Kelly and Rachelle's Summer

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Chapter One

Something for everyone
Part One

Kelly looked down. Veronica’s eyes were fixed upon hers. Her wonderful tongue was working magic on her clitoris. Kelly thought it was odd that she had never noticed how big and round Veronica’s eyes were before this moment. She was noticing now. Kelly was losing all of the control over her body. Veronica was in charge, moaning and licking Kelly in a way that she had never felt before. Veronica’s finger had found her special spot in her vagina and between the steady pressure of the finger and her tongue Kelly was about to explode. Kelly started to thrash on the bed. Veronica’s boyfriend Steve earlier that night at the bar had confided to Kelly that Veronica was Bi and had told her that she had fantisized about Kelly. Kelly had known Veronica for three years and she had always been with Steve. She had no idea that Veronica was Bi. That tought flashed through her head just before she exploded in orgasm all over Veronica’s face. Kelly had not had sex in six months and the explosion was such a release.

Kelly wondered what she was doing. She was straight, but the offer that Veronica made at the bar not even an hour earlier she could not refuse. Veronica explained that everyone has the urge to cheat. She said that Steve had fantisized about fucking Kelly, and that they knew she had not had sex in six months. Both Veronica and Steve could fulfill their urges at the same time and Kelly’s as well. Veronica was working Kelly up to a second orgasm. The first one was a desperation release but this one would be a total orgasm done the right way by a woman to a woman. Kelly could see Steve sitting in a chair smoking a cigarette. His cock was one of the most gorgeous that Kelly had ever seen, and it was completely erect. He was enjoying the show. Kelly’s nipples were so erect they hurt. Kelly felt this orgasm through her womb and her cervix throbbed. She had not known that this could be done. She knew now.

Veronica was sitting in the chair now. Steve was climbing on the bed and advancing toward Kelly. She did not want to kiss Steve, he was not her boyfriend. His Cock looked like a mighty engine of war advancing to knock down her castle gate. Kelly turned her ass toward Steve, got on her hands and knees in front of Steve. “Put it in bare!” Kelly shouted. She had not felt a cock in six months and she wanted the complete experience now. She was shaking from anticipation as she felt Steve grab her hips. He slid in slowly, probing Kelly’s vagina until his cock was lubricated completely and she was ready for serious thrusting.

Steve fucked Kelly from behind for almost half an hour. She loved every minute of it. She had two violent orgasms during that period, and wondered how long Steve could keep up. He was experienced, speeding up and slowing down to increase her pleasure and to prolong his. Kelly felt that her knees were going numb and her shoulders were getting sore. She tightened up her pussy and shoved back hard on Steve. Any more of this and she might not be able to get off of the bed. Steve bellowed, and thrust as deep as possible into Kelly, holding her hips firmly as he exploded into her, she felt her vagina get hot from the semen exploding through her, and her cervix was bathed with fluids just the way that she wanted. She came again. Even though Steve was still throbbing in her pussy he supported her through this incredible orgasm, and after a couple of minutes withdrew his spent cock. Kelly collapsed forward onto the bed. She stretched out her legs and rested her shoulders, with her ass slightly raised so that the semen would not run out. She had not been fucked in six months, and she was going to enjoy the tremendous amount of semen Steve had injected into her. She could not quite close her vagina, she could feel hot globs of semen around her hole. She collapsed partly onto her side, and Veronica could see her pubic hair, shaved and trimmed very neatly into a “landing strip” Her strip was soaked with fluids and glistened in the dim light. Her long auburn hair was scattered and half in her face. She feebly pulled the hair from her face and took a deep breath.

“Oh my” Kelly said, “I don’t think I can move, can somebody get me some water?” Steve and Veronica started to laugh, and so did Kelly.

“I’ll get some water” Veronica said. “We’ll restore your energy, dear, and then see what happens next”

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