High School Sweethearts – Part 3

Chapter 3

We get to the parking lot, Rachel still leaning heavily against me. Her face was pretty swollen where Stephen hit her, but at least the bleeding had stopped.
I felt her stir against me as she looked around the parking lot. “Which one’s your car?” She asked.
I winced involuntarily. “I, uh, don’t have a car.” I pointed over to the bike rack where my bicycle was chained.
Rachel chuckled. “Good grief.” Her chuckle turned into a grimace of pain. “Ow, that hurts. Okay, no more making me laugh.”
I frowned. “I’m being serious. I don’t have a car.” Christ, did she think that everyone in her world came from rich homes?
“No, I know,” she said. “It’s just ironic, I guess. You’re trying to be heroic and all, but you can’t really take me anywhere.”
Ruefully, I realized she was right. She dug into her purse and pulled out her keys. She handed them to me and said, “Here. It’s the Explorer. Just… be careful.”
We walked to her car, and I helped her into the passenger seat. As soon as she was seated, she curled into a ball, pulling my jacket closer around her.
“I’m just gonna… do you mind if I stash my bike in the back?”
Rachel shook her head, her eyes half closed.
I ran and unlocked my bike, and put it carefully in the back of her car. The Explorer had more than enough room for it, but she told me to be careful, and by God I would be.

We drove back, each of us settling into silence. Over and over in my mind, I saw her kneeling in front of Stephen, stroking his cock, aiming it at her beautiful breasts. I couldn’t get rid of the image, and soon my cock was straining against my jeans. I needed to think about something else, I realized.
“Um, when we get back to my place,” I said, “You can shower if you want. And I have some sweats and stuff you can wear. It’ll be a little big on you, but at least you’ll be covered.”
Rachel gave no answer. I looked over, and saw she was asleep. Great, I thought. Now I got her taking a shower stuck in my head. My cock throbbed in response.

I pulled up to my house, jumped out and ran to open the door for her, but she was still sleeping. I reached out and gently shook her.
“Rachel? Wake up, we’re here.”
Rachel gave a little moan in her sleep, but didn’t stir.
“Okay, well…” I felt awkward. “I’m just gonna carry you inside, okay?” She gave no response.
I reached out and pulled her into my arms. As soon as I touched her, her arms came up and wrapped around my shoulders. I lifted her out of the car and carried her into the house.
Her lithe body folded itself against me in my arms. The scent of her wafted up into my nostrils. Christ, she smelled so good! My jacket was still pulled around her, but as I held her, it parted a little, giving me a teasing glimpse of her breast. I shook my head and tried to focus on getting her upstairs to my room.

I laid her down gently onto my bed, and immediately, she curled into a ball again. Trying as hard as I could not to disturb her, I pulled my jacket off her, and then pulled my bed covers up over her shoulders. I set my jacket aside, then looked around the room, wonder what I should do next.
“Jake?” I turned back to look at her. Her eyes were half-closed as she looked up at me, and my covers were pulled up to her chin. “Please,” she said. “I don’t want to lie here alone.” She reached up a hand to me. My eyes traced her fingers down the smooth white skin of her arm to her athletic shoulders, up her neck, and across her beautiful face. Her lower lip quivered and her eyes were tearing up.
I nodded.
She slid over to make room and then raised the covers so I could join her. Once again, I caught a flash of her breast and a rosy nipple before it disappeared in the shadows. I kicked off my shoes and slid under the covers to join her. She looked into my eyes, and then she smiled gratefully. “Just… hold me for awhile.”
“Okay.” I gingerly curled myself around her, our bodies spooning beneath the covers. I could feel the heat of her skin emanating from her back through my shirt. I wrapped my arm around her, and she pressed herself closer. Her scent once again assaulted my senses, and for a second I felt intoxicated. Keep it together, I told myself. Repeating it almost as if it was a mantra.
We lay there in silence for awhile before I felt her stir against me again. “Jake?”
“Thank you for saving me.”
My arm tightened around her in a brief hug. “Of course.”
Her hands came up and rearranged my arm so that my hand was cupping a breast. Then she fell asleep.
It took a long time before I could do the same.

