Loretta Part 3

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Loretta Part 3 Loretta looked from one to the other of us. I could see it in her eyes that she was serious; she wanted to fuck both of us right there and then. It had been an unusual day to say the least. Now Ulrich looked at me. He wore his usual uncomplicated, pragmatic look; as though she had just asked him to change a light bulb. I looked back at him with wide eyes and a disbelieving look on my face. Loretta however had clearly decided to call the shots. She sat between Ulrich and me and gently undid the button on Ulrich’s jeans. He obliged her by sliding them down to his thighs. She then reached into his boxers and took out his cock. Of course I had seen Ulrich’s cock many times over the years that he had modeled for me but now, I watched as Loretta stroked and tugged it into an impressive erection. She glanced at Ulrich’s face from time to time to see if she was doing the right thing. I found her concern for his pleasure touching. He looked back at her impassively which only made her amplify her efforts. At last she lowered her head onto his cock; a beautiful sight from where I sat. Ulrich’s eyes widened as he settled back to enjoy the sensation of Loretta’s lips, mouth and tongue. Now her head was bobbing up and down with increasing speed. Her golden hair hid exactly what she was doing to Ulrich from me, but that just added to the arousing effect of watching a beautiful girl blowing one of my best friends. Long, sensual minutes passed while I listened to Loretta moaning as Ulrich’s cock filled her mouth and throat. She then rose slowly from his lap, leaving his cock glistening wet and curving up towards his abs. “Don’t be shy Pete, lick my pussy.” She got onto her knees and pointed her ass towards me then lowered her head back down onto Ulrich’s cock. I grasped the rim of her black tights and slowly pulled them down. Ulrich gave me an encouraging look and stroked her hair. I pulled Loretta’s tights further down, revealing a gorgeous, trim ass. As soon as my hands passed over her cheeks she spread her legs then lay back on the couch. She had now gripped Ulrich’s whole shaft with one hand while she was concentrating on licking the head of his cock. She put one of her long legs over my shoulder as she felt me kiss her inner thighs. I slipped my hand under her hips and brought my tongue down onto her pussy. She had a wonderful aroma; a product of our walk along the beach that morning perhaps. I parted her lips with my tongue and soon found her clit. She responded by spreading her legs and letting me in deeper. I settled down now to really enjoy Loretta’s pussy; I licked and nibbled her clit and plunged my tongue deep into her secret folds. She was sweet with a velvety smoothness; supple and flavorful. My tongue explored her every delicate fold while I listened to her gentle moans growing in intensity. I licked her steaming hole for several moments and loved every stroke. She grew wetter and wetter; her juices and my saliva eventually running down her thigh. Ulrich meanwhile had pulled himself away from her mouth. I too came up for air and Loretta licked her lips and rolled her eyes with delight. I took this opportunity to pull her tights off altogether. She was glad to be rid of them and kicked her legs with glee. Ulrich and I now stood in front of her. She took one look at me, giggled and proceeded to strip me of my shirt. To say that Ulrich now had a raging hard-on would be a huge understatement. I looked at him and grinned, he grinned back good-naturedly. I had an idea. I went into the next room and got the swivel chair from in front of my p.c. Loretta needed no invitation to kneel on it. She waited, facing me, as I grasped the arm of the chair and turned it slowly, positioning her pussy right before Ulrich’s rigid, throbbing cock. She giggled as she leant back; spread her legs and raised her ass. Ulrich did not hesitate to spread her lips and feed the full length of his cock into her dripping wet pussy. Next, she placed one hand on my belt and in no time had released my cock from its exile. For the second time that day I felt Loretta’s lips lock around the tip of my shaft, I felt her hot breath against my skin and her saliva dripping down around my balls. She licked, sucked and nibbled me as I grew more and more rigid inside her mouth. Ulrich meanwhile had grasped her hips and was humping her with slow, gentle thrusts. I looked at him after several minutes and he nodded. A few strokes later he pulled his cock out of Loretta’s pussy. He turned the chair and there was Loretta’s glistening pink slit, inches away from my cock, all ready for me to fuck. Without hesitation I buried my cock into her, picking up where Ulrich had left off seconds ago. Loretta certainly didn’t seem to mind and settled down to licking Ulrich. Thus we alternated between one end of Loretta and the other with her moaning, sighing and telling whichever one of us was in her pussy at the time to fuck her still harder. We did as we were told until Ulrich pulled out and asked her to jack him off. She did more than that, immediately sinking his cock into her mouth where his orgasm exploded. I must admit, seeing Ulrich’s muscles tense at that moment, as he grit his teeth and threw his head back, was sheer poetry! Loretta did her best to swallow all of Ulrich’s come but the young German had obviously shot a considerable load into her mouth. As some of it dripped onto the floor, Ulrich looked at me apologetically. I could not have cared less as I now gripped Loretta’s shoulders and brought the full force of my thrusts to bear on her pussy. I sunk my fingers deep into her flesh as I came, pumping shot after shot into her depths. Breathless, I pulled out to be greeted by Ulrich’s broad grin; he had certainly enjoyed himself. We left Loretta on the chair while Ulrich dressed. He was running late for an appointment so I paid him for his time. He kissed Loretta goodbye unemotionally and shook my hand. After seeing him out, I returned to the studio to find Loretta still naked, lying on the couch with her eyes half shut, playing idly with her nipples, “What do you call that, what we just did?” “A Lazy Susan.” “Oh ok, like in a restaurant,” she giggled. “Well I’ve just treated myself to a gourmet smorgasbord of cock.” She rolled over suddenly to face me, her golden hair tumbling across the cushions. She looked up with those hypnotic blue eyes and said, “I don’t want to go back to Jade’s place, she hates me. Can I stay here with you?” I hesitated then she added, “Oh please Petey, pretty please. I’ll make it worth your while?” I certainly had no intention of saying no but decided to string her out a bit. I took my time fetching my wallet from the kitchen then returned and handed her twenty dollars. “Here take Jet for a walk, get yourself some ice cream and go to the supermarket. We need milk for breakfast.” She laughed and sprang off the couch in a whirl of yellow locks. “Thanks Pete!” I slapped her ass affectionately as she collected her clothes from the studio floor.

