Jennifer's World: The College Years Ch. 21

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Maxine sighed. The past couple of days were terrifyingly hectic, with the police conducting their investigation and questioning every girl in the house for possible witnesses or leads. Jennifer and her friends were currently at the hospital, keeping Arly company while she healed.

Jennifer. Maxine was still unsure why she and her friends picked her little sorority. Even with all the bad reputative publicity, she still could have gotten around it and be at any of the posher sororities. Her grade point average was a perfect 4.0, and the median GPA of the Skirted Musketeers (Maxine adored that group name) was 3.98. That qualified her to go to any goddamned place she wanted, Maxine thought. But she had picked here. Maxine was secretly elated that Jennifer stayed. She had so wanted to meet her after hearing of her escapades last year.

Maxine frowned. She was very unsure of herself. She was only 5’6″, but she weighed over 240 pounds. She was always a large person, and she had tried everything to lose the weight. She was very healthy, athletic with her exercises, so a lot of her size was muscle. That was all fine and good, but it meant zero in the romance department unless you had a more desirable body. And never mind about fucking. She did remember, though, the two times she had been laid. But that was 80 pounds ago. “Who’d want to fuck a fat broad?”, she thought. “Not even a rapist would want to touch me.”

That thought brought her cruelly back to that night. Maxine was still trying to figure out how the guy got inside in the first place. She had just retired to her room and was readying for bed when she heard Arly scream. She had ran to her room only to find the door locked. With a mighty shove, fueled by her fear, she had busted the door open. Arly had been naked, on the floor, cuts all over her body, darkening bruises everywhere, and a lot of blood on the floor. Her face did not even look recognizable. She had grabbed the phone and called 911, then had called Arlene’s to give her a message for Jennifer about Arly.

That was 2 days ago. Now there was yellow tape across Arly’s door; The Alpha Rho Deltans had coordinated with her yesterday and now had 2 men from the frat roaming through the house, acting as security. In six hours, another pair would take over, and so on, thus giving the sorority 24-hour security coverage; And Delta Delta Omega now had a dose of notoriety. She had always wanted that, Maxine thought to herself, but not at the expense of one of her girls.

Maxine rubbed her eyes and pushed herself away from her desk. It was near 10 pm when she looked at the clock. She decided to go down to the kitchen for something to drink. Since she was only in a nightgown, she grabbed her robe before heading out.

Maxine had just descended the stairs and turned left towards the kitchen when she was hailed from behind.

“Ms. Quinn?”

Maxine turned around. Standing in the doorway to the Receiving Room stood one of the frat boys. He was about her height wiry, with a shock of jet black hair. He looked middle eastern.

“Yes?” Maxine answered.

“Ms. Quinn, you should not be walking around unescorted at night.”

“It’s all right. I was just heading for the kitchen.”

“Oh. Then I will walk with you.”

“Really, that’s not necessary…”

“Please. I insist. We’re here to keep you all safe from harm. No one is in that part of the house right now.”

“Well, alright then.”

The man walked over to Maxine, and together they headed for the kitchen.

“Excuse me,” Maxine said, “but what is your name?”

“Forgive me for not introducing myself. I am Muphti. Muphti Mousef.”

“And I am Maxine. Please, call me Max.”

“OK, Max.”

Maxine felt buoyant. There was a man with her!

“I’m just getting some milk or juice for myself,” Maxine said. “Can I get you something?”

“Well… I just finished my shift and was ready to go back to the fraternity when I spotted you,” Muphti said. “I guess I could dally a bit and enjoy a bit of refreshment with you.”

Better yet. “Anything in particular?”

“Milk would be fine, if it is not too much trouble.”

Polite as hell! Hmm… “Good. Two milks it is.”

Maxine was smiling by the time they got to the kitchen. Even this innocent interaction with a man got her wet!

Once in the kitchen, Maxine sat Muphti down at the table, then went to the refrigerator. She pulled out the milk jug, then spied the party tray behind it. It had some grapes, cherries, and cheese cubes still on it. She decided to grab that as well. She placed these items on the table, and retrieved two glasses from the dish drainer. She then sat down near him, poured the milk, and handed on of the glasses to him.