I awoke suddenly, realizing I could no longer feel her heat against me. My eyes flicked open and saw that she was sitting on the edge of my bed with her naked back to me. I let my eyes feast on the taut expanse of skin that revealed itself to me. It was all hard muscle covered by soft skin, a combination that both comforted and aroused. Without thinking, I reached out and touched her shoulder blade. Her face turned to look over her shoulder, and I could see her smile.
“Hi,” she said.
“Is it all right if I take a shower?” she asked.
I nodded. “Of course.” I sat up and got out of bed. Demurely, Rachel pulled the covers up to cover herself. “Let me get a towel.” I went to the hallway closet and grabbed a large bath towel. From my room, I could hear the bathroom shower come on. I went back to my room and saw the bathroom door closed, so I knocked.
“Just a second,” came the reply. I heard the shower door open, and then the sound of the water change from hitting tile to hitting skin. Then I heard the shower door close. “Okay,” Rachel called. “You can come in.”
I opened the door. Through the diffused glass of the shower, I could make out Rachel’s lithe, nude body. My cock sprang to life as I stared at her form, entranced.
I averted my gaze quickly and placed the towel on the edge of the sink. “Here’s the towel. I uh… I have some sweats you can borrow until you can get a change of clothes.”
The shower door slid open a little and Rachel poked her head out. “Thank you very much,” she said.
I saw her flash a quick smile before I turned hastily away. It was obvious to me then, that she knew how she affected me, and was teasing me a little for it. I chuckled to myself, and then left her to her shower.
I pulled out my sweats and left them for her on my bed, then went down stairs to track down something to eat.

While we’d been sleeping, night had fallen, I realized. I went into the kitchen and made a few quesadillas. I had no idea if Rachel even liked quesadillas, but they were my comfort food, so what the hell, I figured.
This must be what other’s see, I realized. This must be the side of Rachel you see when you rise to her inner circle. The bitchiness was gone, the superiority. And what was left was an amazing girl, indeed.
And for the first time, I began to regret being socially invisible.

The shower was off by the time I came back upstairs with the quesadillas. I knocked at my door, wondering why I was nervous all of a sudden.
“Come in,” Rachel called.
I opened the door to my room and found her curled up in my desk chair, looking at one of my sketchbooks. For some reason, that made me even more nervous. My sweats were indeed too big for her, and it made her look very vulnerable.
“I… made some quesadillas, in case you were hungry.”
She looked up from my sketches and smiled. “Thank you, but I’m not hungry just yet.” She indicated my sketchbook. “You did these?”
I nodded.
Rachel set my sketchbook aside, then stood and walked over to me. She took the plate of quesadillas out of my hands and placed it on my dresser. “Your sketches are very good,” she said, and then kissed me.
Her lips were soft against mine, but they burned like fire. I was stunned. She came at me so sudden, so out of the blue, that I didn’t know how to react. So I didn’t do anything
Rachel froze against my mouth when she realized I wasn’t kissing her back. She pulled away, confusion in her eyes. “I d
on’t get you. Don’t… don’t you want me?”
With a wrench, I got a grip on myself. “God yes, Rachel! I do. I just… I don’t understand why you’re doing this.”
Rachel shrugged. “I don’t know, really. I guess… Well, I’ve seen how you’ve been looking at me, and I thought…I thought this would be the best way of showing my gratitude.”
I grabbed her by her shoulders and looked into her eyes. “What would be the best way?”
“Why, fucking you, of course. Just this one night, and then tomorrow we go back to the way things were. I’ll always have the memory of you saving me, and you’ll always have the memory of tonight.”
It was the casualness of it all that struck me the hardest. That she was somehow doing me a favor by fucking me. I opened my mouth to tell her to go to hell, tell her to leave, tell her something, but then she pulled off my sweatshirt and slid my sweat pants down to the floor, and stood before me in all her glorious nakedness.

