose her morals. Giles’s cock leapt against his trousers and he started stroking his wife’s pussy, as fast as he could. He could barely make out the sloppy sounds of her juices over
the singing of the choir.

They musicians and the singers continued to move from one song to the next, as the two couples fucked and stroked pussy’s with hands and fake dicks. Soon the women were gasping quietly, and trying to cover up their sounds with coughs, as their pending orgasms began to come closer to release. Lyn undid her husband’s
trousers and whipped out his cock, and began to stroke it in rhythm with his fucking of her pussy.

Hadley looked over to Zosima, sitting beside him, and caught her eyes. He nodded down to his cock, and she took his meaning. She pulled his cock out, and began to wank him off while he plowed Holly’s pussy with the dildo. Zosima watched his swollen head become leaky with pre-cum, and her mouth watered. Dropping her hymn book, Zosima bent down and licked the oily surface of his dick, then picked up the book. She rose up and stroked his hard cock even more.
Her eyes went over to the Krest couple and she watched as Mrs. Krest was working her husband’s cock.

The singers were coming to the finale as were the dildo, hand-job, pre-cum licking parishioners. When Lyn climaxed she bit her lip, and felt the blood on her tongue. Her husband quickly grabbed his handkerchief from his suit and covered it with his cum, milking his
cock, with his wife’s help.

Hadley watched the choir sing and heard the final long, drawn out notes, as he felt Holly cover the dildo in her sweet juices. He pumped
the cock a few more times into her, and then hissed as he noticed the hymn book hit the floor, and
his cock was soon quickly sucked. His cum flowed into Zosima’s mouth, covering the back of her throat and draining him dry. When he stopped his flow of seed, he handed her the come slicked dildo
and she cleaned it as well.

The five individuals seemed to cough at the same time, when they noticed the music was no longer
playing and the Pastor was making his way up to the podium to begin the Sunday morning service. No one seemed to notice the embarrassed face of Voletta Evans, the virgin roommate to Holly, Hadley and Zosima. She couldn’t believe what she’d just witnessed and she shifted uncomfortably in her seat, wanting to get home to masturbate to the thoughts of Hadley plowing her deep and hard.


Juliana was finding it incredibly difficult to keep her concentration during the hymns she and the rest
of the choir were singing. She was oblivious to the distraction going on out in the church pews, but at the same time, it was everything she could do to ignore the butterfly going ballistic on her clit and the vibrator on high in her sloshing
pussy. Juliana didn’t get the time to wrap her thighs around her husband before church, and he went back to work for the morning to get some project finished before a presentation on Monday. Had her mind been anywhere except the nearly perpetual explosion of orgasmic bliss, she would have thought he was getting some action on the side. He’d left her a note this morning, however saying “Four surprises waited
for her, all of them before church let out.”

The pastor was droning on, and the congregation was reading responsively from their worship
books or from memory, and she felt the buzzing on her clit stop, the suddenness of the action
nearly taking her breath away. A sinking feeling hit her and the color of her face went from flushed and red to pale white. She knew the toy
was remote control, but she thought the only two people who used them were Michael and herself.

“Oh my God,” she whispered, the realization hitting her like the crushing wave of pleasure she
was still tingling from. “That son-of-a…” she started to say but she was cut off by the organ rumbling to life, and the rest of the choir
standing as one. Juliana did so reflexively, but her mind was paranoid with who might have the
remote and when the toy would kick back on. The vibe buried in her pussy shifted as she stood and the hard bottom edge of it started
strumming against her g-spot, the rest of the 5 inch dildo was dancing around her cervix and driving her crazy. Her feet shifted under her, but her voice remained strong, even as a torrent of cum tried to gush down her thighs, held in only by the tight fitting, and still inactive butterfly. Her orgasm sent her knees knocking and Juliana leaned forward, grabbing onto the railing in
front of the choir box for support. The hymn finished and the neighbor girls on either side of her, Joanna and Dione, looked at her with

“Are you okay, Juliana? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost,” Joanna said, her coal black eyes sparkling mysteriously. Juliana swallowed hard and nodded, smiling while she fought a shiver.

