First Night Home (Part 4)

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Now here he is, sitting in the truck in the driveway of his home, Horney as hell, looking at his gorgeous wife passed out cold naked as a jay bird. Fuck, if he didn’t have bad luck he wouldn’t have any luck at all. Then it hits him, he can’t leave her here all night.

He pulls up as close to the door as possible then walks inside the house. He retrieves a blanket then returns to the truck. Thank god it is 3:30 in the morning and no one is awake in the neighborhood. He walks up and opens her door. What a lovely site she is.

He maneuvers her so he can wrap the blanket around her. She wakes up some what and looks him in the eyes. “Baby you were great a little while ago”.

With a small chuckle, he responds, “Glad you enjoyed it but I wish I could take the credit”.

He walked her to the door then into the house. Once they reached the bedroom, Marie laid down on the bed and said, “Baby, do with me as you will”. Once said, she rolled over and went back to sleep.

Damn the bad luck. Anthony went into the bathroom and showered hoping that the cold water would subside his horney blood. It worked until he walked back into the bedroom and caught the view of that lovely goddess laying there naked. All he could think about was, “Baby, do with me as you will”. He could just scream.

Not only was he boiling over with cum from his 6 weeks on board a vessel 100 miles from the beach, but it was also induced by the large amounts of Crown Royal he had consumed tonight.

The more he looked at her, the harder it became to fight the urge to just “have at it”. He was being haunted by her words, “Baby, do with me as you will… Baby, do with me as you will… Baby, do with me as you will.” His only solution was very simple, throwing caution to the wind, he simply said, “Fuck it”.

He undressed and got into bed. He rolled her onto her back and began kissing her cum soaked pussy. It tasted so good. To think, she became this way with the mere thought of him. It was great.

The more he munched on that perfect snatch, the more excited he became. The more excited he became, the more he eat her out. Picking up her legs, he licked her tiny ass hole and played there for a little while. He licked his right index finger and then returned to her clitoris. Once there, he slowly pushed his presoaked finger into that tight ass of hers.

He was surprised when he heard her moan slightly. This turn of events excited him, if she woke up, then all the better. A minute or two passed and he was still steadily eating her pussy while finger fucking her tight ass. Damn that ass was tight. He had dreamed of fucking her in the ass but she was against it. She likes a finger in the ass once and a while, but she won’t let him fucker in the ass. She says she let him fuck her in the ass once, before they were married but she also said that he was extremely drunk that night. Of course he doesn’t remember this (here we go again with the bad luck).

The more he eats her pussy, the further his finger probed that tight ass. Anthony reached over next to the bed and retrieved the Astroglide that he recently bought. After applying some to her tight ass hole, he pushed the finger in further with a lot more ease. This definitely got a response from Marie. She moaned even louder and began to move her hips side to side and up and down. She was definitely into this. He removed his finger from her ass and went to her drawer and pulled out her vibrator.

He applied a little Astroglide to the vibrator and got it nice and slippery. He went back to the bed and started fucking her tight pussy with the vibrator. She was definitely waking up by now. She began fucking the vibrator like there was no tomorrow. He pushed a finger into her ass then he slid in a second one. She was moaning louder and louder by now. The louder she moaned the harder Anthony’s cock became.

Before long she was exploding into a massive orgasm. She looked up at Anthony and said, “Fuck me baby, fuck me hard”.

By now he was only too anxious to oblige her. He knelt on the bed and picked up her legs. Holding her legs elevated and apart by her knees, he drove his cock into her wet pussy only an inch or so. He continued to fuck her but only with slight penetration. This drove her crazy. After a few minutes of this he leaned forward and drove the entire length of his swollen cock into Marie’s pussy.

The harder he fucked her the harder she fucked back. It wasn’t long before they both exploded with the force of what seemed like a nuclear blast. Marie kept screaming, “Yes… Yes… Fuck me baby, Fuck me baby… Oh god Yes. Harder baby Fuck me harder… Good god I love the way you feel inside me…”

Anthony then flipped Marie over onto her stomach then pulled her up onto her knees. Without warning, Anthony drove his cock into her pussy again, this time to the hilt. No mercy. He wanted to fuck her as hard as she wanted him to. He continued to drive his cock into her pussy, and then he pushed two fingers into her well lubricated ass hole. The mere thought of his cock fucking that tight ass made him cum in her pussy again. Almost on cue, Marie erupted in another explosive orgasm. With Anthony’s cock in her pussy and two of his fingers in her tight ass, Marie reached down and massaged her clit sending her from a single orgasm to another multiple.

Exhausted from the activity, they collapsed on the bed. Anthony on his back and Marie cuddling up to him on his chest, they fell asleep…

Thus closing the books on Anthony’s First Night Home.

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    u reallyyyyyyneed to rewrite part 1 of this mav….

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