Cherry Hill Chapter 6

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Miguel looked at the time, swore, then called up Madrona on her mobile phone. “Sorry baby, I’m running late.”

“Do you want me to cancel?” she asked her voice scratchy over the line.

“No… I’ll be home shortly, and then we’ll all go out for lunch. Love you,” Miguel told her, then hung up the phone.

He pushed through his thick black hair and picked up the picture of his wife. Her pretty Mexican heritage showed off her beautiful eyes and dark skin. The white tux he had worn just showed everyone how handsome a couple they were and he felt a bit of sadness creep in that he and the Mrs. never got to have any kids of their own. But Maryvonne and Armando, his Russian daughter and Chinese son were perfect kids. He loved them like they were his flesh and blood.
He stared at their school pictures and traced a finger over their angelic faces. For a moment his finger trailed over the glossy figure of his daughter and his body
flushed lightly. “Nope, can’t be having those thoughts anymore.”

A knock on his office door brought his attention to the forefront and he looked up to see one of the checkout girls peeking into his office. “Come on in,” he told her, mildly upset that she peeked in. “What if he’d been fucking some girl on the desk,” he thought to himself. “Yeah right,” he continued in his mind. “Can’t get enough time to screw my own wife let alone some woman on the side. Shit, that’s probably why I’ve been thinking of Maryvonne like that. Wanting to fuck my own daughter.” He was again pulled back to the
situation at hand when the cashier coughed into her hand.

“Sorry, what is it?”

“The Pastor’s wife is here and well… Her card was declined.”

Miguel sighed, “Take a check if she doesn’t have the cash.”

“She doesn’t have the check book with her or the cash. She said it was a spur of the moment stop
because her husband had to stay after work to council a member of the church.”

“Well… Send her on her way and she can come back and get the merchandise. Really you shouldn’t be bothering me with this.” Miguel
wondered sometimes how the kids these days could think for themselves, or if they even could.

“She wants to see you. She’s the Pastor’s wife, Miguel… I can’t be mean to her.”

Rolling his eyes he pushed back from his desk and crossed his arms. “Send her in.” Miguel waited for a few minutes and soon the blonde haired beauty, that was Emanuele O’Malley, walked into his office. He watched her shut the
door and he heard the door lock behind her. His brow cocked up as he waited to hear her case, though he knew he would be telling her the same thing he’d told the cashier.

“Thank you for seeing me,” Emanuele said, her eyes blinking innocently. “I didn’t mean to leave
the house so ill prepared. The cash went into the collection plate this morning.” Emanuele eyed the couch that was in the store manager’s office and she slipped off her heels. “Do you mind if I sit down?”

Miguel watched one of her long legs slide up and down a firm calf that was covered in stockings. His throat went dry as he imagined his hand
running up and down the satiny flesh and he clenched his fist tight. “Take a seat,” he told her. His eyes ran over her perky nipples that were proudly showing themselves from the satin summer blouse she was wearing. Her skirt seemed to flow around her as she moved from
the door to the vinyl coach. “I’m not sure how I can help you, Mrs. O’Malley. My hands are tied. The policies of the company are pretty solid. We can put the perishables in the freezer for you till you get back with the funds.”

“Your hands don’t look tied,” Emanuele said her voice dropping an octave.

Miguel’s eyes flashed hungrily and he coughed. “I don’t mean literally Mrs. O’Malley.”

“I do,” she told him, her hands moving to the strap of her blouse. “I understand policies Mr. Gonzalez.” Her fingers eased off one strap then the next, her blouse hung with the support of her full breasts, breasts that ached from the changes her body was making during the early stage
of her pregnancy.

He watched the woman that the whole town knew was expecting her and the Pastor’s first child. They were giddy about the upcoming event and now as she stood up and began to remove her skirt Miguel wondered if it were Pastor O’Malley’s baby that was nestled in the womb of the sex Goddess. His eyes ran over her full tits, slightly raised stomach and soft blonde curls that were bare for his viewing pleasure. Miguel’s
cock leaped and his hand moved down from the arm of his chair, which he’d been squeezing in a
death like grip, to his crotch. He rubbed hard and groaned.

Emanuele watched his hand move to his cock and she took a few steps toward him. “The shoes,” he
told her. She smiled went back to the door and slipped the stilettos back on her feet. She knew it wouldn’t be long and she’d have to give up her high-heel fetish. With her shoes back on and her green eyes glowing with lust, Emanuele took slow steps over to the man’s desk. “What can I do to keep you from making me leave here without my groceries?”

Miguel pushed his chair back and unzipped his trousers. His cock and balls were soon free of his boxers. “I think you’ll come up with something all on your own.” He took in the thigh high stockings and the white garters that were hugging her legs and circling her waist.

A wicked gleam filled the woman’s face; she dropped to her knees and took her thick breasts in her hands. Miguel growled as he watched her tits wrap around his cock and she began stroking
his shaft with the soft mounds. “Nice,” he muttered, as she dipped her head down, licked the head and then swirled her tongue over it every time it bobbed back up.

Emanuele hadn’t tasted Miguel’s cum before; she’d seen him in the store and sometimes at church. She always liked his thick hair, dark skin, and his coal black eyes were always a welcome sight to see. “You’ve got a nice cock, Miguel.”
Emanuele took in the head, held it for a moment and sucked greedily before letting his cock slide back down between her breasts.

Miguel curled his fingers into her hair, and twisted gently. “Oh fuck,” he muttered when he realized the hard nipples of her tits were rubbing against the base of his cock. The little pearls were driving him wild and he barely managed to
squeak out for her to move back. Miguel covered her tits with his sperm, spraying her whole torso
with the steamy hot fluid. He shot a load over her chin where it dribbled and ran down her neck, another was soon pumped between the
cleavage of her swelling breasts while a third was following quickly behind to dump itself onto her chest where it slowly swirled down to cover her hardened nipples.