“Thank you very much,” he said. “This is very kind of you.”

“Think nothing of it,” she said, flattered. “Here. Have something to eat as well.”

Muphti smiled. His teeth were very white, a stark contrast to his brownish skin.

The two of them drank their milk, and ate some of the food, in companionable silence. For Maxine, it felt good to be there with Muphti. He was a gentleman. He also looked good to her. His features were symmetrical to his face, which sort of looked a bit triangular. He had high cheekbones, and a thick mustache that tapered to the corners of his slightly upturned lips. She wondered what those lips would feel like on her body.

“You know,” Maxine said, once she finished her milk, “I really haven’t seen you on campus before.”

“That is not surprising,” Muphti said. “I had just transferred here last July, from California. From UCLA.”

“Why here?”

“My major is Information Technology, and this school has the best IT department in the country. I decided to finish my Bachelor degree here, then work on my master’s.”

“I see. Have you made any friends here?”

“Some. Mostly in the fraternity. I was in the Alpha Rho frat at UCLA, and the chapter just transferred my membership here.”

“That’s good.” Maxine was getting more and more turned on by this man. She decided to turn it up a notch. “So, you got a girlfriend?”


“Did you have one back in UCLA?”

“Once, back in my freshman year. It did not last long.”

“Oh? May I ask why?”

“Well, she was an aggressive type. I did not know this before I dated her. I tried to live with it, but it was just too much for me. She understood, and we parted, friends. I still call her from time to time.”

This man was entirely too nice, Maxine thought. Still, she wanted to try. “Too bad for her. You are a really nice man, Muphti.” Corny, she thought.

“Thank you.”

Maxine thought of something. She poured herself another glass of milk and started to drink it. Purposely, she let it spill over the front of her robe and nightgown.

“Oh, no!” she exclaimed while standing up and blotting with a napkin. “Look at this. I am going to have to change now!”

“That is too bad. I will walk you to the stairs. And I want to thank you for the drink of milk.”

“Won’t you walk me to my room?”

“Really, it’s not necessary for me to go that far with you!”

Don’t bet on it, mister! “But you said that at night we were to be escorted…”

“Yes, but…”

“It’s dark up there! The bastard that raped poor Arly got up there somehow. Who knows? He might be there right now. Please?”

Muphti thought on it. Then he nodded. “All right. To your room then.”


Maxine was giddy as they headed for her room. Muphti stayed deferentially to her side, allowing her to lead She became more and more enamored with him. His politeness was a refreshing change from the cordial, almost formal, treatment she usually got from men.

Once they got to her room, Maxine
opened the door and stepped in. She then turned around. Muphti was standing outside the door, his hands behind his back

“I will be going now,” Muphti said.”Thank you for the food and milk.”

“No,” Maxine said. “Come in f
or a while, and we can talk.”

“Really, I-“


Muphti sighed. He really liked Maxine, but he was hesitant , fearing to push too much. He nodded once, and entered.

“Go ahead and have a seat on the bed, while I change out of this wet stuff.”

Muphti sat down as Maxine entered the bathroom. He looked around. It looked like most other bedrooms, with just the right amount of femininity thrown in. The bed was soft and inviting.

Maxine came out of the bathroom. She had put on one of her huge robes.

“That feels much better,” she sighed. “That wetness was getting cold!”

Muphti smiled, nodding.

Maxine sat down on the bed, next to Muphti. “You know, it was really nice of your fraternity to do this ’round the clock’ security,” she said to him. “All the girls were scared shitless after the attack.”

“It seemed only right,” Muphti said, looking into here eyes.

Maxine had had enough. She was so horny she was vibrating. She grabbed his arm and hugged it into her ample breasts.

“All I know is I feel safe with you,” she said dulcetly.

Muphti did not miss the pass. He had been waiting for permission, however subliminal. He turned toward her. Without a word, he leaned in and kissed her.

Maxine felt sparks fly. She returned the kiss, pouring all her loneliness and passion into it. She released his arm, and then he immediately threw both arms around her middle. She hugged him into her, never breaking the kiss.

Muphti split her lips with his tongue, exploring. Maxine matched him. His hands were on either side, slowly massaging in circles. Maxine’s lust was on a slow boil, savoring every sensation.