“I don’t know if it looks like that, Jo,” Dione said to her twin sister. “Looks more like she just came all over the place,” she added quietly, her pearly whites shining against her mocha-colored skin. Both girls giggled as the Pastor continued
his service, but Juliana just shifted her eyes back and forth to the girls, her eyes darting at their hands.

“What’s the matter, Mrs. O’Connor?” Came a stronger voice from behind Juliana. “Are my girls
giving you trouble?” Juliana’s face slowly turned to look on the twin’s mum, her eyes still shifting nervously as she felt the slow ebbing hum of her butterfly turning back on against her clit. She couldn’t suppress the shiver this time, and she saw that Mindy was smiling devilishly. The ebbing
stopped for a moment and Juliana shot back in her seat. Her mind was going a million miles a second, trying to figure out what was going on.

“Will the congregation please join the choir in the singing of our Lord’s Prayer,” Juliana heard
Pastor say.

She stood on ever-weakening knees and exhaled deeply, gathering thoughts so she could sing. She opened her mouth for the first note and Mindy hit the remote for her butterfly. Juliana’s voice cracked and she turned bright red, rushing from the choir box. She could feel her cum flowing freely down her legs by this point, the butterfly no longer able to hold the lake of cum in her pussy. She could only hope that she could make it to the bathroom before the motion on her sensitive nub changed again. Even the shifting vibrator in her over-stimulated pussy was jiggling in her quivering walls, making her cum even more.

Juliana made it to the women’s bathroom before her knees gave out and the electric haze radiating
from her abused pussy drove her to screaming. She bit hard down on the top of her dress, hoping to
muffle the sounds of her crashing orgasm, and she felt her pussy drench her thighs, the sex toys
slipping slightly. The vibrator slid closer to the opening of her pussy, being pushed by her muscles every time an orgasm rocked her body.
Juliana barely managed to slip onto the toilet, her knees slipping in the puddling cum around them
and she dragged herself up on the toilet seat. Her hands dragged her choir robe up over her legs, her body still convulsing, slipped up her dripping thighs to her crotch, the motion so tantalizing that the tickle made her pussy clench yet again.

Juliana’s trembling hand managed to get the butterfly off, and just as she was about to flick the power switch, the device turned off. She
heard the door to the bathroom open and shut and the door lock. Her mind was still too foggy to make out much more than that.

“Still coming baby?” rang Mindy’s voice. “I know I would be,” she added. “Looks like you’ve made a mess. There’s cum all over the tiles. I didn’t know little white pussy’s could shoot so much honey,” she continued with a matter of fact. Juliana fought to gain control of her breathing, but she wasn’t having much luck at it. Her orgasms finally slowed down and she felt her excited pussy still buzzing with need, but she couldn’t figure out why.

“Trying to figure it out?” the black woman’s silken voice taunted again. Juliana’s pussy pulsed with the sound of it, and she knew it would become the new sound of her body’s need. She took a deep breath and felt something slide from her distressed pussy, landing in the toilet with a pulsating splash, vibrating against the side of the
toilet. Her pussy begged another cum from her, but her mind and her body wouldn’t give another drop of her sweet pussy juice.

“Your husband, darling Miki, is behind this,” Mindy said again. Juliana’s heart leapt and the bathroom door opened. Nothing could have prepared her for what was on the other side of
the door.

Mindy was standing against the sinks, her choir dress off, her sun-dress under it was hiked up to
her waist. She was sitting across the two wash basins, her legs spread as far to her sides as she could get, her crotch suspended in
mid-air between the white porcelian. Her pink pussy was wide open, and the tongue of Joanna
was lazily stroking in and out of the glistening pussy. The pallet of color struck Juliana as one of the most beautiful things she’d ever seen; the scene triggered another orgasm in her pussy, the eroticism of the whole experience over taking her.

“Miki?” She managed to moan out, trying to shake her mind back to reality.

“Yes, your darling husband wanted us to entertain you for the week. Seems your husband is going to be getting busier and busier at work,”
Mindy said huskily, pausing to shudder and let her body reel in the feeling of her daughter’s tongue
slowly stroking deeply into her pussy and then completely back out. She moaned throatily and her eyes rolled back in her head. Juliana saw Mindy’s pink core get wetter and wetter, the colour brilliant against her coal black pussy lips and her dark chocolate skin. Mindy’s body shook, her abdomen clenching and almost making her roll forward from the sinks. Without thinking, Juliana ran forward and caught her shoulders.