“Oh fuck baby,” he muttered. Emanuele ran her hands over her chest, gathered his come and licked it hungrily at her hands, cleaning them. “Turn around,” he told her.

It was a long time before Mrs. O’Malley got the okay to take the groceries. Her stomach was full,
her pussy raw and her arse sore, but she promised Miguel that she’d be back first thing in the morning to hand deliver the funds. Miguel
headed out the door, grabbed flowers and chocolates for his wife to make up for being late all the
while thinking of blonde pussy’s and a new “charge” policy he needed to implement at the supermarket.


Sasha Wilcox awoke her normal morning jog, a little later than normal. She’d been out partying
the night before and she woke up haggard, dirty, hung over, the familiar taste of cum in her mouth, and a pond of it sloshing in her slutty pussy.

“What the fuck did I do last night?” she said groggily. Her hand went down to her pussy and she wiped it clean, a thick coating of sticky cum
on her fingers and a film of dried cum on her tender pussy. “Feels. like the whole bar, she grunted
disgustedly. “Fucking great. I can’t even remember any of it.”

She decided to shower before she hit the streets, her fingers soaping up her body and the sensation waking her up. The hot water made
her regret she was as tender as she was, but she knew that she’d be back to normal soon enough.
She fought off the urge to play with herself under the cascade of the hot water, but not before tweaking her nipples and mauling her firm tits.

The shower ended sooner than she would have liked, but Sasha wanted to get up and get her jog out of the way before people started returning from church. The neighborhood would be all but deserted and it would be perfect except for a lack of scenery to jog behind and stare at. Before
she knew it, her tennis shoes were on and she was out the door, deciding to only wear her tight
biking shorts and a sports bra, her red hair in a loose plait trailed behind her.

Her feet rounded the Bakker’s house, went past the next corner, and she moved to the other side
of the street, almost subconsciously to get a look
at whomever Cinnabar might be fucking this morning. She half expected it to be a pair of Mormon missionaries, taking a less than
missionary position. Maybe she’d called in for some plumbing work; with Cinnabar no one ever knew, except that she tended to scout out everyone she wanted to fuck, got as much information about them as possible and then, if they met her standards, she’d let them pound the shit out of her furry red pussy. That always made it easier for Sasha to just imagine that it was her getting pounded when she looked in Cinnabar’s windows, part of her jealous that the other
single, redheaded fuck slut on the block got more action than she did and was probably 3 years older.

Today, Sasha’s curiosity drew her down and then back across the street, after catching some
movement in the seemingly always open curtain. There was just a flash of whatever it was; they
must have been moving in and out of sight, something not uncommon, but always guaranteed a good show. Sasha stopped and bent down, pretending to tightening her shoe laces so she could check the empty street for signs of life. Seeing none, she stood back up, enjoying the feeling of the camel toe she just gave herself. The rest of the half-block jog just heated her up, both with the her voyeuristic goal and with the slick material sliding back and forth across her clit,
spreading the moisture and heat. Heat that was already starting to pulsate through her pussy.

Sasha got to the window and peaked around the corner. She saw the beautifully naked Cinnabar Kaiser walk to the door of her bedroom. Her arse swinging temptingly, every toned muscle in her legs and perfect arse begged to be bitten, sucked, and licked before the ultimate goal, of her well
manicured, flame-red bush that hid just on the other side. Sasha’s tongue involuntarily licked her lips. Her breath started getting shallower. Her heart caught in her throat as Cinnabar stopped, apparently talking to someone in the next room.

Cinnabar laughed, propping a leg up on a piece of furniture just out of view, exposing the pink pussy that had been fucked so many times in
full view of Sasha’s eyes. Cinnabar’s hand went down to her pussy and Sasha mimicked the
motion, sliding her own trembling fingers down the front of her tight jogging shorts. They both reached their clit at the same time, their fingers dragging through their downy ruby curls before finding their respective goals. Cinnabar laughed again and pulled her leg down, hiding her love nest from Sasha’s eyes before swaying into the next room, her sexy hips swinging cat-like as she moved.

Sasha’s fingers were wet, her pussy was screaming for attention, the soreness from before the shower gone. She quietly snuck
around to the window of the next room, hoping to catch a glimpse of the sex kitten in the act with
whoever she had just been talking with.

Sasha’s eyes took in the sight before them, and it was unexpected to say the least, but hotter than she could have imagined. Cinnabar’s huge TV was
playing a porn, showing an extreme close up of a thick cock pounding a tight pussy. She could see every detail on the 60 inch screen, every
glistening drop of juice on the pussy, every vein in the thick cock, and every time the pussy was plugged she’d see how it would pull out slightly along the cock that traveled in and out slowly.

Sasha’s fingers were down her shorts in a flash, and then she decided that that wouldn’t do and
she pulled the shorts down to her knees, giving her room to play with herself. Her eyes never left the screen as she squatted, her fingers buried themselves in her pussy, working her abused little pussy with everything she had. One hand was pummeling at her loose hole, the other was lightly slapping and teasing her clit. She’d never been this brave before, and the eroticism of being outside fingering herself made the experience even more surreal. Sasha paused to
push her shorts completely off, exposing all of her creamy, slightly freckled flesh and giving her
total access to her throbbing pussy. Her fingers found it after only a second of departure to be
even wetter than she was before, and her strokes only encouraged more honey to flow.