Maxine broke the kiss and sat back a little. She untied her robe, and then slowly parted it, exposing her gigantic tits. Muphti’s eyes nearly popped out of his head.

Maxine lifted one of her huge globes to her mouth, and sucked on the nipple, never taking her eyes from his. Muphti got the message, and lowered his head to the other tit.

He kissed and licked that tit, which was almost bigger than his head. Maxine purred with lustful satisfaction, allowing the tit she was sucking to fall back into place.

Muphti switched to the other tit and started licking and sucking it. He paid special attention to the aerola and nipple. Maxine’s shivers of pleasure intensified. She reached around and grabbed his right hand, guiding it to between her legs.

Muphti started kissing up Maxine’s chest as his hand massaged his way toward her pussy. He could feel the muscles of her legs tighten as his fingers danced lightly over the skin. His lips reached her neck as his fingers found the outer lips. Using his middle finger, he explored between her pussy lips, looking for and finding her clit. He rubbed that clit furiously as his teeth and tongue drove Maxine to new heights of pleasure.

The combination of his mouth and hands working on her pushed Maxine over the edge. Wordlessly, she came. She shuddered with the convulsions as her pussy juiced, thoroughly wetting his hand and part of the bed cover. Muphti continue to rub and tweak her clit through her orgasm, enjoying the sensation against him.

In a few moments, Muphti stood up and undressed. As he dropped his pants and shorts, Maxine smiled at the sight of his hard prick. She guessed it to be about 6 ½ inched long, and very thick. She pulled off her robe and got down on her knees in front of him.

She massaged his balls as she started to kiss up the shaft. His smell was intoxicating to her. She continued massaging as her lips contacted the exposed head. Muphti lurched. Maxine, while looking up into his eyes slowly lowered her mouth over his cock, licking and sucking all the way down. She then grated her teeth against his cock on the way back up, making him grimace a bit, but then lovingly licked the shaft, going back down ever so slowly. For the next few minutes, Maxine kept Muphti on the edge of an orgasm, giving him, to his recollection, the best blow job he ever got.

Neither Maxine nor Muphti could stand it any longer. Needing her, He pushed at Maxine’s shoulder. She knew what he wanted, so she laid back onto the floor and threw her legs open.

“I want you in me,” she gasped. “Fuck me, Muphti.”

Muphti knelt between her knees and pushed her legs farther apart. He guided his dick to the entrance of her wet pussy, Effortlessly, he stroked it into her fully.

Maxine’s mind exploded. His cock felt so good in her! She could feel every inch of him as he started into his fucking rythmn, full strokes in and out.

Muphti was in heaven. It had been almost 3 years since he last got laid. He was not into self gratification, so it had been a lonely 3 years. Now he was fucking a woman that appealed to his tastes, and he wanted to make sure she loved every minute of their humping.

Muphti grabbed Maxine’s legs behind the knees, and started to slowly push them towards her chest, until her ass was lifted a bit off of the floor and he was pounding into her vertically. He increased speed and slammed his cock into her, feeling it hit bottom. Maxine was lost in lust, crazed by sensation that she grunted with each downward thrust, and could only gasp with each lift.

Muphti felt the beginnings of another orgasm as he felt Maxine’s pussy tighten painfully around his cock.

“Ohmigod!” Maxine gasped. “I’m coming aga—-AIN!!!!” she screamed that last.

Muphti had his eyes closed as he stroked his cock in and out of a suddenly very tight cunt while his orgasm pushed him over the edge. Closing his eyes even tighter, he slammed his cock into her pussy as the first wave of cum spurted out.

Maxine felt his cum as it coed her pussy, and the sensation of his cock still pounding through that sent her into another orgasm. She was so wracked with spasms that she could hardly breathe. She grabbed on to his arms to steady herself.

They grunted and gasped through their orgasms, while still furiously fucking each other. As the orgasms ebbed, Muphti let go of her legs, and Maxine grabbed him and hugged him in to her.

“Oh wow!” Maxine said. “That was so good!”

“I agree,” Muphti said, dazed. “I have never felt this spent.”

They layed there for a few more minutes before reality set in for the both of them. Groaning, Muphti pulled out of her with a small plop.

