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It was a nice suburban day, beautiful as it usually is. I worn a red dress today because red equalizes me as an independent woman who just got out of a divorce. Today was a day that will start out fresh, well that’s what I hope for.
My recent husband was very abusive to me and that’s why I had to get out of it because if I didn’t I would have been killed.
I am a very much of a business woman, I work at a big huge corporation but today is my first day off. I have asked for a couple of weeks to take off because I need to have a little space before I start working again. Today my plans are going out to a nice little club to have fun and dance my stress away.
It was the best plan I ever had, and it went well. As I dance I was very comfortable because many guys wanted to dance with me and I enjoyed every second. I didn’t have to worry about me getting abused when I get home and I didn’t have to worry about coming home late. I had the freedom that I wished a long time ago.
A gorgeous guy walked in the club as he walked in he cached my eye. He was build, he had the muscles I can see it through his shirt. Man, I love those abs, I thought. I was thirsty at that time so I went over to the bar.
“Can I have a Smirnoff” I asked the bartender
The bartender gave me the drink and I paid for it. I got to love my Smirnoff’s they are the best I ever had. I like my sweet drinks, been that way since I started drinking at the age of 21. As I was ready to walk away to go dance again, a hand grabbed my shoulder.
“Hey” a soft voice said in my ear. The guy was behind me. I looked back, playing hard to get I ran to the dance floor and start dancing again. My plan worked, he followed.
He started dancing with me. As we are sweating from all the work out we were doing it was a magnificent time that I had since I gotten divorced. All of a sudden his soft warm hand shot up to my face. I looked up and seen the beautiful eyes I ever seen in my life. He dropped his head towards mine and we started to kiss. It had the sweetest scent that I ever felt. Our breathing has increasingly changed.
“I want more of you” he said in the gasp of air
“Me too” I said ” Can we go some where’s”
” Yes my place” he said
I never did a one night stand, it was my first. But I would never resist this one. We went out of the club, he had a motorcycle. Red and silver were the colors and I loved it at first sight. I loved my motorcycles, I have been a daredevil since was I was kid always took my risks at anything.
I got the helmet on that was on the backseat. He smiled at me, while he buckle his on. I placed my hands around his waist as he got ready to start it. I love the rush feeling that a motorcycle and it made it more exciting when I was horny. My pussy was already wet! I was shocked no one never done that before.
His place was just around the corner very nice and a little small but it was fine. I wasn’t here to live I was here to get fucked. Oh I can’t wait. As we invited me inside we started making out. The sweetness of his hot sexy lips I couldn’t resist. He grabbed my hand and made me feel his cock as it grows bigger. I wanted to put him inside me right now. He played with my clit and I moaned softly of pleasure. We walked towards his bedroom still pleasuring each other by teasing each other. He grabbed my dress offing me. Luckily it was already loose to take off. I grabbed his shirt and took it off.
As soon as we got into the bedroom, he pulled me down on his bed and he unbuckled his pants. Then took his huge big size 8 dick out.
He placed it in front of my mouth, I licked the head of his cock at first. Teasing him more and more, try to get him to loose control. He started to then I started to suck his cock. I went up and down his shaft and he moaned slightly. He grabbed my hair and made me swallow him whole. It was great, I wanted him inside my mouth more. I sucked on him harder and faster, it was great and I knew he never had this much pleasure with anyone else. He was about to squirt a big load so I slowly teased him until he did it.
The load was all over my face and some in my mouth. It was the best ever. As I finished that he started to play with my clit, no one have ever made me as wet as he did. He played for a little while, but I wanted more than anything. His cock was hard again and we knew what the next step was.
His cock touched my clit, it made me squirm for more. He teased me with his cock rubbing it up and down and up and down until I was about to plead it took me 10 seconds until I started to plead.
“Please fuck me now” I said clenched my teeth as I said it.
He place his cock inside me and he was riding me. He thrust his cock in deeper and deeper inside my vagina. I was going to have a orgasm shortly, I’m sure of that.
As he did it faster, I was moaning more and more.
“Fuck me harder” “Yes” “Faster” “You know you want to beat my pussy, come on now” I moaned. As it continued I squirted out, I never done that before but it was the best that I ever had. After a few minutes he squirted cum in my pussy.
As we got dressed and I was ready to go home. I was ready to walk out of the door when he gave me a slip of paper.

Eric – 000-321-2276 You know my address come anytime

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