The picture on the screen panned out and a red bush came into view, Sasha’s eyes recognizing it
immediately as Cinnabar’s. The cock was still unidentified, but the man it belonged to had well defined muscles; a great match for Cinnabar’s lean, tonned body. Cinnabar’s hands were to the side of the small bed she was on, grabbing on for dear life as her tits heaved with the slow fucking she
was receiving. The camera continued to zoom out, revealing that another man had his cock
wedged firmly down her mouth, her throat expanding and contracting as she was slammed back and forth between the two men rocking in unison.

“Oh wow,” Sasha said breathlessly, swallowing hard. “She’s got one hot little pussy,” she panted, her
fingers working furiously in her drooling pussy.

“And she’s right behind you,” a voice said softly. Sasha’s world froze. She’d never been caught
doing anything more than just making a casual glance through a window, and here she was, three fingers buried in her pussy and her other hand on her clit with the
owner of the house she was looking into standing behind her.

“You picked a good window to look into. Predictably good. I’ve been noticing nose marks on my windows since you moved across the block, you little cunt,” Cinnabar said calmly, as if she was talking about the weather. “I’m just surprised you’ve never been caught before now,” she finished after a short pause. Sasha pulled her fingers from her pussy with a wet slurp and she stood up slow, her knees shaky from the position she was in and from the tremors still radiating
through her body, the epicenter of the quakes still being tickled by the morning breeze.

“Hey, what the fuck is going…” Sasha said, turning to face Cinnabar. The two girls weren’t quite twins. Cinnabar had more luscious curves, but Sasha’s figure wasn’t bad at all. Both girls had the same copper flame locks, though Cinnabar’s had long loose curls and Sasha’s were straight. They were the same height, had the same bust, thought Cinnabar’s nipples were a tiny bit smaller and a shade pinker than her trespassers. The only major difference at all was
that Cinnabar was completely naked and carrying a coffee cup, and Sasha still had her sports bra

“I’ll tell you what’s going on, you trespassing little shit,” Cinnabar said, her slight smile fading and she grabbed a handful of Sasha’s hair. Before Sasha knew what was going on, the other redhead pulled her down violently, Sasha sinking to her knees. Before her, she saw that well trimmed pussy she’d been drooling over for a month now, but it wasn’t through a window, and
it wasn’t on TV, it was half an inch from the tip of her nose.

Sasha could see every detail. The delicate, silken lips protruding from her pussy were the same colour as Cinnbar’s nipples. A light misting of her cum graced that fine skin, making it almost shimmer in the morning light. The smell was faint, almost non-existent, but was
present, and definitely one of the finer pussies Sasha had ever smelled. Just a whiff of the honey-dewed skin made Sasha’s pussy flutter and her mouth water.

The fine red hair that covered her pussy wasn’t curly at all, but it was straight and silken, looking more like thinning hair on the top of her head
than pubic hair. A few freckles had been splashed across her skin, giving her character, making Sasha want to suck and kiss each one of
the 25 that her eyes could see. The rest of her pussy was free from hair, looking almost like it was
either just shaved 5 minutes ago or it simply didn’t have hair on it in the first place.

“Eat it, you trespassing little bitch,” Cinnabar said, squeezing the handful of hair even tighter. The
forcefulness in Cinnabar’s voice excited Sasha in a way that she usually only got when she was in
control, not the other way around. Her stomach and pussy started doing summersaults over the
thought of drinking the nectar from this rare flower and not stopping until Cinnabar said she

“What if I don’t?” Sasha said meekly, her curiosity already having lost to her lust.

“Then I’ll call the police and I’ll turn you in for sexual harassment and trespassing on my property,” Cinnabar said flatly. She rose a foot slowly, running it up Sasha’s thigh, making the muscle quiver under her skin. Cinnabar’s toes
ran across Sasha’s slit and she trembled at the feeling. That foot kept sliding up her body, the
dominate redhead’s soft toes tickling Sasha’s skin until it came to rest on her shoulder. The resulting spread buffet of crimson framed pussy before Sasha’s eyes consumed her. She leaned forward and took a tentative lick from Cinnabar’s tightly puckered arse all the way up to her engorged little clit.

Both girls let out a sigh and Sasha dove in, sinking her talented tongue into Cinnabar’s dripping honey pot. Her nose tickled and rubbed Cinnabar’s clit, making her tremble and shake as she tried to keep her balance. Sasha’s tongue left
her pussy and licked at Cinnabar’s
back door, pushing the tip into her hot hole.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck yes, YES!” Cinnabar moaned, the moan turning to a scream. “Oh fuck, right there,
you little cunt, just like that!” she hissed, Sasha’s tongue stretching and twisting in Cinnabar’s tight
arse. She pulled her tongue out and moved it back to Cinnabar’s extremely wet pussy, reveling in the
tang of her back door and the sweet honey of her front.

“Oh fuck! I should catch you more often,” Cinnabar said, panting, her body twitching. Sasha grinned, her cheeks wet with cum and she locked her lips around Cinnabar’s clit, sucking for all she was worth while batting the sensitive bud
furiously with her tongue. Cinnabar’s body froze, her muscles locked. She made strange noises as she tried to speak, her voice catching in her throat. Sasha pushed both of her thumbs
inside Cinnabar, one in her arse and the other up her pussy, the fingers playing with each other as
they slid around with only the thin wall of her pussy separating them. Sasha made sure to keep stroking Cinnabar’s G-spot and finally, with her tongue going crazy on Cinnabar’s clit, Sasha got the reward that both girls so desperately wanted.

Sasha felt the final hard clutching of Cinnabar’s pussy and she pulled her thumb out, replacing it with her tongue, her mouth locked open on
Cinnabar’s open pussy and she sucked. Her soaked thumb joined the other in Cinnabar’s arse and they twisted inside, using Cinnabar’s own cum for lube. A blast of cum shot out of Cinnabar’s pussy, more than Sasha ever could have imagined a girl could shoot. The hot, sticky fluid was like ambrosia flowing from this sex goddess, and it over flowed the anxious, guzzling cup of Sasha’s mouth.

