Rick & Alicia ch5

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Chapter 5

Rick got to the house around three that morning. He had washed up, he didn’t like to be walking around smelling like sex. He went to see was Alicia in bed, he walks into her room. She is sleep in nothing but her underwear, she lay on her back with legs open. Rick went to his room and went to sleep. Arlene was a good fuck. He went to sleep a few minutes later.

Alicia woke up the next morning cooking something to eat. Rick woke up to the smell of bacon, eggs and biscuit. Damn he was hungry. Alicia had on a wife beater with no bra. She was piling eggs and bacon on her biscuit with grape jelly, while watching some court show on television. Rick walk into the kitchen looking for something to eat. There is nothing, when Alicia cooks she usually cooks enough for him. He look around again seeing nothing.

“Alicia did you cook me something to eat?” He ask looking at her finish off the last bite of her bacon and egg biscuit.

“Nope you were sleep and I thought you’d be sleeping in,” she goes back to watching television.

“Will you please cook me something eat, I’m so hungry,” he asked sweetly.

“Nope you shouldn’t have slept late,”she says, this time she doesn’t even glance at him.

He just grabbed a bag of chips and a pop. He sat down to watch TV with Alicia when he finished the chips and drink. He lays his head in her empty lap. His nose in the apex of her thighs. Alicia is still fuming about last night. All of a sudden she pushes him off her lap onto the floor and step over him going to her room.
Rick get off the floor wondering what’s wrong with her. He gets up, following her to her room. She is angry, the door slams. He goes in behind her, open the door. She is sitting on the bed reading a book.

“Get out of my room Rick,” she says without looking at him.

“What did I do to make you mad Alicia,” Rick ask.

Alicia say nothing just stay reading her book. Rick was getting mad, she was acting bitchy and he hasn’t done anything. Rick gets on the bed and throw the book across the room. He straddles her thighs, and lean into her face.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” he ask through gritted teeth.

She pushes Rick, “you want to know what’s wrong with me, where were you last night?”

He thinks about it, “None of your business,” he didn’t want to tell her so he got off her and left. She got off the bed and came behind him.

“Oh so my best friend won’t tell me where he was last night, but I already know, he was with that slut Arlene,” Rick turns around.

” What the hell does it have to do with you where the hell I go and who I fuck?” He was mad.

“Oh what does it has to do with me,” she ask sarcasticly, “Lets see you are fucking me, the guy who is fucking me is fucking a slut that fucks everything that has a dick,” she was fuming, “May I mention I AM still suppose to be a VIRGIN”

He couldn’t be that mad at her after that,”So you going to let me fuck you now?”

She walks in front of him and grabs his face,”Rick what the hell you think I let you did to me after the movies,” she pulls her own hair, she kisses him,”I guess you inside of my body doesn’t count……. I’ll let you have my body, just please don’t mess with other girls.” She ran to her room.

Rick went after her. She went sat in the middle of her bed holding her pillow. He got on the bed beside her. He was getting what he wanted he guess, Alicia would be all his. Alicia had the best cunt he had ever had.

Rick put his arms around Alicia shoulders,”Are you sure?” Rick asked.

“As long as you leave all other girls alone, my body is your and only your, and no letting anyone else touch me,” She kissed Rick on the jaw,”You can do anything you want with me.”

Rick scooted behind Alicia and rub his hands on the outer side of her breast, she pushes his hand away, she is still a little nervous about the whole touching her intimidate parts and stuff.”Thought you said your body was mine,”he threw her pillow on the bed and rubber on her big tits, he could feel her shaking. He nipples now hard.

“So you want to be with me,” her eyes were close, Rick were tweeting her nipples.

“Yep, so now you’re mine, are you still on that birth-control?” Rick ask still playing with her breast through the shirt.

Her breathing has hitched,” yes why?” she ask putting her hand on his.