Mindy’s eyes opened to glazed-over slits and she leaned forward, her lips pressing against Juliana’s in
the white woman’s first kiss from a girl. She kissed Mindy back, more out of reflex than anything, letting the woman’s tongue explore her
mouth and her lips ravage her own. She felt a hand glide up her thighs to the matted pussy hair of her own pussy and the fingers twitched along her clit, making Juliana’s knees knock as the abused little pussy re-lit the inferno in her belly.

“Don’t worry, we didn’t fuck him. We wanted to, but we didn’t fuck your husband,” Mindy said, her
teeth chewing on Juliana’s ear, the hot breath tickling her neck, the words sending her to worlds of fury, need, and lust she didn’t know
existed. “He’s got family values, I’ll give the man that. More than any other men my daughters and
I have shared.”

“But… Then… Why?” Juliana managed to pant out, her body shaking and shivering, pulsing along with the fingers on her dripping pussy. She parted her thighs slightly to give the wandering finger tips of the woman below her more access.

“Like I said, he’s got values. He doesn’t consider this cheating,” Mindy said, biting slowly down Julaina’s neck. Juliana nearly crumpled under the attention she was receiving, especially when
Joanna’s fingers softly stroked her g-spot, making her giggle against her mother’s pussy as Juliana’s tunnel closed tightly against the invading fingers.

A knock on the door interrupted them and Juliana felt the fingers leave her pussy, the hot breath,
leave her neck. It wasn’t until she heard the bathroom door shut that she realized her whole body was shaking and her eyes had been closed. The bathroom was empty except for Juliana, her memories, and the puddle of cum where she was standing and by the toilet. She shook her head clear and on unstable knees, she walked to her
choir robe to collect it and her toys, only to find a note sitting on top of the pile. Her hands started shaking and she started wringing them, trying to get the nervous energy out of them. The note found its way to her fingers and she opened it.

“You are invited to be the guest of honor at Joanna and Dione’s 19th birthday party on Tuesday. Muffins will be served hot and fresh.”

Juliana shuddered again and the volcano returned to her belly, the heat radiating out to her tingling


Armando slipped out of the pew, “Mum, I’ll be back, I need to use the bathroom.” He skirted down the isle and bee lined toward the men’s room. It wasn’t long before he changed direction and slipped into the room that was reserved for
Teen Sunday School class and saw the beautiful pussy he’d been dining on since he was eighteen. Now at twenty and his adoptive sister was also twenty, he relished eating her pussy as often as he could; Sunday mornings were special, they got
an hour of pure bliss and he intended to enjoy every minute of it.

“About time you got here,” Maryvonne said, her pout was accented by the ruby lipstick that she planned on leaving all over her brother’s cock.

He rolled his eyes as he locked the door and for added security wedged a chair under the knob. “I’m what… Five minutes late?” He asked as he undid his shoes, belt and the buttons on his shirt. Soon he was as naked as the day his real mother
birthed him. He was a slim man, short but sexy. His cock was throbbing with need and as he walked towards his sister he took in the saucy Russian beauty and wondered how he got to be so damn lucky.

Maryvonne was having a hard time not grabbing her sibling and sucking his cock right there, but she knew the rules. He ate first and then she was allowed to feast. Her eyes danced over his body, free of any imperfections, his legs strong,
stomach firm and chest small but she didn’t mind. His coal black eyes gave off an appeal that she found erotic. His Chinese heritage spoke of wickedness and she knew that he could easily live up to the images she’d created in her mind. The frilly dress that her Mexican parents insisted she wore was lying in a heap on the table, while she lay on the futon that she convinced Pastor Seff was a good idea to have. Granted she’d shown him plenty of times it wasn’t a waste of money.

Armando checked his watch, slipped to his knees and wasted no time on foreplay. Maryvonne knew her job and he knew his. They’d been doing this since she hit eighteen. He’d made sure to walk in on her when he knew she was getting off with one of her dolls. That particular morning she was
rubbing Barbie up and down on her gorgeous black mound of fur, but soon was replacing the plastic doll later with his cock, and he hadn’t stopped since.