Sasha got the first gulp down, the rest of it running down her cheeks and dripping down her chin, soaking into the white sports bra she was still wearing. The second blast, even larger than the first, caught Sasha off guard even more. She’d seen gushers like this in her massive porn collection, but never in her life
did she imagine she’d be drinking straight from one.

Sasha was still trying to swallow the first blast of cum from Cinnabar when the second one
squeezed out from around her lips, spraying the two girls down. The third blast, less powerful this time poured down Sasha’s chest, soaking her cotton bra. Sasha took a deep breath and attacked Cinnabar’s pussy with a renewed pasion, swallowing what was left of Cinnabar’s cum, sucking on her pussy until another blast hit her.
It was just a mouthful, and by the time she had her lips closed she realized Cinnabar no longer had a handful of her hair.

Sasha stood, Cinnabar’s cum-soaked foot sliding off Sasha’s soaked skin. Cinnabar was panting
heavily and she leaned against Sasha for support. Sasha leaned in, planting a deep kiss on Cinnabar,
pushing most of Cinnabar’s cum into her mouth, snowballing her with the last shot of honey she
gave. The two girls passed the fluid back and forth, some escaping between their lips and dripping down between them. Sasha could feel the air attack her nipples, the cum and the breeze stealing the heat from them, making them so
erect they puckered.

“Oh wow,” Cinnabar said, her breath coming in deep panting sighs and moans.

“That’s just what I was thinking,” Sasha said and pressed her lips back to Cinnabar’s. Both girls
moaned and their hands went to exploring each other’s bodies. Cinnabar pushed Sasha away and
smiled devilishly, her teeth biting on her lower lip.

“Now then, I hope you’ve learned your lesson,” Cinnabar said, walking between Sasha and the window.

“Damn right I did. Next time instead of looking through the window I’m just going to come in and rape your pussy until you gush like that again!” Sasha said, the same devilish twinkle in her eye.

“Yes,” Cinnabar hissed in pleasure. “Now get the fuck out of here,” she added, smiling.

“Yes, Madam,” Sasha said in mock submission. She bent to pick up her tight biking shorts and Cinnabar put her foot down on them.

“Uh uh uh. Some little snoopy cunt gets to run home naked, and uh,” Cinnabar said, gesturing first to Sasha’s thighs, glistening with cum in the Sunday sun, and then pointing at her sports bra, making her look like a wet T-shirt contestant.

“But… It’s…” Sasha said, worry filling her mind.

“Yeah it is. Matter of fact,” Cinnabar said, turning to catch the sight of a clock, “Just now 11 am.
Everyone will be returning from church at about any time. Run fast, little cunt,” Cinnabar said
and took a drink of her coffee, somehow still undisturbed and in her hand.

Sasha hesitated for only a split second before running back out along the street, the number of
fences between Cinnabar’s home and hers making it impossible to stick to the back garden. Cinnabar’s
hand went to playing with her clit and she started laughing lightly as her pussy convulsed in aftershock and she went back inside to finish
watching her film.


Marvin had his cock out peeing when he looked up from Judy’s bathroom window. “What the
fuck?” He muttered watching Sasha Wilcox run down the street. He’d thought, no the more he thought the more he knew the woman had been naked. He wondered who else was going to see the tight arse and bouncing tits before she made it home, not to mention hearing the story. “Everyone will be coming home from church before long, and she’d still be on the road jogging.” He chuckled, shook the drops of urine
from his dick, tucked his cock back in his boxers and headed back to Judy’s bed.

Marvin Adley Wilcox was excepted home last night, but he’d called his parents Sandler and Maxine to let them know he was staying over at Braxton Allan’s place. He knew Braxton would cover for him, it was an unwritten rule between them. He
thought of Sasha running down the street and for a moment which they’d been related. “Incest is best,” he said. When he reached Judy’s bedroom his eyes were immediately drawn to the bed. “Good morning beautiful,” he smiled at the little Japanese woman that was nestled on a bed of silk and satin. He hated fucking on her bed, he felt as if he were sliding every where but her nice, trimmed pussy.

Judy Wanatabe watched her lover stride towards her. He was one of the few that she allowed to be
solely one on one play. His cock was long, thick, and fucking impressive. She had no desire to share Marvin’s cock. “Hello handsome. Come here often?” she winked and slid herself to his knees. Judy looked around her little bedroom and wished she had something more, something
bigger. But the rent was covered by her parents and her king size bed did fit, barely… But it did fit. She ran her fingers through her jet black hair at the same time as she ran her tongue over her pink lips. Her dark eyes stared at the cock that was just starting to rise after Marvin’s morning observations.

He made his way to the edge of the bed and stroked her hair. His fingers ran through her hair and he looked at the cum stained sheets. “Not often enough,” he told her, pointing out a few spots on her bed that weren’t cum soaked from
the various nights he as well as others spilled their juices. “Guess who I saw out for her morning jog.”

Judy immediately knew and shrugged her shoulders. “Sasha. So what? She jogs every fucking morning, she’s a health nut. Funny thing is she’ll probably have a heart attack one day while jogging.” She rolled her eyes, ran her fingers up his thigh and noticed a dribble of
urine on his cock, still seeping on the head. “You need to clean that off,” she told him.

“Nope,” his eyes locked on hers and she glared.

“Fine, whatever.” She bent her head licked the drop up and then quickly gathered his whole cock into her mouth so she didn’t have to think of what she’d just done.