All rational thought abandoned me at that moment. I pulled her against me, my lips finding hers. My tongue flicked out, and her lips parted to accept it. Our tongues pressed against each other, swirling and dancing. Enjoying our first taste of each other. My hands slid across her body, down her back to her perfect ass, pressing her firmly against me. I knew she could feel my cock straining, pressing through my jeans against her belly.
She moaned in arousal as her hands dropped to the waistband of my jeans. I pulled my shirt off while she loosened my fly, and in moments I was as naked as she was.
We stood there for a moment, each of us staring at the other, enjoying the view of the naked flesh before us. Her body was even better than I’d fantasized. Her stomach was perfectly flat, but I could see the muscles rippling underneath as she breathed heavily. She had a small patch of dark hair at the juncture between her thighs, and I could smell the aroma of her sex mingling with the intoxicating smells of her flesh.
From the moment my cock had been released into open air, her eyes remained fixated upon it. Now, she took a step forward, reaching out a hand to grab it. I shuddered as her cool fingers wrapped around my shaft. Her eyes were wide with amazement.
“My God,” she breathed. “This is the biggest dick I’ve ever seen!”
I chuckled. “You haven’t watched much porn, have you?” My cock was a respectable eight inches, but I’d never thought it something to brag about.
She looked up at me. “What do you mean?”
I wasn’t about to take a timeout to explain John Holmes to her, so I kissed her instead. She immediately kissed me back fervently, pressing herself against me once more, leaving just enough room so she could keep one hand wrapped around my cock.
Our kissing intensified, and I began to lose myself in the sweetness of her mouth. Her hand began to stroke my cock up and down, and seemingly of its own accord, one of my hands slipped between her legs.
Her pussy was dripping wet and fever hot, and suddenly I realized that she wanted me. Wanted me as bad as I wanted her. My fingers twirled around her clit, stroking up and down at the same tempo she was stroking me.
“Oh fuck,” she groaned against my mouth. “That feels good!”
“Ditto,” I groaned back.
The hand holding my cock sped up in tempo. Her other hand clutched my arm, her nails digging into my bicep as her grip began to tighten. “I’m gonna…” she gasped.
Her hips were writhing against my hand, adding to the friction. I concentrated on my finger-play, as much to increase her pleasure as to keep myself from thinking about cumming. I was really fucking close.
Suddenly, she let out a half-gasp, half-sob. Her hips bucked upward, and I felt her pussy clamp down on my fingers. I let her ride the wave of her orgasm, my lips keeping constant pressure against hers. Her entire body began to shudder and convulse from the intensity of it.
Her shuddering began to slow, and thankfully, so did her stroking of my cock as she eased out of her rapture. She drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly. Then she looked up at me and smiled. “Well, you didn’t have to do that,” she whispered.
I chuckled. “It was my pleasure.”
Her smile widened and took on a mischievous quality. “It will be in a second. Come here.”
She backed up slowly, pulling me along by my cock, till she reached the bed. She sank down on it, and for a second I thought she was going to take me into her mouth, but she lay back and parted her legs. “I need you inside me, Jake,” she pleaded.
I nodded slowly, entranced by the sight of her naked body lying on my bed, inviting me to take her. I sank to my knees before her, grabbed my cock, and rubbed it up and down against the slit of her pussy.
“Ooh,” she moaned. “It feels so good.” Her hand reached down and grabbed my cock, placed it at the entrance of her steaming pussy. “Please, I’m ready. Shove that thick monster inside of me.”
I did as ordered, and my god! She was ready. I couldn’t believe how easily I slid into her hot, tight hole. She let out a loud groan as my entire length slid into her.
“God,” she said through clenched teeth. “You fill me up so good! I love your fucking cock!”
I smiled down at her, and then dipped my head to kiss her. Loving my cock, I mused, was a good place to start. She responded to my kiss, her legs wrapping around my waist and encouraging me to move within her. Our hips began to grind against each other in an erotic dance as I slid my cock in and out of her. The walls of her pussy were clamped tight around me, but she was so wet it didn’t matter. The speed of our gyrating began to increase, and once again I felt myself near the brink.
“Rachel, I’m fucking close,” I managed to groan.
“Oh god,” she moaned. “Me too!
Without slowing the movement of my hips, I said, “That’s good. But are on the pill? Because I’m really really fucking close.”
Her legs locked even tighter around me. “Yes!” she moaned, loudly. “I’m okay. Jesus Christ! I need you to fill me up!”
I let out a loud moan and increased my tempo. If it was fine, then I was gonna let her have it. And I did too, let me tell you. Our hips began to slap together loudly, accentuated by our moans and the slap of my balls against her asshole.
And then I was there. With a guttural yell, I arched back and released inside of her. It felt as if the cum was being fired out of a cannon; I’d never orgasmed this hard before.
As soon as she felt me cum, she fell over the edge as well. With a scream of “I’m cumming!” her teeth latched onto my shoulder, and I could feel her pussy convulse around my erupting cock.
I could tell she was biting hard, but I barely felt it, so caught up in the moment as I was.

After what felt like an eternity, our orgasms began to subside, and we drifted gently back to reality.
I pulled out of her slowly, grabbing the towel she used to dry off with to wipe away our combined juices. I looked up at Rachel’s face, and saw her smiling at me.
“So gentle,” she murmured.
With both of us cleaned up, I tossed the towel aside, then stretched out next to her. She curled up next to me immediately, her head nestled on my shoulder. My arms wrapped around her protectively.
She giggled. “Are you going to fall asleep?”
I yawned at the thought. “Probably. Great sex has that effect on me.”
“Yeah,” she replied. “Well, I’ll be okay with it, as long as you keep holding me.”
I chuckled. “Deal.” My eyes were already starting to sink shut.
Just before I dropped off, I felt one of her hands reach up to caress my face.

–to be continued

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  1. MarvlMan

    Most of the morons writing on this website are just quoting short stories their drunken friends made up playing poker for nickels at the local burger king. Usually involving one of their own family members. This is one of the few stories I have read that can be considered literature. First it starts off with a good conflict, continues with an interesting story line, and ends up with some Superman bullshit saving the day. I love stories like that. The fact that you could create a story line and keep it interesting is a characteristic lacking in this website. In the sex scene it was kept light and playful, yet still keeping sensuality. Good job.

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  2. [CTU]Dung30n.cz

    very nice.. i will have to read up on the previous parts as well. like MarvlMan said: storyline is the key.

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  3. Stormangel

    An excellent read. While MarvlMan and I do not always see eye to eye, his summation of the majority of this website is accurate. His assessment of your writing style and power is equally apt. This would appear to be an excellent overview for a full size novella. Perhaps something to think about?

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  4. Walter P

    What happened to part ?

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