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Late April, April break is when we first met.
It was a nice night I was in my Public safety uniform and you were wearing your acu’s.
We were in the break room when we first met. I didn’t know one at all and I was curious on who the people were in the room. And so I sweeped my eyes around to look and I seen these deep blue eyes looking at me. I was interning with my father so my dad was with me and he was introducing me to the blue suiters.
As we sat down, it was time for the meeting and for us to get into partners to get on the road.
I went with Casey, one of my dads friends. So we got ready to get on the road. The fun part was being in a cop car its very fun. We looked around the car to check if there was nothing wrong.
It was a slow night and nothing was going on so Casey met Betta at a community center on base and thats where I met him again he was partnered with Betta. So Casey and Betta and the guy was out talking and they were smoking. I hate the smell of smoke so I stayed inside the vehichle and it was warm in there anyways. I was about to fall asleep when he opened my door.
“Avoiding us” he asked when he opened the door
“Yep” I said with a smile
He smiled back. He were quiet for a couple of minutes then asked
” what do you like to do”
I was being a smart ass and said “anything”
he busted out laughing. so I said
” I like riding bikes, running, walking, reading, writing, the usual”
“I like to ride bikes too” he said “Maybe sometime we can hang out and ride bikes”
I said “sure”
Betta and Casey said stop flirting with her or we will tell her father. So Casey closed the door on him and so we moved to a different location. He walked towards my door and he asked
“Do you have a facebook”
‘yes” I said
So he was trying to look me up on facebook but he couldn’t find it so he gave me a piece of paper of his number and his facebook. I added him to facebook, but I couldnt read his number so I didnt bother it.
My dad found about Shawn flirting with me. My dad was going to talk to him when he was back on shift. Thursday he wasnt there, but I was looking forward to seeing him, I don’t know why. My night was boring other than I met my dad at some point of the night.
I was tired, and wanted to go to bed during the day so I did. It was Friday the week was almost over. Daddy was waiting to meet him and talk to him outside. We thought he wasn’t going to show but he did. It was a Friday night. Daddy yelled his name and said to walk out side with him. Everybody was laughing. I didn’t know what they were talking about. But when Shawn came back in he was like “Never again”. He sat behind me and daddy sat with me.
My dad tried to hook me up with him when the shift was done. After a while my dad gave him my number and it was weird. I was blushing at that time and my husband now had gave me his Mp badge and I still have it.
I have to thank my dad on getting me hooked up with my husband and I am proud that we gotten married it was the most unique way that we met. I dont think alot of people have that. My dad told him to go to the house one day after school, he picked me up and when I got in the car and I kissed him. He wanted to go fast but I told him to take it slow simply because I just recently broke up with my ex boyfriend.
It didnt take so long for me to actually fall in love with him but it was the best time I had with someone and I am proud of my choice.

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