Marvin felt her shudder of disgust and groaned. He couldn’t have cared less if she tasted his urine or not, it was that fast swallowing of his cock that he liked along with the shuddering that vibrated through him. His fingers moved to travel
through her hair and he slowly eased her head into a nice gentle rhythm. “Easy baby, I got all
day. I’m at Braxton’s all fucking day…”

Judy looked up, angled her head and released his cock. “All day huh?” she asked.

“Uh huh,” he nodded, trailing a finger down her soft cheek. Her eyes were slanted slightly, and he
loved the innocent look she projected at that moment. She reminded him of a young girl getting her first chance at pleasuring a cock and he wanted her innocence today. “Suck slow baby.”

Judy was far from innocent, she’d enjoyed the cocks of several in town along with a few of the
females. Marvin was one of her favorites though. She was his and he was hers in this room, no one else ever joined them. They were
one and the same. Each one liked to fuck fast, hard, and wild, but this morning, like most days really, they both wanted that moment of “there’s only you” euphoria rushing through them. She ran her tongue from the head of his cock to the
base then back up again. Slow tantalizing nips of her teeth followed the same course and soon she felt the fullness of his shaft rubbing against her face. The tip would push by her cheek, rub and
catch for several strokes until his pre-cum made an appearance. Then every time she’d press
kisses over the cock, the pre-cum would caress her features, bringing a shiver of delight to her

Marvin watched his cock stroke her delicate skin, and his fingers moved to her shoulders. “Kiss me
first, baby.” He watched her lick her way over his stomach and across his chest. She stopped at his left nipple, bit and tugged before sucking firmly on the hard nipple. His head rolled back as she
teased the other, flicking it with her nails and then twisting it hard, bringing a groan from deep within his throat. His fingers stroked her hair and she finally stopped and slipped her tongue up to his neck.

She tasted the saltiness of his skin, and lapped hungrily at the center of his collarbone before
sliding her hands up to cup his cheeks. Her eyes danced merrily with his and she slowly traced his
lips with her tongue before she felt his hands wrap around her back and waist and bring her in close against his body. His head tilted, his mouth opened, and soon their tongues were dancing the dance of mating. They moved as one, each giving and taking, each tasting the nectar and seeds from the night before. He held her close and tenderly, both wanting to experience what for them was the closest either had come to admitting loving the other. Both were sexually hungry people, but neither was willing to give up the fun that they had on the side, and neither wished to marry at their age. They learned by example
and the antics of Cherry Hill was just to much to ask the young couple to give up.

Tenderly he laid her down on the bed, giving up the blow job, and he covered her body with his. He stroked her face with his fingers, felt her shake under him as well as her foot beginning a trail of heat up and down his thigh. She whispered her needs and he spoke openly of his own. Soon her fingers were sliding down his back, over his spine and cupping his arse. She
squeezed hard, he moaned loud. Judy maneuvered her fingers between their bodies and stroked the hard cock that her pussy was
begging for.

The tip was now covered in his pre-cum and she rolled it over the head, coating it as well as the hard ridge. He bit gently on her shoulder,
breathed deep the fragrance of her hair, and finally lifted his hips so her slim, delicate fingers could guide his cock into pussy.

“Oh Marvin,” she whimpered as she felt him take over and sink his cock into her. She clutched at his arms as he slowly began his love making.
“This is nice,” she whispered, lifting her head to capture the sensitive spot between neck and shoulder. “Wonderful,” she mumbled her mouth full of skin and muscle.

“Yes,” he replied with just as much pleasure. He sank into her over and over again. Each movement excruciatingly painful almost. His body screamed for him to move faster, his mind and heart won
out as he loved her with the tenderness that few on Cherry Hill allowed to show. Every slow scrapping of his cock against her pussy drove a shudder through him, and he pressed tighter. His mouth moved to her nipples and he looked up at her.

Judy’s eyes were on fire. He shifted waited for her to do as he knew she would and then he feasted on her nipples simultaneously. She’d known what he wanted, what they both wanted. Judy held her large
breasts together, making the nipples touch and become two beads of delight that were now
being sucked feverishly by Marvin’s mouth.

He loved on her nipples, licking them and lapping at them with his sand paper tongue. He bit and toyed with them, the whole time barely moving his cock, but flexing and jerking it inside her hot, slick pussy. “Oh God… Marvin… I need,” Judy gasped, bit her lip and felt the shimmer of
tears threaten to spill over her eyes.

He knew, that if he hurried she’d come faster, but he also wanted this one to last. So he refused her begging, and only released her nipples. “Wait baby,” he told her. The prolonged agony pulled at him as well, but he refused to give up the battle. Marvin pushed into
her, then out, never increasing his speed by more than a mere fraction.

She clawed at his skin, begged and pleaded, but he wouldn’t give in. “It’s there baby,” she whimpered. Her hips lifting, her body crying out
for him to help her, to help her reach her goal. Judy felt as if she would die if he left her right at that moment, but she trusted him and she knew he was taking her to the place they both wanted.

Marvin watched her face, and he felt his own need to expel his seed increase. “Soon baby, soon.” He pressed a bit faster, but still to slow to lose the euphoria that his lover was lost in. She’d long ago closed her eyes, and he now looked
upon her beauty and saw the innocent expression he’d been waiting for. The sign of a woman no longer present on Earth but in her
own little world where every man wished he could go. His cum shot out and filled her womb, coating her sides, and covering her with his

Judy felt the hot flash of juices fill her and she whimpered as she continued to feel him move inside her, and soon she to was releasing her climax. The eruption pulled from her a screamed, “YES!” that rolled through the house and brought a smile to Marvin’s face, though his ears were ringing. His cum left him in hot spurts that soaked her, and hers flowed thickly in waves of shivers and shakes. Soon he was finished, but he watched in amazement as her
gyrations on his softened cock continued to bring little orgasmic quakes to her body. Once she nodded her head, he knew she was finished and he slid off of her.