“You’ll see why soon,” he kissed her neck, ” Alicia I want to see your pussy; I want to see you naked now.”

“Rick its daylight,” she said leaning on his chest.

“So, go ahead now or we break the deal” he just looked at her.

Alicia got off the bed, stood in front of Rick and took off her shirt. He could see her round tit coming out the confines of the tight tank top. He black nipples hard. She turned her back to him and took of the pajama pants. She still has on her briefs, he ass is sticking out the back of them. “Come on Alicia you have undress in front of me before what the problem now, come on get them briefs off so I can see that pussy”Rick rubbed his dick. Alicia took the briefs off her back still to Rick. He could see her toned leg no cellulite, it not like it would have really matter girl with cellulite are really soft.

“Rick it matter now because now you’re attracted to me and i’m nervous because you are the first man to see me completely nude and want to see my secrete place” she turned around to Rick covering her tit and her valley.

She was covering herself, she could see Rick rubbing that monster that he always pushed inside her. She was so nervous still. He told her to move her arm away and come to him she did. She was afraid he would change his mind she didn’t think he’d like her body. She may still have stretch marks from when she lost the weigh.

Alicia body was great, he loved when she would get dressed at his house, she gave him so many hard-on then. He want to see her little tight pussy and play with. He could see her eyes were close. He slid to the edge of the bed and kissed her belly button. He hands were gripping his shoulders. He had her lay on the bed he just had to see her pussy, to open her fold and look at her clit. He had her lay on her back and bend her knees.

Rick probable didn’t want her she knew her private place was filled with hair. She was hoping he wouldn’t shame her or not want her. She open her eyes to look at him between her legs. She could see him opening the doors of her temple to take a peek inside. She saw clear fluid between her legs oh god he was going to hate her. She tried to close them so he could stop looking at the liquid stuff between her leg. She said ” Rick I can go take a bath and get that stuff out of the way” she was so nervous, and did not know what the stuff was she did not know much about sex. The more Rick looked her the more she felt wet and saw more stuff in her private place.

Rick look up at her,” what for its just cum that is what help my dick slide into you,” He knew she did know much about sex her sister, Mayan and him both made jokes about that. Everyone didn’t want to take her innocents away so no one informed her about any parts of sex.

“Okay are you sure,” he touched her there, rubbing his finger in the cum. He touch that hole where he always pushing his self into at and his finger slide into her. She gasp from the little pressure he used. She could feel his finger in her temple. She raise up on her elbows. Moving her tit out of the way, they got in the way sometimes because of their size. She could see him pushing his finger in and out of her body. She could feel her body making more cum. He add a second finger. She felt private place beginning to tighten around his fingers.

“Oh Oh Oh Oh,” Rick looked at her face she had a crease in her forehead. He hips were starting roll on his fingers. He then lick her clit and the dark skin of her pussy. Alicia started to moan.”Rick should you be kissing me there?”Alicia asked, her cunt then felt like it had a hot pulse there. He kissed her private place again this time he sucked her, she could hear slurping. He add a third of his long fingers into her, it was a tight fit, but they were sliding in and out of her. Her hips were moving trying to find something. Her pussy was felt like it was sucking on Rick fingers trying to pull them inside of her. She knew her body was making more cum stuff. She was feeling something intense in her private place and Rick fingers were sliding in and out of her so fast. “OOOOOOOOOH oh oh oh god oh god ummmmm oh god” Alicia was yelling with her eyes close and she could still her Rick sucking slurping and lick her pussy. She felt a big wave hit her while Rick held her hips down.

Alicia’s body was still whirring from the intense pleasure Rick gave her. Rick look at her cunt seeing juices still leak from her tasty pussy. He had not tasted a cunt like Alicia, her juice tasted salty and sweet at the same time. He licked her again getting more on his tongue, sending Alicia body into another orgasm. He raise his head up to see Alicia whole pussy jerking and twitching. “Rick Rick Rick Rick oh ummmmm oh oh oh oh god oh god!” He watched her pussy still jerking and leaking cum. He grabbed the lips feeling her pussy still shaking. He was to tempted to fuck her right now, but he wanted a blow job.

