coming together

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As I lay in my bed I think to myself “I wonder what it would be like to have sex with him?” Then after a few moments of my imagination getting away with me slowly I drift into a deep sleep full of images of him and myself coming together for the first time. I see us in my bed just talking to each other and then he reaches over and starts kissing me tenderly each time with more and more passion ,and then he slowly starts to reach under my shirt where my nipples are already standing at full attention slowly flicking at them and twisting them tenderly with his fingers,I start to moan and then he unbuttons my shirt and starts to lick and bite at my hard nipples as I start to moan louder he takes my jeans off and flings them across the room,then he moves to remove my panties (at this time i am already wetter than ever!) then he says “I see that someone is enjoying this already” and already as horny as I am I say in a quiet voice “Iam” he removes my panties and starts to play with my wet bud with skilled fingers,I start to moan even more and then I sit up and say “i want you now!” so I jump up off the bed and start to strip him,as I take off his shirt I lick at his nipples making him moan with pleasure I slowly move down to his pants fingers fumbling with his belt from being so nervous I finally get it undone and then his pants and boxers come off easily,as I stand there looking at him in awe I think to myself “this is it! we are finally going to make love after nine months of dating!” after that I got down on my knees infront of him and grabbed his member and slowly started working it, slowly i licked it and then I took him all the way in my mouth as far as I could without gagging as he played with my nipples “oh god baby dont stop!” he moans as I start sucking his huge cock faster and faster untill he hollers out” oh baby i’m cumming!” and at that i deep throated him as he came in my mouth it was so much I couldn’t hold it all he just kept on cumming I let him slip out of my mouth and some of it got on my breasts (now i am just a D cup but he had came on both of them too!) it felt so good I wanted him inside me right then and there and at that time as if he could read my mind he knelt down and picked me up and placed me on the bed as he told me to spread my legs so i did as he bid and then I felt his hot breath on my pussy lips as he spread them with his tounge as he started to lick and suck on my bud,he kept on bringing me to the brink and then letting it slowly ebb away as he brought me closer and closer to the edge as I moaned in pleasure louder and louder my screams of”oh god oh my god!” were lost in mid-air as he finally took me over the edge with his tounge as I screamed “oh god baby i’m cuuuuuummiiing!!” at that i pulled his face up to mine and I kissed him tasting myself on his lips and i told him “I want you inside me now” as he looked me in my eyes and told me he loved me I felt his hot throbbing member at my pussy and in one instant he was deep inside me,I gasped when he entered me he was so big! and it felt so good i couldnt tell him to stop! as we rocked back and forth in sync with each other i screamed out “oh god yesss! harder baby harder!!!!” and as he quickened his pace and put more power into his thrusts I started scratching his back in pleasure then at that moment I hollered out “oh god i’m cumming again!!!” and at that same time i felt him shudder into completion while my tight pussy milked every last bit of cum from him,as we lay soaked in each others juices we clung to each other and we fell asleep in each others arms,into that sweet,beautifull,dream state where nothing matters but you and the one you love.

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