He pulled her against his side and stroked down her hair, as she continued to have a jerk every
few seconds as she relived the experience. Neither spoke as the digital numbers on the clock flicked over, each one afraid to ask the
other to give up the lovers that littered their lives.


Daisy Allen had just enough time before her father got back from church and dinner to get some sun. The morning rays were just starting to get warm enough for her to strip down and lay out by the pool, protected from prying eyes on the street by their high wooden fence. Her brother Bryce had gone with him this morning, while her other brother was gone to ruthlessly plow into the little Oriental girl down the block.

Daisy headed out by the pool, leaving the sliding glass door open behind her to air out the house with the sweet, early summer air, wearing only a silk robe; the robe that belonged to her dead mother. The warm sun hit her and she looked up into it, her blonde hair tied back in a pony tail. She closed her eyes and smiled into the sun, letting the light and heat consume her. The robe slid from her shoulders as her back arched,
exposing her pert breasts to the blue sky and the few high, fluffy clouds. Her hands caught the robe as the material seduced her skin in its movements and she set it on the glass table next to the pool.

She found her favorite lounge chair, already in the right position by the small Jacuzzi in the private back garden. It was pointed so she could catch the most sun as it traveled overhead, letting her golden skin bake to an angelic tone.
She sat, legs spread, her golden pussy bristling slightly in the light breeze, and she reached for the bottle of tanning oil, kept at all
times next to her chair. She dribbled the oil lazily on her feet, feeling the slick plastic strips of the deck chair under her pussy, the heat from the sun-warmed material gently caressing her pussy
as her skin was treated to the warm liquid from the bottle. A gentle sigh of happiness escaped her as her hands slowly worked the oil in her skin. Her fingers moved subtly up her legs, their tender grace not missing an inch of skin. She got to her inner thighs and merely teased the sensitive flesh normally concealed there, smiling
like a Cheshire cat at the added warmth on her pussy from the heat of the sun and her oil coated

Abira Mitchel, sitting on her bed in the apartment over the O’Connor’s garage was enjoying the show. After moving in a month ago, not only did she get treated to the frequent view of Juliana and
Miki fucking like rabbits, but she had the patterns of the neighborhood down pretty well. Today was Sunday, and it was the day the little blonde next door sunbathed, almost always naked. As an added bonus, she had a nasty habit of playing with herself, the sun making her neighbor horny; something Abira wasn’t immune to herself.

Today, Abira was equally as naked as Daisy. She knew Miki had gone to the office and wouldn’t be back until he got his presentation material lined up for tomorrow; he’d probably be there all night long. Juliana was at church and probably wouldn’t be back until early afternoon, which gave her free reign of the house. She didn’t see a reason to have clothing on, not for a little bit anyway; besides, it gave her a thrill to be mincing around someone else’s house while they
were gone, not wearing a stitch of clothing.

Abira’s hands went to exploring her own body in the same way that Daisy’s hands were exploring hers. The two were one in Abira’s mind, but she had the added sensation of
watching the 23 year old masturbate as only a woman will in complete privacy. She would be
doing the same to herself today, though with all the windows around her in the small apartment, she had the added risk of being caught, and it only excited her more.

Abira’s eyes devoured the blonde’s pussy, watching as her fingers left it untouched, her own fingers not capable of doing the same, each
one of them slowly rubbing softly up her ridge of moist flesh, one at a time, letting the lips of her pussy open gradually as each finger slid from the bottom of her pussy flesh to the top. Abira heard herself gasp at each touch, her clit begging for firmer attention, but her hands returning to follow Daisy’s.

The blonde, unknowingly being watched poured oil in her hand, watching it pool into a pound sized drop and then she poured half of it
in her other hand. Both hands rubbed each other for a moment and then up her arms, rubbing the
oil in her bronze skin, marveling at the sheen that was created in the wake of her hands in the late morning sun. She loved the feel of the warm oil on her body, she loved the coconut smell as it mingled with the scent of fresh grass and lavender. Her hands moved on auto pilot as she oiled up her neck and then her shoulders, her tits thrust
out, wobbling freely with every pass, her rose nipples exciting her unseen observer.

Abira touched herself in the same way, but she found that one hand had already returned to her pussy, feeling the small, freshly trimmed oval of dark fur with her palm as her fingers separated her lips and stroked up and down her soft, hot,
wet flesh. She wished desperately to be thumbing the clit of her neighbor, but her own would have to do. Her eyes didn’t miss a beat as
Daisy’s hands moved down to her own breasts, her fingers deeply massaging the flesh they encountered. Her head rocked back and she let loose a barely audible moan of pleasure; the sound a barely noticed symphony to Abira’s
ears… Abira’s body shuddered with a flash of hot electricity, her body needing the touch she was seeing. She felt her right breast dampen and looked down to see her hand, having recently vacating her pussy, spreading her free-flowing juice on her skin. She looked at her fingers in amazement, strings of her cum were between them as she wiggled her fingers. Abira couldn’t help herself and sucked the honey from each one of them slowly, her left hand moving down to her lusting pussy, almost splashing as they slapped against her swampy slit.

Daisy’s hands went lower, their touch leaving finger-wide rivers of oiled flesh in their wake. Slowly, the rivers became lakes and the lakes
became oceans as the oil completely covered everything except her mound of golden pubic
hair and her shaved pussy lips. Abira’s fingers stopped working her clit and she felt three of her
fingers pull lazily from her pussy, her cum making them syrupy as they came out of her, dripping on the floor. She wanted to experience this to its fullest, Abira suddenly sad that she wasn’t outside to feel the warm sun on her
drooling pussy, that she couldn’t see Daisy’s pussy more clearly, and that she wasn’t able to replace Daisy’s fingers with her own tongue. Abira swallowed hard and watched her neighbor for what she knew was about to happen.