Rick went up and laid by Alicia and kissed her lips. She was still in the troughs of her orgasm. He kissed her, she kissed him back so hard moaning in his mouth. It felt like she was trying to suck his tongue out. She leaned up pushing him on the bed,”Oh fuck oh oh oh oh oh god,” she kissed him hard again tasting a sweet and salty taste on his lips. She was starting to come down now the kissing had got slower. She kissed him once more.

She didn’t understand how he could do that stuff to her body. Rick was still amaze at her pussy jerking he had saw a girl pussy do that about five years ago and that girl pussy shook instead of jerked. Rick leaned over and kissed Alicia,”Did you like that?”

“Are you sure its okay to kiss me there?” Alicia asked, her hand on Rick’s face.She thought for a moment licking her lips, “what’s that you’re wearing on your lips it taste good?”

Rick looked at Alicia smiling she was so beautiful, he was trying not to laugh,”It you and yes I can kiss any part of your body that I want”he dipped his finger back into Alicia honey pot putting it to her lips, she hesitated then opened her mouth to his fingers. She tasted it , it was a delicious flavor; it was sweet and salty at the same time. She wanted to taste it all so she sucked his finger more into her mouth, she got him to put the second one in she ran her tongue up and down both of them. He could hear her sucking. He eased his finger out of her mouth.

“Now its your turn to do me,” he said looking her in the face.

She looked confused,”You mean lick the girl did that man on that cinamax show we watched last weekend?” Rick shook his head yes.

Alicia was afraid yet amazed with this part of Rick’s body. He had put it in her mouth already, but it had a condom on it last time. She touched his huge monster holding it in her hand. It was too big. She had an urge to kiss the tip. It felt so soft but yet so hard. She slowly placed her lips to the tip. She kissed. She kissed down the side all the way to his shaft. Rick watched her as she curiously played with his cock. He felt her squeeze his cock. She came back to the top and kissed the tip again. She was using both hands now. She licked out her pink tongue. Licking the head. She put her tongue into his slit. She wanted him in her mouth. She open her mouth as wide as she could and put around his dick. She suck his dick like she would a blow pop and that when she her Rick moan. She sucked her jaws in hard and pulled him out hearing a pop sound. She lick the head again and squeeze his cock. She put him back into her mouth until his dick hit her throat. She sucked him hard trying to put more of him into her mouth, she gagged, she pulled him out pushing her tongue into his slit she tasted something salty. She kept going trying to relax her throat, she gagged again.

Rick was enjoying Alicia sucking his dick. He could see eyes close and hear here mumbling something to his cock. He could feel when she had part of him into her throat it was tight and her tit would sometime rub his ball when she would squeeze him. She felt he mouth go back on his dick, he felt her push it into her throat she had him down a little then she gagged, she could see the spit around her lips, she lick the slit again taking her mouth off him she pumped his cock with her hands, she leaned in closer her breast touching his cock. She was doing good for a beginner and Rick knew her was moaning. He heard Alicia this time,” Come on my nice big snake you’re mine,” she kissed it,”you’re mine let me pleasure you,” she kissed her snake again. Rick was so ready to fuck her now, she looked like she was high off his penis.

Rick got Alicia up and laid her on the bed, he slide a finger into her again. She still very wet. That when he felt her stop moving and tense up. “Rick,”Alicia said looking nervous,”Are you about to put that thing in me?” She said looking scared.

He kissed her tits, still fingering her wet pussy he had two fingers into her, she was starting to stopping being a little nervous. He pussy was tightening around his fingers she was moaning her again. He was going to fuck her raw this time. He had to feel her pussy without a condom. Her pussy was trying to suck his hand inside her again. He felt her cum on his hand.

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