Maryvonne opened her legs wide seconds before her brother dipped his head down to feast on her
pussy. It was already full of liquid heat, she’d sampled her juices before he came in. Her mouth
still held the flavor and she rolled her tongue over her teeth to capture more of it. It wasn’t long before her mouth was open and she was gasping for air.

With long licks that ran from the bottom of his sister’s slit to the top, Armando began to play her
body like a harp. He pushed in deep with his tongue, gathered the juice and swallowed, only to repeat the process over again. Each time he’d
reach the clit he’d take a nip of the rosy nub and bury his nose in her soft black curls. His teeth would then nibble their way down her pussy and he’d start all over again. Soon she was bucking against his face and pushing him closer to her
wet pussy with her hands.

“Oh fuck Bro,” she moaned. Her lips lifted and fell in a steady motion that increased when he inserted his finger into her pussy and began to
fuck her with long strokes. Armando added his tongue to the heated hole, a second finger, and then a third. It wasn’t long before she was flowing his face with her juice and he was sucking her pussy clean.

He looked up at his sister and watched her twist her nipples while he drank her fluids. He kept his
face buried in the slick folds as the walls of her pussy released more for him to enjoy with every clenching action her body performed. Once he felt the final shudders run their course he licked
her pussy clean and then sat down by her feet. “Your turn sis.” His cock was throbbing and soaked with pre-cum.

Maryvonne looked at the clock on the wall, and knew he’d be cuming this first time quick and wondered if she could have more before the clock hit 11:30 or not. She was on her knees, her fingers grasping
his cock and her mouth sucking on his balls before another precious minute passed them by.

Armando was in heaven and he couldn’t think of a better place to be than Church to experience such euphoria. He leaned back, put his hand on his sister’s head and closed his eyes. She didn’t need his help he just loved feeling her soft hair while she sucked his cock.

With a look up towards her brother Maryvonne grinned inside while her tongue began to push one ball towards the other, only to squeeze them together against the sides of her teeth. She’d nip them both gently, them push them around
stroking and sucking as she did. Her fingers trailed over the extended veins of his cock, and then over the head, where she gathered the pre-cum to slip over her lipstick, making it glisten in the sunlight that was coming in the room.

Her mouth rolled his family jewels and she said her own thanks that his balls were bare of any fuzzy hairs that would tickle her face or end up in her teeth. She’d offered to shave her pussy for him, but he told her in no uncertain terms was
she to do that. He liked pulling on her curls when she was cuming. She slipped her mouth from his sack and ran her tongue up and down the length of his cock, before she was finally giving him head.

“Oh God yes,” Armando whimpered out when his sister sucked his cock. He pushed her head down slightly, and she took another inch of his
massive cock. She began to twist her hand as she bobbed her head up and down on his swollen cock.

Maryvonne could feel his balls with her other hand tightening up even further, as the rush of blood
was felt against her tongue. Her sucking became more frenzied and soon he was twisting both of his
hands into her hair and shoving her face hard against his cock.

She ground her lips to the base of his shaft, let his head hit the back of her throat several times, then angled herself and begun her own unique technique of deep throating his dick. “Ahhh… Fuck yes,” Armando growled as he empty load
after load of hot seed into his sisters throat. He shuddered hard as he covered the pearly white
teeth with his own white pearls. He felt her teeth graze the sides of his shaft and he moaned as she
sucked, squeezed and nibbled more fluids from his balls.

His eyes glassed at the time and he was pulling her head up, turning her around to face the door, and slamming into her pussy with his cock, before their last twenty minutes were up. He felt the sloppy pussy and plowed into her. Biting her shoulder, he rammed hard with
his cock, burying it deep every time his hips lifted her up and down.

Maryvonne rubbed her clit with passion, bringing more slippery juices to cover her bother in and she squeezed his cock with her pussy muscles, making sure he was able to get hard once more. The room was full of the sounds of their cock and pussy mating as well as the aroma of musk. She rode
his cock with lust as well as tweaking her nipple with her other hand.

Armando’s eyes glazed over as he felt his climax closing in and he fought hard not to unleash into
her. “You ain’t missed any days on the pill have you,” he groaned.

“Fuck… Oh, don’t you dare stop fucking me. No, I haven’t now finish up. Oh fuck Armando ” She screamed as the hard bite on her back sent her propelling from the edge of the cliff and she covered his cock with her thick syrup.