Daisy, not wanting her most prized piece of anatomy to burn in the blazing sun, picked up the bottle of oil and turned it upside down almost two feet over her open flower. The oil started in a thin stream, splashing against her clit, making her body shudder; the effect not lost on Abira who was busily teasing her clit. Abira let out a loud moan, and she felt the beginning of a
tremendous orgasm hit her like a power surge.

Daisy heard something in the distance, but her mind was already overtaken by her burning desire. After her pussy was coated in the tanning oil, she put the bottle down and ran her fingers back to her hard little nipples. Her fingers flexed and squeezed them, Abira’s mimicking the movements precisely. The four hands moved as one, softly raking finger nails down the hyper-sensitive skin, the muscles under it twitching and writhing with a tickled taunt. Eight fingers and 4
thumbs found two pussies, open, hot, wet, and at the same time. Two voices rose as one in the air, both girls crying out simultaneously as they both had a small orgasm.

The blonde needed more, as did the brunette. Much to Abira’s disappointment, Daisy dropped one hand away from her pussy, her
remaining fingers busily stroking up to her G-spot in her gaping pussy. Abira could almost see inside her as the pink fuck-hole expanded and
contracted with Daisy’s movements, and she desperately wanted to have a taste of the blonde pussy her pussy was dripping over. Daisy’s other hand rapidly returned to the scene, though to Abira, lost in those pink depths, it seemed that it took a life time.

Gripped firmly in it, for the first time since Abira had started to watch the girl, was the bottle of tanning oil. Daisy’s quick, strong
thumb was on the cap in an instant and it twisted off, spinning into the pool with a gentle splash.

“Oh fuck, she wouldn’t… She isn’t…” Abira panted heavily. The world moved in slow motion as Daisy moved the bottle down, tipping it over the top of her clit as it passed within centimeters of it, spilling oil all over her blonde furred pussy before the top of the bottle disappeared in a flash into the pussy of Daisy Allan.

Abira couldn’t take any more. The orgasm that had been building burst like a damn, over taking her senses. She screamed, and in a heartbeat, her cum drenched hand was over her mouth, her eyes wide when she realized what she did, but her right hand kept mauling her pussy, her
fingers flexing inside her, rapidly pulsing against her most sensitive spot while her thumb madly stroked her clit. Her eyes clamped shut and she saw Daisy fucking herself with the bottle of suntan oil again, watched as her pussy contracted around the soft ribs of the orange plastic, her fingers sliding on the slick surface as she pushed it in deeper. Abira let out another whimper, her hand covering the full blown scream it would have been.

Daisy’s mind knew there was someone here, someone watching, and that just excited her more. She knew it wasn’t the pool boy, he
wouldn’t be around at all today. It couldn’t have been the postman, and she would have heard the ice cream van. Her lust fogged mind was barely aware of her surroundings as it was, and right
now she couldn’t care less. The bottle slowly pulled from her drooling pussy, its warm oil adding
more heat to her volcanic pussy. Cum and coconut oil swelled out of her pink slit with the bottle, each thick, finger-width rib making a sharp breath and a long, husky moan fall out. Only when the
bottle was completely out, the rest of its contents puddling inside her, did she notice the hushed moaning scream coming from near by. Then she saw it.

Abira had watched the bottle slowly reappear, the mixture of cum and oil pour back into the golden haired, glistening pussy. Her hands both
furiously worked her pussy, her left mauled her clit while her right splashed in and out of her pussy.
When the bottle emerged completely, Abira came hard. A second orgasm ripped through her and she barely stifled the scream, but not her spasming pussy. Cum sprayed from her, hitting the windows nearly 6 feet away in steady bursts. Her body convulsed and curled with each blast, her hand still vigorously fucking her pussy, getting soaked along with the carpet, the corner of the
bed she was sitting on, and the window. Her back arched up, her toes and shoulders the only thing
connecting her to Earth as her whole body exploded in orgasm.

Abira was panting hard and didn’t notice the willowy blonde neighbor smirk as she witnessed her orgasm. Daisy petted her pussy down from its pending orgasm and a plan started forming in her head, one that kept her pussy warm and her nipples tingling, even though her
fingers left them alone for the rest of her tanning session.


Renard Devlon looked over to his wife Elvina, he remembered how they managed to find themselves stuck in Cherry Hill. Neither one felt
safe returning to London, where he was once a Sir and she a Lady, no now they were stuck here, but they made the most of it. The unexpected and unexplained death of his father back in London so many years ago had left Elvina alone
and widowed with only her lover, which happened to be Renard at the time, there to console her.

Now as he pulled the car into the
drive his eyes focused on his daughter and his son. Renard was the third in line to the useless
lands in London, as well as whatever prestige would have come down with it. He was a strapping lad and he could see why Season, his
sister, older then him by one year was allowing him to fuck her senseless. Renard eyed Season and she knowingly eyed him back.

Renard the Third caught the glances and his cock stirred. He watched his mum run her fingers through his dad’s hair and he imagined her fingers on his head. The difference being she’d be pulling it into her pussy and forcing him to fuck her hard with his tongue.

Season swallowed, ran her tongue over her lips, and her fingers down her neck. Her eyes went to her father’s, the back of her mother’s head, and then over to Renard’s. She devoured each one of them for a few seconds, letting her pussy become slick with juice, juice that someone would be cleaning from her in a few minutes.

