Hot and Spicy BBQ

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imagine we aint met yeah not spoke before, and we have kinda mutual friends….our mutual friends throw a party/ barbacue
we turn up with our own mates mingling, we meet via the host
we smile and i kinda think your a lil cute but i move on with my mates later on the host comes up and asks how things are goin and i’m kinda lookin at you payin a bit more attention i ask them a a bit about you find out your cornish, very sporty, pretty random, very outgoing…etc your here visitin friends when you got the invite so i’m like okay fair enough the host moves away with a smile, you kinda ask similar questions i hope anyway then i kinda drift over, start chatterin away as i do….you look mildly bored…so i’m a lil thrown as to how to intrigue you how to get your attention so i kinda walk to the stereo and put some tunes on…oh and what by chance do i put on but stereophonics i turn and catch your smile, and i ask if u want some thing to drink we go to the bar area i kinda brush against you slightly as i’m standin behind you i lean around you to grab us both a bottle being that close to you makes my skin tingle and my breath kinda catch, dont know why but alas i put it to the back of my mind openin the bottle i pass it to you and a few of my friends come over and i go to introduce you but i realise i dont know your name i introduce them and apologise and ask yours….they think i’m just a dumbass anyway so its all good….we are all chattin about stuff i find talkin and laughin with you really easy, i dont normally…i normally chat away to fill silences but with you i’m enjoyin the silences and chattin with you i didnt realise how seductive conversation can be even if it is about football or rugby but yeah i’m enjoy it all, then the host tells us all to drink more, dance etc and have more fun….lol so we do a few hours later we’ve drifted away from each other then bumped into each other some cool tunes come on so we head to the dance area i kinda move in front of you and raise a suggestive eyebrow
i move closer and move with you ya know slow but funky….i dont normally dance with girls i fancy cos i get kinda shy lol….but with you its different esp how earlier we got on so well some sexier songs start playin so i put my hand on your waist and start dancin closer i look up cos i was starin at how we moved together it was kinda hot…..the fact we didnt falter or stumbled just kinda flowed together as i look up your smilin a lil…i wonder why i get a lil self concious at this point you smile more….so i kinda just move closer to see if you’d still smile and you did it was very suggestive now tho more a i dare ya look and smile so i slowly moved my head to yours lookin into your eyes as i move finally our lips touch, its so sweet at first, soft and it feels like a build up and it does it builds up one hand moves to your head, the other stays at your waist but moves under your shirt to kinda stroke your waist i’m so nervous, and horny and sooooo wet its unreal i never had so many things goin on at once i pull away lookin into your eyes and we both are breathin pretty heavy i hold your hand but have the urge to look around and a few people a lookin our way so i grin we both start to walk towards the backdoor we go outside its a turnin darker the stars are out its so nice and clear i walk us over to the bench at the farther end of the garden, still nervous i might be pushin too fast but just wantin you to myself for a lil bit i kinda look up at the stars i love it…lookin up …takin perspective of life the feelin of how random stuff is i look towards the northern star and then i look at you your watchin me with a puzzled look….i ask what and you shake your head i’m puzzled but not wantin to push lol my hand moves from your thigh to the back of your head i pull you closer kissin you is so nice our lips need no help they know what they are doin our tongues meet and caress each other this kiss is so much deeper than the first i stand up then move round so i’m standin between your thighs i crouch down and kiss you head on it feels so good then you kinda push me back onto the ground and come sit on the floor with me…i cant resist i lay back i look up at the stars and for once i feel good whilst lookin up then i look to you and your smilin and lookin puzzled again so i pull you down and kiss you some more your hand moves under my t-shirt to my torso and down to my waist oh it feels really good, sexy and seductive esp with the slight breeze too i sit up lean towards you pushin you down, i look towards the house and the garden is empty … i roll to move over you my lips leave yours to trace a path between you ear to where your collar is open mmmmm your skins so soft and tastes goodi move my mouth over your shirt and i find your nipple ….i kinda tease it a lil thru your shirt and bra my hands move up your top to massage your breasts…….I lay by your side teasin your nipples and kissin you deeply, your so hot!….i wanna slide down and put my hungry lips to your sweet pussy….i wanna taste you and make you cum with my tongue an i wanna slide my fingers inside you as my tongue teases your clit….all these things i wanna do …i whisper it all in your ear and a whisper of a moan escapes your lips, and i know you want it too! my hands make short work of undoin your pants so i can slide my hand in them, my fingers find how wet you are, i’m just as hot and wet for you baby! i want nothin more than to strip you naked and devour you right there an then! your hand slides into my shorts and u groan when u feel how wet i am….. our hands move together, move for move u match me…. we start moanin into each others necks and i feel u breathin faster and i makes my pussy clench with lust, i feel myself about to explode …. mmmm your so hot just feelin your wetness aroun my fingers makes me wanna come u pull ur fingers from my pussy and slide them into my mouth, its so hot tastin myself on ur fingers! …. u move back inside me, we move faster and harder together, i feel you bite into my shoulder and u try to stop cryin out! …. just as you cum, the back door opens and we scramble up and try to re arrange our clothes, i’m still horny but i manage to talk to the host and manage to get to my car and drive home! ……

keep looking to find out more from this story!! x

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