His body shot out another load of seed as soon as he heard the “no” rip from his sister’s lung. “Oh
Maryvonne. Oh fucking, Holy Mother of God… Oh shit yes ” He shouted as he filled every inch of her
pussy walls with his cum.

They rubbed and bucked more until each was down from their high. It was the tap, tap, tap, on the window on the left wall of the room, that opened to a view of the graveyard that drew their attention from the luscious feeling of cum
mixing with cum. “Oh fuck” Armando muttered as Maryvonne scrambled off his cock.

“Who was that?” She said hurrying to the window. The man’s face was no longer there, his figure walking through between the grave stones. If they’d been older when the stranger left town they would have known Sherlock’s features and would have run to spread the news
that Storm’s man wasn’t dead after all. But since they didn’t know it, no one in town knew either.

“I don’t know, never seen him before.” Armando said as he started getting dressed. He tossed
Maryvonne the dress and watched her put it on. “I guess we gave someone a show.” He laughed and
unlocked the door just as Maryvonne slipped the last
button in. She watched him move the chair away and slip out, the whole time keeping the handsome man’s face in her mind. After a few
minutes she made her way to the pew and chuckled when she heard her brother whisper to their mum, “Sorry mum, I didn’t know I’d be
having such a big load to expel.” Maryvonne laughed at her Mother’s blush.

“Did you get the Summer Picnic announcements all printed for the Pastor,” Madrona Gonzalez asked
her Daughter quietly.

Maryvonne smiled, “It all came together just fine Mum.”

“Good, next week I expect you both to be in the pews with me,” she stated saucily. “Now enjoy the final prayer and then we’ll see if your father is home from work. If so we’ll all go out for lunch.” Her eyes went to the Krest girls and she
flexed her pussy muscles as she tried to not think of what happened in Debenhams yesterday.


Totty Sheldon was sitting in the pews, shifting uncomfortably in her seat, her pussy still itching from the scratch it so desperately needed at the salon yesterday. She didn’t know why her other two appointments didn’t show, but one thing was certain: when those two little pussy’s did come in, it would be them getting the facial.

The sermon was dragging on and she hated being here alone, her darling husband no doubt getting
the house ready for her arrival home. She was oblivious to her surroundings, noticing only that
the redhead in the choir box kept cracking her voice on the high notes. She didn’t even pay attention when she ran out in the middle of the Lord’s Prayer, she just wanted to get the fuck out of there.

She was in the dismissal line, shaking the Pastor’s hand and he pulled her close and whispered into
her ear, “You haven’t been paying attention in church. I’d like to speak with you in my office.” His voice was stern, pressing, yet yielding in its strength. She didn’t know what the Pastor wanted to talk about, but she thought she would enjoy it. Totty milled around in the entry way
until she saw the Pastor leave and head for the wing where the offices were located. She followed him into the office and shut the door behind her.

“So, Mrs. Sheldon,” the Pastor said, more of a statement than a greeting. There was an uncomfortable pause and Totty felt the heat in the room rising with the tension.

“Pastor O’Malley?” she said, forcing a smile.

“I can understand that worship might be boring for a woman of your… Shall we say… Disposition,
but if you could stand with the rest of the congregation to pray and join in hymns, that would be appreciated,” O’Malley said flatly. She could see anger in his face and she shifted uneasily in her chair, not exactly knowing what was going on.

“Pastor,” she said, putting a hand to her chest in surprise, “I didn’t even realize… I must have been
preoccupied with my thoughts,” she said, trying to cover. The Pastor wasn’t fooled by her
statement and he slid back in his chair.

“In the old days, people were punished for not paying attention in church. It was the sign that the devil had taken them,” the Pastor said, standing and walking out from behind his desk. He grabbed a wooden ruler from its place and
walked around behind Totty. She cleared her throat nervously, the fire in her belly growing, her moistening pussy liking where this was going. She lost track of the Pastor, instead choosing to stay staring straight ahead, down at the
front of his solid desk front.

“Has the Devil taken you, Mrs. Sheldon?” Pastor said, standing directly behind her.

“No,” she answered meekly, her heart racing in her chest. Her breathing was coming to her in shallow gasps and the heat of the room was really getting to her.