Renard thought back to that morning, just as they were getting ready for church. He’d showered, shaved, and gotten dressed then
walked past Season’s bedroom. He’d heard the sounds of her moaning as well as Renard’s grunts
and knew they were again fucking each other senseless. He’d leaned back against the wall and listened to them. It was a surprise to hear his wife hiss at him, bringing his attention to himself, and noticing that while he’d been listening to the incestuous couple he’d pulled out his cock and was stroking it hard and fast.

Elvina wasn’t shocked by the sounds that had finally driven her husband to wank off in the
hallway, what did shock her was that it had taken him so long to act on it. She’d seen the two kids
fucking one day, she’d immediately gone to the bedroom, grabbed her toy and got herself off within a few minutes. Now she made sure to
either catch them in secret or hear them. Her eyes devoured her husband and soon she’d been on her knees sucking his cock while her children were slamming into each other.

When Renard came in his sister’s pussy and she on his cock, he’d moved off of her and fucked her
face, letting her clean his seed and her cum from his dick. Season didn’t mind at all she loved the taste of herself and her brother’s cum only enhanced the flavor. When the door to the bedroom was pushed open, their parents stood there staring at them. Season’s eyes went to her father’s limp cock, still dripping of cum, and Renard took in the thick white creamy lipstick his mum was wearing. They all stared at each other for a moment before Renard spoke. “After church,” he said and then shut the door.

The car pulled into the drive and
Renard got out, walked around the front, as his son walked around the back. They both opened the doors for the women and soon the group was moving into the house, leaving the car in the garage nestled between the Porsche and the
Mercedes. Renard was the first to act, his hand grabbed Season and he pulled her to the living room. He placed her over his knee and raised his hand to paddle her arse He paused only long enough to give her time to lift her skirt. His cock leaped when he saw the black thong nestled in the crack of her arse and he licked his lips in appreciation, before the first resounding crack
filled the room.

Renard watched in awe as his sister’s arse turned red and he watched her cum all over his father’s lap. He’d never tried that with her before, but he knew he would in the future. The thought of his sister’s arse was quickly pushed away when his mum dropped to her knees, unfastened his trousers, and took his cock into her mouth. He pushed her head deep onto his shaft and shot a load of cum all over her face, as well as in her

After both of the Devlon kids had cum their parents led them to the bedroom. “It’s better to get that first shot out of the way. It’s fast and we don’t want fast… Do we?” Renard asked his daughter, his hand cupping her cheek as he
kissed her for the first time. He’d dreamed of this moment for years and now he was finally able to treat his twenty year old beauty the way
he wanted to.

Elvina led her nineteen year old son to the room also, her fingers running along the shirt he’d worn to church that morning. Soon each
parent had undressed their child then undressed themselves. The young bodies of Season and
Renard only complimented the mature frames of their parents. Each one moved like liquid silk
over towards the bed.

Renard instructed Season to place her head on the pillows and Elvina joined her, but she placed her head toward the foot of the bed. Renard knew what he wanted as did his father. He moved to his mother’s side and climbed up to
her, kissed her mouth, lavished her lips until he was short of breath. Her fingers had strummed over his cock, cupped his balls and teased them during that first kiss. He then turned his body, laid his head against her stomach, and breathed
in her scent.

Season watched her father kiss her mother, stroke his son’s arse, and then place a kiss on each
one of her ankles. She saw his tongue sneak out, lick its way to the center of her sloppy pussy
where he began to slurp from its warm trimmed bush. The colours were a soft brown and he made
sure to bury himself in them, before he too straddled her, easing the warmth of his mouth back against her pussy while his hips dropped his hard cock towards her, waiting for eager lips.

Elvina gasped as she felt her son’s tongue stroke the hairs of her pussy and then she purred in
delight when he assumed her favorite position and offered her the cock she’d been fantasizing
on for years. She lifted her hips, placed her hands on his and lowered his throbbing manhood to her tongue. Her tongue ran over his balls, up his shaft, traced the oily head that was still slick from the face fucking she’d given it earlier, then she drew the entire cock deep into her throat.

Renard watched his wife fuck their son, his eyes stared for a moment, then closed as he felt Season open her mouth against his balls and slide them into her warm hole. He growled, pushed his hips down more, and shuddered when he felt her fingers run over the crack of his arse. Season rolled his balls in her mouth, pushed them with her tongue, savored the feel of them.
She sucked greedily on them and when her father’s tongue stroked the length of her slit, her moan vibrated all over his testicles.

Renard licked his mother’s clit, rolled it between his lips, only to nip, and bite it several times. He
pushed in a finger into her slick pussy and was surprised to see the long, slim polished one of his
sister’s move up to tease his nipples, then over to their mum’s clit. He shared the pussy, and soon
they were fucking there mother’s pussy with slim soft fingers and thick hard ones.

Elvina bucked against her son, covering him with juice as well as her daughter. She shuddered
over the feeling of Season’s nail scrapping the sides of her pussy. She angled her head, adjusted
her jaw and was soon deep throating her son, taking in his massive cock, and feeling it slam
into the back of her throat. Her eyes went to her husband and she too joined in the flood of juices
he was drinking from Season’s pussy.

The group moved together each one feeling the movements of experienced adult hands with the
lesser experienced young hands. Soon the sounds of the room were more then just slurping and sucking, they were sounds of “fuck me,” “oh yes,” and several “don’t fuckin’ stop” until every one on the bed was covered in cum. It was a few hours later that the group separated, but the play didn’t stop. Renard carried Season to her
room, where he shut the door and kept himself buried inside her for hours, alternating between fucking her face, pussy and arse. Elvina was far from being done with Renard so it came as no surprise that the Master bedroom door also
remained closed though the sounds of fucking could probably be heard from anyone passing by the biggest and richest establishment on Cherry Hill.

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