“May I use your washroom to freshen up?” he asked.

“I think you better,” Maxine said, smiling. “No sense in giving the other guys downstairs anything to talk about.”

“My thoughts exactly.”

Muphti collected his clothes and went into the bathroom. Maxine slowly rolled over and got up, collecting her robe along the way. She heard the sink water running as she tied the robe around her again.

Her thoughts were in a bit of a turmoil. She finally met a man she really liked, and made it with him on the same night she met him. She didn’t feel guilty-she’d left that emotion behind 60 pounds ago. She did feel a little confused at the rush of lustful emotions she felt with him. She had not felt that way with anyone before. She wondered if they will ever do this again.

She turned toward the full length mirror on the wall. For the first time, she saw a woman looking back at her instead of a fat girl. She profiled herself, pulling her tummy in a little, and admired the sweeping curve of her tits. Her hair was all mussed, but it always looked that way when she got up in the morning, But now she won’t be able to look at her hair all messed up without thinking of how it got that way this night.

Muphti finally came out. He was fully dressed. He looked the same way he did when he entered her room, with one small exception. He was smiling.

“Why, Muphti!” Maxine exclaimed. “You have a beautiful smile!”

“You have given me reason to smile,” he replied.

Muphti closed the distance and pulled her face in for a kiss. She kissed him right back, savoring the feeling.

“I must go now,” he said, once they finished kissing.

“I know,” Maxine said. “When can we be together again?”

“I will call you the day after tomorrow, and we will make plans. How is that?”


“Good.” Muphti opened the door and stepped out into the hallway. He turned around.

“Goodbye, my sweet,” Muphti said. “Until I see you again.”

Maxine stood there, totally shocked. He called her “My sweet”!

Maxine did not remember going to bed.

Knock knock!

The sound woke Maxine. She felt thoroughly refreshed.

“Who is it?” Maxine asked.

“It’s Sister Jennifer,” Jennifer answered. “May I come in?”

Maxine looked at the clock. It was 3 am. She turned on the light, and checked to make sure there was no sign of her tryst. There was none. “Yes, come in,” she said.

Jennifer opened the door. She was in her nightie and a robe.

“Sister Maxine, I came by to let you know that Arly will be released from the hospital tomorrow. Her injuries are healing, but she is going to be scarred once everything heals. The doctor told us to be very sympathetic to her needs until she is well again. We will go to pick her up after classes so you have time to get her room cleaned up and taken care of.”

“That sounds fine, Sister Jennifer. Thank you for informing me.”

“You’re welcome. Well, good night.”

“Good night.”

Jennifer turned to leave. Suddenly she stopped and turned around again.

“Maxine, did you have a man in here?”

Maxine did not have to say a word. The blush on her face answered Jennifer.

“Well, congratulations, Maxine!” Jennifer exclaimed. “Did he fuck you good?”

Maxine smiled. “And how!”

Jennifer laughed.

“How did you know?” Maxine asked.

“There is a slight man smell in here,” Jennifer said. “There is also the slight smell of sex as well. Is your pussy still tingling?”

“All night, so far,” Maxine laughed.

“Well, I won’t tell anyone. But promise me you’ll tell me all about it sometime soon.”

Maxine nodded. Jennifer nodded back, waved good bye and left.

Maxine wondered just how she could smell those smells. She had thoroughly cleaned up her room before she let the euphoria sweep her away to the erotic memories of the night. But she did know that Jennifer would not tell a soul, not even her friends.

Once again, Maxine was glad that Jennifer decided to stay here. She knew now she could talk to her on matters of the heart. She planned on telling her of her night with Muphti next weekend. Maybe Jennifer could then give her pointers on how to be more sexy for him.

Maxine laid back down. She closed her eyes, and saw Muphti, once again fucking her brains out. She let out a happy sigh as she turned on her side, turned out the light, and fell into a peaceful sleep.

Now there is security in the sorority, and Maxine has made headway with one of them. It is good for her to have a love. Also, Arly come back from the hospital. How will she feel about going back to her room? Will Jennifer be able to help her with her fears? Find out in the next exciting chapter of “Jennifer’s World: The College Years”, coming soon!

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