“Then you have no excuse, do you, Mrs. Sheldon.” Totty only shook her head in response, her emotions and lust over riding her senses. Her head was swimming and her pussy was
pulsing with desire. Pastor O’Malley slapped the ruler against his hand and the sharp sound made Totty jump in her seat and elicited a hushed whimper from her tightly pursed lips.

“Do you have any defense for your actions today?” Pastor said, slapping the ruler against his
hand and then running it softly across Totty’s back, the harsh corner dragging against the
material of her dress as it tickled her flesh from shoulder blade to shoulder blade. She shuddered
a little in her seat, the heat of her smoldering pussy making her flush in the small room.

“No, Sir,” she said meekly.

“Then you have done wrong,”he said sternly, placing the ruler’s short edge against her spine just under her hairline and tracing down her spine, slowly passing down each of her vertebrae, the feeling both terrifying and electric for Totty.

“Yes, Sir,” she said in a quiet voice.

“And you need to be punished for your disobedience.” “Yes, Sir.”

“Stand, and bare yourself to the Lord and myself, child. Stand and receive your punishment,” Pastor said, whacking his hand sharply with the stick. Totty could hear it split the air as it moved, the sharp slap at the end made her clit
twitch. Totty stood, without defiance or hurry, and she started pulling the bottom hem of her
dress up, exposing her black thong. The Pastor ran the ruler over her tight cheeks, enjoying watching the muscle twitch under the tickle of
his improvised whip.

“Take it all off, Totty. Only whores wear underwear like this into God’s house,” he said, his fingers running between the thin material of her thong and her arse. The heat in his hand was amazing and she bent forward, letting the Pastor do as he willed with her panties. She was not disappointed when she felt him pull it up sharply, wedging the material between her dripping pussy lips, stretching it and finally
ripping a seam loose. The sudden rush of air against her clit and completely exposed slit left her gasping. She stood up, feeling the ripped material dangling between her legs like a cloth cock, the wet, flimsy material licking along her thighs, making her shudder even more. Totty bent down to pick up the hem of her dress and pulled it up slowly, complying with the Pastor’s orders, but teasing him at the same time.

Totty heard the Pastor’s voice catch in his throat and the sound of him swallowing hard behind her as the dress cleared the small of her back. She kept lifting and bunching the dress up in her hands, leaving a wake of tanned skin for him to drink in. The dress cleared her head and she shook her hair out, letting her locks cascade down her back. She reached to her chest and fiddled with the clasp of her bra, her fingers trembling with the excitement of what was going
on. The catch came undone and sprung open on release, her arms going to her sides and the strapless bra slid from her body. She felt the ruler slide between her slightly parted thighs and start tapping against them.

“Wider,” he said, his breath closer than she thought his body was. The heat from it danced across her left shoulder, spreading a wave of goose-bumps across her body. Her nipples tingled and her clit begged for attention, but Totty gave it none. She obeyed the Pastor’s
demand and spread her legs slightly wider than her shoulders. The ruler stopped tapping against her thighs and started rubbing against her pussy very softly, the deep impressions from the measurements sliding roughly against her sensitive skin. For a moment she forgot herself and went limp, enjoying the feeling on her pussy.

SLAP filled the room, the sound echoing wetly through Totty’s pussy. The pain didn’t hit her for the first second after she realized what happened, but then it came, making her breathe in sharply before the pleasure of the soft
stroking resumed.

“I said all of your clothes,” Pastor said, the firmness in his voice. Totty’s hands went to the thin band of fabric around her hips and her thumbs linked through it in time for a second loud, wet slap to resound in the Pastor’s office. Totty’s mind wanted to scream in pain, her body was moaning in pleasure, and all she
could muster was a whimper as the ruler again continued to tease her drooling pussy pot.

The remains of her ruined underwear hit the ruler that the Pastor was teasing her with and a
third hard slap filled the room. This time, the edge of the ruler caught her clit, the mixing of pleasure and pain almost driving her to cum
right then. She felt her knees weaken, but forced them to stay straight, fearing and needing what
might come if she didn’t. She released the tension on the band of fabric and sharp moan left her lips.