That night, by text message, I discreetly informed Jade that Loretta would be staying with me. She seemed relieved, texting back a simple, “Great, Great, Great!” Over the next few days Loretta settled in to life with me. We cooked, listened to music, went for long walks on the beach together and got along very well. I painted and drew her several times. Each time our session would make her very horny, whereupon I had to tell her that art was business, fucking was pleasure. She would nod slowly, smile at me knowingly and tell me to wait until after dark. In the bedroom she was a demon. In the first week I fucked her three times a night and no matter how exhausted I was she still managed to get me hard again for another go. There was nothing that she didn’t want to try; we fucked outdoors by moonlight, on the kitchen table, up against the wall and I fucked her in the ass. This was quite a treat for me because I would first get myself hard watching her washing and lubing herself. The whole time she would tease me with questions like; “Do you like my perky little ass Pete? Would you like to feel it swallowing your cock? I can squeeze every drop of come out of you with my tight little hole. It wants you so very badly lover.” She had the most magnificent ass too – a perfect pair of firm, ripe cheeks and, true to her promises, she quickly learned how to use them to milk my cock of everything it had. Each time I fucked her ass, I loved to reach forward and grab onto her shoulders or her hair then lean forward; my cock as hard as a dry thorn, and finally unleash a torrent of come deep into her secret depths. I could tell that she loved it long before she caught enough breath to tell me. But best of all, it was lovely waking up with her in my arms every morning. Was I starting to fall in love with her? You be the judge. One day when Loretta was out I got a call from Zane asking me to meet him at a bar in town near where he worked. He sounded worried and would not elaborate over the phone. I headed into town and met up with him. He was sitting at the back of the bar looking as if he were hiding from someone. As it was still early on a weekday, the bar was virtually empty so I bought us some drinks and we spent about half an hour in small talk. Eventually after a long pause Zane took a deep breath and said; “Pete, I have something I’ve got to tell you but you must promise to keep it a secret.” I told him that he could trust me as we had been friends for years. After a few more minutes of silence he said, “I feel awful about this. Loretta came on to me the night after the barbeque. Jade was asleep and I had got up to get a drink of water. Loretta crept into the kitchen and she kissed….. I kissed her. One thing led to another and she gave me a blow job – with my wife asleep in the next room! I just couldn’t resist her, she’s so fucking hot.” I looked at him and did my best to seem sympathetic and concerned. But the whole time visions of Ulrich and I sharing Loretta’s mouth and pussy on the swivel chair were going through my mind. I wanted to tell him that treating guys to blowjobs might just be Loretta’s way of showing affection. Before I could, he added, “She wanted more; she wanted me to fuck her. I wanted to, I really wanted to but I just couldn’t. The next night she tried it on again and I still resisted. Then she threatened to tell Jade.” I looked at him in silence while he stirred the beer in his glass. “I don’t know what to do Pete. If she tells Jade my marriage is over. I love Jade, I don’t want that.” “Look, it’s ok mate. I don’t mind her staying with me, for as long as she likes. It’ll take the pressure off of you.” He looked a little relived but I could plainly see that this situation had taken its toll on him. I told him not to worry and that the secret was safe with me then we parted. A few day later I got a call from Jade telling me that it was important that she needed to see me and asking me to meet her at a local caf . Jade’s was a somewhat stronger personality than Zane’s. At first there was not the slightest indication in her manner that there was something wrong. She smiled and we talked about dogs, art, craft, film and local news. Then all of a sudden Jade said, “I know that Zane has cheated on me.” I was stunned and speechless. All I could do was look into her eyes. But I saw no pain there, no anger, and no anguish. “Truth is Pete; I did it first – and with the very same woman.” “Who?” As if I did not know. “With Loretta, but only once or twice and we just fooled around. She wanted to go further but I said no.” I nodded gravely, doing my best not to laugh. “Do you really want to talk about it?” “Well the first time, it was a spur of the moment thing… no it wasn’t…oh, I don’t know. She has this pull on me, I can’t explain it. She tried to seduce me once before when we were teens but I just wasn’t ready. Now that I saw her again after all these years I kind of fell for her. Kind of like a girly crush I guess.” She stopped talking and looked deep into my face. She knew what I wanted to ask her next. “I woke up that night after we had you over for dinner. I couldn’t sleep; I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I got up to go to her room but then I realized that Zane was already up. I walked into the corridor and saw them in the kitchen. I can’t be angry at him Pete. After all, Loretta was doing to him what I wanted to do to her and wanted her to do to me – well, you know what I mean.” I nodded my head wisely and smiled. Jade went on, “I was angry at her in the days after that and she knew it. I was angry at Zane too but most of all, I was angry with myself. So I appreciate you having her stay at your place, it’s taken the pressure off us. Now I just wish she would go home to her parents and leave us all in peace.” Jade thanked me for listening and in an instant she was her usual cool and smiling self again. She got up to go. I could tell that, like Zane, she too was relieved to have got it off her chest. It was clear that Loretta had quite an effect on us all. After I left Jade I went for a long walk to think and little by little a plan began to form in my mind. I would have to run it past Ulrich but I could guess that he would be keen to help. Everyone, it seemed, just wanted a piece of Loretta……………….. Stay tuned for the 4th part…….

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