“Find another way, Totty,” the Pastor said, tapping the stick hard and fast against her tender flower. The pounding was better than anything Totty ever felt before without anything pushing into her well-used pussy, and the feeling on her clit was rivaling any tongue she’d ever had. The quick taps sent fireworks off in her mind, her senses reeling and her body seemed to be letting her brain escape into sexual bliss as the assault continued. Her heavy-lidded eyes recognized a letter opener on the Pastor’s desk and she shot her hand out as she leaned on it for support, grabbing the handle of the letter opener with the other. The blade went into her waist band,
twisted quickly and she pulled with the strength her mind would let her have and she felt the material fall away.

“Stand,” the Pastor said, stopping the flurry of blows on her swollen pussy. She did so, setting the letter opener down on the desk, her body
twitching and giving little convulsions as micro orgasms rocked her body. Pastor walked in front of her, his cock sticking proudly out of his trousers, ready for its second go around of the day.

“Bend over and suck it.”

Totty complied with no hesitation, letting the Pastor’s cock slide down her throat quickly as her expert tongue worked its magic on his shaft and balls. She sucked loudly and wetly, her mouth soon salivating more than her pussy.

A solid whack filled the room as the ruler slapped against the top of the left cheek of Tonya’s arse. She screamed in pleasure against O’Malley’s dick lodged in her throat. He shuddered and the cock she was feasting on throbbed thickly. She started fucking the cock with her mouth, her head bobbing furiously as she sucked the Pastor’s cock. The wet sounds of the thick head popping from Totty Sheldon’s
lips mingled with the moans of the Pastor.

Another whack of wood against flesh filled the room and Totty plunged the Pastor’s dick into her throat, using it to mask her scream. Only a second went by before another and then another
solid spanking filled Totty’s arse with a burning pleasure. Her pussy was almost to the point of dripping as its heat encompassed her entire
body, the electric-tingle from the spanking’s only intensifying it. Then, the spanking’s stopped.

Totty took the Pastor’s entire cock down her throat and looked up. Pastor ruffled his fingers through her hair and then pulled, using her hair as a handle. Her body convulsed as she came in a series of micro orgasms, waiting for his command.

“Since you missed singing the Lord’s Prayer with the rest of the congregation, maybe you should sing it now,” Pastor said, pulling her nose tightly against his pubic hair. Totty gasped for air around the thick cock in her mouth and began
humming for all that she was worth. Pastor’s hand left her head and she heard it thud against his desk, the Pastor needing the extra support.
He started mumbling something that Totty couldn’t quite make out and she started sucking harder and humming deeper, rumbling the Pastor to the bone. Her hand came up and she played with his balls, spinning them and caressing them. She had a big finish in mind for the hymn today, and she didn’t want to miss the show.

When she was almost complete, she started letting his cock leave her lips, only to plunge back in it, her other hand moving to work his shaft at lightening speed, wanking him off as her mouth uncovered and recovered the throbbing, veiny
cock before her. Pastor started moaning louder and Totty sped up.

“For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever,” Totty sang loudly, the words clear as a bell in her head, but muffled by the flesh of the Pastor burrowing down her throat at a dizzying speed. She let his dick flop wetly from her mouth, the action spraying her saliva across her face and onto the Pastor’s shirt. He started to cum on the spot, her eyes going up to his as thick ropes of cum covered her cheeks. Her ruby painted lips were coated, the Pastor’s seed dripping off her chin, and her eyes were sparkling.

“Amen,” they both said together, the Pastor panting and twitching as Totty’s tongue cleaned his cock and she licked the cum from her lips like it was ice cream.

“Child, you have been punished properly,” Pastor O’Malley said in between breaths. Totty smiled,
acknowledging her new Master for praising her. “Put your dress back on and leave, but be sure you come to the adult worship classes Tuesday night. The path to redemption lies in the word of God,” he said, standing shakily to stuff his fading hard-on back into his trousers.

“Amen, Sir,” she said and nodded. Totty picked up her blue dress and pulled it back over her body, leaving her bra on the floor, as she was
commanded. She walked out the door, not even bothering to wipe his cum off her cheeks that she
couldn’t reach with her long, tongue; not surprisingly she was happy and disappointed to see that the hallway was empty and the congregation either gone downstairs for coffee or gone home.

Totty was going home to fuck her husband raw, and the need for something hard in her pussy was very nearly overcoming her ability to reason as she jumped in her sports car.

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